Fairy Avenue

Summary: Lucy has amnesia; she has no memory since she was ten years old. Her life was simple though. She was a simple waitress in a run-down restaurant but everything changed when she was hired as a personal maid of the four handsome boys, who were all members of the newest and up-rising boy band called Fairy Avenue from Vermillion Entertainment.

Ratings: Rated T

Disclaimer: Fairy Tail® by Mashima Hiro


I hope you'll understand my decision, Makarov. It was all for her sake. She needed to be kept hidden from everyone especially to him. If he had known that she's still alive, he will have her and only god knows what will he do to her. If you wanted to protect her as well—I know you will, for Layla's sake—I included the address below. Please Makarov. Protect her. – Mavis Vermillion.

A strikingly small elderly man with white spiky hair and a thick white mustache crampled the piece of stationary and angrily threw the paper into her desk. He was glaring furiously on his desk while the words from the letter he had read burned in the back of his mind.

Protect her. "How could you keep something like this on your own and suddenly revealing this just like that? Damn." Makarov murmured after pressing his back against hie leather back rest anixiously.

A knock was heard disturbing the old man from his thought. "Come in." He called out after straightening his back.

A lady with red hair clad with black open-stich Victoria's Secret dress that reached above her pinkish knees. Erza Scarlet, Makarov's young secretary, bowed her head as greetings and pushed her stylish red eye glasses upward.

"It's time." She said.

Makarov, understanding his secretary's simple words, nodded back but remained sitting. He contemplated slightly and gestured his head towards Erza. "I need to ask you something, Erza." He said.

Erza, quirked her eyebrows, but nodded seconds later. She stepped inside her boss' office before closing the mahogany door.


There was a lone spot light aimed at the petite elderly man standing in one corner of the large stage. Camera lenses are focused on him. His face was televised on the large screen on the center of the stage for the purpose of better view of the audience that was located way back of the stadium.

"For five years, Vermillion Entertainment had been more than successful in this industry and it's all thanks to all of you people who has been supporting us all through these years. And in celebration of our fifth anniversary, let me, in great pride and honor, introduce to you the members of our newest, freshest and not to mention the most good looking boy band we ever produced!"

Screams of fans, particularly from the ladies, roared after the petite elderly man's speech. The large Magnolia Stadium was filled with endless excitements, squealing and screaming coming from the fans who gathered in this dome in sole purpose of meeting the newest band. The lights coming from the wide stage was turned off; followed by a thundering sound of drums increasing the excitation of the waiting fans.

When the Vermillion Entertainment CEO screamed the newest boy band's name "Fairy Avenue!" the stadium was erupted with a catchy beat of bass guitar, drums, key boards and many other sound effects that cause for the fans to scream more loudly.

"Fairy Avenue..." When a male voice that whispered the group's name, as if a cue, four spot lights were lighted.

The young man with ebony hair on the center of the stage, who was playing the guitar, grabbed the microphone in front of him and started singing.

Yeah man… So we back in the club. That body's rockin' from side to side (side, side to side). Thank God the week is done. I feel like a zombie goin' back to life (back, back to life). Hands up, and suddenly we all got our hands up. No control of my body. Swear I've seen you before? Think I remember those eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes…

The young man with dark orange hair that resembles the mane of the mature lion and was wearing a stylish blue tinted sun glasses started singing after his band mate. He was standing in front of a keyboard, playing expertly the said instrument, while singing.

Cause baby tonight, the DJ got us falling in love again. Yeah, baby tonight, the DJ got us falling in love again. So dance, dance, like it's the last, last night of your life, life; gon' get you right. Cause baby tonight, the DJ got us falling in love again…

The pink headed young man behind the drums started singing after the chorus of the song. He beautifully played the drums along the catchy beat while singing. From time to time, he skillfully throws his sticks and caught it in time.

Keep downing drinks like there's no tomorrow there's just right now, now, now, now, now, now, now. Gonna set the roof on fire. Gonna burn this motherf***er down, down, down, down,down, down. Hands up, when the music drops. We both put our hands up. Put your hands on my body. Swear I seen you before. I think I remember those eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes…

The handsome dark orange boy sings the chorus once more. The fans were screaming here and there. Some following the lyrics along the band, some throwing their fists in the air and others were dancing along with their friends.

Cause baby tonight, the DJ got us falling in love again. Yeah, baby tonight, the DJ got us falling in love again. So dance, dance, like it's the last, last night of your life, life; gon' get you right. Cause baby tonight, the DJ got us falling in love again…

The last member with long black hair and some piercing on his nose and ears grabbed the micro phone and started rapping, the black with silver lining electric guitar hangs around his body.

Oye FA ya tu sabe la jugada. If Erykah Badu can get naked then baby I'm sure than you can. Better holla at Tyrone let him know. Im'ma jump through your fruit loops, call a chico Tucan. We're from the blocka blocka Opa-locka. Where boys get loose like wacka flaca. Now I'm as global as soccer. Dale flaca, I wanna be your gyno not your doctor. Dale abre ahi. Papanicolau baby let me see. Yo soy el cubanito, que esta tostaito.Yo fresco, no? Okay, maybe un poquito.

The black hair young man sings after that. The fans scream's intensified.

Cause baby tonight the DJ got us falling in love again. Yeah baby tonight the DJ got us falling in love. Let go, falling in love. Ohh!

The dark orange young man waved a hand at the fans while singing causing for the fans to squealed strings of giggle and waved back.

So dance, dance like it's the last, last night of your life, life, gon' get you right. Cause baby tonight the DJ got us falling in love again. Yeah baby tonight the DJ got us falling in love again.

The salmon headed young man's head followed the beat. Grinning ear to ear, he slammed the stick onto the drums following the beat while singing.

So dance, dance like it's the last, last night of your life, life, gon' get you right. Cause baby tonight the DJ got us falling in love again. Yeah baby tonight the DJ got us falling in love again.

The song ended with a beautiful light sparked in the corner of the stage. Confetti poured down the stage. The fans screamed, calling out each band member's name.

"Loke-kun~~ I love you so much!"

"Natsu-san! Please marry me!"

"Gajeel-chan, you look so handsome tonight! Kyaa~~"

"Gray-chi, please look over here! Kyaa~~ so handsome!"

"Thank you for all of your support, minna-san!" Makarov said appearing in one corner of the stage again. A spot light following every move of the petite President.

"Let me introduce to you again, Fairy Avenue!" He exclaimed, the fan scream. "Loke Celeste!"

The camera was focused on the dark orange young man with blue tinted sunglasses, who flirtatiously winked at the camera, the girls squealed and giggle at his action.

"Gajeel Redfox!"

The young man with long black hair and some piercing look at the camera without any expression but still the fans scream madly, calling out Gajeel's name.

"Natsu Dragoneel!"

The pink haired young man gave the camera his toothy grin and gave a simply wave of hand at the audience. Girls inside the stadium cooed over at him and scream excitedly.

"And last but not the least, the Fairy Avenue's leader... Gray Fullbuster!"

The stadium was filled with screams coming from the excited fan when the camera focused its lens into the black haired young man on the center. Gray raised the corner of his lips (the fans' hearts were melted) and simply saluted at the camera.

"Minna-san, again, our very own… Fairy Avenue!" Makarov held his hands out while presenting the good looking members of the newest boy band in Fiore Kingdom.


Lucy turned to Strawberry Street and three stores away stand an old restaurant. A masculine and tanned skin man with spiky pinkish white hair was busy sweeping the road in front of the said restaurant.

"Hey Elfman, good morning." Lucy greeted.

The man she called 'Elfman' turned his eyes from the floor and smiled at the blonde young lady. "Good morning Lucy, you're early today." He said.

Lucy grinned and nodded. "I was getting a little bored in my apartment so I thought of coming here a little bit early." She said and motioned her head at the door. "Is Mira-san inside?"

Elfman nodded. "Yes, she just got back from—,"


Elfman and Lucy blinked their eyes at each other after hearing a rather excited scream coming from the second of floor of the restaurant, where the Strauss siblings lives. Instead of panicking, Elfman sighed in exasperation while Lucy chuckled in response to the scream. That was probably Elfman's little sister, Lisanna, screaming and gushing over her current obsession, the up-rising boy band called Fairy Avenue.

Though Lucy was not so familiar with this famous boy band but the said band was the current topic and trending in Magnolia, probably in whole Fiore Kingdom. In courtesy of Lisanna's none stop talk about this band, Lucy learned that the band consist of four handsome boys. They were famous of their catchy music, awesome music video and not to mention strikingly good looks (these are all quoted by none other than Lisanna) the band's fans were particularly consist of teen age girls obviously because the girls likes the band's fashion and style.

"I better go and check if Lisanna hasn't fainted yet." Lucy jokingly said.

Elfman mildly chuckled and nodded before he continued sweeping the floor. Lucy entered the restaurant and by just opening the door Lucy can clearly hear the latest music of Fairy Avenue coming from the second floor.

"Lisanna! Will you keep that TV down? You'll disturb the whole neighbor!" a female voice was heard coming from the door with round window behind the bar counter.

"Sorry, Mira-nee!" Lisanna yelled back but still hasn't lowered down the volume.

Lucy vividly imagined Mira, Elfman and Lisanna's older sister, shaking her head while preparing some foods inside the kitchen while fuming about her little sister's obsession. The blonde young lady went to the said door; it leads to the back kitchen of the restaurant and she was greeted by the sight of a lady with long (reaching her slender waist) and curly pinkish white hair standing in front of kitchen counter surrounded by the ingredients, condiments and such. Mira Jane Strauss, or was prepared to be called Mira, was busy cutting the onion when Lucy decided to announced her presence seeing the older lady was busy.

"Hi, Mira-san." Lucy gentle greeted, the oldest of the three siblings was very jumpy.

Mira turned her eyes at Lucy and smile. "Hi, Lucy-chan. You're early, ne?" she said waving a hand, with a knife, at Lucy.

"I was getting bored. Need some help?" Lucy said peeking into the casserole on the gas stove.

"Oh yes please." Mira said sounding grateful and relief. "Lisanna was supposed to help me but she's currently busy with Fairy Avenue to help her poor sister." Mira said little annoyed and amused at the same time.

Lucy chuckled and took the wooden spoon lying on the counter and stirred the curry inside the casserole. "Ah yes, I heard her squealed." She said while stirring.

"Seriously, I know those boys were quite a catch and all but Lisanna is just exaggeratedly obsessed with them."

Lucy chuckled. "Lisanna-chan was easy to be obsessed with something to begin with. Remember that cute anime character Usa-chan, she was into it before right?"

"Yes but you should see her obsession now… it's beyond definition of obsession actually. It might not be so surprising if does she worshipped those boys, really."

Lucy chuckled behind her fist when a voice was heard startling Mira. "Now that is exaggeration."

Lisanna Strauss, the youngest of the three siblings—with the same shade of pinkish white hair as her siblings— entered the back kitchen with a pout on her petite face. She was wearing a pink tee shirt with letters of F and A adorned with stars around the two alphabets.

"Good morning Lisanna-chan." Lucy greeted.

"Yo!" Lisanna greeted back with a smile and instantly pout after facing her sister. "I do not worship them." Lisanna said again.

"I think you do, Lisanna." Elfman said who just entered the back door, on his hand was the broom that he place inside the broom shed.

Lisanna pout even more. "I do not!" she said, stomped her foot on the floor. "I'll go prepare the shop. Hmph~" She sniffed and exited the room leaving her amused siblings.

Lucy chuckled watching Lisanna storm out of the kitchen looking like a child and then she concentrated on the curry. Elfman said he was going to help Lisanna prepare the restaurant so their little sister will have enough time to prepare herself going to school. Lisanna is a senior high school in public high school. It was always like this here in Take Over Restaurant. It always had warm and gentle atmosphere. Maybe it was because of three bonded siblings. They teased each other like friends and love each other like any other bonded family.

They were orphaned, like herself, since the three siblings were still kids (Lisanna was three, Elfman was five and Mira was eight), they lived with their kind paternal Aunt who took them under her wing when their parents died in an accident. Mira said that their Aunt left this restaurant to them after their guardian died in a terminal ill called Leukemia. By that time Mira was just in the middle of senior high school and Elfman just started his freshman year. Mira dropped out of high school to give way to her younger siblings (seeing that they cannot afford all of their tuition fees at the same time) and took over the restaurant.

Maybe because of their kindness that Lucy created a bond with the three siblings as well, they were kind to her and given her a work when she was in need of money on year after leaving the shelter of the orphanage. She worked with them as a waitress, although her salary was not big, she doesn't mind, their kindness was more than enough for Lucy. She hoped to stay with them forever but neither she nor the three siblings knew this will be her last day working in Take Over Restaurant.


Lucy placed the order on table number 6 and flashed a smile at the costumer. "Sorry for waiting." She said and bowed before going to the next table where a female costumer is waiting. The door of the restaurant opened and the door chime let out a faint 'Ting' sound. Lucy turned around to greet the new costumer.

"Welcome to Take Over Restaurant." Lucy chirped and then she blinked.

Standing on the door way was an elderly man, curiously, in Lucy's entire twenty years of life; this costumer is the smallest elderly she had ever seen. Lucy watched the old man as he turned around his eyes (blocked with dark tinted sun glasses by the way) scanning for an empty seat. He spotted an empty table at the farthest right of the restaurant and started walking towards it.

"Uhm… excuse me?" Lucy felt something poking her.

Lucy blinked and dragged her caramel eyes at her current costumer and blushed immediately realizing that she completely ignored the female costumer as she was engrossed watching the petite elderly. Lucy instantly bowed down.

"I'm so sorry! I wasn't paying attention but it was not intentional and—,"

The female costumer good naturedly chuckled and wave a hand. "No need to apologize, it was okay. Can you take my orders now?"

Lucy still blushing nodded and positioned her pen and paper to take the costumer's order. The blonde young lady apologized once more before heading back to the counter where Elfman was busy wiping some of the glasses.

"Here, Elfman." Lucy handed the paper with list of table four's order to the Elfman, the latter nodded and went straight to kitchen to give Mira the order.

"Excuse me." Someone calls out.

Lucy turned around and saw the elderly man waved at her. Lucy immediately attended the said old man. "Yes, sir? Can I take your order?" Lucy politely asked.

The old man, surprisingly, froze the moment Lucy appeared next to him. Though, the sunglasses obstructing the old man's eyes it was pretty obvious that he is staring openly at Lucy. Feeling a little self-conscious under the heated stare of the old man, Lucy blushed but cleared her throat to gain the old man's attention.

"Is there something wrong on my face sir?" Lucy asked politely again.

"Eh?" As if waking up from his trance, the old man straightened his back and tilted his head to his side. "Ah! My apologies, I was just surprised because you really look like an old friend of mine. I didn't mean to be rude." He said waving his hands at Lucy. The blonde understandingly nodded at him.

"It's okay sir, so can I take your orders now?" She asked again.

"Ah yes, well..." The old man checks the menu on his hand again and nodded. "Can I have two carbonaras?"

"And for your drink, sir?"

"Just water, thank you."

Lucy nodded and took the menu from the table. "I'll be right back sir. Excuse me." Lucy turned her back at the old man and walked away but she had this nagging feeling that the old man's still staring at her. I wondered who that old man's friend of him that looks like me. Lucy asked inwardly while handing the paper on Elfman once more.

"Here's your order sir, sorry for waiting." Luc said placing two plates on the table. He was still wearing the very dark tinted sunglasses, as if he was hiding his identity and curiously the old man ordered two carbonaras but he seemed to be alone. Lucy shook her head. None of you business, Lucy. She scolded herself mentally.

"Thank you." The old man said.

"Is there anything I can do for you, sir?"

The old man politely waved a hand and smile. "No thank you. I'm just waiting for someone, but still thanks for asking."

Lucy nodded and walked back to the counter when the door chime cried 'Ting' signaling the arrival of new costumer. Lucy turned her head at the door and was taken aback when her eyes laid unto a very beautiful and very sexy lady with long shiny scarlet hair tied in high pony tail.

The red head lady glance around the shop as if looking for something (or someone) clad with beige fitted dress partnered with white three inches stiletto sandals, she still have her authentic sunglasses on. Other costumers eyed the lady with admiration and jealousy over her branded clothes and good looks.

"Oh there you are." She said looking at the old man's table. She walked towards the table and it looks like as if she was a model walking down the run-way full of grace and confidence. "Sorry I'm late." She said after taking the chair across the old man.

Many (or almost) of the costumers watched the old man and the pretty red hair lady. Oddly, both of them look rich (with their original clothes and authentic sunglasses down to their expensive smelling perfume that filled the whole restaurant) and seeing them having lunch in an old restaurant like this, it's kinda little odd... Weird actually. People like them, rich people specifically, should be having tea party or lunch date in a very classy restaurant not in a plain restaurant like this. It's obviously their stature in life does not belong to this plain old restaurant and yet they seemed to be unaffected by their surroundings.

"Weird, right?" Elfman said, interrupting Lucy from her train of thoughts.

Lucy blinked her eyes and dragged her caramel orbs from the old man and his sexy companion. The blonde nodded her head. "Pretty much." She said, obviously she was not the only one who's questioning the presence of the two high class people lost in their lower class world.

"Well, it doesn't really matter as long as they pay." Elfman joked, Lucy chuckled and momentarily forgetting the two's presence. With her back facing the costumers, Lucy was unaware of the old man gesturing his head to her. His red hair companion glance at Lucy with narrowed eyes and slowly nodded.

Ten minutes later, the red hair lady raised her hand, catching Lucy's attention. The blonde girl immediately went towards the table. "Hi, can I help you?" Lucy asked, a little nervous for it was her first time talking to a very beautiful (very classy to boot) lady such as this red hair lady.

"Hello, I was wondering if we can have four take out of this carbonara? It's very delicious." She kindly asked.

"Of course." Lucy nodded and was about to turn around when the old man stopped her.

"Excuse me; I'm just a little curious." He started. "But how long have been working on this place?"

Lucy blinked her eyes, momentarily lost at the old man's question. "Oh, well... I've been working here for almost two years now."

"Really?" His voice trailed off, his eyes (though still hidden behind the sun glasses) scanned Lucy's body up and down. The blonde, a little disturbed the way the old man checking her out, nervously swallowed. "Do you want to work with me?" He suddenly asked.

"Master?" The red hair lady was also surprised at his question.

Surprise is actually understatement for Lucy's part. She was flabbergasted at his sudden question and her paranoia alarmed. "E-excuse me?" She asked once more.

"I was actually asking you if you wanted to work for me. I'm actually looking for a maid right now and it seems that you're suitable for that work." He said.

It took a minute for Lucy to process the old man's question. Lucy shook her head gently and gave the old man an apologetic smile. "I'm sorry but I'm quite satisfied with my work here, but thank you for offering." The blonde girl said adding a small bow at the end.

The old man was obviously disappointed, seeing the childish pout on him, but still handed Lucy a rectangular paper. A business card. "If you ever changed your mind, you can look for me in this place." He said. Out of being polite to costumer, Lucy accepted the car but does not have any intention of changing her mind just as the old man's suggested. She did not even glance at the card and stuff the paper into her apron's pocket.

"Thank you." Lucy said and quickly turned her back. She was about to reach the counter when someone slammed the restaurant's door startling the costumer, herself and Elfman.

"Hey, hey!" a delinquent looking man entered the shop. It seems that he's not alone; three more delinquent looking men followed the first one. All of them were wearing button up shirt, the two had their shirt opened revealing their chest filled with weird tattoos and the other two had their shirt buttoned up with two or three left unbutton.

Mira heard the commotion and exited the kitchen, worry etched on her pretty face. "What's the meaning of this?" she worriedly asked.

"We came to get some money you owe us." The man who first entered the restaurant said, lousily occupied one of the stool chair. His cronies scattered around the restaurant, intimidating almost all the costumers except from the old man and the sexy red hair lady.

"But didn't we just pay you for this month's debt?" Elfman answered.

The man shrugged his shoulders uncaring. "Oh well, we already spent our money and we kinda needed some to buy us some beer." The man evilly smirked at Elfman, while the latter was tempted to give a punch or two at the man if it wasn't for Mira holding off her brother.

"Calm down, Elfman. Let me do the talking." Mira whispered, surprisingly taking this whole thing rather calm. "We don't have enough money here today so—,"

The man kicked the stool chair and slammed his fist on the counter angrily. Some of the costumers flinched and loud 'THUD' noise, even Lucy, but Elfman, Mira and the two high class costumers were unaffected. "Bullshit! I don't care how much money you have with you! I needed some so give the hell them to us!"

Mira narrowed her eyes and by taking a small sigh to calm her inner turmoil, Mira nodded. "Fine, but I'm not giving it all to you for we needed money as well and you better deduct this to our debt list."

The man smirked and leaned towards Mira. "Hey, pretty girl, I don't think you have the right to demand condition here." The man grabbed Mira though her chin. Elfman's older sister did not flinched even just a little but merely glared at the man.

"Don't touch my Nee-chan!" Elfman exclaimed and was about to jab a punch when the man hastily pulled his revolver from his pants. Many gasped at the sight of the dangerous fire arm aimed at Elfman. Even Mira gasped in fear.

"Elfman!" Mira cried out but the man grabbed her by hair, Mira grasped the man's hand over her head and glare.

"One move and my bullet will be in between your brother's eyebrows in mere second." He whispered maliciously. "Now, where were we? Ah, the money. Give us the money so we can go-on on our lives now."

Mira, who's in brink of tears, walked towards the cash machine and handed all of the money to the man. "Here take all of our money and get the hell away from here." Mira spat but the man merely chuckled.

"Hmm~~~ boys we've money for beers!" He said, waving his hand with money at his cronies, the other men whistled and cheered back when their celebration was interrupted by a snort. The man glared and glanced around the restaurant, his hand landed at the red hair lady. His eyes sparkled with malice and smirked.

"It seems our pretty little friend over there has a problem." He said.

"Uncool." The lady said her eyes focused on the white spaghetti on the table though. "Scaring other people using gun and taking other's money? Totally uncool." The lady nonchalantly said. The elderly man sitting before her merely grinned in amusement but did not say anything and was not giving any expression other than amusement.

The man's eyebrow twitched in annoyance but kept his cool. "Oh? But they do owe us money, so it's not actually 'taking money' from them." He said while making his way towards the red hair lady. The man smacked the teen boy through the head who was occupying the chair near the old man and the red hair lady's table. He glared, scaring the teen boy. "Scoot over, gaki." He demanded. Immediately the teen boy stands up and run towards the farthest corner of the restaurant.

The man took the chair and placed it next to the red hair lady. "You're very beautiful, how about a date with me?" He perversely asked, playing strands of the lady's hair. "I can make you real happy." He maliciously whispered.

Lucy inwardly shivered at the man's maliciousness. I'm thankful I'm not as pretty as that lady.

The red hair lady's sun glasses slides down from her well-shaped nose. With the glasses hung askew, the lady's sharp eyes peeked from the gap. "Don't touch me." She said calmly but deadly.

Seeing how sharp the lady's glare is, the man twitched and was frightened by it. Color drained out of the man's face but to keep his cool he cleared his throat and acted as if he was not taken aback by the red hair lady's deathly glare.

He pushed himself up from the chair and glare at the lady. "Hmph... If you don't want to play with me; I'm fine with it, little bitch." He gestured his head to his comrades and nodded. "Come on, we're done here." He said and started walking towards the door, followed by his companions.

When those delinquent disappeared, the costumers sighed of relief. Mira cupped her lips trying to cover the sob; Elfman immediately aided his older sister. Lucy glanced at the siblings, feeling a little pity towards the two.

"I'm so sorry for what happened just now," Lucy said afterwards, bowing her head at the costumers' surprising Elfman and Mira. Lucy shook her head at the two and gave them a reassuring smile before facing the costumers again and apologized once more.

"You didn't need to apologize." The old man said after wards. "It's just a bunch of idiot who obviously does not know how to use their brain."

Some of the costumers nodded, agreeing to the old man. Some returned Lucy's smile, offering her with 'it's-okay' smile. Lucy and the two siblings gratefully smile at them and bowed once more.

"Thank you so much for understanding." The three said in unison. The costumers nodded back and returned their usual activity before those goons entered the restaurant. Soon the costumers forgot about the incident much to Lucy, Mira and Elfman's happiness. Lucy silently bowed and mouthed a 'thank you' at the old man; the latter returned it with small smile and a wave of hand.


Afternoon, Lucy stretched her arms upward while making her way back to her apartment. What an eventful day. Lucy said after letting out a small yawn. She was reluctant of leaving Mira and her siblings after what happened this morning but the kind Mira insisted that they will be fine.

"I wonder where they will get money for Lisanna's tuition fee this semester." Lucy asked herself, worried about the three siblings. She left the three siblings discussing about their financial problems. Elfman insisted that he quit going to school as well but Mira refused.

'Education is the only thing that I can give the two of you, so even if I have to work three times I will do it.' Lucy remembered Mira's words back at the restaurant. Mira-san is really kind. She doesn't deserve this kind of unfairness.

Her thought was abruptly halted she saw in front of her apartment's door was three boxes. Delivery? She mentally asked herself but there's this disturbing thought hunted her so she skipped her way towards her apartment.

She inserted her key into the door knob but it won't open. She reinserted her key but still it won't open. Lucy started knocking on her door. "Hello? Is there anyone inside?" Lucy called out.

When she pressed her ears against the door, she heard footsteps and seconds later the door was opened. An unfamiliar lady wearing a long floral dress stands on the door way. "Yes?" the lady said obviously irritated at Lucy.

Lucy swallowed down, slightly intimidated by the lady's glare. "U-uhm… what are you doing inside my apartment? Why is my thing outside my apartment and most importantly who are you?"

The lady arched an eyebrow and suddenly following Lucy's question. The lady scoffed and crossed her arms in front of her chest. "So, you're the old occupant of this apartment?" she stated spitefully.

Old occupant? "What are you—,"

"Look, you're kinda disturbing me, so why don't you just talk to Land Lady?" she interrupted and slammed the door at Lucy's face. The blonde girl gasped and stared at the door at first. She was in brink of hysteria when she decided to talk to their Land lady.

"Oh, so you're home?" The very large forty-something lady greeted Lucy with her nonchalant expression. "I'm evicting you." She said.

Lucy wanted to scream in annoyance at the fat Land lady. Well duh I kinda know that already? But the blonde girl tried to be as civilized as possible to avoid any unnecessary conflict. She still needed a place to stay tonight and annoying the Land lady would make it impossible.

"But why?"

The Land lady raised an eyebrow. "Why? Well obviously because you haven't paid me last month and this month's rent that why."

"But didn't I say I was going to pay you this month? I still haven't got my salary but—,"

The Land lady raised her chubby hand at Lucy's face. "I don't want to hear any more excuses. I found someone who can pay me on time, so I'm kicking you out."

Lucy grimaced. "But I don't have any place to stay…" Lucy doesn't want to sound like she's pleading but she has no choice or she will be sleeping on the street tonight.

The Land lady uncaringly shrugged her shoulders. "Not my problem anymore." She said and closed the door at Lucy as well. Lucy cupped her mouth trying to control the sob wanting to escape from her throat. With heavy feeling and foot step, Lucy started to walk back to her apartment (or used to be apartment) where her clothes and some personal things kept inside the three box.


Feeling the whole world was really against her, Lucy tiredly slumped down the pavement in front of the convenient store near her apartment. Dragging three boxes with nowhere to go, Lucy felt miserable, no... Hopeless is the right term. She stared at nothingness ignoring her surroundings. She was fully aware of some by-passers eyeing her curiously and some walked pass through her without throwing a simple glance at her.

Lucy planted her elbows on her legs and supported her head with her hands. What to do? She has nowhere place to go. She tried counting her money, she could actually rent a small apartment just for tonight but it will not be wise to spend her small amount of money just to rent for a place to stay for one night. Well, she could sleep in an empty lane but it's not safe, especially to unwed young lady like her, to sleep in an unprotected place.

Then the Strauss siblings pop at the back of her head. That's right; I could crash in Mira-san's place just for tonight. And then the vision of what happened this morning appeared before her. No, I can't bother Mira-san and the others with my problem, they already have their own problem to think of, and I can't afford adding myself to Mira-san's problem as well. Lucy's pretty sure that Mira, with open arms, will allow Lucy to stay with them and worst the kind lady will insist of Lucy staying with them for good now that she was kicked out of her apartment. That's how kind and accommodating the three siblings are.

Lucy shook her head. I can't be an inconvenient to them at times like this. Lucy inwardly said. Realizing that she has no other option, the blonde young lady sighed exhaustedly. Tears over-looking her caramel eyes.

"Miss, are you okay?" someone asked Lucy, the blond girl glanced upward and was surprised to see the familiar elderly man and his red hair companion came out of the convenient store, minus their sun glasses. Lucy was unaware of the whispering by-passers, glancing at the two looking rather excited.

Lucy blinked her eyes; the two was obviously surprised to see her as well. "Oh, hello there." The old man greeted. Out of lack of appropriate thing to say, Lucy merely nodded at the two. "What are you doing here?" the old man asked.

Lucy uncomfortably avoided her eyes from the old man. "I… I was… evicted from my apartment…" Lucy mumbled but the two clearly heard her.

The old man blinked his eyes but said nothing. He waved his hand at someone and Lucy felt someone approached them. She dragged her eyes towards a very tall man with curly light brown hair wearing black suit and a wide brimmed leather hat.

"Yes, Sir Makarov?" he asked bowing lightly at the old man.

"Get this lady's things inside the car okay?"

"Eh?" Lucy snapped her eyes from the man, who she guessed as the chauffer, towards the old man. "What? Why?" Lucy asked in confusion and slight panic.

Sensing her disturbance the old man smiled reassuringly. "I know that you don't have any place to stay in tonight, so I'm offering you to stay in my place. Don't worry my assistant here." He nodded towards the red hair lady who had been following him around. "Lives in my place as well, no need to be scared."

Lucy blushed, embarrassed that she suspect the old man of planning something bad to do to her but in reality he was nice enough to offer her a place to stay. "I-it's not that… but… why are you helping me?" she asked.

The old man shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know I just felt like helping you." He simply said and started walking towards the car parked in front of the convenient store. Lucy followed the petite old man in disbelief expression when the old man's secretary offered a hand to her.

"My name's Erza Scarlet." She said.

With a quick contemplation of her miserable situation right now, Lucy accepted the old man's help. It's just for one night. She assured herself. Lucy slowly accepted the lady's hand. "Mine's Lucy."

Erza smiled at Lucy and pulled the blonde towards the car. Reedus, Erza whispered his name to Lucy while they both approached the car; the chauffer opened the back door to the two ladies. Lucy murmured a small thank you to the chauffer which the man answered with a small smile.

Lucy was not aware of the changes to her life the moment she accepted the elderly man's help.


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