There was a huge rush from the band hall to the large board outside that had the list that posted all the students who were going to the National Jazz competion in New York City.

There was a certain Polish tenor saxophone player about to die from excitement.

You see the Pole was passionate about music but could get a A+ in procrastination.

So about 3 days before the intrested students had to audition he invited his Lithuanian best friend over (a bass clarinet player) to help him out.

They started rehearsing Friday night they finished Monday morning about 4 hours before they had to go to school.

Feliks read the list he could couldn't care less what chair he got ,just please be one of the seven that got to go.

Tenor Saxophones:

1st Chair: Lovino Vargas

2nd Chair: Arthur Kirkland

3rd Chair: Berwald Oxinstierna

4th Chair: Mathias Kohler

5th Chair: Ivan Bragniski

6th Chair: Hercules Karpusi

Moment of truth please God...

7th Chair: Feliks Lukasiewicz

"YESSSSSSSSS HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Feliks laughed from sleep deprivation he could almost feel tears stinging his eyes.

He freaking made it HE Feliks Lukasiewicz was going to New York with his best friend (*cough* love intrest *cough*) and you know what he was going to finally tell him.

Francis smiled cockily

He was first chair flute...and YES the flute is a manly intrustment

Elizaveta was second chair

Natalia was third chair

Katayasha was fourth chair

and Bella was fifth chair

He couldn't be more pleased! His two best friends Antonio and Gilbert were coming. Also his current love intrest Arthur was going as well.

Oh his dear little lampin how adorable he was. How he tried to always to act so gentleman like when we all know he is such a little uke and every inch just as perverted as Francis.

"Hey birdy!" Gilbert called down his good friend Matthew "h-hi Gilbert". "Are you going to get to go bird" "y-yeah I-I-I got f-first" "ahh birdy you cold?" "w-why" "you're stuttering like crazy your teeth must be chattering". was a nervous stutter.

"N-no I'm n-n-not cold" Gilbert took off his black leather jacket and wrapped it around Matthew's shoulders. "There you go bird~ that should help".

Gilbert had no clue of the gravity that putting that leather jacket around that small boy's arm did.

You see Matthew was gay. Not just bi-curious were talking flaming freaking rainbows gay, and since he has been ten years old the year Matthew and Gilbert became friends Matthew was in the deep depths of perilous, puppy love.

Gilbert- per usual- was clueless and just thought he was helping out a cold friend.

Matthew wasn't cold but if anyone asked HE WAS FREEZING why else would he be pressing his nose into the collar of Gilbert's coat ,most certainly not to smell the smell which was Gilbert - which spelt like cologne, beer, and cigarettes- but no because he was

There was a slight silent when Matthew try to offer the jacket back "naww it's cool bird keep it till you warm up we awesome people don't get cold".

Gilbert ran off to talk to Francis and Gilbert while Matthew felt himself die a little inside.

Arthur look at the list...not...first...chair?

Well let me tell you Arthur most certainly wasn't expecting THAT!

Let me tell you another thing he FLIPPED.

"...second CHAIR YOU HAVE TO BE BLOODY KIDDING ME!" he flipped over a chair "THIS HAS TO A BE A SODDING JOKE THERE IS NO WAY THAT STUPID LITTLE GIT BEAT ME" he hollered pointed at Lovino.

Francis smelt the familiar scent of English Alchohal in the air...crap his lampin was gong to get him self exspelled Francis could hear the slur in Arthur's voice.

Time to take precautions. Francis wrapped his arms around Arthur's waist from behind "well I wish adieu to all you lovely ladies and gentlemen nice seeing you" he pulled the drunken Arthur in a janitor's closet.

"MON CHER! What did I tell you about this" "I don't hwave tew listen to the likez of you".

Francis shook Arthur by the arms "you don't have to listen to me you stupid, acholic, little brit but you are going to have to listen to the Super Intendent when he exspells you for drinking on campus...again".

Arthur tsked, Francis' exspression soften "go home I'll tell them you got sick just get here tommorow morning so you won't be late because I don't want to be half way to New York and have to tell the driver to turn around to pick up your sorry ass".

Francis stroked his cheek nicely Arthur leaned into the touch and felt a smile about to grow at the corner of his lips but just as quick pulled away.

"You stupid frog" Arthur walked out of the janitor's closet and fell down drukenly Francis sighed and helped up the brit.

Skipping fourth period he drove Arthur home even though he should have kicked out in the street because he threw up- twice- in his French sports car.

END of chapter one

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