Summary: What would have happened had Time Keeper Raymond Leon's right hand man in fact. Been a woman.

Rated: M for this chapter! Told you it'd go there. lol

Genre: Romance, suspense and a little Humor.

Pairing: Leon/OC

Chapter Summary: Raymond takes Kris home. - Salas and Weis steal a million years.

Warning: Sexual content probably more of an M rating for this chapter however not too smutty…


"Raymond." Kris whispered sweetly in his ear as he kissed down the side of her neck simultaneously spreading her coat open to take it off.

Leon grunted in reply against her as her coat fell to the floor next to his couch in the living room.

Kris ran her hands down the back of his coat agonizingly desperate.

Leon's hands ran hotly from her waist up her back she arched into him with a gasp.

"Yeah." He breathed against her as he moved up to kiss a line to her jaw.

She clasped a hand onto his shoulder and pulled him closer as she pressed her body into to his.

Leon's hands moved from her back around to her stomach and pushed beneath the smooth fabric of her black top groping her white skin up to her ribcage.

Her heart was pounding in her chest as his cool hands moved about her skin, softly yet desperately.

Kris stepped back far enough to reached up as Raymond pulled her shirt over her head, Her hair messily falling everywhere.

Raymond's eyes traveled her curvy chiseled body, she obviously spent a lot of time exercising and Hell it had paid off.

Kris smirked at his ogling as her hands met his coat to pull it off of him as well, Raymond was wearing way too many cloths.

Raymond assisted in shrugging his coat off so it met hers on the floor, Kris moving closer to kiss him as her hands drug his zipper down to open his vest.

Before pulling it off as well, He pressed up against her once he was only left in his black T-Shirt, Emerson groaned into the kiss before pulling back.

"Why do you wear so many layers…" she complained, receiving a chuckle from Raymond.

"I think you like them." He retorted as he stepped back and hooked his fingers beneath his shirt to pull it over his head, Kris bit her bottom lip as she watched, her eyes traveling his body in anticipation.

Slender smooth muscles and milky white skin, scars blemished him here and there and made him that much more enticing.

"I do." She breathed stepping into him running her hands down his warm body, Raymond pressed into her taking her lips in another kiss, Kris' hands roamed his bare flesh hungrily as he slipped his hands around the nape of her neck in order to kiss her properly.

Raymond ran his tongue across the slit of her lips and the front of her teeth, begging for entry.

Kris moaned into him opening her jaw, his tongue plunged inside and she sucked it softly.

Raymond groaned and pushed his pelvis into her lower stomach, there was no going back from here.

Kris moved her expert hands to the line of his pants then his belt unclipping it with a snap.

Kris pulled back for breath, small gasps leaving her lips and crashing into his.

"You sure?" he gasped out, she licked her lips and nodded as she unbuttoned his trousers.

"I want you more than anything." She breathed in reply, Raymond's heart swelled, he pressed in to kiss her again.

It had been a long time since anyone wanted Raymond for anything, much less this.

Kris unzipped his pants cautiously before sticking her hand down the front and palming him through his boxers.

Raymond groaned into the kiss before pulling back.

Kris smiled slyly before dropping down to her knees in front of him tugging his tight trousers down with some effort, leaving his shorts on, her left shoulder not making it any easier.

She looked up at him eagerly only to meet his frown, Leon brushed through her hair gently before grabbing a handful of it.

"Stand up, I don't like a woman on her knees." He halfway pleaded halfway demanded.

Kris smiled up at him she would do anything for Raymond but the fact that he wanted to treat her as equal made her love him even more, Kris stood shakily placing her hands on his slim hips for balance.

Leon kissed her again this time a lot gentler, his grip in her hair loosening then brushing though it tenderly.

Kris pulled back from the kiss, Raymond glanced down at his pants around his knees and chuckled.

Kris smiled and laughed with him.

Ray cleared his throat awkwardly before bending down to untie his boots, Kris laughed at him as he struggled to get them off.

"You know, you could be getting your pants off rather than laugh at me." Raymond retorted playfully, Kris grinned as her hands moved to the buckle of her own belt, unsnapping it then the button and zipper.

Leon glanced up as he pulled off his last boot, her pants drug slowly down her hips revealing her black boy short underwear.

He licked his lips as his eyes traveled her, still bent over to pull his pants off.

"Pants.." Kris ordered and pointed at his ankles, Raymond swiftly turned back to the task at hand stepping out of his trousers now a pile on the floor, Kris kicked her biker boots off and followed suit.

Raymond stood and inspected her body walking a circled around her, Kris crossed her arms over her chest confidently and rose a brow at him.

Though wearing nothing but his shorts Raymond still floated about with so much pride and confidence you'd never know he was half naked.

He nodded appreciatively, Emerson shaking her head at him playfully.

"Not bad, Time Keeper, not bad at all." He said almost too serious for it to be funny.

"Is that so?" she replied cocking her head to the side.

"Yeah." He replied then hooked his finger in the top of her shorts walking backwards towards his bedroom tugging her along with him.

Kris' breath hitched in her chest at his display of power and control.

Kris licked her lips in anticipation as Raymond turned her around where the back of her knees met with the footboard of his twin-sized bed.

Raymond smirked as he placed a palm on her stomach pushing her back to land on the mattress.

Kris huffed when her back made contact then crawled backwards up the bed with a mischievous grin on her face, Raymond in turn crawled up the bed to straddle her body in the dark room.

"You realize what this means don't you?" Raymond asked as one hand held him up placed beside her shoulder the other running two cool fingers down her abdomen.

"Disorderly conduct? Sexual harassment?" she replied playfully, Raymond rolled his eyes.

"No going back." he replied lowering himself to run his tongue down the bend of her neck, Emerson arched her back into him trying to make contact with his body.

"Yeah. Nice." She replied her hands coming up around his back to scrape down seductively.

Raymond dipped down to nip at her skin lightly.

"So, your good with this?" he asked against the skin of her shoulder kissing gently on the bullet wound, Kris breathed against him, her hands running down the dip in his back.

"Fuck, yes I'm good with this." she replied Raymond smirked against her skin at her profanity, perhaps she wasn't as boring as all the other New Grinage women after all.

Raymond allowed his body to land flat on hers then ran his hands down her sides to the hem of her underwear, his thumb hooking into them and slowly tugging them down.

Emerson arched into him turning her head to kiss him, Raymond tilted his chin to go deeper kissing her with all the passion he had caged up for so long.

Emerson's shorts met her knees she squirmed under him and successfully managed to kick them off.

"Your turn." She gasped once she pulled away from his lips, her hands sneaking between them to his shorts and tugged at them, the tight fabric slipping down his hips and butt.

She bit her lip when his bare flesh met with hers, her hands halting for a moment to run over the smooth skin of his ass, his perfectly shaped ass she had spent so much time looking at.

Raymond grinned knowingly before reaching behind to tug his shorts off then kicked them off.

He reached behind him bending up on one hand to grab the covers and pull them over himself and Emerson.

Kris smiled up at him, he was a little shy after all.

Emerson spread her legs Leon adjusting to land between them, she groaned when his hardness landed between her legs.

Emerson snuck a hand around to stroke him, Raymond gasped and dropping his head to her shoulder kissing her for encouragement, she tugged him closer by the grip on his ass and stroked him slowly a few more times to get him ready enough for penetration.

Raymond groaned into her skin aroused and a little annoyed.

"Good enough." He breathed moving over to kiss her hot and heavy on the mouth, Emerson moaned into him and arched up, she was ready too.

Raymond ran his hand down her stomach then between her legs and rubbed her gently with two fingers, feeling the softness there.

She keened under him and rolled her hips into his hand, Leon didn't have to ask to know she wanted more.

He gently massaged her in a circle before pressing one slender finger inside, her body shook all over as she started to pant.

Leon moved down to kiss her neck as he slowly and gently pushed in and pulled out a couple of times.

Emerson was shaking and began to sweat, Raymond was growing impatient against her, seeing her like this was doing all kinds of delicious things to him.

"Ready.." she gasped out, Raymond didn't waist any time pulling his fingers out and aligning himself up.

"No going back, Kris." He reminded as he lined himself up and pressed his tip to her entrance, hesitating, Kris gasped and nodded.

"Yeah, I don't want to." She replied, Raymond pressed forward and into her, Kris' eyes slammed shut and she arched up, her hands digging into his back as she pulled him closer to her, she wanted to feel his skin on her skin.

She drug her hands up his back before brushing them through his hair.

"I love you, remember?" she whispered into the night, Raymond tilted down and brushed his lips to hers both gasping into each other as his hips rocked forward.

"Yeah." He breathed against her mouth before plunging forward and claiming it in a strong brutal kiss.

Long moments were spent like this silently feeling one another and cherishing each moment, it was worth every second that was ticking away.

Emerson tangled her limbs up with his and wrapped him in her as tightly as possible.

"I don't want to go back." She whispered in his ear and shuttered beneath him.

Raymond pulled back just slightly as they shared warm air between their mouths.

"Stay with me and you'll never have to." He whispered in reply, Kris nodded swiftly her eyes filling with unshed tears.

Raymond wrapped her up and just held her tight trying to assure her with actions that which words never could.


Raymond groaned sleepily when Kris pressed up against his back her lips moving to kiss the back of his neck, her thigh pushing between his.

He was still exhausted from last night but he really liked getting woken up this way.

"Its 6:30." She whispered against him, her hand wrapping around his stomach to pull him into a backwards hug.

"Hmmm.." he replied tiredly rolling closer to his pillow and putting his face in it.

Kris giggled behind him as he resisted getting out of bed.

"Come on, honey, we cant be late to work, what will Korsq and Jaeger think?" she added softly nudging her chin into the bend of his neck.

"That I fucked you all night, that doesn't sound so bad, honey." He grumbled and hid his face in the bend of his elbow, the sun was peaking in the window and was too bright this early in the morning.

"Ray!" She scolded and nudged him with her elbow, her cheeks blushing, something about him saying it out loud was embarrassing.

He chuckled quietly into his arm, she shook him a little on the shoulder.

"We made love." She corrected playfully, Raymond simply groaned noncommittally. "We really do need to get going." She added Raymond grunted in the negative, she growled annoyed as Leon stayed where he was.

Emerson pulled away and stood from the bed, making her way to the connected bathroom stark naked.

Leon peaked at her behind as she sauntered into the bathroom closing the door.

Raymond groaned and rolled over onto his stomach putting his face in the pillows when he heard the sound of the shower turn on.

"Come on Time Keeper, I've got the shower hot for you." she cooed over the sound of the water landing on tile.

Raymond growled annoyed, he was exhausted and only wanted to lay in bed f0r the next few hours he had on his clock until he had to get more time, however the invite sounded too good to pass up.

He got up out of the bed and rubbed his face tiredly before slouching his way to the bathroom to join his assistant.

He was in some hot water now, if the chief finds out somehow, it will be Hell to pay.


Raymond and Kris made it to work half an hour late due to the unexpected tumble in the shower, luckily Korsq and Jaeger were used to Leon and his assistant doing things on their own schedule.

Leon and Emerson kept their distance maybe a little more than they should, going out of the way to call each other. Mr. Leon, Ms. Emerson. Time Keeper Leon. Assistant. It was so obvious it really was a crying shame that none of the detective Time Keepers had noticed the change.

It was something Kris silently thanked the heavens for.


Kris was working along side Korsq and Jaeger while Leon had a meeting with the Chief, something that made Kris nervous, he couldn't know could he?

Jaeger paused a moment before leaning into Emerson's space between him and Korsq at the computer desk.

"So…" Jaeger asked curiously, Emerson rose a brow curiously at him glancing to her left as Korsq leaned in too.

"So, what?" she replied genuinely confused.

"Oh come on. We saw Leon ask you out last night." Jaeger replied and grinned Korsq nodding animatedly.

"What? No. I would have you know we went straight to another crime scene last night." She replied quickly, somewhat flustered.

"Right." Jaeger drawled, Korsq rolling his eyes.

"Look, okay fine, but you cannot tell anyone." She replied exasperated and waved her arms. "We could get in huge trouble so keep your trap shut." She replied harshly and went straight to her computer and started typing again.

Jaeger and Korsq high-fived behind her head, Emerson rolling her eyes.

"Time Keeper Emerson, Mr. Leon requests your company in his office." An assistant declared as she stood by the desk they were sitting at, all three turned to look at her.

"Thanks." She replied the woman nodded and walked away.

"He requests your company!" Jaeger declared playfully, Emerson rolling her eyes dramatically before standing and making her way to his office.

"Shut up, Jaeger." She spat over her shoulder, Jaeger chuckled and turned back to his work.

Emerson entered his office letting out an exasperated sigh.

"Those guys are going to be the death of me." She breathed leaning against the closed door behind her casually. Raymond was standing by the window looking out like he often did.

"Hmm?" he replied distractedly, Kris' brows drew together before she stood from the door and walked up behind him wrapping him up in her arms.

"What's wrong, honey?" she cooed against his back, Leon sighed before he turned in her arms to face her.

"Don't call me honey." He replied before leaning down and kissing her muffling her giggles.

"What did you need me for?" she asked once they parted.

"This." he replied and reached into his coat pocket then pulled out a small leather folder of some sort then set it in her hands. She cocked her head curiously before folding it open like a book.

"Time Keeper, Emerson." She read out the inscription before tilting her head to look up at him. "What is this?"

"Its your badge, deputy Time Keeper." He replied and smiled, Kris smiled so wide it hurt.

"What?" she replied in bewilderment.

"I convinced the chief to promote you."

"How did you manage that?"

"I told him you'd be more helpful to me as a partner rather than assistant. He seemed content with that." He replied coolly as if he didn't care either way.

She pulled him into another hug still clutching her badge in her hand before pulling back and taking the badge from the leather case.

"I'm going to be just like you." she replied and clipped it onto her belt. Leon smirked down at her before kissing her on the forehead.

"I hope not." He whispered against her.

This is when the alarm sounded in the building Leon turning and running from the office, Emerson hesitating a moment before running after him.

"What happened?" he asked roughly as he stared up at the screen on the wall New Grinage glowing red, a lot of time had just left there. That could only mean one thing.

"It must be a mistake." Korsq declared as Leon nearly ran right passed him.

"Its not a mistake." He replied and hurriedly ran from the compound Emerson at his heels.

A million years had been stolen and by who other than Will Salas?

Leon jumped in his car as and sped off as soon as Emerson sat in the seat next to him

"What's going on?" she asked as she snapped on her seatbelt a little taken aback by the sudden change in moods.

"That time cant leave town." He grit out swerving around the corner.

"Dispatch, search for the slowest cars in town. If you have a million years your definitely not in a hurry." He mumbled the last bit of that sentence as they drove through town on the way to the Weis Tower, if he is going to catch them he needs to do now before its too late.

They spent the next few minutes driving through town looking for them and waiting for any news from dispatch.

Leon pulled up his sleeve.

"Dispatch, wire me my premium." He requested once he noticed a car looking a little to conspicuous, Salas and Weis seated inside. "Never mind I got them."

He added in a second taking a swift U-Turn squealing the tires the whole circle.

Emerson tensed all over and grabbed onto the door handle and held on for dear life. I guess she had that one coming with her driving from the other night.

Raymond proceeded to chase them through town with reckless abandon, even with all she has seen him do she had never seen him quite like this.

"Shoot target on sight." He ordered over the com, Time Keepers lined the border of New Grinage and prepared to fire.

"Its against policy sir." Dispatch replied, Leon grit his teeth.

"So is a million years leaving this zone. Shoot on sight!" he replied the Time Keepers doing just that and took aim to their target.

"Damn it." Leon cursed as they drove right through in the bulletproof car from Weis' mansion.

Then proceeded onto crash through the zone booth.

Leon following suit.

Emerson did her best to keep quiet and let her boss do his thing. She pushed back in her seat and braced herself for anything that could be coming her way.

They chased them all the way into Dayton up until they made it to the timelines station, Leon taking his last incentive to stop them and crashed his cruiser right in the back of their car.

Emerson nearly saw her life flash before her eyes before they may impact.

She caught herself on the dash with both hands hurting her left wrist in the process. She cried out in pain before she clutched it to her chest and held it in her hand.

She could have sworn she heard a loud pop when it happened.

Leon hand braced himself against the steering wheel but was also shaken by the wreck for a few moments until his adrenaline kicked back in.

"You okay?" he asked just before pulling his pistol from its holster.

"Yeah." She gasped out and nodded, sure she had hurt her wrist but she had been through worse, she wasn't about to let that stop them from catching Salas and Weis.

Raymond bolted from the car leaving Emerson inside to recuperate and raised his pistol and aimed for them.

"Stop!" he called out Salas and Weis finally froze where they were and raised their hands in surrender.

"Not much better than the last time I saw you." Will said as he froze in place, Leon nodded and held onto his pistol with both hands.

"Not looking too good yourself." He replied and took a few steps closer.

Once Emerson finally emerged from the car the Timelines sign turned on and all Hell broke loose.

People started running that way knocking everyone out of the way that they could.

Including Raymond.

Will and Sylvia took their chance and turned and ran the opposite direction of the timelines.

"Stop! Move!" Leon yelled before pushing people out of the way and ran towards them.

Emerson ran after them herself but couldn't keep up as her small frame was pushed around by the mob of people, she soon lost sight of them until she finally pushed through the crowed to see Leon dragging another Time Keeper from his car and taking off in another car chase.

"Damn it!" she cursed out, angry at the fact Raymond had just left her. Again. And at the fact she couldn't help now.

She turned and stomped back to the wrecked cruiser luckily everyone is Dayton were too busy filling their clocks to care about a lone Time Keeper being abandoned in the ghetto.

She sat in the drivers seat and phoned Jaeger.

"Leon?" he asked dumbly obviously waiting on some kind of order.

"Its me, get Korsq and get your asses to Dayton." She replied and clutched her shoulder that had started to throb with the exertion of running.

"Be right there." Jaeger replied in a flash.

They finally arrived about 15 minutes later finding Emerson in the broken down cruiser trying to care for her shoulder and made a makeshift cast for her likely broken wrist. At least both injuries are on the same side.

Jaeger jumped form the cruiser and raced to her side.

"What the Hell happened?" he asked as he yanked the mangled car door opened.

"Wrecked another car. Leon is chasing Will I think I know where they're going, come on." She replied tying off her fake cast made from the scarf she had been wearing then got out of the car.

Jaeger followed after her somewhat impressed with how forceful she could be in time of crisis.

She yanked open the drivers seat and got in.

"Oh no, I'm driving." Jaeger objected and pulled the door open.

"No Jaeger I'm better at it than you, you drive too slow, get in the back." She replied with fire in her eyes and slammed the door shut, Jaeger shook his head before getting in the back seat Emerson speeding off the second his door began to close.

"And buckle up." She warned and clinched her teeth before putting the petal to the metal.

Korsq and Jaeger were likely in for a ride of their lives.


Leon had finally spotted them and had found a place to park his car, he didn't even pause to close the door before running down the street to meet them in the middle.

He had them now, finally, after all this time he had them right where he wanted them.

As he ran it felt as if he had been running for miles, he hadn't run this fast in a long time not since that time he had run to save his own life, he had ran against the clock.

He swore that day he would never run for time again. And here he was doing just that. Running for the time of the rich, running for the clocks of the immortals.

"Stop!" he called out as he met them on the street to his surprise they actually did.

Him, Salas and Weis stopping to catch their breath, lungs burning from breathing and muscles aching from exertion.

"You can run." Raymond stated taking in a deep breath.

"So can you." he replied and shook his head. "Your from here aren't you?" he added.

Raymond glanced around and something in his stomach sank when he realized where they were, in the sand his favorite spot just over the hill, ocean as far as you can see.

"Long time ago." He admitted. "I found my own way out."

"And now you make sure no one else does." He replied

"It's the way it has to be." He replied but was distracted when Salas' head snapped up to where his cruiser was perched on the hill.

Confused, Raymond allowed a quick glance as he saw another car slide into the spot next to him.

Emerson leapt from her seat and bolted from the car running down as swiftly as possible.

Raymond looked at her confused for a moment as she ran as fast as possible.

Korsq and Jaeger emerging from the car to watch in bewilderment moments later.

"Raymond!" she called out confused at why he was just standing there.

She had checked with dispatch when the last time he had gotten his time was, it had been the night before. He had mere seconds.

She reached out her right hand and ran as fast as her feet could carry her, Raymond turned almost completely around as she kept running towards them, half a mile left to go.

Dear God, check your time. She begged desperately in her mind as she ran towards him.

Keeping his pistol pointed at Salas and Sylvia he lifted his left arm to pull back his sleeve without losing sight of his enemies.

6 seconds left.

His heart stopped and it all dawned on him what was happening. He now had to make a choice.

Run and save his life or stay where he was and hope she could reach him in time and he only had six no 5 seconds to decide.

His heart started pounding in his chest again louder and harder than ever before, banging against his rib cage.

He didn't have time to think, he only had time to do. He turned and ran as fast as he could.

Emerson's face turned from one of anguish to joy and hope as she saw him running towards her, right hand stretched out and feet barely touching the ground as he glided through the air, wind whishing in their ears and dirt flying up behind them.

"Raymond!" she called out again and quickened her steps as fast as she could.


"Run!" she screamed out at him as the distance between then got shorter.


Only 50 feet left to go. Raymond grit his teeth and stretched his steps as far as he could.


Only a little further, he can see the sweat on her brows now, he can hear the sound of her breathing so close, he is so close.


When they collided together it wasn't pretty, it wasn't graceful but by God it was beautiful.

Tick. Tick. Tick.

His time began to count up both catching their breath as they lay on the ground where Kris had literally knocked him off his feet with the impact of their meeting.

"My God, I love you!" he declared rolling over to land on top and smother her in a breathless kiss.

Emerson grunted against him before pulling back and pulling her right hand from his.

"Don't take all of my time." She grumbled playfully, before pushing him off so they could both stand and turned where Salas and Weis had been standing, they were gone.

Couldn't have gotten far surely with how little time they had.

Raymond dropped his head and exhaled, he hoped to God Jaeger and Korsq weren't close enough to see what had just happened.

"Now what?" she asked turning to her partner.

"Its too late." He replied and turned away and headed to his cruiser, Leon was not a dumb guy, he knew when the time had hit the Timelines it was all over.

Whether he caught them or not wouldn't change anything, at least not in this zone.

Emerson stood and stared at his back as he walked not so proudly now, not so sure of himself and it was something she never wanted to see again in her life.

She dropped her head and tried to shake it off before she fell into step behind him.

When they reached Jaeger and Korsq they were standing by the car both not looking too good.

Korsq looked rigid and afraid, Jaeger was busy pacing the space between the cruisers.

"What should we do sir?" Jaeger asked as soon as they came into his sight.

"The time has all been distributed" he added frantically and stepped up to stand in front of Leon.

"Go home." He replied and glanced behind him again where he had let the most wanted couple in the world get away.

Leon climbed into the cruiser he had taken and closed the door, Emerson following suit.

Jaeger and Korsq just stared at him confused as he backed out of his space and made his way home.

"So that's it then." She stated as she watched him concerned, Raymond took in a breath and nodded.

"We'll give him a days head start." He replied before glancing over his shoulder at her and smirked.

Kris' brows went up.

"Your letting them go?" she asked in astonishment.

"No." he replied immediately. "The damage is done, there's nothing we can do." He replied and seemed to be taking this much better than expected.

He is much more than just a Time Keeper, he knows when to stop trying even when it hurts.


Raymond was awoken by the ringing of his house phone, he groaned tiredly before nudging a naked, sleeping Emerson off his chest in order to lean over and answer it, Kris groaned before rolling over onto her other side to get out of the way.

"Time Keeper Leon." He answered then rubbed his eyes between his thumb and finger.

"This is Chief Smith, I'm from zone 8, I hear you were in charge of the Salas/Weis case." The man questioned over the phone, Leon exhaled annoyed glancing at the clock on the wall, 8 am.

"Yeah." He replied, the man hesitated a moment before continuing.

"It would seem he is targeting us now, if your willing I'd like to transfer you to help us bring them to justice. You are already familiar with their tactics." The man continued, Raymond shook his head.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Smith, but zone 8 is out of my jurisdiction, you'll have to find someone else." He replied and hung up the phone with a chuckle, his zone was ruined but that doesn't mean Time Keepers are irrelevant, it simply means they solve crimes against time, say if someone is found dead after getting their time stolen.

Raymond sighed before pulling his girlfriend into his chest and holding her tight.

"We have that big case today, better get up." He whispered in her ear, Emerson sighed tiredly before her eyes opened and she glanced up at him.

"Yeah we should probably get started huh?" she replied, Raymond nodded. "Get the shower ready will ya?" she added playfully, Raymond leaning down to kiss on under the ear.

"Anything for you babe." He replied sarcastically before getting out of the bed and going to take a shower, Emerson smiled to herself.

It may not have ended in the way it should have with Weis and Salas but it didn't seem so bad after all. There was justice in the world, and for once Raymond could get dressed in the morning look at himself in the mirror and know that today when he goes to work he'll be catching a murderer, not condemning a saint.

Emerson was feeling so content with that in fact that she bolted from the bed and made her way into the bathroom.

She stepped into the shower behind him and pulled him into a hug.

"It worked out in the end didn't it?" she asked and nudged her cheek between his shoulder blades.

"Yeah, who wants to live forever anyways." He replied bitterly as he turned the shower on.

Emerson giggled behind him.

"Well, forever wouldn't be long enough anyway to be with you." she replied.

Raymond scoffed and shook his head at his girlfriend but was rather enthralled with the statement.

Raymond would rarely tell her that he loved her but it would always slip out when she would take a bullet for him, or a punch or simply give him some of her time.

Kris was rather content with that, she didn't need to hear it, because she knew it with every second he spent looking her way.

The End.

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