What should happen on Guide to: Asking Someone Out? Just a random ideal

Ned looks at Moze strangely at the question she just asks.

"Ok let me this straight you don't want be my ambusher but you want me to be yours?" Moze replied "yes" and saw Seth.

"There he is" She grabs Ned and shoves him in the blond basket ball player direction. He stumbles in front of the blond.

Ned looks at the blond and smiles awkwardly "Hey Seth, Moze would like a date."

Seth smile and say "we tell her she can have one" and he hold a date fruit out "Aren't date great"

Ned smile falls and try to ask again "no Moze want to go out with you."

Seth smile dreamily at Ned "we did go out and was great."

Ned roll his eyes and slap his face with his hands he tries again and start to ask very slow "would you like to like to go out…. To the movies"

The blond pause for moments as the question starts to make since to him then he smile real big. "Of course Ned I would love to go to the movie with you." Seth smile and lays a hand on Ned small shoulders. "I been want to ask you out for awhile now but I was afraid of you saying no. How about Friday I'll meet you at 6:00" Then Seth lean down to the chestnut hair boy and kiss his cheek. Ned was frozen his face grow red as he was kiss and watches the blond wink at him before leaving.

Moze run up to him ask him what had happen. "Do I have a date with Seth?"

He shake his head no "No but I do" Moze eye start to twitch.

Well this is a one shot I might do more for the date itself but I need reviews at least three will make me happy