Part 1

by Trycee

Time-Line: 2011

Disclaimer: I do not own the X-Files, this is written for fun not profit.

***Sequel to Transmission and Transcendence.

Scully walked out from the kitchen to the living room where Mulder lay asleep on the couch as William played with a set of cars. Using his mind, he moved the cars around the coffee and end tables, smashing them as normal boys did, but he was more than normal. Scully watched him a second until he looked up at her. "William," she began. "I know I don't need to say this because you already know...but I want you to keep it down so you don't wake your father up until it's..."

"What is for dinner?", he asked curiously.

She smiled over at the red headed boy with her matching blue eyes. "Chicken...fried this time since you and your dad are sick of baked..."

William smiled back to his mother, his smile identical to her own. "That sounds good..."

"Remember," she said, wiping her hands on her apron. "Keep it down...Don't wake your dad..."

She turned and walked back into the kitchen. William held up his hand and his toys vanished just as quickly as he had them appear. He turned to watch his father who lay on his back, a small beard trying to again creep back onto his handsome features. William stood up above him and placed a finger to the center of Mulder's forehead. Instantly, Mulder was jolted, his mind opened as memories began to flood. He could see himself as the memory played out in his mind, kneeling on a cold concrete floor, his gun by his side as he stared at the being in front of him, as sweat covered his t-shirt from the humid Puerto Rican night-air. He stood frozen in place and then light surrounded him. He awoke in a room, with objects above him. Mulder was unable to move as he saw out of the corner of his eyes, beings with large eyes staring coldly at him. He could feel the pain as a tool came down from the ceiling of the craft and hotly penetrated his skin, depositing something into his stomach. He screamed out but his voice only echoed loudly in his own ears. He then awoke back on the hard concrete floor, Scully standing above him. "I was certain you were dead...", she said, having followed him to Arecibo, Puerto Rico.

Then the image flashed and Mulder could see the tests for the black oil. He was in Russia, a prisoner for the tests. He could feel the chicken wire that tore into his skin until the black oil fell on his face, prickling and squirming as it crawled up his face until it reached his pupils, turning them black and he had blacked out. His third vision was of him standing in the woods with the others who were being taken in the ship. Of being strapped in a chair as they sliced his chest open without anesthesia as he was forced to watch. He screamed out Scully's name but he didn't know if she heard him. The image changed and he could see her bolt up in bed, holding her pregnant belly, his voice still ringing in her ears. Then the image again changed and he was dead, a spirit watching her from the other side. She looked right at him as if she could see his apparition. If could feel how he had felt, wishing that he could tell her once again that he loved her. And then he awoken in the hospital, and his first view since dying was her. William tapped on his father's forehead and the images disappeared and Mulder sat up, screaming. Scully dropped the bowl of salad from her hands onto to the table spilling it, as she raced over to Mulder's side.

"What? What is it?", she said, glancing from Mulder who had his face covered with his hands and William who was standing beside him, a guilty look upon his young face.

"William, what happened?", she said, reaching out to touch Mulder, but he quickly moved from her grasp, flinging open the front door and stepping out onto the front porch, gasping for air.

Scully glanced over to William and he looked panicked as she walked over to the door, standing in the doorway, watching Mulder. "What's wrong?"

Mulder turned to look at her through the screen door. "Come here...", he said.

Scully opened the door and walked out onto the porch. The cool night air chilled her arms as she hugged herself. "Mulder, what happened?"

"I could feel it all...", he said, his forehead dampened from sweat.

Scully reached up and touched his cheek. "Talk to me."

Mulder wrapped his arms around her small frame, his head wresting on her shoulder. "All this time I thought the abduction was because of the black oil tests they did on me. Because it had been activated within me."

"Right," she said, arching her eyebrows.

"But, it wasn' t the first time."

Scully pulled back to look up into his eyes. "Whatdaya mean?"

"I mean. Arecibo, Puerto Rico...the day you found me lying on that floor. When they'd shut down the X-files and I was looking for proof."

"I remember," she said, confused.

"They had taken me then, Scully. The reason I was abducted with the others in the woods was because they were taking abductee's and I had already been an abductee."

Scully looked shocked. "You mean, when you said you had proof and there was the body and you were lying on the floor."

"Yes, Yes," Mulder answered. "They'd taken me then."

"And you never knew. You never remembered that."

"I wanted him to remember," William said, from the doorway.

Scully turned to see their son with tears in his eyes. "I didn't mean to hurt you. I just didn't think it was fair that they had blocked your memories."

Scully glanced up to Mulder and he sighed fondly, though he was still shaking from the experience. "Come here son," he said.

William walked out onto the porch and hugged his father tightly. "I'm sorry, I didn't know you'd react that way."

Scully bent down and placed a kiss on top of their son's head. "Its okay, William. It's okay. "

"You're still scared," William said, looking at Mulder.

"It' aftershocks, that's all," Mulder tried to explain. "I'm a little shaken up, not by you though..."

"I know," William sighed. "I can read your mind, remember?"

"I thought you said you started blocking our thoughts.", Scully said with an eye raised, as she ran her fingers through Williams darkening red hair.

"Because you two have dirty thoughts about each other a lot," he grimaced. "But if I'm not trying to block your thoughts, they just pour in."

"Are you okay, Mulder?", Scully said, looking up at Mulder.

He smiled. "I'm gonna be. I think I need to just sit down."

"Well, it's dinner time," she said, holding open the door.

Mulder nodded and gripped his sons hand and they both walked back in. They sat down at the table and Scully quickly cleaned up the spilled salad. She placed each item on the table, each time glancing over towards Mulder. She was concerned that he was in shock and she wanted to touch his forehead and look in his eyes so badly but she knew he was trying to put on a brave face for their son and so he wouldn't appreciate her hovering at that moment. She sat down to join her family and after saying grace, each person filled their plate and began to eat in silence. William glanced at both of his parents. He could see Mulder was still shaken from the dual memories of both abductions and he could see that Scully was worried for Mulder but also worried about him.

"I'm okay," William sighed. "And I do know you both love me. That you've always loved me despite what has happened."

"Okay," she nodded.

William could hear the switch go off in her head and another worry began to creep into her thoughts. As he ate his food, he opened his mind and could see/feel what Scully was worried about. "You're worried because they haven't called in a few days."

"No they haven't," she sighed.

"They're still looking for Gibson Praise, but they're about to find him soon. He is picking up on me, just as I am picking up on him."

"So they're still alive," she said, looking from William to Mulder and back.

"Yes, they have had a tough time finding him. He's a grown-up now and he's moved away but they're close. They should find him tomorrow, if he wants to be found."

Mulder snapped to attention. "He doesn't want to be found?"

"He can only feel me, he doesn't know why. He can't read my mind this far away," the boy said, pushing the peas and salad away from his fried chicken.

"William," Scully said, sternly. "Eat!"

He shot a look over to his father for sympathy but there was none. Mulder too began to eat his own veggies, to avoid Scully turning on him next.

"They will find him soon. Mrs. Reyes and Mr. Doggett will call tonight to let you know where they are."

"That's good," Mulder sighed.

Scully finally turned her attention on Mulder but was pleased to find that he had cleaned his plate. "Well, after you finish eating all of your food, William," she said, as he stubbornly stared at his plate. "Daddy, you and I will watch a movie. Whatdaya say?"

William smiled. "Okay. Agreed," he said, his expression suddenly changing. "We should enjoy this while we can," he said, looking at his parents. "Because when they find him, everything changes."

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