Still wearing my black clothes, I opened the door to my apartment, tears streaming down my face. I spotted the leather-bound journal on my tabled. I picked it up, along with a pen.

Dear Journal;

Today was Ziva's funeral. You should've seen it. Abby lost it. She was sobbing and screaming when it was broke to her yesterday. She spoke at your funeral.

"Ziva David, part of my team, my best friend, and my sister. We shared so many laughs and spent so much time together. What I wouldn't I give to bring you back, to have one more day with you? You were the big sister I never had, Ziva, always there to comfort me and protect me. You passed so young- why? You didn't deserve this, Ziva. I still remember you and me giggling in my lab, and I'll hold onto that forever. I swear. When I get up to that big forensics lab in the sky, I know you'll be waiting there with open arms. I love you, Ziva David, and may you rest in peace." She finished, sobbing. McGee lightly took her arm and led her off the stage.

Abby thought of her as a sister. Wow.

Next, Ducky came up.

"Such a beautiful young soul, destroyed by a murderous monster. Ziva, my darling, you were such a bright and lovely young woman. This is a tragedy that our team will hang on to for a long while. You passed far before your time. That wasn't fair, and we'd give everything to bring you back. You will be in our hearts, dearest. May you rest in peace."

McGee stepped up to the stand.

"Ziva. You were like my other sister. You were funny, kind, and loved to help me antagonize Tony." He grinned, and I rolled my eyes. "I can't believe that you've passed away. It wasn't your time, you were far too young. You had so much to live for, so many people who loved you. I miss you Ziva, and I didn't want you to leave this early. I guess it really isn't my choice, but I really didn't. Goodbye, Ziva, and may you rest in peace." McGee said, rubbing his eyes.

Gibbs. He cried at the funeral. Ziva was his baby. He lost his baby, more violently than he lost Kelly. He even brought her roses. When it was his turn to speak, this is what he said:

"Ziva David. Liaison officer to Probie to Full Agent. I was proud to call you part of my team, headslaps and all. I never imagined it like this. I've seen so many great people fall: Kate, Jenny, and, now, you, Ziva. And, like them, you died a hero. I so want to believe that reality is lying to me. If only. I won't even bother trying to find a replacement, because I won't find it. I know I won't. When I lost Kelly, I lost hope. Then, I found my team, and learned to care for them like my own. Including you. What I wouldn't give to tell you that I loved you, as part of my team, as an agent, and as my daughter. Rest in peace, baby girl." He finished, his eyes red with tears.

Finally, it was my turn. I stood up with shaking hands, and took my place at the stand.

"While you were dying, Zi, you held my hand and said three words I've never heard said with so much compassion. You said 'I love you'. When you came along, I had finally found someone who looked past the charm and the looks, down to my core. You saw someone who wanted to be loved for him, not for what he was seen as. So many things I never got to say. I took it for granted, and I sincerely regret that mistake. Holding your hand while you were dying, it changed my life, Ziva. I would give up everything to bring you back, to tell you that I loved you one last time. The world lost a very unique person, and nothing, no one, could EVER replace her." I said into the mike, my voice shaky.

Then, they brought out the coffin. It was an open-coffin ceremony.

I looked down to her still, pale body.

It was then I lost it.

I began to sob, losing all control. No. It couldn't be my partner of six years lying in there, stone cold.

Her eyes were closed.

It was like she was sleeping.


I miss you so much. That dream…it was like you were there, Zi. I could've swore you were. I may or may not see you tonight.

I love you, my darling. Rest in peace.

-Tony D.

I put down my pen, and closed the book.

"Goodbye, Ziva." I whispered.

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