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Chapter 46: How to Catch a Man in 45 Days


The moment I uttered the words, I watched his eyes go dark with desire and felt his body harden beneath me.

"Are you sure?" he asked, holding me captive with his green gaze.

My arms moved around his neck, my fingers weaving through his silky hair. "I'm sure. I love you, Edward. I want to be with you, belong to you, in every way possible."

He needed no further encouragement, claiming my lips with escalating passion. Hands that had been rubbing gentle circles on my back now moved to enclose me in a cage of muscular arms. I felt the bite of buttons against my breasts as they were molded to his chest. I was reminded that while I was nearly naked, he was still fully clothed.

"You have too many clothes on," I whispered when his lips moved to trail kisses down my neck. My hands tugged the offending material from the waistband of his trousers.

As if my movements had tripped a trigger, Edward's entire body jerked in response. Slipping his arms down to support my weight, the muscles in his thighs flexed powerfully as he rose to his feet. With my legs wrapped around him and my face buried in his neck, he walked across the room and down the short hallway. His bedroom door was slightly ajar and I felt the cool wood against my back as he nudged it open and crossed the dark room with unerring familiarity.

When he loosened his grip around me, my legs brushed the edge of his bed before my feet touched the floor. He backed away slightly, turned, and the room was flooded with soft light from a bedside lamp. He moved another step away before turning with such intensity in his eyes, he took my breath away.

Words weren't necessary as I watched his long fingers make quick work of his buttons. Within seconds he was shrugging his shirt off and tossing it aside; his undershirt soon followed. When his hands dropped to his belt, my eyes dropped with them. My mouth went dry as I realized how aroused he was. He released his fly and his pants fell in a heap around his ankles. He raised first one foot and then the other, removing his socks one by one before tossing them aside along with his pants until he stood before me in only a pair of tight, black boxer briefs.

Perfect didn't begin to describe a nearly naked Edward. His chest was broad, but still lean, covered with a dusting of chest hair that trailed down his toned abs before disappearing under the black waistband. His thighs and calves were those of a runner, long and muscular. Even his feet were pretty.

I blinked twice as my eyes lifted and lingered on the heavy bulge clearly visible beneath the thin material of his briefs.

My limited experience with men had ill-prepared me for such blatant male beauty. All I could think about was how badly I wanted to lick every inch of his body.

"Like what you see, baby?"

"What?" My brain was incapable of intelligent thought at the moment. When I finally looked up and focused on his face, his eyes held amusement and his mouth was lifted in a sexy smirk.

I think I whimpered—in a good way.

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