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Hint 1: You're beautiful

It was a peaceful day in Blood Pledge Castle. Yuuri was signing documents in his office with Gwendal watching over him, in case he ran away... again. Wolfram and Conrad were training their respective troops, while Günter stayed in the library. As for the Castle's women, Lady Celi was away in one of free-love-finding-quests and Anissina was in her lab, working in her newest magical device, whatever-it's-name-was-kun.

Yuuri sighed and looked out the window. Outside, he could see his fiancé's figure. Lately, Yuuri had been thinking about how to tell his fiancé that he had already fallen for him...

Yes! He loved Wolfram.

He remembered the time he had to bring Wolfram back from his uncle's place in the Bielefeld lands. When they got back to the castle and Wolfran reinstated their engagement he had been so happy, even though he didn't show it at the time and ran away to earth with Murata

A moment later the office door was opened, showing the blond haired soldier with both his hands placed on his slim waist. He glared at his wimpy fiancé, who was looking at him with such... admiration?

Wolfram raised an eyebrow in confusion.

'Why is Yuuri looking at me like that?' He blushed and wondered what had happened to the black haired boy in front of him.

Strutting over to his fiancé's side of the table, Wolfram hit the dazed king on the head. "Wimp! What are you staring at?"

Smiling sheepishly, Yuuri rubbed his sore head. "You."

"Eh?" Wolfram stood on his place dumbfounded, blinking repeatedly.

Smiling, Yuuri shyly said. "You're beautiful, Wolf"

Blushing furiously, Wolfram turned away so Yuuri wouldn't see his red face. He huffed and crossed his arms over his chest - his very own trademark - trying to cover up his flustered state. Glancing back on the double black's equally red cheeks, Wolfram's curiosity raised.

"Why would you say that?" He asked

Scratching the back of his head Yuuri smiled his usual goofy smile. "Well, it's not like I just came up with it. I've always thought you're beautiful Wolf. Ever since the first time I saw you."

Huffing, Wolfram hid a smile and left the office with a loud "Wimp!"

Yuuri watched his fiancé's reaction with confussion. 'Why? I thought he'd be happy'. Sighing again, Yuuri focused his attention on his paperwork.

'I guess I need to try another method'. He made a mental note to show Wolfram his feelings for him once more, and this time, make sure he'd understand.

Glancing from his table, Gwendal watched His Majesty's peculiar actions. Yuuri had never done something like that before, not in presence of others at least; but for some reason the double black was openly showing some interest towards his little brother.

Frowning, the grumpy demon shook his head before he, too, concentrated on his paperwork.

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