First of all where credit is due, I went and looked up some authors whose works I hinted at. I wanted to have like twenty little flash backs and while I wrote some, I remembered these scenes from stories I read and wrote a sentence or two about them:

VerelLupin -Hesitation Nicky not realizing she was pregnant and going to the calendar.

TealMoon - Winter Bourne Nicky shot and bleeding out on a surgical table in a vets office.

Dulcedecorumest -The Untold Story Nicky wanting to go to a rave to have a normal birthday and Munich at Christmas.

Gostlcards- Mistakes We Knew We Were Making Also had Jason as a twin and going to Nix(I was doing this already) and dancing to Oasis: Wonderwall

Beringae- Time Immemorial chapter 6 Jason hears her Violin and breaks into her apt thinking something is wrong because the music is so sad and she hurls something at him. (Mad props to Frust-sheep for letting me know the title and author of this one, I couldn't find it.

****Thank you all for your hard work, I loved every word (unless your story is unfinished, then I damn you to hell… lol)

Random thoughts, revelations, and research notes:

Paz really does mean Peace in Spanish. This gave me the idea of made up names that the agents pulled from the air.

Kirill- I figured he got his name from a real guy named Kirill, he was a famous Russian Patriarch (Bishop) in the early 1990s. Kirill was accused of having links to the KGB during much of the Soviet period, as were many members of the Russian Orthodox Church hierarchy, and of pursuing the state's interests before those of the Church. His alleged KGB agent's codename was "Mikhailov". For our Kirill I went with the first name Mikhail.

The Professors name I had a lot of trouble picking out (he didn't have one in the movie: spoken or on paperwork) and then I remembered the one on Gilligan's Island not having one and laughed. I Googled the Gilligan one anyway and he really did have a name, Roy Hinkley. I thought it was something cool that maybe one reader got the first time and everyone got when I explained it. I thought it was funny, the thought of him using a famous characters name and no one knowing it.

When Nicky was interrogating Desh, she is asking him questions from the Holy Gail: What is your favorite color? What was the capitol of Assyria? I thought it was funny for him to actually know the answer: Assur.

Charles Lindbergh did invent the Longines watch, the artificial heart, and was a total bad ass. Just reading his Wikipedia page is awesome. I am a Historian and I remembered thinking that I wished we could clone this guy, so when I started writing this I looked him up. The fact that he created a medical implant was the icing on the cake.

A real Rolex really doesn't tick and the hands move fluidly and don't 'jerk'.

Nazis really did experiment on Russian soldiers to learn how to treat frostbite, exposure and Gangrene.

Project Paperclip was real and the captured scientists created the space program.

The village Josef Mengele lived in really does boast a rate of twins at 1 in 5 births, no one knows why. He was obsessed with twins and it is likely that he heard of this phenomenon and went there due to it, not that his research resulted in it.

I made Nicky a prodigy simply because of her age. Who is 19 and in the CIA (as her file states)? A deleted scene in Supremacy also reveals that Nicky is supposed to be a Doctor. Several other fanfics have picked up on this as well.

When I said Nicky traveled the world at 15, when her father made her take a year off, what I didn't say was that she did it alone. I was going to revisit that later, but never did. She went to France and didn't know French. I always saw her as a person that was tragically and perpetually alone, even when she wasn't. This explains the sad and lonely look she has as she gets on the bus, it looked like she was use to it.

Nicky as an asset came to me as I was researching the movie, her file can be seen at one point and if you pause it (Bluray only) you can see she has a TON of weapon training and knows like 4 types of unarmed combat including sword fighting and specifies: Saber. It also said she was born in New York: as was Julia Stiles (who grew up with Clair Danes). It also lists prior assignments in Drug Enforcement and the CIA Forensics Laboratory, although I had no reason to use this.

Her file said her mother's name was Heidi; she named the twins after their mothers, Heidi and Abigail. They are supposed to represent the 2 halves of Nicky. Heidi is the prim and proper diplomat, the doctor and the socialite (the evil one). Abigail is the explorer, star gazer, pilot, artist, and tom boy. She is always dirty from playing outside with bugs and looking for fossils (the good one). Amongst the other twins one was always perfect and the other died, had a defect, or lack the same promise.

She named her M1 Thompson Fred- as in Fred Thompson, an actor (Law and Order) and long time senator for Tennessee, was running for the republican spot for president last time- that McCain won.

Jason's father as a whole, I patently ignored, as I did with whether Hirsch was his Bio dad. I'll leave that to the reader to decide. More on this would have been revealed in the Bad Ending if I had done two endings as was the original plan.

Reina's father didn't really kill himself; Hirsch killed him to control Reina. This was never revealed, but also would've been in the bad ending.

Reina was originally supposed to be in one scene, I was going to use her as an 'end result' of Nicky… how she would have been after four years of training. Reina was supposed to have been killed on a deep cover op by the reflexes she boasted about: a car backfired next to her and she dove for cover- not something a normal woman does. She was always there as a 'death' option, I never kill off non-OCs... it's bad form.

I see Stephanie Jacobsen as Reina (On you tube search: "Sarah Connor: Stephanie Jacobsen") Asian women with Aussie accents = Epic Hotness.

The next time you watch Ultimatum, listen to the news caster reporting Bourne being shot and falling off the building (when Nicky is in the cafe). I swear that is Matt Damon as the newscaster as he is pinching his nose shut. It sounds like him... but haven't found conformation. (I looked it up on you tube Search: The Bourne Ultimatum (9/9) Movie CLIP - Shot and Missing (2007) HD

Oh... google / youtube these for realALT Bourne endings. One is for the first movie; the other is for the second. Both have him being caught by the CIA; the first one is super creepy.

(search you tube) "Donald Landers IV - The Bourne Identity alternate ending"

(search google) the other is: "the-bourne-supremacy-rare-alternate-ending"

Also, Supremacy had a bunch of Nicky scenes that were cut; they wanted to save the romance revelation for the final movie. There is a scene with Landy and Nicky on the plane, right after they first meet, where just Nicky and Pam are talking and Landy states something like, "A wide eyed 19 year old girl in Paris, the most romantic city on Earth, with a Blue eyed James Bond- as if nothing happened..."

My original intent for Jason's sister-in-law was for her to not be married to his brother, but be Jason's ex-wife through divorce that still lived at his mother's house (couldn't remember anyone using a wife or exwife in any of the fics). Michael was going to be the guy Nicky was with after Paris. Jason only would have found this out (and the reader) in the 'bad ending'. I wisely decided on a combat chapter there (Nixa) and knew it was long enough already and so I abandoned the idea.

The bad ending had a lot of the same info, but was obtained different ways. Instead of the scene with Hirsch there would have been a scene at Reina's death bed. Bourne wouldn't have found out about there being twins at all (nor the reader). But, instead of the twins, it would have revealed more on Bourne's father as he remained stuck in the past, rather than looking to the future. He would have visited Nicky alone and she would have refused to ever leave the church, she would have told him, at that point, what she had done and he would have left (Specifically she would have been facing away from him talking about utopia and when she finished she'd turn around and he would've been gone already having left in disgust/horror). Originally in the good ending Nicky wasn't at the church but living in Jason's old apartment in Paris and playing at the orchestra.

Nicky's ignorance of her own menstrual cycle is a reflection on geniuses never thinking about day to day normal issues.

The hardest part to write was Nicky not lying about having twins but still trying to keep suspicion from the reader; she just used clever word play. Never did she say 'the baby' or 'a girl' etc. RE: "I kept missing my appointment… Somewhere there is a room painted a very light pink," she said warmly. "You have passed on your beautiful blue eyes and I have passed down my nose and apparently my lungs to a future generation. Family members have been assuming our parental duties with the very clear knowledge that, if our lives ever stop involving high explosives, we might want to reclaim our offspring," she said sadly. (Also she said family members, she didn't say they were hers…)

The part of this story I will never forget and makes me laugh still (When he has her tied up at gun point):

"Wow," he snapped. "What can't you do?" he asked sarcastically.

"Draw… which your are great at, bench press my weight, or sew. Oh, and I can't cook... not even toast. I subsist on room service and pop tarts alone…"

"You can't cook at all?" he asked incredulously.

Her eyes narrowed as though he had said something vulgar, "The last time I was in a kitchen it was to see why my Eggs Benedict and hollandaise sauce wasn't on the table; I found the cook dead on the kitchen floor."

"That's horrible," he said dripping with sarcasm.

"I know, right? Do you have any idea how hard it is to find someone that can make really good Eggs Benedict?"

As far as my thoughts on Legacy:

I liked that there were female assets (and Black and Asian) and that they were burning down everything and everyone (since I was doing that already too).

The drug part kind of turned me off; the fact that they used army rejects and not prodigies most of all. I could have tolerated the beginning, but to have the whole movie be about a junkie trying to get his fix was a turn off.

I thought it felt a lot like Ultimatum. I think they would have been better served having a James Bond type movie and then have them try to kill him at the end, rather than start off by running (I am so over the running, lol). Or, I thought from the trailer that Renner was going to start off in prison or a nut house, I think that would've been cool. You know that they caught him or locked him up at some point and then, when they are burning the program, they go to kill him and he gets away.

Rachel Weisz has always been hot and I thought Renner was an excellent choice. I thought their acting was great and Norton has always surpassed my expectations (which are low for him).

I would've liked them tying the movies together at the end somehow. I know they wouldn't show or refer to Jason (Casting issues), but having either Pam or Nicky come up at the end could've lead to another movie easier without committing to Matt Damon. As it is now there seem to be no solid Legacy loose ends.

Anyway, thanks again for reading…