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Hint 11: Will You Marry Me? Part 2

"So, Gwendal… um… can I–" Yuuri immediately shut his mouth as the grumpy demon gave him his death glare and scowling face – added with a frown and a few wrinkles. His earlier question, or seemingly request was forgotten the moments Gwendal glared at him.

Yuuri fidgeted at his place and looked down at the paperwork that he supposed to sign. Occasionally, he would look up to see his grouchy advisor signing his paperwork diligently while his eyebrow twitching at times. The young King sighed and began scribing his signature on the paperwork.

Finished with one, Yuuri took another parchment and wrote his signature again without reading the content. He knew his advisors – Gwendal and Gunter – had arranged it for him before giving the stacks to him and he didn't feel like reading the document. Moreover, his reading skill in a demon language was pretty poor, though he could speak the demon language fluently. Thanks to Adelbert.

Yuuri sighed and looked at Gwendal again. When the grumpy man locked eyes with him, he gave him his huge puppy eyes while his lips trembling to say something and his fingers fiddling together.

Unbeknownst to Yuuri, his beam of huge puppy eyes and those cute little acts made the said demon's cheeks dust with slight pink color. Seriously, the young King had been just too adorable for his own good. If Gunter saw those cute gestures, Gwendal was sure, the lavender haired man would burst out a massive amount of blood from his nose and probably lost a life.

He shook his head and again, looked at those puppy eyes. Giving his hard stare at the boy King, Gwendal frowned – while trying to endure the blush that threatened to creep onto his cheeks. But, those huge innocent eyes seemingly wanted to challenge him in the battle of enduring cuteness.







Game over.

Gwendal von Voltaire – lose; Shibuya Yuuri – win.

His count only lasted until six seconds before Gwendal heaved a sigh and placed his quill in its place. Lacing his fingers together on the table, Gwendal spoke with distressed evident in his deep voice. "What's it, Your Majesty?" The dark haired demon said as he massaged his temple.

The task of sign all this paperwork and dealing with the young King's conduct at last taken a toll on his body and made his headache worse.

Seeing the taller demon massaged his temple made Yuuri feel guilty in his place. He knew that the demon always had a headache, having dealing with those mountains of paperwork and… oh, well… himself. Yuuri was sure that Gwendal wouldn't let him off the hook for today. But, if that failed then his plan for tonight would be abortive. He let out an audible sigh and took Gwendal's attention.

"Your Majesty?"

Said King forced out a smile and waved his hand back and forth. "Um… it's nothing."

Not believing the boy King, the grouchy demon growled low in his throat. His eyes narrowed in disbelief. "Your Majesty."

"Y-Yes?" Yuuri visibly flinched when Gwendal growled. He stared with fear at the demon. "Gwendal?"

"Don't you have something to tell me?" The dark haired demon acquired.

The young King nodded his head slowly and looked at Gwendal unsurely. "Um… ano… c-can I take –"

"Take what?"

"Take a day off today?"

"Again?" Gwendal frowned and massaged his temple. "For what?" He asked in frustration.

Shifting in his chair, Yuuri looked down on his table – blushing. "Um… it has something to do with Wolfram."

"Huh?" the grumpy demon raised his eyebrow, questioning.

"Well, it's very important."

"What's so important that you had to leave your paperwork?" Gwendal asked again while his wrinkles multiplied his normal amount.

"Um… ano… eto… I-I want t-to pro-propose ma-mariage to Wolfram." Yuuri stammered and hid his face in his hands. 'Ah… what would Gwendal think? I bet he doesn't believe me.'

At the same time, Gwendal stared at the young King intently. He knew this day would come eventually. Letting out a small smile from his lips, Gwendal heaved a sigh. He walked to the King's study table and took the stacks of paperwork.

Blinking his eyes, Yuuri looked up at Gwendal questioningly. "Gwendal? What are you doing with the papers?"

The taller demon merely lifted his eyebrow while looking down at the young man. "What? Didn't you want a day off?"

"Ehh? You're giving it to me?" Yuuri stood from his chair, surprised. Eyes widened in disbelief. 'Lie! This is all lie! Gwendal wouldn't easily give me a day off even if I said I wanted to propose to Wolf! Not when the paperwork is tall like mountain Everest!'

"Yes. You can leave now and prepare for your proposal." Gwendal said and smiled his rare smile. "I'm glad that you finally made a correct decision, Your Majesty. My little brother would be very happy."

Yuuri looked with awe at Gwendal. There, the rare smile of him was shown to him. The King smiled and nodded his head. "Thanks, Gwendal. I'll be off to Earth to get the ring." He said and skipped towards the door happily – while jumping slightly.

Gwendal watched the teen opened and closed the door. Heaving out a sigh, he turned his attention back to his paper.

"He realizes his feeling sooner than I guessed. Looks like the Royal wedding will be around the corner."

It was at that time, Yuuri walked to his daughter's room. Usually, at this time, Greta would be in her room, reading her books. Opening the door, Yuuri smiled to himself when he saw his daughter sitting on the chair while reading one of Anissina's children's books aloud. Looking around the room, Yuuri cocked his eyebrow.

"Greta, where's Wolfram? Isn't he supposed to be here at this time?" He asked as he approached the little human girl and took a seat next to her.

"Daddy Yuuri!" The girl let go of her story book and tackled the young father. Giggling, she shook her head. "Papa Wolf said he would be late today. He had to train his men till afternoon."

Yuuri nodded in understanding and hugged his little girl. Patting the girl's head, Yuuri smiled warmly. "Hmm… it's good then." He said, taking Greta's attention.

The Princess let go of her father and went to sit on her chair. Swinging her legs back and forward, she asked while eyes gleaming in excitement. "So, what does daddy need me to help with the proposal?"

Yuuri then grinned and talked to her. "Well, I'm going to Earth."

"Eehh? You're going to earth? Can I come?" Greta asked excitedly.

Yuuri shook his head. "I'm sorry, Greta. I really wanted to bring you to see my mom but I can't today. Since, I'm just leaving for a short time to take Wolfram's wedding ring." He said and smiled at Greta's confusion. "Ah, the ring is something people in earth use to propose for marriage."

The small girl's eyes lit up with sparkles and stars. "Ohh! Then, Daddy Yuuri is going to give Papa Wolfram a ring! Then, can I be the flower girl?" She clapped her hands and pleaded with puppy eyes while jutting out her bottom lip cutely.

Couldn't contain the overflowing cuteness, Yuuri went to hug his daughter. "Aww~! My daughter is so cute!" He said and tightened the embrace. "Of course you'll be our flower girl!"

Giggling, Greta pushed her adopted father from her. "Yu-Yuuri… I can't breathe."

Apologizing, Yuuri quickly freed his girl. "Ah, I'm sorry!" He said and laughed nervously. 'I'm becoming just like Gunter, Lady Celi and Mom. Ugh! I can't believe I'm just like one of those 'overly doting parents'.'[1]

"Well, could you please distract Wolfram from finding me today? I promise I'll be back at early evening before dinner and I'll meet all of you at the dinner."

Greta nodded her head. "Okay! Then, let's make a pinky promise and don't come back late or Papa Wolf will get mad!" The little girl said and held out her small pinky finger.

The young father smiled at his daughter lovingly and reached out to make a pinky promise with his daughter when the door opened.

"Yuuri? What are you doing here?" Wolfram entered the room with one of his hands on his hip.

Surprised, Yuuri jolted in his chair. He then turned around and saw his fiancé walking towards them. Smiling, he replied. "It's nothing. I just came here to see what Greta is doing."

Wolfram merely arched his eyebrow and wordlessly sat on the chair next to Greta. "Don't you have paperwork to sign?" He asked.

Yuuri just laughed nervously and stood from the chair. "Ah, well… I've something to do and I'll be going first." He said, not really answering his fiancé's question, which made Wolfram look at him skeptically.

Leaning toward Greta, Yuuri placed a kiss on her forehead. Next, he walked to Wolfram and gave him the same treatment on his cheek – making the blond soldier gasp in surprise. He then waved goodbye and quickly dashed out of the room, blushing crimson red – leaving a very stunned Wolfram and a giggling Greta.

A splash of water echoed from the bathroom of Shibuya household. Excited, the middle-aged brunette that still looked in about twenty-ish years old, came running towards to the said source of water splash.

Without warning and knock, she opened the door and with a loud called of, "Yuu-chan, welcome home!"

There, in the middle of the bathtub was a sixteen years old boy with dampened clothes and body. His midnight colored hair stuck to his face. He smiled warmly at the middle-aged woman and went out of the bathtub.

"Mom, I'm home." He greeted and smiled when his mother gave him a dry towel. "Thanks, Mom."

Scowling the mother waved her finger back and forth, "It's Mama, Yuu-chan. Mou… do I need to remind you everytime to call me Mama?" She pouted and soon changed her expression to cheerful. "So, what's the occasion? Ah, are you alone, Yuu-chan? Where's Wolf-chan and Greta-chan? Where's my granddaughter?"

Smiling sheepishly, Yuuri rubbed the back of his head. "Ah, no… I didn't bring Wolfram and Greta with me."

"Aww… it's too bad. I want to see how my granddaughter looks like is. I'm pretty sure that's she's very cute! And I want to dress her up." Miko pouted childishly and then looked at her son. "Are you hungry, Yuu-chan? There's curry in a pot."

Shaking his head negatively, the boy smiled timidly. "I'm not here for long, Mom and I came to take that." Yuuri said and blushed.

The mother blinked her eyes for a second before a light bulb blinked above her head. "Ah! The ring that Yuu-chan asked me that day when you came with Wolfie-chan!" She exclaimed a bit loudly. "So, it's finally the time?"

Yuuri nodded his head shyly. "Um… I want to propose to him during the dinner and that's why I need to get back there as soon as possible." He explained, hoping that his mother wouldn't ask too much.

As her son explained, Miko's eyes beamed with sparkles and stars. And when the explanation ended, she ran at full speed to her room and loud sounds of things being thrown carelessly could be heard from the bathroom – Yuuri grimaced at the very loud sound. Before Yuuri could ever dry-cleaned his clothes, his mother already slammed open the bathroom door.

"Yuu-chan, I've found it!"

There, in her hand was a small black velvet box. Miko then handed it carefully to her younger son's hand. "Here, Yuu-chan, the ring. I've asked the jeweler to make it to your design."

The soon-to-get-married boy reached out and took the black box. Caressing the box in his hands, Yuuri could feel the softness of the velvet. He then opened the lid slowly and when it fully opened, he could see a beautiful gold ring ornamented with onyx and emerald in the middle of the ring. His eyes shone with happiness and joy, without him realized it, he had shed tears.

"Yuu-chan?" Miko called, perplexed at the sudden tears on her son's face.

Said boy lifted his head up to his mother. "Mom? Why?" He asked, confused.

Without a word, Miko reached out and wiped the tears-strained cheeks with her hand. Next, she cupped the boy's face in her warm hands. "Are you really happy that you're crying?" She said tenderly and stared into her son's huge black eyes.

Stupefied, Yuuri could only stare back into his mother's brown eyes. "I'm crying?"

"Yes, you are." She said and hugged her boy. "It's okay. I know that you love Wolfie-chan so much that you're very happy that finally you can confess and propose to him." she tightened the hug, patting Yuuri's back softly.

Smiling, Yuuri nodded his head. "I love Wolfram and I can't wait to tell him," he said and continued softly. "Thanks mom, for understanding and supporting me."

The brunette smiled and released her son. She then patted his shoulder. "There, go back to Shin Makoku and make me proud!" She gave the small plastic bag.

Yuuri blushed several shades of red and went into the bathtub. Smiling, he inserted the box into a water-resistant plastic that his mother handed him during the heartwarming session just now before he pocketed into his zipped pocket.

Then, just on cue, the water swirling around his feet and there he was letting his body brought back to the other world.

Miko stood near the bathtub, watching her son disappeared into the water. She smiled and whispered softly, "Good luck, Yuu-chan."

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