Hint 11: Will You Marry Me? Part 3 (Final chapter)

Yuuri arrived at Shin Makoku but instead of Maou's Bathroom, he arrived at the Shinou Temple. It was already evening and dinner would be ready in about two hours. There, Shinou, Murata and Ulrike already waited for him.

"Welcome back, Yuuri Heika." Ulrike greeted.

"I'm back, Ulrike." He smiled at the oracle.

The small maiden blushed.

Murata walked to the front and presented him with the dry towel. "Here, look like you'd made a secret trip back to Earth." His glasses glinted with knowledge that the King didn't want his fiancé to know.

"Oh, that. Yeah, you know," Yuuri laughed nervously. "I wouldn't want Wolfram to get mad. You know how short temper he is."

"Not forgetting, very loud and jealous too." Murata added.

"He's not that bad," Yuuri protested. "He always protects me and… warms me up." His voice was quiet at his last sentence. An adorable pink adorned his cheeks.

Murata and Shinou watched in amusement. While, Ulrike just smiled kindly. "Maa, maa… looks like we have a love sick puppy here." Murata chirped.

Instantly, the young Maou blushed from head to toe.

The blond King smirked when he saw Yuuri's red face and started to mock him about his fear of ghost. "Oya, my Chosen Maou." Shinou taunted. "So, how about last night dinner? Was there something interesting happened?"

He stopped and continued in a playful voice. "Hmm… I wonder if there was a ghost last night. It must be interesting to watch you scared your wits out." He smirked.

Yuuri blinked his eyes in confusion. At first, he was puzzled then when he placed the pieces one by one, his face was red with anger and embarrassment. "Shinou!" he pointed an accusing finger at the First King, which was grinning in triumph. "You were the one that responsible for my misfortune last night!"

The blond King smiled playfully. "Well, it was not just me." He smiled and smirked at his companion at crime. "My Sage also involved in this prank."

"Mu-Murata, you too?"

The other double black with glasses grimaced and smiled weakly at his friend. "Ugh, it was not my idea. It was Shinou." He glared at the grinning King. "Though, yeah… honestly, I enjoyed your show last night." He continued in a faint voice, smiling sheepishly.

Yuuri's eyes widened considerably. He stared with wide mouth at his 'best friend'. Yes, best friend indeed. True friend. Hah! Insert some sarcasm here.

"Well, at least you got to show that wimpy side to your beloved fiancé." Shinou continued. "Though, I must say that your face was quite a sight. I bet the whole castle's tenants heard your scream and maybe Lord von Christ will include this in the history of Shin Makoku that our beloved Maou scares of ghost."

'That's it! I had enough from him!' The young Maou thought irritably.

Yuuri gritted his teeth in annoyance; he glared at the blond King and instantly he could felt power surged in his entire body. Giving his pointed look at the blond King that was still grinning at him – though, Yuuri could see some fear in his handsome face – he held his hand up and faced his palm at the sky.

Instantly, the sky darkened and dark clouds formed above the Shinou Temple. Summoning his water magic, Yuuri formed a huge hand made of water. He grinned at the blond King that looked at the huge hand, sweatdropping.

"Justice be done!"

The whole castle startled with the sudden displayed of power. The four demons – one was half-demon – looked through the window from the Maou office at the source of the huge power. They saw the black clouds hover at the top of temple and wondered what could happen at there.

But, since there was nothing foreboding, all of them just ignored it as Shinou's another prank. Since, the blond King was well-known as Great Prankster and the victim of his pranks always be his Great Sage.

"Hmm… I wonder what happened." Gunter mused as he adjusted his spectacles.

Gwendal just huffed in annoyance and rubbed his temple in frustration. "Why did all the kings in this kingdom always love make a mess and trouble?"

While, Lord Weller just laughed light-heartedly. "Well, at least the kingdom is not boring with these Maou's."

"Well, Conrart is right. I have the same opinion with him. Serious King is just too boring. We need someone like Yuuri Heika." Lady Celi chirped as she inspected her nails. What was her business in the office, no one knows.

Gwendal just grumbled in irritation. Really, sometimes, his younger half brother and mother were just too easy on their rulers. Pinching the bridge of his nose, Gwendal let out a silent sigh as he signed another paperwork that left by his irresponsible King.

The door to the office suddenly opened harshly. "Is that the wimp?" Wolfram said to all room's occupants. His eyebrow rose elegantly.

"No." Conrart answered. "Maybe it's Shinou Heika with his new prank and old victim, Daikenja."

"Hmph! Where's that wimp? Do any of you know where that irresponsible King is?" He glanced at the whole room.

No one gave him answer as them just shrugged their shoulders in unison.

"That cheater! If I find him I'll burn him!" Wolfram scowled and turned his heels around as he stomped of the office.

"Little Lord Brat." Gunter scoffed and continued with his reading.

Using the stallion from the Shinou Temple, Yuuri rode using all his might. He almost fell from the horse a few times but managed to hold still and arrived safely at the Blood Pledge Castle. Dismounting from the stallion, Yuuri passed it to one of the stables boys but not before he whispered an order.

"Please keep my arrival as a secret." He winked at the scrawny looking boy.

The young boy about twelve in human age nodded his head wordlessly.

"Thanks, boy." Yuuri said and ruffled the boy's head.

Said boy blushed and gawked at the King's kindness to touch such lowly servant like him. "Y-You're welcome, Your Majesty." He said rather timidly.

Yuuri smiled at the boy. "You're so cute! Ah, maybe you could be friend with Greta!" He said thoughtfully.

"E-eh! B-But, I—!"

"I granted my permission for you to accompany my daughter but—" He stopped and smiled dangerously, warning the small boy. "No courting her."

The boy blushed and nodded his head frantically. "I-I'm just going to be friend with Princess, Your Majesty. Thank you!" He bowed.

"You're welcome, what's your name?"


"Then, Gabriel, I'll be going and good job."

"Thank you, Your Majesty!"

Then, looking around him, Yuuri made sure that there was no certain blond haired demon with blue uniform at the sight. Running straight in the direction of his room, Yuuri's eyes never failed to notice his surrounding. "Yes, I feel like a ninja!" Yuuri said to himself, grinning. "Nin, nin!"

Yes, our beloved Maou always had a hobby of watching the old Japanese movies, dramas. That Maou Heika's personality was adapted from one of old Japanese dramas that he watched when he was young.

Some maids and soldiers watched their King as if the young King had hit his head somewhere. After the failed attempt on the ninja's action, at last, Yuuri managed to reach his room safely. He let out a loud sigh and opened the huge door, at the outside door was two guards, guarding the Maou's room. The soldiers bowed at their King and Yuuri smiled sheepishly, "Good work!" He said and went inside but soon his head poked in between the door opening.

"Um… Did any of you see, Wolfram?"

One of the guards nodded his head. "Your Majesty, I've seen His Highness Wolfram heading to the kitchen."

Then, just in cue, a loud shout from one particular blond erupted the whole castle hallways. "Yuuri! You wimpy cheater! Where are you? If I find you, you're a dead meat!"

"Uh-oh! I'm certainly a dead meat if he found me." Yuuri sweatdropped. "You guys, don't tell my fiancé anything if he's asking my whereabouts."

"Yes, Your Majesty!" The two soldiers saluted and Yuuri smiled in appreciation as he closed the door. A moment later, the door to his room opened and Yuuri dreaded if that was his fierce fiancé. He was about to hide behind the huge bed when a small girl's voice called his name.

"Daddy Yuuri? Are you in here?"

Sighing in relief, Yuuri walked out of his hiding place. "Greta!"

The small girl quickly leaped at the young father and embraced him in a tight hug. "Yuuri!" She nuzzled the teen's chest. Looking up to see the young face, she smiled widely. "So, how's it? Did you manage to find a ring for Wolfram?"

Releasing the human girl that he adopted, Yuuri grinned and nodded his head proudly. "I got it! Do you want to see it?"

"Yes! I want to see it! Wolfram's marriage ring!" Greta said excitedly.

The young Maou's hand dove to his pants pocket and produced a clear plastic bag with black velvet box inside. Carefully, he removed the plastic and held the small box. Opening the lid, Yuuri crouched down and showed the ring inside the black box.

The brown haired girl's eyes sparkled as she saw the gold ring with black and green jewel combine together in a middle of a beautifully crafted ring. "It's so beautiful!" She then looked at her adopted father warmly, "I'm sure that Wolfram would like it!"

"Thank you, Greta." Yuuri said fondly. "I'm sure Wolf will love it."

"YUURIIII! Wimp, where are you?!"

"Uh-oh! I'm dead!" Yuuri said and looked at his daughter, sweatdropping. "Greta, could you help me divert Wolfram's attention from me?" He gave huge puppy eyes to the small girl.

"Okay, I'll help you!" Greta giggled at her father's childish act. Waving at the young King, the little brunette walked out of the room.

Yuuri watched his daughter's small frame disappear behind the huge mahogany door. He let out a loud sigh and slumped in his shared bed with Wolfram. Still holding the ring box in his hand, he lifted it up and stared lovingly.


Jumping from his bed, he quickly went to his adjoined bathroom. He needed to look good for tonight's proposal.

Yuuri had finished with his bath and now readied for his proposal. He walked to the dresser and pulled out his black tuxedo that the maids had washed and hung nicely in his wardrobe. He grinned as he studied the black apparels. He had saw his fiancé looked at him with admiration when he wore this attires and it made him look nice too.

He was sure at this time his fiancé had been readied at the dining hall with their daughter. The dinner would ready in half an hour. Quickly discarding his towel, the young Maou changed into the tuxedo. After that, he combed his hair to the back and left some strands on his forehead, styling it. He smiled at his reflection in the mirror.

"I look good. Maybe I could even match Wolfram." He grinned proudly and then shook his head. "Nah, who am I kidding. My fiancé is the most beautiful demon I've ever known."

At this, he smiled lovingly. "Yes, tonight." As he checked in his pocket to make sure, the ring was in there.

With that last saying, Yuuri walked out of the Maou Chamber, heading to the garden. He stopped at the garden where Lady Celi had planted her breed of flowers and picked several Beautiful Wolframs and Yuuri's Naivety's. He walked back into the castle and thought aloud. "Ahh… I need ribbon to tie these flowers together."

He walked back into his room and searched through the wardrobe. After searching for a few minutes, he found a black silk ribbon and tied the flowers together. Satisfied, Yuuri walked to the dining hall, in his pocket the velvet box readied.

Just when he arrived at the dining hall door, he smiled at Doria who had just come out to bring more food. He smiled. "Doria, could you please hold onto this?" he said as he showed the bouquet of flowers that he just picked up. "And bring it out when I ask for it."

"Yes, Your Majesty." Doria smiled. "Are you going to propose for marriage?"

Yuuri smiled bashfully and shyly nodded his head. "Ah… yes."

"I wish you luck, Your Majesty." The girl smiled and walked away to the kitchen.

The King watched Doria walking away, turning his head back to the stilled door, he stopped and took a deep breath. "Let's go, Yuuri!"

Opening the door, Yuuri smiled at all table occupants, "Good evening, you guys!"

"There you are, wimp! You cheater! Where were you hiding this whole day? You were not even did your duty as the Maou! Were you cheated on me with one of those maids?" Wolfram started yelling and all.

The blond then stopped when the young King didn't say anything. He gave his deadliest glare at the younger boy. "You wimp, what're you planning?" He eyed Yuuri suspiciously as the boy just smiled goofily.

Meanwhile, Yuuri just smiled. Quietly, he sat on his chair while his fiancé still giving him his deadliest glare. The young King then coughed, taking the attentions from all demons, half demon and human. Standing up from his chair, Yuuri smiled widely. He then looked at Wolfram who looked back at him with complete bewilderment.

"What wimp?" Wolfram asked, annoyed.

However, the double black just slowly kneeled one of his knees on the floor while looking up at the baffled blond.

"Wimp, what're you doing?" Wolfram asked again.

Smiling sheepishly, Yuuri reached out to his pocket and produced the small black box. Wolfram eyed the box suspiciously. Slowly, Yuuri opened the box lid and the content revealed to be a golden ring with a heart-shaped onyx and emerald jewel bound together. Just like Wolfram and Yuuri's love.

"Wolfram von Bielefeld, will you do the honor of marrying me?"

Stunning, Wolfram stared at Yuuri in perplexity, "Ugh…what?"

The young King sighed in frustration; his smile however didn't leave his lips. "Well, based on Earth custom, when someone proposes a marriage they will give a ring to their soon-to-be-husband or wife."

The blond Prince's face contorted in confusion before the new information registered in his head. Smiling, he tackled the double black to the floor in an unexpected hug. "I do! I do, Yuuri! I'll marry you!" As he forgotten the whole pride and manner that he held proud.

That moment only Yuuri's words rang in his head and ears.

A small tear escaped Wolfram's eyes and his hold on the younger boy tightened. "Wo-Wolf… I can't… breath." Hearing the choking sound from his fiancé, Wolfram quickly released the double black boy.

At the same time, Yuuri's face was blue from the lack of oxygen. He then laughed sheepishly at his soon-to-be-husband. "Wolf…" Yuuri said softly and held Wolfram's ring finger. Slowly, he slid the gold ring into Wolfram's slender finger. "I love you, Wolf."

"Yuuri…" Wolfram was too happy that he felt his heart would simply burst from the overflowing happiness. His emerald eyes watered as he inspected his ring. At last… at last, his Yuuri had confessed his love for him. Smiling, he replied tenderly, "I love you too."

The creak sound of the door opened, echoing in the dining hall. Yuuri smiled at Doria and the girl smiled back.

"I have another thing to give you," The young King said to his fiancé. Wolfram just looked at him in anticipation. His emerald green orbs flickered with fire of joy, passion and love.

Earlier, before he entered the room, Yuuri had passed the bouquet to the green haired maid. He then gave a cue at Doria and the maid brought the flowers that he had picked earlier from the garden, giving it to him. Blushing, Yuuri took the bouquet of flowers, giving it to his fiancé.

"For you, Wolf. This is my last hint. Thank you for accepting me." He said and blushed when Lady Celi started to squeal loudly – very loud and joined by the maids.

"Thank you, Yuuri." The demon said and without Yuuri expecting, Wolfram grabbed the younger boy towards him and crashed their lips together in a searing kiss – with Wolfram taking advantage of Yuuri's surprise gasp to deepen the kiss.

The whole room – again – filled with squeals – Lady Celi and Greta – and cries – from Gunter – when Wolfram kissed the double black. Yuuri's eyes were wide opened when the blond demon, his soon-to-be-husband locked their lips together. He then closed his eyes when he saw the blond's emerald eyes close in a pure bliss.

'It's not that bad kissing a boy.' Yuuri thought in his head as he smiled into the kiss, hands curled around the older boy's neck, pulling him closer. 'Beside, Wolfram is a good kisser.'

While, Wolfram smirked when he felt the dainty fingers curl against his neck. Wrapping his arms around the slightly shorter boy's slender waist, he pulled Yuuri closer to him. Until there was no space in between them.

Without anyone notice, behind the dining hall door, four young soldiers grinned and squealed quietly when they heard and watched the entire proposal. A green haired man whispered to his friends, "We won the poll!"

And unbeknownst to them, several men in blue uniform sighed and some were crying when they knew that they had just lost the Royal Love Poll. They had bet for it but secretly – they told the maids to keep it silent. Even, Wolfram's Lieutenant made a bet.

"I thought that Yuuri Heika wouldn't end up with His Highness Wolfram but instead with Lord Weller." The Lieutenant said and smiled weakly at his crying companions. "Looks like the four of them won this and now we're losing our money."


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