Invader Zim: Yet Another Real Life Invasion

By none other than Ms. Johnson-Rattmann "interdimensionalPortaller"

The New Author's Note: I don't care in the slightest if Skepkitty is someone respectable in the Invader Zim fandom because she has one problem and that problem is being allies with THAT HORRIBLE FANFIC WRITER.

There was this one day.

ASBusinessMagnet and Skepkitty were too busy doing whatever they do all the time on the wide Internets. I think Skepkitty was reblogging absolutely and utterly everything on Tumblr and ASBusinessMagnet was writing something like

"Chell Johnson and Doug Rattmann were too busy doing whatever they do all the time in Mexico. Chell was checking out the Homestuck category on FF. Net and Doug was painting grafitti everywhere in the quiet town

when suddenly there was this other paranormal thing"

when suddenly there was yet ANOTHER paranormal thing that brought both the blogger and the writer to some place bright and manmade like the room with a moose except with no moose.

Both of the people looked around when they saw the great fanfiction goddess that is ME and no one else. I was thinking something along the lines of "HEY LOOK IT'S THE HORRIBLE FANFIC WRITER AND HIS AMERICAN GIRLFRIEND" when Skepkitty said "This reminds me of Me in Invader Zim? Oh Kami…" and I was hit with an idea. I was going to send both of the people to Invader Zim!

I snapped and both of them were gone. I then returned to my fanfiction office and turned on the many computer screens that I had. My quiet town was lit up with every single public screen displaying the horrible fanfic writer and his American girlfriend in the Invader Zimverse.

Both of them entered the houses to the left and the right of the colorful green and pink house JUST LIKE THE FREAK OF NATURE GL(at)DDA MAGNET and now the footage displayed the inside of the houses breaking the laws of privacy but now that they were cartoon characters I didn't care.

Somewhere else the Invader Zim characters were too busy doing whatever they do all the time in whatever city Invader Zim is set in. Zim was trying to take over the world and failed, Gir was being an annoying asshat, Dib was trying to expose Zim and also failed, Gaz was playing video games and Tak was somewhere else entirely.

They all then walked into Skool when Miss Bitters said "Class, we've got yet ANOTHER TWO hopeless appendages to the student body" and all the students let out a loud sigh. Bitters continued "Their names are ASBusinessMagnet and Skepkitty. Both of you - say something now because after this moment I DON'T WANT ANOTHER SOUND FROM YOU!" when someone popped up in the intercom and it was… ME BEING THE GREAT FANFICTION GODDESS! "I would like to ensure you the horrible fanfic writer and his American girlfriend will effortlessly blend into the Invader Zimverse and there is nothing to worry about." Then Miss Bitters asked "The American girlfriend being?" "Skepkitty, of course" and I signed off and returned to being solely the observer. Then both took their seats and two not plot relevant people that I won't make up the names of got sent to the underground classes.

TNAN: I think both got what they deserved. Ideas for further chapters? Please?