Hey, sorry this kind of took so long. Shout out to The Evil Queen's Pet for urging me to continue this story. Really appreciated your comments. Note: You don't have to read this if you liked the original story. The title is "Aftermath." The way this story is gonna work is it's gonna be divided into Regina and Emma's point of views. Each chapter might be their own, or they might be combined. There might be a couple time gaps in between chapters, so, don't get confused. I'll try to hint that there's time gaps. The concept will make more sense as I get into future chapters and stuff like that.

"Em-Emma. Please, come back to me," Regina whispered, tears dripping down onto the blonde's face as she cradled her body in her arms. She kept her hands pressed on the wound, hoping that her wife would wake up. "I was supposed to protect you. I was supposed to make sure nothing ever happened to you. Or maybe Henry was right all along. You were the Savior. Y-You saved me. You pulled me from the darkness that I once crawled into. I was there... for so long. The loneliness had overpowered me, I didn't want to feel. It left such a giant hole in my soul, it drowned out my conscience. I was so scared of being alone, and being abandoned. My heart had broken too many times, and I thought I didn't have a choice.

"And then... you came along and made my life complicated. I felt all these... emotions I hadn't felt in what seemed like an eternity, and it woke me up inside. It reminded me of what my father told me so many years ago. Right before he died, before I murdered him," Regina choked, "He told me that I will find happiness. And t-that power is seductive, but, so is love. And your love? That snuck through and it's what keeps me going. So right now, I need you to come back to me, okay? Because without you, I don't know who I am. And I don't think I can go on. Please. Come back home," Regina finished, her sobs taking control.

She could feel the slick liquid on her hands, and the thought of it reminded her too much of times when malice held the reigns to her soul, and the blood of the innocent spilled on the floors by Regina's hand. The only difference now was that Regina cared.

"Regina, the ambulance is here," Mary Margaret said softly, her eyes fixed on her daughter's limp body. She began to cry again, the sight too much. A man in a white uniform came over and gently nudged Regina away from the body, quickly replacing her hands with his, pressing down on the wound. The other paramedics hurried over and laid her on a stretcher, running to place her in the ambulance. They hooked her up to oxygen and treated her trauma shock, sending her into a medical-induced coma. Regina observed nervously, tears still flowing out of the corners of her eyes. James was sure he had never seen her look more broken than she did now.

"James, my hands have been stained with blood numerous times, but... I never thought they would be covered with blood of the people I loved," Regina broke down in James' arms, "I thought my past had disappeared. It only comes back to haunt me." James stood there, telling himself he wouldn't cry, but he already was. He would protect his family, old and new, just like his daughter begged him to. He would be the father she never had.

"Regina, it's not your fault. No one is blaming you for this sin. That demon, Rumpelstiltskin, can't hurt us anymore. Emma was the savior, she released us from his curse. All we have to do is look to the future. Fairy tale characters or not, we are still only human, and we will rise victoriously," James assured her, bringing his wife and his grandson into his embrace. Regina pulled away.

"No. You don't get it. Rumpelstiltskin has won. We can't go back to the Enchanted Forest. He has truly trapped us here for all and eternity, just like he foretold. The Dark One has stolen our happy endings. This world, this terrible, confusing world, is a prison, and we are the imprisoned ones," Regina said, a cold tone implicated in her words.

"Well," Snow said, gathering her emotions, "I refuse to believe that. We will find a way, Regina." The mayor only nodded. The paramedics began to close the doors.

"Excuse me! I'm going with her," Regina shouted, stomping over to the ambulance.

"I'm sorry, ma'am, but only next of kin is-"

"I'm her wife and I demand to be let in," Regina interrupted hastily, already climbing into the vehicle. The paramedic had a dumbstruck look on his face.

"Of course, ma'am. I'm terribly sorry. It's only stand procedure, and I'm just doing my job and-"

"My wife is dying, so I would appreciate it if you shut your mouth and get your ass in the ambulance," Regina snapped. The paramedic nodded, climbing in after her. "Henry, I'll be back soon, okay? Stay with your grandparents. Snow, James, take care of my son," Regina said as the doors began to close again.

"Mom! Wait!" Henry said, scampering up to the ambulance, "Mom's gonna be okay, right? She can't die, it's not in the book." Regina bit her lip.

"Henry, you have to understand. We're beyond the book now. I'll see you later. I love you," Regina said carefully, wanting to let him down gently even in the extremity of the situation.

"I love you, too. Just tell me Mom's going to be fine. Promise me," Henry said. Regina was about to reply when the doors shut and the ambulance began to move. The sirens wailed, blocking all sounds. She watched helplessly as Henry ran after the vehicle, shouting inaudible sentences and holding back tears. Regina watched as her son broke down. She wanted to do the same.

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