A girl with long abrum hair sat in the snow hand in hand with a pile of "junk". Her energy was wearing thin as she fell towards the cold ground. Trears fell down her face as she told the robot about a world were they had lived togeather. The moment grew intence and then a voice shouted from the surounding darkness.

"Cut!" yelled the director. Ushio stood up brushing the fake snow from her white dress. "That's a roll!" the man in sunglasses said once more.

Ushio walked towards a woman in a suit. "Great job Miss. Ushio," she congratulated the young lady of 22 years. "This should wrap up shooting for today."

"Great," Ushio replyed walking towards her dressing room.

"On more thing," her manager said.

Ushio turned saying, "Eh?"

"You have a miss call," she said tossing the cellphone that Ushio caught.

Once in her room she checked the messages and the number was clearly her fathers. Dialing the number she pasently waited for an answer.

"Hello this is Toym-"

"Dad! What's wrong is Hinata ok? Is Mom fine? What's going on?" she said in a panic.

I gave a soft laugh under my breath. "Everyone's fine right now... can't I just call to say hello?"

"Couldn't you wait for me to come back Saterday. You know I'm in the middle of shooting this movie," she wined.

"I guess I could but I doubt Aki, Senai, and the others could," I told her.

Ushio let out a sigh. "Tell them they have no choice. See you then... bye daddy."

"Bye Ushio."

Miyu was typing on her laptop upstairs. She was 19 now and just as determend as her mother. She knew what she had to do and say. She knew that there was no way around this.

Going down the stairs she stopped infront of her mother who was working on the laundry.

"I'm going to Tokyo," she announced out of the blue.

Tomoyo just staired at her dauhter, "W-why on earth would you want to do that?"

"Stop playing dumb with me," she yelled, "You know as well as I do that Tokyo is were my father lives!"

Tomoyo turned her head away. She constantly thought of Sunohara everytime she saw Miyu's face.

"H-have you talked to him?" she manged to ask her dauther.

"No but I'll look him up in the phone book when I get there. And I have a bullet train ticket for tonight. I'm sorry I just have to do this."

And with that said Miyu walked out of the small town house not sure if she was going to regeret this all.

Saterday Late Morning...

Hinata sat at the table sipping his tea like every morning. His long silver blue hair was tied in a ponytail and still managed to reach mid back if not longer.

"Hello sweetheart," Nagisha said to him and kissed his forhead as she tened to do every day. It was a way of showing her love and a way to quickly see if our son was burning up or not.

As the years have told Hinata's health was perhaps even more delacate then Nagisha's. But he seemed content. Never once had he shown intrest in sports (although the old man was devistated). For the most part he enjoyed reading in his bedroom.

I sat down beside him and opened the morning paper. As I did the front door did also.

"I'm HOME!" Ushio sang threw out the house.

Nagisha ran towards our daughter abandoning the eggs on the stove. "I'm so happy you made it alright!" she said hugging our daughter.

"Mom I can take care of myself," Ushio pointed out. But even I still viewed her as a five year old.

"Mother I think you'r eggs are cooked well down," Hinata said turning off the stove and taking the pan to a diffrent dormant burner.

"Your cooking more like Sanai everyday," Ushio said with a laugh.

"Welcome home Ushio," I told her.

She gave me a hug. "Glad to be back for a while daddy."

Yes I finaly remebered to write a new chapter. Though things are quite stressfull right now so IDK how offten I can put them out. Enjoy