The Draconia Chronicles- Lion's Roar

Chapter 9- The Last Stand (Part 2)

Princess Kadri stood at the head of her army as Lady Red came down to greet her. There were hundreds of dragons surrounding the cliffs, ready to attack when given the order. Princess Kadri stared at the fire dragon as she came down with the Queen of the Dragons herself, "Your kind live up to their reputation, I don't think there has ever anyone to match you, Princess," Lady Red said in admiration, "but that is beside the point, where is Princess Kiriad?" Lady Red asked,

Princess Kadri, scarred and bloodied but still standing proud in full armor, looked up at Queen Oscura whom was sitting on her throne, looking down at the Princess of Akakios. But Princess Kadri had a plan of her own for the Dragon Queen, "My apologies, Princess Kiriad has been taken ill, and has taken leave from the battle, but I will stand in her place," Kadri stated to the Queen. Princess Kadri's troops stood behind her still in phalanx formation with spears and shields ready.

Lady Red looked back at the Queen. Queen Oscura give a simple nod to the fire dragon saying Kadri will suffice although she wanted Kiriad. Red looked back at the princess, "So be it, fortunately for you despite your insufferable arrogance and unforgivable blasphemy, the Queen has come to admire Myrmidon valor, now if you will just kneel at our queen's feet, you will have your victory," Princess Kadri took a deep breath and dropped her battered bronze shield to the sands.

Scyde couldn't believe what was going on as she watched what was unfolding from behind the shield wall. Scyde wanted to stop her, but Kosmima held her back with a hand on her shoulder and lightly shook her head at her friend. Next to come off was her double-crested Corinthian helmet. Kadri had a long scar coming down her forehead to her cheek, "Your spear," Lady Red demanded as Kadri's spear claimed the lives of hundreds of dragons in the span of the four day battle.

Princess Kadri closed her blue eyes and traced back to a better time where there was no war. Pausanias was waiting in the palace and watching over her daughter. Kadri knew this was the end of her life, but if she was going to die she wanted to take Oscura with her to the Underworld, "Kadri...your spear," Lady Red demanded. From what Demetria told her of her mother's death, it seemed Lady Red matched the description of the warrior's murderer. Her spear fell from her grasp.

The powerful warrior princess fell to her knees at the feet of the Dragon Queen. Queen Oscura outstretched her arms and smiled down at the fallen princess, but Princess Kadri sprang her trap as she rested her hands down in the blood-stained sand and looked down at her reflection in the side of her shining bronze helmet, "DEMETRIA!" She yelled and the phalanx opened up and a Myrmidon warrior came out of the ranks and leaped into the air roaring a loud and proud battle cry.

"FATHER!" Demetria cried with a ferocity worthy of Ares the God of War. and stabbed Lady Red in the eye and out the back of her skull with her spear. she pulled out her spear from Lady Red's skull and took up a fighting position with her shield facing froward, her right leg in front and knees bent with the butt spike of her spear facing the enemy. Demetria had her revenge against her father's murderer. Oscura was in shock at what just unfolded and gave her dragons the order.

"KILL THEM ALL!" Queen Oscura bellowed in a fit of rage and all the dragon's attacked with lightning, fire and light attacks from the cliffs. Demetria was struck down by bolt of fire to the chest, but she would not bow down to the enemy. Everyone opposing Oscura's armies knew their time had come. Scyde nor Ashaki and the other Tigers fled the field. They stood their ground. A wounded Scyde crawled on the battlefield with a wounded leg and two light magick wounds in her stomach.

"Kosmima," she muttered crawling up to her fallen friend whom was breathing her last breaths as she was struck in the side of the neck by a fire ball , "it was an honor serving by your side," Kosmima fell back from the force of the attack. She was hacking blood and with her last bit of strength she grabbed her friend's hand and held it tight. Scyde was the best friend Kosmima could have ever asked for, and she knew they would meet again in the next life. With her dying friend, she smiled.

"And I am honored to have you as a friend," Kosmima replied as her last words to Scyde. She closed her eyes as she finally gave in to death's embrace the in the Way of the Warrior, the Way of the Myrmidon. Scyde held her fallen friend in her arms and died of her wounds. Hypatia and Ashaki, like their sisters-in-arms, was not giving up without a fight. Blood was flowing out of Hypatia's mouth as a fire dragon struck her in the stomach and clawed burning hand came out her back.

Hypatia cringed in pain and grabbed a hold of the dragon's wrist. She roared in her face and stabbed her in the throat with her sword taking a victim with her before she finally fell with her white eyes staring at the sun. Princess Kadri looked up at the Queen. her legs were stabbed through with wounds from light and fire dragons. Her chest had a large fire wound on her left breast, "MY KING!" She yelled out to the winds, " love," she muttered looking at Pausanias in the clouds.

As her warriors fell to the Dragon's, with her last bit of strength, she picked up her spear and threw it at Queen Oscura. The spear slashed the Queen across the side of her cheek. It was as Kadri said even one who has mastered all five elements can bleed. Queen Oscura was shocked as she looked at Kadri and put her hand on her bleeding cheek. Rather than face capture. With her last breath, she unsheathed her sword and roared the loudest roar as a testament to her ancestors.

The last thing she saw was the Queen's face as the Queen herself put an end to the battle. The sands were littered with the bodies of Tiger Warriors and Lioness Hoplites, but the Princess of Akakios was no where to be found among the dead. Unknown to the Queen was the fact that two royal guards and a tiger warrior named Shie carried the body off the battlefield to avoid mutilation. It was not the blood of mortals that stained those sands of the Tigertories, but the blood of heroes.

Queen Oscura touched her wounded cheek and looked up at the sun, " have bested me, it appears you are a woman of your word," Oscura said quietly to herself looking at her dead dragon warriors who fell in her name. As she left the battlefield, she knew her work was not done. Following the death of Princess Kadri, the summit of Lioness and Tiger elders was being held with Princess Kiriad attending. The Myrmidon Damiana and the young tiger Tam'Syn made the journey.

The elders knew of the princess's fate, "Our princess gave us a legacy, she did not wish for praise, nor songs of her bravery, or monuments to her strength, her last wish was simple...never forget us," Damiana said to Mabel and the Tiger elders, "to any tiger or lioness whom passes by that beach, let them know that here, by the Laws of the Myrmidon and the Strength of the Tiger, we fell, may their memory by forever etched in the ageless sands," She stated to the elders gathered,

Sadly though, their was scandal on the island empire as their was now a fight for the empty throne. Princess Kadri was succeeded by her cousin Ainia whom ordered a wall to be put around the island sealing it off from the Tigertories, but she never saw it completed as she suddenly dies after only one week on the throne of the Liontories. Then in the wake of her death, the Liontories got a new princess. Her name was Gorgo, Daughter of Princess Kadri, a true warrior princess.

Young and ambitious, her name was passed over many times by the elders stating she was young and unfit to rule and the island needed a woman with more experience. That was not the case with Ainia as some suspected poisoning was evolved in her death. Upon hearing word of a coming invasion by the Draconians from he Tigertories, Princess Gorgo dispatched troops, an army of lioness hoplites, to defend an island nicknamed 'the kingdom without walls' by the Tigers.

One of the heads of her army was Damiana, now 30 years old. In a reunion of sorts, the Tigers were led onto the shores of the Liontories by Tam'Syn, "Many years have passed since that day, since then I always wondered of my princess's words of inspiration, time has proven her a wise woman," She put a hand on Tam'Syn's shoulder, "but from free lion to free tiger, the word was made known, that brave Kadri and her warriors, sacrificed themselves, for the sake of both our lands!"

"Now here on our green rolling hills, Oscura's hordes will be wiped off the face of the land!" She yelled, the lioness hoplites roared back and raised their spears in response and unison, "look now those beasts gathered, their claws, with hearts of stone, knowing full well what horrors they suffered at the bronze and iron of 100," The lioness's put on their crested helmets and prepared for battle, "now here they stand across these fields, at 10,000 lions commanding 20,000 free tigers!"

The warriors cheered and raised their weapons to the sky, "The Draconians outnumber us a mere 3 to 1, good odds any lion or tiger, look now and we will see a future brighter than anything we could ever imagine," Damiana, still single eyes, put on her crested helmet for, "be thankful, ladies!" she yelled to her troops, "to Princess Kadri and the sacred dead, ONWARD TO VICTORY!" She lead the charge down the hill into the Draconian ranks. Where this story ends, another begins.

The End