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Chapter 5:

"FLORA!" Bloom screeched as the ship picked up and blasted through the sky. The ship held their best friend.

"FLORA!" Stella screeched breaking through the thick clad of students surrounding the place the ship had taken of from

"FLORA!" Musa screeched, as they all ell to the ground, slamming their fists against the concrete

"NO! THEY CANT JUST…NO!" Layla screamed looking up

"FLORA!" Tecna screamed as they all began to sob

"Girls? What's going on?"

Their heads snapped toward the source of the voice. Ms. Faragonda was standing before them

"Flora! They just, they just took her!" Musa cried

"What?" Ms. F asked

"They just came and they just took her away!" Stella cried

"Who?" Ms. F asked

"Dumb ass soldiers from Knightly! Where did they take her?" Layla screamed angrily

"Hold on, what in the world?" Ms. F said flustered

"Flora was accused of trying to kill Helia. Then they came and they just took her and flew away! Where did they go? We're getting her back!" Tecna screamed

Ms. F covered her mouth

"Girls, there's nothing I can do. If it was an official Knightly order, I have no say" Ms. F said

"Well I'm a princess! That must count for something! My Daddy can bail her out, I'm sure of it" Stella said

"No Stella, I'm not positive, but I believe she was taken to Knightly prison. They're going to figure out a punishment for her" Ms. F said

"No! We have to do something!" Bloom cried

"I'll go talk to Saladine. I'm sure he can do something" Ms. F said

"Ms. Faragonda. We have to get her out!" Musa cried

"I know, I will try with all of my might to get Flora back" Ms. F said walking..or rather running off.

The girls huddled together.

"We'll get Flora back you guys. No matter what" Bloom said

"Even if it means raiding Knightly castle" Layla said

The 5 of them released from their hugs, and looked at each other's eyes. They wiped away the last of their tears, then got their serious faces on. They stood in a circle, each angrier than the next.

"Whatever it takes" They all said together

With Flora

There I sat, hunched over, hugging my stomach, tears still pouring out. I was literally sitting in a puddle of my tears. Helia doesn't trust me. I've been pulled away from my home, my friends, love.

I sat in the back of the ship, blocked by bars. I was nothing but dirt to these people. I just sat there crying, not a word escaping my lips. They had put chains around my hands, making it hard for me to move around.

We had been flying for barely 2 hours, yet it felt like years I was locked up.

My clothes were wet with tears, and my eyes were red and puffy.

Suddenly, I felt the ship land. We had reached our destination….whatever our destination was.

I quickly huddled to the deepest darkness of the corner, hoping maybe they wouldn't notice me. My heart pounded as I heard the guards approach my small chamber.

They defused the bars, walking in.

"Alright, let's go! Up!" 1 guard ordered

I quickly scrambled to my feet, but they felt all spongy due to the fact that I hadn't walked on them in a few hours.

I slowly, yet hesitantly walked out toward them.

3 guards stood around me, the rest had left the plane.

"Where are we?" I asked, my voice soft

"Knightly Castle" 1 guard said as they pushed me off toward the exit.

I began to walk along with them.

When we reached the exit, it was already night time. It was dark outside, and the stars were already out.

"Where are we going?" I asked

"We're bringing you up toward the maid's chambers" 1 guard said

"Why?" I asked

"You have to pay of your debt through work. You'll be working here until say…until you cant take the work anymore" He said, a smirk on his face

I clenched my fists at my sides. They can't do this! The girls will come for me, I know it. They'll bail me out! Or…or Heli…no. Helia won't be helping me anytime soon. Helia has betrayed me, he's betrayed for that Melanie Sweet. Behind that sweet exterior she's a true evil mastermind. Tricking us all to believe that she truly way Helia's girl. She knew it all along that it was me. You know what kills me the most? The fact that I can never tell Helia the truth. Helia's love is never going to be real if it's with Melanie. Helia is supposed to be my prince, my knight in shinning armor! Or at least…that's what happened in the movie. Something I'd come to realize on the plane ride here was that my Cinderella moment, was just that, a moment. 1 single moment. Once I got back to Alfea it was over. Now I've been taken prisoner…for absolutely nothing!

The thoughts going through my head were too much to bear..I felt tears start to form in my eyes.

"Would you quit crying over there blondie! Let me explain something to you. Here at Knightly castle, you can no longer live that glittery fairy life you left behind. Maids here, they're not just maids" 1 guard said

"Then what are the…" I began but was cut off

"THEY'RE SLAVES!" 1 guard barked at me, making me gulp in fear

I quickly wiped the tears out of my eyes, standing up tall.

They pushed me down through the castle, and it was truly a beautiful place. There was solid pure gold everywhere. There were lots of beautiful flowers everywhere. Maybe…maybe it wont be to bad to live here after all. A small smile played at my lips out of relief.

"What are you smiling about?" The guard barked

I quickly wiped the smile of my face

A guard started laughing
"Oh I get it! She thinks she's living here!" The guard said laughing

The other guards began to join in, leaving me confused.

They opened up a door revealing a flight of stairs. They pulled me down the stairs by my collar…as if I were a wild animal or something.

As I went down a few girls passed us wearing aprons, their hair in buns, and sympathetic looks on their faces.

"Welcome to the Maid's ward. You will be here from the hours of 12 to 5:30am. You may not return to your room until all of your jobs have been done. In your room you will find your uniform, hair must be worn in a bun, and you may not speak to any of the royals, understand?" A guard barked

"Y..yes" I stuttered, scared again

"Now, since it's your first day you may go get settled in your room. You will go to serve the royals at 9 sharp, then you will return to the kitchen for your dinner, after that you must go get your assignment from Sir Charles" A guard told me

"Y..y..yes" I said

"Yes what?" he barked holding me up by my shirt

He literally picked me up off my feet, due to our height difference…and his abnormally large muscles!

"Yes Sir!" I screamed with a gulp

He put me back down

"Very well then" He said pushing me toward a door

"Any questions?" he asked

I gulped

"W…Who's Sir Charles?" I asked

"He's the man in charge of you and the other girls, he's your boss. DO what he says, or there will be consequences" A guard said

I nodded

The 3 guards turned and walked away.

As they left, a bunch of maids looked my way. Most of them were about my age, maybe older.

I opened the door of my new room, shutting it behind me. It was small…very small. The walls were painted gray, as if to say, this is your life now: gray.

There was a small cot in the corner, a little desk, a small closet that held my uniform. Everything in my mind looked gray. It was so gloomy, not a flower in sight.

If only I had my magic! If I had my magic I would break out of here and go into hiding or something. Anything is better than this.

I sat down on my bed..or rather, my rock. It was rock solid, and the pillows were just as worse.

I got off my bed and went over to my closet examining everything. This can't actually be happening to me. I leaned back against the walls, feeling new tears beginning to form. I slid down the wall, wrapping my arms around my legs and hugging myself.

I cried, but not out of pain, it was out of anger.

I kept hitting my head against my legs as I sobbed harder.

I want my friends back! I want to go back to Alfea! This place is terrible.

Oh Helia, why? Why couldn't you have just listened to me?

Helia POV

All that was on my mind was Flora. Why did Melanie do that? I just, I cant picture any of those girls ever plotting against me. They were my friends since I first arrived here. They've been forbidden from seeing me, so I cant even ask them anything.

Something just can't be right.

Flora, such a beautiful girl. She doesn't deserve any punishment. I tried numerous times to call my Father, but he has nothing to say to me. He said that Flora has been exiled for life.

Flora was telling me something before she left. She was trying to talk to me…but then…

Should I try to call her? No, her phone was probably confiscated.

I was standing on my balcony, my eyes fixed on the spot it all happened. I've been frozen to this spot for…at least 3 hours now. So many thoughts were racing through my brain.

"Hey man"

I turned around and saw Brandon, my roommate, come in.

"Hey" I mumbled, returning to my position

Brandon joined me, looking out toward the spot.

"Do you think she was trying to kill me?" I asked

"Truthfully? No" Brandon stated

It was quiet again.

"I talked to Stella" Brandon said

"They probably hate me" I said

"Oh, they do. The girls have been none stop crying" Brandon said

I inhaled, shutting my eyes.

"They're probably humiliated" I said

"More upset than humiliated. Girls are crowding around their dorm room begging for answers. Melanie is telling the story over to everyone and…well everyone at Alfea kind of hates them" Brandon said, his fists clenching.

"What?" I asked outraged

"You seem surprised. You know, it was your stupid girlfriend that got us into this anyways!" Brandon said angrily

I remained silent

"Do you think the girls are the only ones in pain? Flora has been like my little sister since I've known her!" Brandon screamed angrily

I turned and faced him

"I'm sorry, okay?" I screamed

"No! Not okay!" Brandon screamed

"Well, what can I do?" I asked

"Man up! Listen to me Helia, if you don't get Flora back…" Brandon said unable to complete his sentence.

"I can't do anything about it!" I screamed

"Helia, you sure as hell can do something about it" Brandon said

"Please tell me then? What can I do?" Helia asked

Brandon grabbed me by my shirt

"Just get her back" Brandon seethed

Brandon let me go, then turned around and left.

I clenched my fists angrily.

With Flora

The next morning, I was woken up at 5:30 am. It wasn't that I was even woken up, I was already up to begin with. I got absolutely no sleep last night. I just sat and thought. I thought about Helia. I couldn't get his expression of surprise/sadness that he made when I was arrested out of my head.

I stood up, getting off the floor. I sighed, going over to my closet. I put on a white collared shirt, with a gray skirt and a gray apron. The skirt went up to my feet. I put my hair in a bun, tying it around with the white ribbon that was left on the table.

I turned and looked at the small mirror on the wall. I noticed the large bags under my eyes from sleep deprivation.

This is who I am now. I am no longer Flora Linphea, the fairy of nature. I am now Flora Linphea, the maid.

I left my room, skipping breakfast. I wasn't in the mood to eat.

After the rest of the maids ate breakfast, we all stood in a line, our cleaning supplies ready.

Sir Charles walked down the line, assigning jobs.

He stopped before me, eyeing me up and down.

"Ah yes, our newbie. You may start with Prince Helia's room, then please report to the ball room to shine the floors" He said

I nodded

Prince Helia's room? Just my luck.

I grabbed my supplies then followed Sir Charles up to Helia's room.

"You must strip the beds, scrub the floors, organize every nick and cranny. If I find that there is even 1 speck of dirt covering ANY part of Prince Helia's room you wont be receiving dinner tonight" Sir Charles said

I nodded, turning and walking in. Not a word had escaped my mouth since I'd arrived here.

Sir Charles shut the door behind me as if to say, you have nowhere to run.

Helia's room was huge, and it was a room fit for a prince. The scent of cinnamon filled the room, the scent of Helia. The closest I've ever gotten to this smell was the day of the dance, when he was about to kis….

No! You must not think of Helia! The past is the past! The only thing I should be thinking about now is getting this place cleaned up.

I started by stripping down the beds. I flattened out the sheets, then put the bead spread back over it again. I added on the pillows, making sure it looked neat.

I went toward his desk, dusting off the tables. I began to organize all of his notebooks that were scattered on the surface. I finished cleaning up the room and may I say, I did a fine job! Just 1 last thing to do.

I took the duster in my hands and looked up at the picture frames that covered the walls. I began to dust them off, stopping as I noticed something that stood out.

It was a picture of the Knightly family. Helia was smiling in the backround, standing next to his sister. Helia, you have an amazing smile. It was especially dazzling when I was barely an inch away from it…..

No! Stop Flora! Do. Not. Think. About. Helia.

I shut my eyes and sighed, turning around. I looked down sadly at my hands.

I went over to his window sill and picked 1 single rose out of the garden of flowers. Not a bouquet, nothing big like that. Just a rose. 1 red rose.

I lightly kissed the rose, then placed it on Helia's desk.

This rose, this 1 small rose, represents the love I had with Helia. Small, but beautiful.

Helia's POV

"Oh Helia, this is wonderful" Melanie said as she took a seat across from me. Our table was set for 2, candle lit, with a beautiful vase filled with yellow daisies.

"Hmm?" I asked

"I said it was wonderful" Melanie said

" problem" I said

"Helia. Are you still thinking about Flora? I'm telling you, they're bad news" Melanie said grasping my hand in hers

I smiled

"Would you like some dinner?" I asked

I had set out chicken and this tofu dish because Melanie had told me on the night of the dance that she was a vegetarian.

"Yes, thank you" Melanie said as she politely took a slice of chicken from the table

Wait…did she just take chicken? Isn't she a vegetarian….

"Something wrong Helia?" She asked, cutting of a piece and biting into it

"" I said

Then a thought struck my head.

"Melanie, do you enjoy reading?" I asked

"Not much, I can never seem to sit still. I'm more into doing rather than just sitting" Melanie said

Something here is wrong. My mystery had said that she'd loved reading.

I thought of 1 last question.

"Melanie" I said, tilting my head

"Yes?" She asked

"What's your favorite flower?" I asked

"Daisies" She said taking 1 out of the vase and sniffing it.

I stood up from the table.

"Helia?" She asked

"You're not her, are you?" I asked, my eyes growing wide

"H..Helia I can explain" Melanie stuttered, getting up

"You don't have to explain anything Melanie. You lied to me! You are not the girl I was looking for" I said, feeling my fists ball up angrily

"Okay, I wasn't exactly her….but that doesn't mean that we're still not right for each other" Melanie said, tears forming in her eyes

Suddenly, something hit me.

"Flora" I mumbled

"What?" Melanie asked

"Flora was trying to tell me something. Flora's the one" I said


"Guards! Keep her here until I get back!" I screamed at a few of my guards

"No! Helia!" Melanie screamed, but it was too late.

I was already running.

What have I done! It all makes sense now! Flora's eyes are the ones that I'd remembered. She even tried to tell me, but I was too blind to see it. I have to go find Flora, and I know exactly where to start.

With the Winx

The Bloom, Layla, Tecna, and Musa huddled together on their couch, wiping away the tears as they trailed down their faces.

"Go away! There's nothing to see here!" Stella screamed as she pushed her way toward the door.

Every girl in Alfea was crowding around the entrance to their dorm, they could barely walk in.

"Stella, just give it a rest. Obviously they have NOTHING ELSE BETTER TO DO WITH THEIR LIVES!" Musa said, screaming out the last part for the public to hear

"This is terrible" Tecna said, covering her face with her hands

"I know, first we loose Flora and now everybody thinks we're criminals" Musa said

"Damn that stupid Melanie Sweet" Layla said

"Damn that stupid Helia" Stella said

"Damn that stupid Ms. Faragonda who got us into this whole thing" Musa said

"Damn that stupid everybody!" Bloom screamed

Suddenly, the sounds outside their door stopped, and it grew silent.

"Do you guys hear that?" Stella asked

"Hear what? I don't hear anything" Tecna said

"Exactly! There's no more screaming! What's going on?" Asked Stella

"I don't know let's go check it out" Bloom said getting up and walking over to the door

When she opened it up it revealed Helia, panting.

When they saw him, they were kind of shocked, but then they went back to being angry.

"F you!" Stella screamed shutting the door in his face

Helia was too quick for them, he had put his foot inside so they couldn't shut it.

"Hear me out you guys. I know things have been crazy, but I'm going to fix it" Helia said

The 5 girls looked at each other then nodded, rolling their eyes.

"Keep talking pretty boy" Layla said as they let him in.

"I'm going to go get Flora back" Helia said

The 5 girls looked up at him

"I know it was her at the dance" Helia said

"Well it's about time!" Stella screamed at him

"I know, I know. I've been terrible lately, but things are about to change. I'm going to Knightly to bring her back, but I just need to know where they've put her" Helia said

"They handcuffed her and took her prisoner" Musa said

Helia nodded

"Alright, I think I know where she is. I'll be back as soon as I can, please find it in your hearts to forgive me, because when I come back I wont be alone!" Helia screamed running back out the door.

The 5 girls looked at each other.

"Do you think he's going to actually pull this off?" Tecna asked

They shrugged

"Who knows, but he's our only hope" Musa said

They ran over to the balcony and saw Helia sprinting down the field and getting on his hover bike.

"GO HELIA!" Bloom screamed

"GET OUR GIRL BACK!" Musa screamed

"Guys, just in case this doesn't work, do you think we should….?" Layla asked

"Oh yeah. I already called the guys and they said that they've already stolen the ship and are on their way. Next stop, Knightly castle."

With Flora

I sat on the ground, along with the other maids scrubbing the floors. We were in the ballroom, the shiniest part of the castle. Dirt covered my face and sweat seeped down my forehead.

Sir Charles stood, observing us as we cleaned.

"Scrub!" Sir Charles screamed at me

"I am" I seethed, wiping some hair out of my face in aggravation

"Then scrub harder!" He screamed at me

"I'm scrubbing as hard as I can!" I screamed back

Man, 1 day in here and I've already turned mean.

By then all of the maids were watching us.

"You better watch your language with me missy. You're going to be here a long time, so get used to it" Sir Charles said

I wiped my hands on my skirt then stood up.

"My friends are going to come for me, just you wait" I said

Sir Charles laughed in my face

"You are so lucky I don't have my magic right now" I seethed

He took me by my shirt and lifted me up, anger in his eyes.

"Oh yes?" He asked

"Yes! Because if I did I'd be out of here and you could go bark your orders to somebody else!" I screamed

That's when it happened. I didn't even see it coming.

His arm reached out slapping me right across the face. He slapped me with such force I fell down to the floor. It felt like it was happening in slow motion, like everything just slowed down as his palm collided with my cheek. I could already feel the mark forming.

"Touch her again and I swear to god you won't see to tomorrow!" an angry voice said

I..I know that voice.

"Y..your Highness"

I looked up, but as soon as I saw who it was I quickly put my head back down.


Helia was holding Sir Charles up with a fist to his face.

"Do you understand me?" Helia seethed

"Of course your highness" Sir Charles said, scared

"Good, now go before you loose your job as well as your pride" Helia said

I couldn't look up at him. Not like this.

I was on the floor, being held up by my arms. My hair, which had fallen out of the bun, was messily hanging in front of my face, covering me completely. I had dirt smuged on my cheeks and my once white dress was now gray. Basically, I was a complete mess.

My fists clenched as the pain went through me.

I will not cry. I will not cry.


The way he said my name made me all tingly

"Heli…your highness" I said, bowing my head down respectively

"Are you alright?" He asked

"The feeling has become mutual" I said through gritted teeth.

It took every ounce of will power I had not to just burst into tears

Helia got down on his knees, matching my height.

"Are you alright?" He asked

"The feeling has become mutual" I said through gritted teeth.

It took every ounce of will power I had not to just burst into tears

Helia got down on his knees, matching my height.

He wiped the hair away from my face, tilting my ace up

"Why has such beauty been downgraded to the floor?" He asked

"Why has such royalty downgraded himself to sitting in the presence of a maid" I asked

"Flora, you are no maid" Helia said

"Yes I am" I said

That's when I let myself go. I just let my tear fall.

"You have no idea," I said, my voice cracking

"You have no idea how it feels to be known as the lower class. You have no idea what it feels like to want something so bad," I said, my voice cracking again

"But to know, that you can never have it!" I cried

"Oh but I do Flora, I know dearly how that feels. To be searching for something, only to find out that the world has been lying to you" Helia said digging into his pocket and pulling out something.

"And to let yourself believe it" Helia finished placing the small silver mask on my face

"Helia I.." I said

"It's been you the whole time" Helia said

"B..But how could you love someone like me?" I screamed

"What? Someone smart, beautiful, and caring?" Helia asked

"A commoner, Helia. I'm a commoner. Look at me, I don't deserve to be with a Prince" I said

Helia took my arm

"The only thing I see when I look at you, are your alluring green eyes, because they are the same eyes that I keep falling in love with" Helia said

He leaned in, putting his forehead to mine. Our eyes locked and as if it were instinct, our lips touched. It was the most amazing sensation I'd ever felt. It was like Helia was the only one in the room, and we could be here for an infinite amount of time.

Our lips moved in sync, and I could taste the sweet cinnamon on his lips. I smiled, my teeth on his lips. We broke apart, huffing and puffing, our foreheads together.

"Flora Linphea, where have you been all my life?" Helia whispered

"Hiding behind a mask" I whispered back

Helia laughed

"You deserve to be kissed every second, of every minute, of every day" Helia whispered pulling me close again.

"And I can give that to you" Helia whispered, just as our lips met again.

Suddenly, the ceiling above us broke open, and 10 figures came falling out of the vents!

Helia and I quickly broke apart, turning our head to see what it was.

"You guys! I told you we were supposed to take the East vent, but Noooooo everybody just had to agree with Timmy….FLORA!"

"STELLA!" I screamed

Bloom, Stella, Layla, Tecna, Musa, Sky, Brandon, Nabu, Timmy, and Riven all got up running toward me with a hug.

"How did you guys get here?" I asked breaking from the hug

"Well I'll tell you 1 thing. It wasn't easy. We took 2 trains, a boat, a stolen ship, a venting system and a roller coaster to get here!" Musa said

"A roller coaster?" I asked, tilting my head

"We don't want to talk about it. Anyways….holy crap! What happened to you?" Bloom asked

"It's a long story" I said

Helia walked over to me and put his arm around me

"Long, but it has a happy ending" Helia said

"No" Tecna said, her mouth shooting into a smile

"Yes" I said

They all started squealing

"I take back what I said Helia" Stella said

"I forgive you" Helia said

I went over to Helia and laughed, wrapping my arms around his neck.

"So are you gonna kiss her or not?" Stella asked, hands on hips

I laughed as Helia tilted me down, and for 1 moment, I actually felt like a princess.

Love…it's a funny thing. Sometimes it's easy, and sometimes not so much. Sometimes you have to go on an endless search. This search is something that's inevidable, because fate will lead you to the truth no matter how hard or far away it is. Whether it's 2 miles away or 200 miles away, it always finds it's way. Because, if you love something, like really truly love something, it wont matter how long it takes or how far you have to go.

And besides, isn't the search the best part of the whole relationship? Maybe not for you, but for me it sure was. But hey, that's just the consequence of search for love.


So, tell me what you think. I hope you enjoyed it!