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Chapter 3: And that mugger was like raperaperaperape

They stopped at burger joint when the sun finally risen. Lovino was the first one to get off the bus followed by a certain Spaniard.

"Lovi come on wait up!" "no douchebag I'm hungry" all of a sudden Antonio picked him up "will you stop".

He was holding Lovino bridal style and said Italian was squirming and fighting the restraint like crazy. "Lovi calm down I brought some food with me, I know you're such a little Gourmont you would HATE that American food".

Lovino stopped fighting but still had an irremovable scowl on his face.

"Now that you stopped moving and I can tell you what I wanted to tell you" Antonio paused Lovino arched an eyebrow "and that is! listen if you want to sit there like the idiotic to-" Lovino was cut off by the pair of lips being smashed to his face.

Gilbert got off the bus next and gaped then smiled, then whistle while clapping


When people heard Gilbert say that some serious crap went down and people were jumping over seats in desperation to see what was going on.

When they all got off the bus they had Gilbert's same reaction.

But…for some reason Lovino wasn't exactly aware of his current situation.

But let me tell you if he knew what was his current situation he would've FLIPPED.

He finally heard the cat calls from all around and pulled away Antonio's hot, tomato scented breath still on his face.

You could cut the sexual tension with a knife folks.

Lovino went BESERK and started to kick out "LET GO OF ME YOU PERVERT".

Antonio just laughed but let go with a groan of pain when one of Lovino's angry kicks got him in the cheek bone.

Lovino huffed away into the burger joint when the rest of the Bad Touch Trio helped him off the parking lot's ground.

Francis was the first to speak "so mon cher was it everything you wanted for only God knows how long" Antonio sighed dreamily "and so much more".

Matthew sighed while munching into his burger he sat beside Lovino in the restaurant who was nervously picking at his French fries.

Matthew and Lovino despite a lot of people's knowledge were actually pretty close friends….there both loners so they were kind of alone together you know?

However they both which were nothing alike had something in common.

They both were in love.

However Matthew can scream it at the top of his lungs in his mind Lovino on the other hand….

Not so much.

"Y-you know the w-way he k-kissed you i-it looked like h-he really l-liked you"

"Psshh are you joking me the tomato-sucker like the rest of the Bad Touch Trio run on three things sex, booze, and plans they make up in their heads on how to come up with all that they can find".

"A-are you sure" "positive! I'm just a victim of one of their plans to get more sex!" "I d-don't think you're right…"

Lovino was stump…why should Matthew care at all he decide to ask.

"How so ? Why should you care anyway" "I-I don't I-I just t-think you and Antonio l-look really k-kind of c-cute together and they're not all so bad, l-like G-gilbert for example he-" "wait woah! Stop the presses YOU, the nice, refined, quiet Canadian LIKE HIM!".

"C-could you keep it d-down it's a s-secret" "I won't tell but REALLY HIM! Of all people you could like?"

"H-hey I could be utterly i-in love and not even have the balls to admit it to myself".

Every ounce of blood rushed to Lovino's face making his face as red as well…a tomato…forgive the pun please.

His hair curl started to twitch like it does on its rare occasion.

"SHUT UP!" Lovino screeched. Matthew smiled smugly "I'm going to take that as you admitting it".

"No, zip, not at all that stupid tomato sucker could go to hell in a handbag for all I care!"

Lukas bit into a piece of chicken. Mathias was giggling and making his fries talk to each other like dolls, reenacting the night Lukas and him met.

Mathias!fry was the tallest out of the three fries he was playing with, the mugger was the second tallest and Lukas was third.

"So guys, this mugger was all OVER Norge" (Lukas' nickname given to him by Mathias). Mathias continued "You know he was chasing him with his arms all stretched out you know mumbling all robot like " he made the mugger dry start chasing after Lukas!fry.

"I'm sure the mugger said rape over and over again while chasing my brother" Emil commented holding back a snicker. Mathias blinked but continued his story "so of course ME being the tough guy that I am heard Lukas' scream 'OH MY GOD A RAPIST CAN'T SOME TOTALLY, COOL, TALL, HANSOME, DANISH GUY RESCUE ME'".

Tino laughed "yeah and that's what Lukas said" "IT WAS! Now be quiet and let me finish my story!"

"So anyways I watched as the damsel in distress ran down an alley the douchebag hot on his heels I followed him to see the mugger was chasing him into a dead end pinning him to the wall" mugger!fry was chasing him into a dead end pinning him to the side of Berwald's soda bottle.

"Then all of a sudden a super, cool, Danish guy named Mathias totally saved the hot, Norwegian babe" Mathias!fry threw mugger!fry off the table and then dipped Lukas!fry.

Lukas had his head buried in his hands Mathias kissed the top of Lukas' head.

"Happy birthday Norge I love you baby"

It was Lukas Sorenson's 16th birthday and they were all sharing a story.

"Emil it's your turn" Peter, Mathias, Berwald and Tino had already told a story. Emil cleared his throat and began.

"I was five years old Lukas was six. When we were little we were best friends but Lukas was always getting his naïve and gullible little brother into trouble with you know like 'did you know if your hand is bigger than your face you have cancer'".

Mathias blinked and put his hand to his face and was dutifully smacked by Berwald.

"So I decided to exact my revenge. One day after school I pulled him by an ant pule and took out a bottle of 'vinegar'" , he did air quotes around vinegar. "I convinced him ants died from vinegar fumes and that he could lay on a fire any pile all day long as long his entire back was covered with vinegar. He agreed to test it out I rubbed the vinegar starting from above his shoulder blades to his ankles, he then lay down after almost 3 seconds he said ouch quietly".

Emil smiled smugly "that was my q, I sat down on his stomach for three minutes, I then got up and Lukas ran around arms flailing then jumped in the lake".

Everyone was reduced to hypnotic laughter even Lukas. Emil started to stutter threw laughter "w-when it was h-honey the w-whole time". Emil almost started to cry and hug Lukas "happy birthday bro".

End of Chapter 3