Chapter 1: My Life ends and Another Begins.

I feel strong hands, or maybe paws, I can't tell, holding me by the back of my head, holding my face under the water. I start to struggle, but it is no use, he's a lot stronger than me. I keep fighting and I could feel my ears break the surface! I fight harder, knowing my life counts on it. My eyes break the surface, but with a laugh my murder pushes my head back under, he was playing with me. My lungs fell like they wear going to burst, but then, to my astonishment he pulls my head out of the water. I start sucking in air as if my life depended on it; my life did depend on it. Then the Pokémon trying to kill me, and doing a good job at it, slammed my head into the bottom of the river, the river I spent most of my life, my happy normal life, I didn't even look any different than any other eevee, so why was he killing me? My head hits the bottom hard, almost making me lose my breath, I saw stars from it, or was it the lack of oxygen? I see bubbles go past my face; I didn't even feel them come out, the edges of my vision goes black, then I feel all my breath leave my lungs, everything went black and I saw faces, but not just any faces but faces of those who I love, living and dead. My family, all my friends, and my first, and my last love. I forgot all about that Pokémon after their face left my vision. The last face I saw was mine. Everything went black and all I could remember is how I died and the nameless faces that flashed thru my mind as I was dying. I didn't know who I was, or what I was, all I ever knew is that I was. The darkness that was everything was like a peaceful blanket that embraced me as I floated along for what a minuet or maybe for many millennia. Then a Pikachu or maybe an angel reaches for my face and takes either side of it with her paws, I feel a horrible fear, not of the Pikachu, but of the darkness that was so cozy only seconds, or maybe years ago. I throw my front paws around her, and hold on, not wanting the darkness to reclaim me. She folded her paws around me in a fierce hug and pulled me out of the dark. She pulled and pulled, she pulled me into a cold river so bitterly, blissfully cold. She pulled me out of the water and I took my first breath of my new life. Pikachu pulled me out of the water and we both fell onto the river bank, with me on top. She didn't move or try to get me off of her; she laid there, on her back our arms around each other, with me on top panting. After I caught my breath I started crying and sobbing like the newborn I was. She sat up and I buried my face into her breasts and clutched her as if she was my anchor to the land of the living. She hugged me close and rubbed my back, she cooed to me, telling me everything was all right. I kept on crying, she just sat there and hugged me and kissed my head and face. This lasted almost an hour. When I got control of myself I pawed my eyes dry and looked up to my guardian angel that pulled me out of deaths embrace. She was a smaller then average Pikachu, her cheek pouches wear lighter than most Pikachu's wear. The tips of her ears instead of being black wear a snow white, the same as the stripes on her back and the base and tip of her tail. I couldn't help but think she is rather cute. I think I might have even blushed. She smiled at me and kept hugging me. I looked around wear I was, I was in a forest, the trees wear light wooded, I must have been fall because the air had a chill to it and the leaves have started to turn and fall. I untangled myself from the cute little Pikachu and tried to stand up on shaky paws, and failed miserable. I fell back onto her; she caught me and sat me down on the ground."Are you an Eevee?" The Pikachu asked me in a cute, high sing song voice, "I don't know what I am," I said, looking into her bright blue eyes," I don't remember anything of before I died!" Pikachu grabbed my face with both paws and looked into my eyes, probably to make shore I wasn't having a heart attack, it felt like my heart was beating 1000 times a second, maybe that's how fast it is supposed to beat. "You don't look or fell that dead!" She smiled at me then brushed the side of my face. Her paw caught on something on my neck, a necklace and a moon charm. She picked up the charm and looked at it. "This is very pretty, wear did you get it?" I didn't know what she asked me, I lost my ability to pay attention and to speak when she grabbed the moon charm on my necklace, as soon as her paw touched the charm my body was filled with bliss, I was so relaxed and filled with physical pleasure that a sex addict would be jealous, heck, anyone would of. I melted into her lap and lade there in bliss. She dropped my charm in shock and asked me if I was okay, a soon as he charm left her paw the pleasure fell away with it. I was lying in her lap breathing heavy, after I regained my air I told her, "Ya, I'm fine," She looked into my eyes. "Then what happened?" "I...I'm not shore." I said, "When you touched the moon charm I felt,…. Very good." "Well you're okay, so that's good!" She rubbed my head in-between my perky ears. "Can you help me to the water, I'm dying of thirst." I asked her. She pushed me off her lap and stood up; she helped me onto my four paws and walked me over to the water. I feel twice, but she caught me both times and pushed me back up. Luckily we wear on the river bank, so we didn't have to go too far. When we got to the water I dived down and started to drink it like I have never drunk anything before, what can I say, I was very thirsty. After I drunk my fill I pulled my face out of the water. "Wow, you're thirsty!" Pikachu giggled. "Ya, I don't remember the last thing I drunk, or ate for that matter, I'm starving!" I couldn't help but laugh. I looked at the water bellow me; it was calm because we wear at a bend of a river. The water was a delightful crystal blue, and looking at me was the Eevee from my memory, well sort of. The face looked the same except the fur was snow white, and a yellow quarter moon was on his forehead. His eyes wear white, all of him was white except his nose, which was black and his pupils and the moon on his forehead. Even his claws and paws wear white. I turned and saw that the Pokémon in the water's tail had a black tip. Then with a shock I realized the Pokémon, the Eevee in the water, was me! "Hey, cutie, c'mon, I know a place we can go eat!" I replied almost instantly because of my belly. "Um, okay!" Then it hit me, she called me cute, I don't know why it affected me the way it did, but I think I handled the situation well. "Y-y-you think I'm c-c-c-ute? Umm, thank you!" She giggled and said, "Ya I think your cute, now let's get going," We started to walk to her food place. "So, you're an Eevee right, you look kinda, eh, funky." It took me a moment to reply. "Ya, I'm an Eevee, what do you mean I'm funky lookin?" "I mean you look different than any other eevee I have ever seen." We kept walking and I could smell smoke in the air, not from a forest fire, but a big town or small city. "Are we near a town?" I asked as we walked into a clearing, I could smell sweat and Pokémon hear. "Ya, we're a couple miles out, this is a popular place at night, its called lover's peak." I was confused at why it was called Peak. "Why is it called peak, I don't think we're on a mountain." Wear ever I looked there was land. "Over hear" She led me some way until we came up to a crack in the ground, no a cliff, this is a mountain, that is surrounded by mountains of similar size, so when I looked forward I just saw the land of the next mountain. "This isn't the most popular spot on Lover's Peak; I'll show you the best place hear, we have to pass it to get to town." We started walking again. This place was a meadow, flowers of every color covered the ground, green, blue, orange, red, and any other color you can think of. Pikachu stopped walking, "Eevee, this is called Flower Park, it's the most popular part of Lover's Peak." I could tell why this was called Flower Park, and why it was the most popular part of the Peak, it was littered with every flower I could think of, all of them pretty and colorful, but that was only part of the charm, I was standing on the edge of a steep cliff that led down towards the ocean. "I need to take you hear during sunset sometime, it's just beautiful." I think I started to fall in love just then. "Ya, I would love too!" I said a little too quickly. We started walking again, "It's a date then!" Pikachu said in her cute voice. When she said that I think I might have melted a little inside, I might have blushed too. "Come on Eevee, wear almost there!" We walked on, she kept on saying things that would make me blush or laugh, I've got to say, I enjoyed it. We arrived at a small city; it was full of Pokémon rushing around and going on with their lives. Pikachu led me to a small restraint on the edge of town called Ludicolo's Mexican food. We walked in and seated ourselves at a table near the back, this place was packed, it must have been popular, but it looked kinda run down. "Don't let its looks fool you Eevee; this place has the best food in town," A young Riolu came up to take their order. "Hey Pikachu, who's the new kid?" "Oh, just a wondering Pokémon." Thank god she didn't tell him what happened, that would have been so embarrassing! He took our orders and left. I asked who that was. "That was Riolu, a good kid; he wants to be in an exploration team. We've lived next door to each other for a couple years, I don't know him too well thou. So, wear are you going to stay Eevee?" "I don't know." I said, I then laid my head down on the table. Riolu came over and gave us our food. "So, Eevee, how long are you stayin?" "I don't know, until I need to leave I guess." I said not wanting to say that I was homeless. "So, wear are you saying?" He asked me, "He's staying with me!" Pikachu said happily. I blushed from that, I think Pikachu noticed, but Riolu didn't. "Okay, well you two should come over tomorrow night!" "Okay Riolu, we'll be there." Pikachu said. We ate our food, and boy it was good. After we ate we left to Pikachu's home. We walked there in silence, I was feeling kinda nerves, and I think she was just digesting her food. When we got to her place she led me right in. "Make yourself at home; you can stay here as long as you need. The bathroom is down the hall to the right and the bedroom is to the left." She smiled at me. "Only one bed room? I can sleep in hear!" I started to blush again. "No, it's a big room; I also have a couple extra pallets and blankets." "Well okay," I said a little slowly. She grabbed one of my paws and led me into the bed room, me hobbling along after her. "I need all paws to walk right Pikachu!" I laughed as she led me into our room. She wasn't lying when she said her room was big, it was a good size; you could fit four Pokémon and have room to spare. She pulled out a small pallet and placed it next to hers. She yawned and by now I was getting sleepy too. "It's getting late Eevee; we need to get to bed. I'll show you the sun set at Flower Park tomorrow, no the next day, we need to go to Riolu's tomorrow." She sat down on her pallet and starched. "Don't be shy, you can lie down." And I did, she tossed a large blanket to me and pulled a smaller one onto herself. She yawned again, and so did I. "That blanket is my favorite one, I'll take you to a store tomorrow to pick one out, so don't wet the bed tonight!" She laughed, making me blush. "Goodnight Eevee!" She said with a smile that made my insides turn to butter. "Goodnight Pikachu." I said shyly. "And Pikachu?" I asked "Yes?" "Thank you!" she smiled and blew me a kiss. She fell asleep almost immediately. I caught her kiss and held onto it as if it wear solid. I tried to fall asleep, but I couldn't help watching her sleep, she looked so cute and peaceful, opposed to when she is awake, she seems to have limitless energy, making her even more cute. I think I love her! Was my final thought before I feel asleep looking at her face.


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