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Umbreon POV

Ropes shot out of the doors and bound themselves around us. We didn't even have time to struggle or feel any fear; I was pulled into the depths of the door marked with my name in an instant. The next thing I knew I was deposited in the middle of nowhere, I fell on my back. My surroundings where bland, just long dry grass, nothing else was visible, no trees, rocks, or hills, it was quite unsettling. The sun was in the middle of the sky, heating up the savanna I was trapped in, I would say it was around noon when I found myself there.

I rose to my feet and started to wonder, I had no destination in mind, so I decided to let my feet take me wherever they decided. I walked for what felt like hours, but must have been minuets, when the faint smell of smoke assaulted my nose. With nothing else to do and with no destination in mind, I decided to follow my nose. After traveling for little over a half hour I stumbled upon an old little stone hut.

I knocked on the door to the building, hoping somebody would tell me where we are, or what was going on. I waited in vain for several minutes; disappointed, I let myself in. It was a two room home, the main room which doubled as the bedroom and kitchen, and the bathroom. In the main room there was a small mat that acted as a bed, a hearth with a fire burning, and a simple rug resting upon the wooden floors. I briefly wondered where the wood had come from.

Not knowing what I should do from there, I decided to search the hut. I started my search in the main room. I scanned the around me, looking for anything unusual or useful, I couldn't find anything. I left the room and entered the bathroom, to find a whole lot of nothing. I left, and plopped down on the mat in the main room. When I moved myself on the mat, I could feel something scratching my belly, exited, I jumped up and pulled up the blanket, it was a letter! I tore it open without any reserve.

Dear Umbreon,

If you don't know it already, you are in a world that will do anything it can to test you and inhibit you, and everyone who inhabits it. What you experience may be tailored for you, but everyone you meet, everything you do is real, you can hurt or help these Pokémon, and what they feel is real, remember that, I wish you luck and success.

Yours truly- Your father.

P.S. When you leave the cabin the world outside will have changed, and you will not be able to come back, but leave you must. Oh, and that world is not in your power to control, it is not your mind, think of the cabin as a way station or halfway house, in-between your mind, and the collective awareness of all living things.

After reading the letter I stood up and began to pace. Thinking, I decided to leave and face whatever I had to when it came up, to deal with whatever problem came when it happened. I opened the door and I was stunned at what I saw, I stepped out. I was standing on a black onyx floor, in a completely black world, but light wasn't a problem, no, giant windows floating everywhere light the place up well. I walked up to one of the windows, and found to my surprise they were more like movie screens, but instead of rolling the newest flick, they were projecting my memories!

The one I was watching was something I remembered well, it was when I first mated with Pikachu. I could see her body bouncing up and down on top of me, I could see a little of Riolu, I'm still thankful that he was asleep and didn't wake up!

On an impulse I reached out a paw and touched the screen, and next thing I know I'm reliving the experience. I could feel Pikachu on top of me; I could feel her fur in my little paws. I was smelling her again, the sweat in her fur, in mine. I could feel everything from that time! As the memory progressed and we finished I was released from its hold, none the worse for wear.

I walked among my memories, enjoying reliving some of my experiences in this creepy place; I walked among the memories for a while until out of the corner of my eye I saw a shadow flicker. I turned toward where I saw it, but it was gone.

I headed towards the area where I saw it, and found nothing other than the memory windows that floated in the space what I had wrongly assumed was my mind, despite the explanation of my father. I walked along the rows of memories, until abruptly, they stopped. The last window in the last window was a peculiar one. Inside was darkness, no memory, just darkness. I assumed it perhaps was place holder of sorts for my next memory.

I reached a paw towards its black depths, wondering what would happen if I touched it, would I be sucked into it? Or would nothing happen? Would I perhaps see the future? Stupidly I allowed my paw to come into contact with this dark window, this memory of what is yet to happen. It changed me; it changed my perspective on the entire world as I know it.

As the other windows had done I was sucked in to it, but this was a memory of the future, the future of all life, our shared destiny, it was a memory of death. Time seemed to slow down; sounds became slow and deep, eerie.

Around me was a void, void of color, of happiness and hope, and all I could hear was screams, wails, and cries of many souls who had died, who now where wandering in an unforgotting, unforgiving void of decay. This, I realized, was where we go when we die, it was worse than what I remember of my own fuzzy sprite state. I looked around in the darkness, hating that I was able to see, hating what I was seeing.

With me there was an uncountable amount of souls, that of Pokémon, humans, and many, many other creatures I couldn't identify. I knew without a doubt that all that died would find their way here, at that moment I came to hate life, to hate that it ended, and to hate what happens afterwards. As I floated along in the vacuum of rot and despair I could feel my heart hardening, becoming cold, calculating, WRONG!

The fear I felt was tangible, I could taste it in the air. I had to get out and back into the world, and I would do anything to do it, anything! As if an answer my wish a new window appeared, one of golden light and I lunged for it. The moment my paws grabbed the sides of the window, countless dead hands grabbed me, trying to desperately pull themselves out, using me as a ladder, to leave the world we were in.

I kicked as hard as I could, I couldn't take these creatures with me, I would never be able to get out I knew. I kicked and felled about, trying to get the rotting hands to dislodge from me, and with a great final heave I pulled myself from the void and me alone. I laid on the ground near the window, my chest heaving, and my mind threatening to unravel, I pawed at my closed eyes, wishing I could gouge out my new knowledge, I wished to never see the world again, I wanted nothing more than to destroy my eyes as the great Oedipus had done, but I was far to cowardly to do so.

I stayed in my feeble state for far too long, sobbing and blubbering like a baby until finally my pride made me get to my feet; I turned tail, and found myself face to face with another window. With nothing else to do, and no wear else to go, I stepped in. Once I was on the other side I found myself in a Greek styled room, with no entrances or exits, the room was made of white milky marble, with many great pillars connecting the ceiling with the floor. On the pillars and walls, every few feet, there were flickering torchers that gave of a warming light. About half way across the room I saw the shadow that I had seen in the room that was full of windows. It ran across the room at an alarming pace and pounced at me!

Pikachu POV

After being deposited into a snow bank by the door that had shot ropes at me I started to wonder, not sure what I should do, I didn't know where to go, or what to look for, but I felt I would find it eventually.

I wondered aimlessly in the white wasteland, I couldn't find anything, or anyone; the place I was in was dead, with only the freezing snow to give me company. On and on I walked, I darned not stop, for if I did I knew I would freeze to death!

I trekked my way in the cold for a while, until I came upon the dead shell of a town, like the rest of the surrounding land it was blanketed in a coating of the powder, but the snow here was mixed in with ash and rust from the buildings it coated. I walked into the town, unsettled from the atmosphere of despair that seemed to coat the place like a stubborn layer of paint.

I stopped at the first house I saw, and entered its rotting depths. The building was two stories, the walls were standing, but only just and I would never trust the stairs. I looked around the ground floor, trying to see if I could find anything of any use to me, a blanket, or maybe some canned food, but I couldn't get my paws on anything, and the blanket I did find in a linen closet was so moth eaten and old it would have been worse than no use to me.

I decided to leave the town and walk around it, for the longer I was in it, the more unease that crushed down upon my soul. I turned tail and headed towards the entrance to the town, and left. I left the path and walked around the dead town, without any problem other than the cold, and an hour and a half later I found the path once more.

I found even more towns as I walked along the frozen path, all of which gave off the same sense of dread as the first one, I avoided them all. Mile after mile my frost bitten paws ate up, and yet I didn't see any signs of life, only death. I walked in the frozen land until nightfall, I could no longer go on, I had to rest and create a fire!

I gathered as best as I could any sticks and logs that dotted the lands around me. I arranged the sticks in a teepee shape, and with a little of my electricity got a fire going. Relief soon flooded my shivering body, and soon, stupidly, I feel asleep.

Umbreon's POV

The shadow lunged at me, and I recoiled back. The shadow's teeth snapped at my neck, trying to get a taste of my blood, I pushed it off of me with a mighty shove. The thing stumbled off of me, and I got my first good look at it. It was an Umbreon, just as I am, it, or rather he, had extremely dark fur, as close to the night sky's color as mine was to the color of fresh snow! His rings burned with a brilliant purple light. He walked towards me, and in a rough, but familiar voice he said to me,

"Do you know who I am?"

"No, of course not!" I yelled back, retreating as he came closer my lips pulled back in a snarl.

"That's a disappointment; I thought you were smarter than that, well, do you at least know what that world you just visited is?" His voice scratched out. He had stopped advancing.

"No, I don't!" I replied.

"Well, guess." He suggested.


"Are you asking?"

"No, yes?" I was getting confused; I didn't know what he wanted from me, I was wary of him, he knew about that hellish world, and he knew that I had seen it!

"Well, you're right, that is hell," He finalized, "But who goes to hell, sinners? Killers or rapists? Tell me Umbreon, Neo, Eevee, just who goes to hell?"

"Why did you call me Neo?!" I was shocked at the fact that he knew me by that name, the only Pokémon who called me that were the school Pokémon, like Bambi the Pichu.

"I'll answer your question if you answer mine." He replied, he laid down on the ground where he was standing, he rested his head on his folded paws.

"Bad people and Pokémon!" I told him. I remained standing, still ready to fight if he attacked, but still curious at what his point was.

"Who else?" He inquired.

"What do you mean who else?" I asked, feeling unease in the pit of my stomach.

"Just that, who goes to hell other than bad people and Pokémon?" He explained.

" one!" I stuttered, knowing I was fooling no one, let alone myself.

"Oh, you know as well as I do who else ends up in that cursed world, refusing to say it won't make it any less true, all you are doing now is lying to yourself." He said with an unbelievable amount of patients in his voice.

"What about Heaven," I yelled, "don't the good people and Pokémon get to go there?!"

"Yes, they did, but alas, its gates have closed!" After he spoke those words he rose up and in one fluid movement he jumped at me. I focused my psychic powers to try to stop him, but they failed me, he landed atop of me and we rolled along the ground, after several moments I got atop of him, I pinned his forelegs.

"Do you know who I am now?" he asked, seemingly only mildly interested.

"Of course not!" I yelled, "How could I know you?!"

"Tell me, do you know where we are now? Or do you know where that room filled with those memories is?" He asked, his voice sounding as if he was a tutoring me.

"My mind. Where else could those memories be?" I explained. The body under me began to shiver and dissolve, tendrils of black snaked their way up and around me, in moments I was by myself, stupefied at what had just happened. I followed the ribbons of black with my eyes; they solidified back into the Umbreon.

"Why would you think that place was your mind? Just because it held your memories? Then tell me, what was that last window, the one that took you to that horrible place?" The newly freed dark type quizzed me. I was speechless.

"Well, let me tell you what that place was, that place was the collective memory of sanity, of all senate beings, humans, Pokémon, angles, demons, every one of them. That place isn't your mind, no its more like a giant liberty, and because your you, you got to see your own memories, but if you wanted, you could see Pikachu's, Bambi's, the brothers, or Riolu and Bellossom's, any bodies you could think of! Do you get it now Umbreon? Are you starting to understand?" He began to advance towards me, and I began to back away, something about him creeped me out, I started to hate him, I don't understand why, but I did.

"W..who are you?!" I called to him. He stopped walking, he locked his extremely familiar eyes onto my own.

He crooked his head to the side, "You still don't know? You can't tell who I am?" He looked sad when he said those words.

"No, of course I don't, I've never met you before!" I yelled, resisting an overwhelming urge to flee from this Pokémon.

"You do know me, you know me as well as you know yourself, or almost anyway. I'm you, I'm you before you drowned, I'm what you have hidden from yourself, I am your emotions, your love, lust, hate, joy, I am also your instincts, your fear, hunger, sexual drive! The only difference between you and me is experiences, I am you, as you should be, dead!" He explained in a level voice, I hated him.

"You can't be me, I'm me! If you're me, why isn't your fur white? Why don't you have a cresedent moon on your forehead?!" I screamed at him.

"It's simple." He began to advance towards me again, "I am your instincts, your emotions and drives, I am not your experiences, your white fur, and the moon came from your experiences, I did not rise from the dead as you did!" He jumped at me, his teeth snapping in the air, awaiting the chance to rip into my flesh.

Pikachu POV

I woke the next morning freezing. The fire I had made was completely burnt out, I knew I had to get moving and warm myself up or I would end up as a corpse. I forced my freezing and aching body up and began to move, I lumbered along, with no destination in mind, I just knew I had to keep moving, or die.

I kept moving at my crawling pace all day, barley able to keep my eyes open, I was way past feeling cold, I was numb, hunger was also gone, and I couldn't feel my paws at all, I was at that time a walking corpse. Around sundown, I collapsed and was not able to get back up, I passed out where I had fallen. Nothing but death awaited me anymore.

Minun POV

My little brother and I woke to find ourselves in frozen tundra; wind would blow across, creating pretty, but freezing gusts of snow and ice. We walked paw in paw for a while, huddled together to keep warm, until we found ourselves outside a small, but cozy town, we didn't understand how we got there, but we didn't care, we were freezing . We walked into the town limits, and almost immediately we were surrounded by concerned Pokémon. We were hustled one way and the other, we were unable to comprehend what was going on, but we felt comforted by the fact that none of the Pokémon seemed mean, and they only wanted to help us. The town's Pokémon soon had us in there inn. They gave us a hot bath (which we loved, and it had bubbles!) After the bath they fed us, and gave us a bed in there smallest room, we were soon comfortable and warm, I fell asleep with Plusle in my arms.

We woke late the next morning; we detangled ourselves and had our respective turns in the bathroom, and left the room. The inn was a simple wooden structure, two floors, the top, which we wear on, was filled with rooms, and when we found our way downstairs we found out it was a bar. When we entered a voice called out,

"Yo! Freeloaders, how ya' two doin'?" The voice belonged to a ruff looking Charmilion.

Felling more than a little shy I replied, "W..were fine sir, thank you for taking us in, ummm, wear are we?" My voice quivered, and was too quiet for my liking.

" No need to be shy kidd'o, don't thank me, thank the boss, he was the un' to take the two of you here, I just fed ya', speaking of food, sit your rumps down, let's get some warm food in the two of ya'! Oh never call me sir gain' sirs my pop, not me, got it?" We said we did. We sat down and not five minutes later we had two plates of delicious looking food in front of us.

"Umm, we don't have money to pay for all of this!" I was feeling nervous about all of the stuff we had gotten I felt like I was on the verge of tears, we didn't care the last night, we were cold and exhasted, but now that I could think strait, I was scared

"Don't worry about it lil' guy, it's on the house, now eat up or I'm gonna' have ya' spanked by a Golem!" And we did. After eating we resumed talking.

"So, where is this?" My little brother asked a little shyly

"Oh, this er' is the good ol' town o' Olive, it may be small, but the Pokémon er' are as nice as pumpkin pie!" He explained, "So what pray tell, are two we' little mice like yourselves doin' in these snowy parts?"

"It's a long story." I said, not wanting to tell him that I believed his entire existence was a sort of test for us.

"We have time kiddo." He said.

I sat there for a moment, pawing at my ear, trying to think of something to say, thankfully Plusle saved me. The charmilin leaned forward.

"Were looking for some for some friends, so we have to leave soon!" He half lied, his voice gaining confidence.

"With no supplies? You two don't got even a blanket and a can o' beans between the two o' yous! Who're you lookin' for?" He asked.

"A couple of Pokémon," I started, "An Umbreon, A Pikachu, a Riolu, and a Bellossom. I explained.

"Do you know where these friends o' yours are?" He asked while handing Plusle a napkin to wipe his mouth.

"Not entirely, we know there around here, and if we continue the way we were heading we'll find them." My brother explained.

"Hmm, if you'll got your hearts set on findin' your pals, we can give the two of you some supplies, nothing' fancy mind you, but it's better than what ya' got now, which is zip!" The kindly fire type promised.

We spent the rest of that day in the inn, relaxing in there baths, and preparing for the next day's walk. As promised the charmilion provided us with two bags with some essentials: blankets, a single sleeping bag because "Its warmer if the two of ya' are snuggled up together." Also in the bags were a kit to start fires, water, some canned food, and a metal canteen. After getting ready for the departure the next day Plusle and I snuggled into bed together and fell asleep.

When morning came we said our goodbyes to the kindly charmilion, who gave us each a small bottle of whisky, which he gave a warning about, "Now, don't go and drink this unless you two are frezzen' your tails off and you got icicles commin' out of your rumps, it'll warm ye' cores up, but it aint' good for ya!" We soon took our leave. The air was cold, but our spirits were high, and we left the small town. We traveled the entire day, passing the canteen between us regularly trying to stay hydrated, and stuffing snow into it when it was empty, to reserve our water, we didn't know how long we would have readily available water. We moved all day, only stopping to eat a little and to pee. We kept on moving until sundown until we decided to make a small camp.

I started to work on setting things out, and I sent Plusle off to find fire wood, not too long later I hered his blood curling scream! I bolted to my brother's side, and was surprised to find he was crouching over a body, the body of our friend Pikachu.

Umbreon's POV

The Umbreon's body collided with mine, and we fell to the ground. We rolled around, trying to gain an advantage over the other, we rolled and rolled, scratched and bight without much success. After a little while of doing this, the other Umbreon ended up on top. He clawed at my face and bight at my neck, I could feel his claws breaking my flesh gouging my chest and belly and his teeth pricing my jugular. I bucked around; desperate to get him off of me, desperately I charged up a shadow ball and shot it off despite the fact it was unstable, it blew up on contact with the other Umbreon throwing him off me, and burning me, I was up and on my paws in a moment, I lunged at him. I crunched his flesh in my mouth, and was thrilled when I tasted his blood, he yelled out from the pain. We rolled around on the stone floor for a while more, with me clawing and ripping into his flesh, we'd both given up on using any technique. We kept dancing our deadly dance until the other Umbreon's body gave out, he collapsed into a motionless heap without so much as single breath on his lips.

I was surprised, had he died? What was going on? Surely I hadn't killed him! We weren't fighting that hard, wear we? I placed my ear above his nose, nothing; I placed my head on his chest, nothing. He was dead. Gone. I stepped back from the body, shocked, appalled at what I had done, that I sent someone to that hell hole I had escaped from not too long ago.

"Oh, look at that, you've killed me." His voice floated from everywhere, sounding bored, not mad, not scared, but bored.

"W…what's going on?" I was scared, I was circling around, trying to find the source of his voice, because I knew it wasn't coming from his body. "You killed me, maybe not on purpose, but, you did, congrats, well done, good for you! Now, because you're so pretty, I'm going to open an portal to wear you have to go to now, you can stay here for as long as you want, but you have somewhere to be, I'll be seeing you later pretty boy, maybe next time I can kill you!" His voice disappeared. I turned around, and I was no longer in the Greek styled room, instead I was out in a winter wasteland, the air was freezing, the ground was even colder, my paws were freezing already, with nothing else to do I began to walk.

I moved along the frozen landscape, the sun was at its zenith, and it was starting to darken, I walked, hoping to find a place to bunk for the night, hoping I didn't have nightmares that were too bad. I walked on the icy land, happy about the fact I that I can see in the dark, because I wondered for hours, unable to find a tree or bush to sleep in.

At what I would assume to be midnight, I smelt smoke. I followed the sent, and in the distance I could see several forms surrounding a camp fire. I followed the light, and as I got closer my astonishment grew, I couldn't believe my eyes, how could it be possible? Was I really seeing what I was seeing? Was it a part of this trial my father had put us into? Had my mind finally cracked? I crept closer, using the darkness to conceal me, there would be no way any of the three Pokémon would be able to see me, even if their eyes could see beyond the firelight.

I crept as close to the camp as I dared, and watched. The two small forms were huddled around a third, larger form, which was shivering uncontrollably. One of the smaller Pokémon pulled a canteen from the fire and put it to the biggest one's lips for her to drink. I couldn't take it anymore; it had to be who I knew it to be, there was no way it wasn't, so without any more hesitation I entered the ring of light, and ran over to the shivering figure.

Pikachu POV

I don't know how it happed, but after collapsing I woke up by a fire with the two bodies of Plusle and Minun snuggled against my own, we were in a large sleeping bag. I woke from the feeling of paws rubbing against my own, warming them up with the worst sensation of tingling, but I was delighted to be in the company of the two loving brothers, and I was happy to see that they were fine, I hopped they didn't have anything bad happen to them.

When the brothers noticed I was awake, they jumped up, it was evident that they were filled with joy.

"You're okay!" Plusle cried, tears streaming down his face. He buried his head into my chest and wrapped his arms around me, I hugged him in return. A moment later Minim was with us. I hugged both of the small mice to my frozen body, both were sobbing. After our teary reunion Minun tossed a canteen of water in a fire and we wrapped ourselves up in a blanket, masking in the heat of the camp fire the brothers had started.

We stayed silent for a little while, Plusle got up and grabbed the canteen, he tried to hand it to me, but when I took it, I dropped it immediately, my body was still shaking to badly for me to pick things up easily, so Instead the little red mouse uncapped it and held it to my lips, he let the hot water leak into me, warming me up.

When he took the canteen down I was stunned to see a figure seemingly materialize out of the darkness around our camp, and even more astonishing, it was my Umbreon!

"What happened Pikachu?" His concerned voice asked.

Umbreon POV

"What happened Pikachu? I was worried about her.

"W..what? Umbreon?! What are you doing here?!" Shocked dripped from her voice. The two little mice ran to me, relief evident in there expressions.

"Umbreon! How'd you find us?" Plusle asked.

"Luck, I guess, what's happened to you Pikachu?" I walked over to her, Plusle and Minun trailing behind me, and sat next to her by the fire. We all shared our experiences up to then.

The others were surprised that I had fought, and apparently killed someone who said they were my emotions and drives, and no one was thrilled at what I had seen in the hellish world I fell into or the fact that apparently everyone's memories could be accessed from the window room, as we began calling it.

"So, what should we do from here?" Pikachu asked, holding her paws over the fire, I laid down in the snow, unbothered by the cold, darkness is cold too.

"Perhaps we should find the window room; maybe what we need to do is there!" Plusle suggested, his head resting on my back.

"Perhaps, but first maybe we should find out where we are now, and what these Pokémon are, are they real as we are? Is any of this real? The letter said it all is real, but we can't be shore! We need to find that out first!" I explained. Minun plopped down next to me, drinking from a canteen.

"I remember something about you having the ability to see auras, why not use that; we would know a lot more after that!" Minun proposed.

"I don't know, your father said not to doing that!" Pikachu reminded us. Pikachu stood up and grabbed a sleeping bag from one of the bags, she rolled it out.

"But why did he say that Riolu and I shouldn't?" I wondered.

"Who knows, maybe you will see something that no living thing should." Minun said.

"Or die." Pluses tossed in.

I wondered what would happen. Would I die? Would I lose that ability? Maybe I would learn something I shouldn't. The more I thought of it, the more I wanted to try it, to see what would happen, to learn what was hidden from me. I didn't like the idea that there was information I wasn't allowed to see. I began to feel anxious, what was so important that I wasn't allowed to know? Why wasn't I aloud to know? I had to know!

"Okay guys," I said, standing up, "I'm going to do it!" My proclamation was met with shock.

"Umbreon said not to! What if something bad happens?" Pikachu implored.

"What if it is the tests were here for?" I countered.

"Then we would all be able to see auroras! But we can't only you and Riolu!" Pikachu reasoned.

"We don't even know the nature of this place were in, we don't know if were in some mind loop thing, or if we are in a part of the spirit world, or whatever! We need to know if we're going to advance!" I closed my eyes and blocked out any complaints from the surrounding Pokémon.

I relaxed myself, and grasped the power I haven't used sense I discovered it, and I let it flood my senses. I opened my eyes, and my already cracked mind shattered.

To be continued!

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