Chapter 29

Phineas was starting to feel weaker from fighting that ever growing darkness. The only thing that kept him fighting was the fact that he knew his family was waiting for him. If he gave up now, what would they do? He didn't even want to imagine it. Phineas coughed as the smoke pushed closer to him. Suddenly, out of the darkness, a voice came, sounding purely evil. Even worse then Doofenshmirtz. It sent a shiver down his spine, and made him feel as if he'd never feel happy again.

"Give up, Phineas… You'll never wake up anyway… Give it up already… You've held on for already…" it hissed as if it was a snake, pausing at times to take shaky breaths. The worst part about it was that he actually almost believed it. He didn't though. He reminded himself again that he had someone to live for. No matter what this voice told him, he'd always have someone to live for.

"Give up…"

"NEVER!" Phineas yelled. And for the first time in a week, Phineas's eyes snapped open. He was awake at last. And instead of being in the broadcasting room, or even a hospital like he thought he would, he was in the arms of his brother, listening to a familiar voice telling his friends and family that their memories of this past few weeks would soon be forgotten.

"This will be all for the best, children. It's either this, or you decide to let Perry disappear forever. It's your choice." Monogram murmured gravely, looking at the group of worn, exhausted children. They looked too young to have to make decisions like this. But, then again, most of them seemed too young to be doing anything that they had done.

The group looked at each other, as if hoping any of them had a reason to say no. They didn't want to forget any of it. They had grown so much strong to each other this past week, and now they were going to be forced to forget all of it. They didn't want to. No one spoke up though. They all looked over to Ferb, as if expecting him to speak up for them, just like he did last time. He opened his mouth to say something, when a weak, scared sounding voice interrupted him.

"No." Phineas whispered, looking as scared as he sounded. Everyone looked at him, looking surprised and shocked.

"Phineas?" Ferb whispered, looking down at his brother. His eyes were open as wide as saucers. He looked as pale as he had before he had gone to the hospital. He honestly looked like he couldn't believe what he had just said.

"What was that, young man?" Monogram asked, glaring slightly at Phineas. He felt bad for the boy, but he wasn't used to being told no.

"I said… No! I refuse to forget, and I refuse to let Perry be taken away by you." He rolled out of his brothers arms, hitting the floor with a light thud. He used what little strength he had left to crawl over to Perry, and threw his arms around him, holding him as tight as he could. Perry was sad to notice how weak this hold was.

"That's not one of your choices." Monogram still sounded grave, almost emotionless.

"Well, I choose it." Phineas murmured. "There's nothing you can do to change my mind."

Monogram and Phineas thought for a few more minutes, until Monogram was so frustrated, he did the one thing he thought he would never do. He walked up, and slapped Phineas in the face. When Phineas let go to put his hand up to his face where Monogram had slapped him, he picked up Perry and took him across the room where he had been standing earlier.

Perry wiggled his way out of Monogram's arms, disgusted and enraged by what Monogram had just done. As soon as he was free, he took out his hat and threw it to the ground by Monogram's feet. He gave his past leader a cold glare before walking over to the group. After Ferb picked up Phineas, they walked away without another word.

Doofenshmirtz watched the kids from the shadows, completely ignored like he had been since he had left them alone in the room. He wished he could just attack and recapture them all now, but it wasn't time yet. He wasn't done with his plans yet, so there was no reason to have hostages slowing them down.

Platyborg was above them, showing Doofenshmirtz what he could see through his new robotic eye. It was helpful, because now he could capture any word they said, and plan at the same time.

"You better watch out kids." Doofenshmirtz whispered too low for anyone to hear. "Because someday, I'll be coming at you again. And this time, I refuse to fail."

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