Fairy Avenue

Summary: Lucy has amnesia; she has no memory since she was ten years old. Her life was simple though. She was a simple waitress in a run-down restaurant but everything changed when she was hired as a personal maid of the four handsome boys, who were all members of the newest and up-rising boy band called Fairy Avenue from Vermillion Entertainment.

Ratings: Rated T

Disclaimer: Fairy Tail® by Mashima Hiro


"I believe someday I'll feel what it felt like to be wanted by someone. That I am loved by someone."

Gajeel twisted the door handle before pushing the oak door open. He was greeted by silence and he was not expecting anyone to greet him because it's already passed dinner— 10:22 PM to be exact— but when he dragged his onyx eyes up to the front he was surprised to see the petite blue haired maid standing on the base of the grand stair case. She still had her hand over the baluster; Levy just descended the stair when Gajeel entered the lobby of the mansion.

Gajeel frowned, "Why are you still awake?" he asked as he made his way towards the stairs.

Startled, Levy pulled her face to Gajeel and blinked her eyes, "G-Gajeel-sama...? Okaerinasai..." she greeted with uncertainty hinting on her tone. "I was about to go the kitchen to grab some water." she said pointing a finger at the direction of the kitchen.

Levy watched Gajeel as he passed her by and slowly climbed the stairs while casting the FA's raven haired main rapper's retreating back a worried gaze.

"L-Lily...?" the red haired middle age woman Lucy called Alodia— the very same lady Lily called 'Oku-sama'— muttered in mixture of disbelief and shock. "W-what are you—," Alodia gasped, her one hand flew towards her ajar lips and hastily roamed her ebony eyes around the room, as if she was looking for someone.

Relief washed over the elder red hair's face— but an unnoticeable disappointment crossed her dark colored orbs— before drawing her eyes onto the still frozen in shock black cat.

"What are you doing here?" Alodia asked, sounding a little hysterical, as if she's was close of mentally breaking down. Alodia lifted her quivering hands over her trembling lips before continuing, "I-if you're here then he's—,"

"He's not with me." Lily cut off with rather serious tone and expression. "Although almost all of his life he was waiting for your return." Lily added in spite.

Alodia cringed under Lily's accusing look. Lucy, Lisanna and Levy exchanged puzzled expression.

Lily floated towards the quiet Alodia. "Why? What happened?"

Alodia's trembling lips parted a little as if she's going to say something but then she pressed them together before lifting her face, with her jet black eyes stained by tears, at Lily. "I don't need to explain everything for you. You're just a pet." Alodia snapped before harshly twisting her back at Lily and stomped her way towards the back door of the kitchen.

Lucy gasped and raised her hand towards the retreating back of Alodia, "N-Nee-san, wait!" she called out but Alodia paid no attention to Lucy; the blonde young lady gave the quiet Lily an apologetic look before she ran towards where Alodia disappeared to.

Levy and Lisanna were left to console the angry Lily after Alodia disappeared followed by Lucy seconds later, before Erza made an appearance inside the kitchen telling them that they were about to go back to the rented mansion.

Makarov's secretary was confused seeing the sad and angry Lily inside Levy's arm while the two young ladies were comforting the enraged raven furred Exceed cat.

They were brought back to mansion with the quiet Lucy and Lily. Levy was worried about the silence lingering on both her best friend Lucy and the black furred Exceed cat Lily but she held in the curiosity, respecting their silence.

When they arrived at the rented mansion, Lily immediately flew back to his and Gajeel's shared room. Lucy did the same thing— she went straight to the bed room— she was wearing a very serious expression with hint of concern on her heart-shaped face, Lucy was pondering about something.

Levy, even though she greatly wanted to help ease the weariness on Lucy and Lily, only watched the two in silence.


Back in the orphanage; Alodia sulked inside her small room, her one hand was absently playing a golden ring. The red haired middle age woman dragged her raven-colored eyes to the ring on her hand. Tears slowly formed on Alodia's eyes as she stared at the said finger-accessory.

Alodia tightly closed her black eyes and mumbled; "Metalicana-kun..." tears fell from her closed eyes as she pressed the ring against the quivering lips.



A seven year old girl wearing a floral summer dress and wide brimmed straw hat hummed cheekily as she skipped down the street. When she had arrived on her destination— a small open field with blooming flowers and green grass with a lone Sakura tree on its center— this place was the little girl's secret sanctuary.

She has been going here ever since discovering the place accidentally. The little girl with scarlet hair was immediately fascinated by how serene the place looked like. Alodia ran towards the cherry blossom tree and settled herself under the large tree's shade. She started picking flowers near her and started making a crown out of the flowers.

While attaching the flowers together, Alodia started singing softly.

"Suyasuya yume wo miteru. Kimi no yokogao. Kidzukazu koboreta namida. Hoo wo tsutau. Setsuna no tokimeki wo. Kono mune ni kakushiteta no."

Satisfied with her first flower-crown, Alodia placed her first masterpiece on the ground next to her and started creating another flower-crown and then she continued singing.

"Last night, good night. Last night, good night. Kono yoru kimi no te. Nigitte nemuru yo, oyasumi—,"

The scarlet haired little girl gasped when all of a sudden something coming from the cherry blossom tree dropped down beside her. Startled, she snapped her petite head towards her left where she heard a sound of 'thud'.

Alodia repeatedly and rapidly blinked her round wide eyes at the young boy, probably older than her by five years, with unruly jet black hair and very sharp black eyes.

Ebony eyes stared with other pair of ebony orbs.

"W-who are you—,"

"You've got a beautiful voice." he said with stoic face plastered on his petite face.

Though the young boy complimented Alodia without any hint of emotion displaying his face and voice but the little girl still couldn't help but to blush in embarrassment and the. It will be her first time singing with someone 'actually' listening to her. Since her parents were both busy with their work and have no time to even pay attention to her to even know that their child has a talent for singing.

Alodia liked the way he complimented her, so she smiled at him. "I'm Alodia, what's your name?" she said.

"Metalicana." he answered after his short pause, "Metalicana Redfox."

Alodia beamed, "Nice to meet you, Metalicana-kun!"


I pursed my lips together and scowled at Metalicana while softly patting a cotton ball soaked in povidone iodine against the fresh wound on the teen's cheek bone.

"Enlighten me again as to why and how did you get into a fight with Suoh-kun?" I hissed in distaste breaking the silence enveloped between me and my so called patient.

Satisfied that I disinfected the wound properly, I threw the cotton ball inside the plastic beside me and snatched a new one to nurse the other wound on the corner of Metalicana's lips.

"Say something!"

Metalicana shrugged his shoulders afterwards, seizing himself from wincing in pain when I purposely pressed the cotton against his wound in annoyance. The raven haired thirteen year old snapped his black eyes at me but I didn't bat an eye under his heated gaze.

"Why?" I insisted.

Seconds of silence emerged once again.

"Because he said your voice sucks." Metalicana mumbled.

My hand came into an abrupt halt before dragging my widened ebony eyes at Metalicana and stared in disbelief.

The number one bully of Metalicana's Middle School called my singing suck few days ago when Suoh heard me singing for Metalicana— something I often do and eventually became my habit— but still it caught me off guard that my childhood friend took a vengeance on behalf of me.

A warm sensation graced my chest that caused my lips to form a bright smile.

"That Suoh jerk doesn't understand that you have an amazing voice." he muttered angrily.

My eyes soften before a giggle escaped my lips, "Thank you, Metalicana-kun."


"This is Alodia." Metalicana said to his friends and also band mates Jude and Layla.

Layla, a thirteen year girl with blonde hair pulled up in high ponytail and curvaceous body, eagerly greeted Alodia. She shook the red hair's hand happily, "Hi! My name is Layla Valentines! Nice to meet you!"

Slightly taken aback by her overly excited greetings, I blinked my eyes rapidly before giving the blonde teen a slow nod.

"Can she sing?" Jude asked with cold demeanor plastered on his handsome face, Jude aged 23 with platinum blonde hair; he's always sporting with indifferent and cold expression.

Metalicana nodded quickly, "Of course, I wouldn't recommend her if she can't, wouldn't I?"

Jude stared at Metalicana's ebony eyes before dragging his own dark brown eyes at Alodia, "Let me hear it," he ordered. "Sing."

I kept an inscrutable face that revealed no hint of any thoughts or feelings even though deeply I hated the way Jude commanded me as if I was one of his lowly servants. I slightly narrowed my dark-colored eyes and mustered all my courage before nodding.

She inhaled deeply before singing her favorite song.

"Totemo ureshikatta yo, kimi ga warai kaketeta. Subete o tokasu hohoemi de. Haru wa mada tookute, tsumetai tsuchi no naka de. Mebuku toki o matte ita 'n da."

Jude was watching and listening with his usual serious expression drew over his handsome face. In contrast to his indifferent expression, Layla watched with her round brown eyes twinkling in admiration. Metalicana, despite the apathetic emotion affixed on his face, there was a subtle hint of pride aimed at his childhood friend while the latter sing beautifully.

"Tatoeba kurushii kyou da to shite mo. Kinou no kizu o nokoshite ite mo. Shinjitai, kokoro hodo ite yukeru to. Umare kawaru koto wa dekinai yo. Dakedo kawatte wa ikeru kara. Let's stay together, itsu mo—,"

Jude suddenly stood up startling me and the two other audiences, "She has the voice. She's in." he said before walking towards the door.

Metalicana creased his forehead, annoyed at Jude's nonchalant attitude, "'She has the voice'? That's all you're gonna say?" the raven haired young teen growled in annoyance.

Jude looked over his shoulder, he scoffed slightly, "You want me to shower her praises? She can sing, that's all that matters right?"

Metalicana gritted his teeth angrily and harshly pushed his body off the couch, ready to pounce the blonde Jude. Tension brewing between the two males earning worried look from the two teen maidens.

Metalicana clenched his fists tightly. "The fuck—,"

I immediately grabbed Metalicana's left arm, stopping the angry raven haired from charging Jude. "Stop it Metalicana-kun!" I pleaded.

Layla on the other hand gave Jude a reproachful gaze, "Jude, that's rude." she softly said but still her tone was expressing her disappointment at how Jude treated Alodia's talent as if it was nothing. She has an amazing voice and she deserved appropriate praise other than what Jude had said.

Jude shrugged his shoulders with impassive expression, "Whatever." he said before resuming his walk towards the door.

Layla huffed at the door, crossing her arms together in front of her chest, before turning her body towards me and Metalicana, giving both of us an apologetic look.

"I'm sorry for his rude attitude, Alodia-san," Layla said before bowing her head and then after straightening her back, the blonde haired teen beamed brightly, "I'm not just saying this but Alodia-san, you really have an amazing voice." Layla complimented sincerely flashing a very wide smile at me and Metalicana.

Layla nodded before excusing herself from the two leaving us inside the room.

With my heart sunk in anxiety, I was not even aware of the tears slowly forming on my eyes. What if Jude, the leader of the band Love and Lucky, doesn't like me? Even though I was praised by the band's main vocal, Layla, I still couldn't help but feel disappointed. My dream of being of famous singer crumbled beneath my feet.

With my arms still snaked around Metalicana's left arm, I unconsciously dug my fingers on my childhood friend's arms. I was startled when I felt a warm palm over my cold hands. I pulled my worried eyes towards Metalicana's raven orbs.

"It's okay," he said, despite his usual stoic face, his voice graced with soft and soothing tone, encouragingly pressing a hand over my hands. "Jude is usually acting a jerk but I'm pretty sure he appreciates your voice. Just like what I have been telling you."

"You have an amazing voice."

I stared at my friend— my confidante and my only source of courage— with my black eyes drowned in warm tears. I chewed my lower lip childishly before burying my face against Metalicana's shoulder, wetting his sleeves with my tears in processes but the black haired young man didn't mind it.

I sniffed few times before I gave Metalicana a quick nod, "Thank you..." I whispered gently.

My body stiffened when I felt soft lips brushed my temple. It was quick and almost hesitant but still it didn't stop this tiny electricity traveled my veins, my heart suddenly started pounding hard and fast.

I wanted to look at Metalicana but I was scared to see his reaction— not to mention, I don't want him to see my face overwhelmed with bright red color— so I still had my face buried against his shoulder.

Short silence fell between the two teens.

"Let's go back home." he said after what it felt like an eternity.

I remained silent but allowed myself to be pulled by Metalicana towards the door.


"This is so surreal..." I whispered in astonishment, looking around the bar filled with high class people.

Love and Lucky was under Lantis Entertainment's management now and was mentored by the main vocal of the famous band Fairy Tail, Makarov Dreyar. Their band was under different company and Manager before for two years but some incident happened three years ago that their band leader Jude Heartfillia decided to end their contract from their old company and quit under their previous Manager.

Unfortunately around that time, Metalicana Redfox quit being their drummer as well. After that, Love and Lucky band signed five years contract under Lantis Entertainment and since they're under the management of Master Makarov, the latter's only child Iwan Dreyar joined their band filling the role of Metalicana.

Being under the supervision of LE and Master Makarov plus their catchy beats and beautiful/handsome faces Love & Lucky has been famous and become in-demand band in Fiore Kingdom in no time.

Currently, after their successful fifth major concert in Magnolia City, they're celebrating the success event in a restaurant/bar in a famous 5 star hotel.

"What is?" my best friend since childhood asked me while toying the glass of expensive wine with his hand.

I was sitting with Metalicana on a stool in the bar. I gestured my hand towards the guests that obviously belong to upper class society. "This!" I emphasized. "I mean... It's my dream to be a famous singer and experience this luxurious life and look at this, this is definitely a dream come true!" I chirped and beamed at Metalicana who in return lifted the corner of his lips and laughed lightly in response.

And then my eyes saddened seconds later earning a soft furrowing of eyebrows from my raven haired friend, "It's just ashamed that you're not part of our band anymore. I wish you never did quit our group."

Metalicana blinked his eyes before he shrugged his shoulders in apathy.

He dragged his pitch-black eyes back to his glass of wine. "You know I did for my mom." he said.

I smiled playfully at him, "You love your mother too much, Metalicana-kun." I teased. He returned my joke with a simple smile. "So, how's your mom?" I asked a little bit cautious because I knew too well that everything about Metalicana's mother is a very sensitive topic for him. I looked at him from the corner of my eyes, not bothered by the tensed silence between us.

I heard a deep sigh from Metalicana before he said, "Same old, she still hates my whole being."

My heart cringed when I heard him said those words. Being his closest friend since childhood, I knew everything about Metalicana's story, especially the one about his divorced parents because my sable haired childhood friend used to tell me anything about his life and being a good friend for him I was always— will always actually— there to listen to his rants until he feels better.

"How about you?" he asked after the brief silence passed by. "How's your parents."

A distaste expression appeared on my petite face and I knew full well that Metalicana noticed it. "Like always, they didn't want me to be a singer and such but as long as I gave them 30% of my salary they'll keep their mouth shut. How ironic could they be, no?" I said haughtily before a dry and lifeless laugh escaped my lips.

Silence followed yet again. I took a sip from the glass of wine the bartender gave me. I'm still 18 years old, not old enough to legally drink that's why I felt Metalicana's disapproving look drilling a hole on me. But it doesn't matter, tonight I will drink to my heart's content, I just wanna be wasted.

I leaned my body onto the edge of the counter and placed the elbows on the surface of the bar counter playing the glass of wine with my one hand.

"I'm never having kids." I whispered after the silence.

I saw Metalicana tilted his face at me and raised his eyebrows, his black eyes silently inquiring for explanations for the words I blurted out. I released soft sigh, took another sip from my drink and swallowed hardly.

I was never good at drinking alcohol since I only occasionally drink and I couldn't handle strong alcohol honestly. So I wasn't surprised when I slowly felt whirling sensation in my head. I tried focusing my dark colored eyes on the wine.

"I'm afraid to disappoint my kids. I'm afraid for my kids to turn out to be just like me having cynical attitudes towards my own parents, skeptical and never trusting adults." I let out a humorless chuckle.

Kind of ironic that I'm afraid that my future kids will resent me like how I resent my parents because they always disagree with every decision I made as if I'm a brainless kid. I only wanted to show them that I am capable of making my own decision. But because of that, the invisible gap between me and my parents only grew wider as time passed by.

Silence become dominant once again before forced my slightly wobbling head towards Metalicana. "How about you?" I asked sounding a little drunk with soft slurred speech.

"I'll have one or two children." he said.

My hand that was gripping my glass of wine took a sudden halt midair hearing Metalicana's answer. I snapped my eyes at him. "What?"

"Why looked so surprise?"

"Well I wasn't expecting you to say that you want to have kids knowing what you have experienced with your... mother." I said.

Metalicana's mother left him and his father when her friend was only ten years old, his mother left with other man but ten years later his mother appeared with beaten body. It turns out that the man maltreated Metalicana's mother throughout their relationship.

"My mother left us yes, and that is the main reason why I want to have kids. I will definitely do the exact opposite of what my mother did. I will love my kids, I will never abandon them."

I stared at Metalicana's face. He was serious. Behind that indifferent expression on his face I don't know how but I always understand whenever he's being serious or not. Maybe it's because I have been friends with him since childhood or maybe because, I was not aware of it, that I observed Metalicana more often than necessary.

I let out an inaudible sigh feeling the warm sensation coming from my fast-thudding heart before I chuckled earning my best friend's attention, "That speech is pretty much out of character, Metalicana-kun and before thinking of having kids you should get yourself a girlfriend first." I teased, poking his cheek with my forefinger.

Metalicana glanced at me with his face decorated a soft smile, something can be seen rarely, I don't know if it's because of the wine I was drinking or what but I suddenly felt my face warming up and the pace of my heart redoubled. I gave him an embarrass smile before turning to my glass and drank my alcohol in one gulp.

I heard a disapproving grunt from Metalicana, "I think you had enough alcohol for tonight. That's your fourth glass already." he said trying to snatch the wine glass from my hands.

We are in the middle of Metalicana trying to grab the glass while I was avoiding his hands when a familiar female voice interrupted us, "Oh! Metalicana-san!" the cheery voice said coming from our behind. We both craned our neck and found the-ever-smiling main vocal of Love and Lucky, Layla Valentines.

Our band's blonde main vocal walked with the perpetual bright smile plastered across her glossy lips and settled her petite body on the stool located in Metalicana's right.

"I'm glad you came!" Layla happily said after they've exchanged the usual greetings of 'how are you' and 'fine, thanks for asking'.

Metalicana smiled in return. "How could I refuse when you troubled yourself by personally inviting me here?" he said and smiled again.

I creased my eyebrows together when I felt the feeling of displeasure when Metalicana flashed a smile at Layla, feelings which I'm not well acquainted with. I inhaled and exhaled silently ignoring Metalicana's compliments towards the maroon dress Layla was wearing for tonight's event.

Why does Layla get to be called pretty from my raven haired best friend when I got nothing of the sort from him? Jerk. Do I look horrible in my ankle length evening dress? I pulled my lips downward feeling annoyed at my sudden self-consciousness and at Metalicana's ignorance towards my look tonight. Right then I suddenly felt the urge to run to the bathroom to see if the expensive dress I'd bought doesn't suit me at all.

"— right, Alodia-san?"

I snapped myself from my reverie and blinked my dark-colored eyes when I heard my name. "What?" I asked, confused and disoriented about my surroundings.

Metalicana raised an eyebrow, his eyes glinting in amusement. "Layla was telling me how anxious you were to see me tonight." he repeated and smirked at me.

Few seconds passed before the message sunk in me, I felt myself blushing hard and gawked at my best friend, "O-of course not!" I squeaked, flustered.

I puffed my red cheeks out when Metalicana and Layla laughed and then to my annoyance Metalicana turned his attention to Layla again and started a conversation. For others it was just a simple conversation between friends but for me it was as if something romantic was going on between them. I creased my face once again.

"Aren't you with Jude awhile ago?" I asked wishing that Metalicana and Layla didn't notice the trace of hostility in my voice.

Layla pulled her head side wards and frowned, "I was." she said with annoyed expression before dragging her heart-shaped face towards an irritated looking Jude with Iwan wearing an amuse smile on his face.

Layla pout before continuing, "The jerk shooed me away. First we were fine talking and when Iwan joined us he told me to go somewhere else."

Metalicana chortled, "Guess I know why he pushed you away."

Layla's frown deepened, "Why?"

Metalicana laughed lightly and patted Layla's blonde head earning a childish huffed from my yellow-haired band mate. "You're surprisingly dense no?"

"Hey!" Layla cried and huffed again.

The creased over my forehead stayed while silently watching Metalicana teased Layla; still feeling the agitation fiddling inside my chest.

'Does Metalicana-kun like Layla?'

All of the sudden the cocktail I was drinking was simply not enough for me. I needed something stronger so found myself ordering for stronger alcohol.


"You shouldn't drink alcohol if you can't handle it, idiot." I heard Metalicana scolding me.

I pressed my eyes tightly and opened them trying to focus my eyes at my best friend's ebony eyes, which was proving extremely difficult since I was seeing two Metalicana's in front of me. I shook my head sensing the reeling sensation due to over consumption of strong alcohol while Metalicana was helping me walk back to my suite.

We made our way back to my hotel room with my body leaning onto Metalicana's body for support.

"We're here." I heard him said.

I nodded and tried walking to my hotel room's door but with my whole world spinning I accidentally tumbled sideward. Good thing Metalicana was quick to rescue me from hitting the floor. With a little force, he pressed my petite body against his wide chest and held me closely for few seconds.

Maybe it was because of the alcohol or maybe it was because of the warm emitting from Metalicana's body that my face turned redder than before, whatever it is I just pulled my face up to Metalicana to tell him to let me go.

One moment I was looking up to him, wanting to tell him to release me from his arms, after what it felt like an eternity, the next thing was to find ourselves kissing—passionately. Metalicana opened the room for us. Then we were inside— tearing each other's clothes off.


A month later, "No way..." I whispered as my dark colored eyes widened and constricted with shock. With my trembling hands, I set the kit on to the counter. I suddenly felt my energies fled out of my quivering body so I pressed my back against the surface of the wall of my bath room, I studied my tired expression in the round mirror opposite of me. "This is not happening to me..." I lied to myself, with fears enveloping my body.


Four months later, Jude suddenly stopped striking his electric guitar that set off the chain reaction. Iwan halted from playing the drums while Layla who was in the middle of singing stopped as well. My hands stopped midway of playing the keyboards.

Our leader sighed in exasperation, obviously displeased about something before whirling his dark brown eyes at me. I inwardly swallowed.

"What the hell is wrong with you? You're playing the notes wrong." he hissed.

I bit my lower lips and lowered my eyes and face, I cannot think of any excuse because I really am playing the notes wrong since the start of the rehearsal.

"I'm sorry." All I could do was to mumble my apology.

Jude sighed once again before placing his guitar back to its rack. "Let's take a break." he said, irritated, before walking towards the door of the rehearsal room.

"Aren't you coming Layla-chan?" Iwan said following our leader towards the door.

Layla gently shook her head to our youngest band member and smiled, "I'll stay here with Alodia-san." she said.

Iwan hesitantly nodded his head before leaving the two girls inside the sound proof rehearsal room.

Silence lingered between us. I focused my eyes down the carpeted floor, I felt Layla's soft gaze on me but I refused to look at her because I knew if I did I will be blurting out the fears trapped inside me.

"Alodia-san, what's wrong? You've been distracted all through our rehearsal these past few days." she asked kindly.

I shook my head as response.

"You know you can tell me everything."

I shook my head for the second time and the silence followed next.

"Okay." she said.

I pushed aside the slight disappointment when Layla decided to give up.

"But I'll stay here with you and if you're ready to share your problem I'll be here to listen."

I chewed my lower lip at first before my quivering lips moved to say, "I think... I'm pregnant." long and tensed silence followed before I felt arms locking it around me. I gasped and pulled my face up to meet Layla's wide grin.

"Congratulations!" she chirped enthusiastically earning couple of sweat drops from me.

I pulled my lips downward, "Why are you so happy about it? This situation fell on 'not good' category, Layla."

My blonde band mate only giggled clasping her hands together, "But you're having a baby and that is something to celebrate about—,"

"NO IT'S NOT!" I suddenly exclaimed in terror.

Startled at my sudden exclamation Layla jumped a little before gazing at me with surprised and confused expression. "Why?"

That was then when I broke down and cried. I was unable to do anything else but to cry.

I felt a hand softly stroking my scarlet hair. "It's going to be okay but think you should tell to whoever the father is though."

"I can't!" I exclaimed in panic as I whirled my face up to Layla. "I can't tell him!"

Layla nodded her head, "Then what are you going to do?" she asked, I bit my lower lip before Layla narrowed her brown eyes giving me suspicious look. "Don't tell me you're going to abort the baby?" she asked with cold expression on her pretty face.

I lowered my head and gaze on my lap.

Layla planted her hands over her waist and huffed, "You can't possibly be thinking of getting rid of something so harmless like this, ne?" she said, shaking her head.

"But if I keep the child then what will happen to my career?" I asked,

'And besides I knew Metalicana likes you, what happened between us is just pure accident. There were no feelings or whatsoever between us.' I bit my lower lip and cringed at that thought.

Layla glared at me with disapproval. "What career? And besides the baby's life is far more important than fame right?"

I blinked my eyes on Layla, slightly confused with her sudden anger but deeply I understand why. Realizing her palpable agitation Layla straightened her back and sighed. "I'm sorry, I know I don't have the right to decide for you but— to be honest, I'm jealous of you."

Now that was something I was not expecting her to say, "What? Why?"

Layla shifted on the couch with her shoulders falling forward, "Well, I wanted have a child of my own as well."


Layla grinned widely at me, "To bear the child of mine and the love of my life is my dream!"

I sweat dropped, momentarily forgetting my dilemma before I blinked my eyes and felt my face heating up. "The child of l-love of y-your life?!" I gasped, horrified at the thought. Did Metalicana hook up not just with her but to Layla as well?! That damn idiot!

Layla blushed and chuckled cheekily while scratching the back of her golden head, "Ehehe... Well, I've been going out with Jude for a month now and—,"

"Eh? With Jude-san?"

Layla raised an eyebrow, "Why looked so surprise?"

"B-but Metalicana-kun likes you right?" I asked with baffled expression adorning my face.

Layla shook her head softly, her eyes glimmered knowingly as if she knew something that I am obviously not aware of. "Metalicana-san is like a big brother to me and thanks to him actually that Jude finally confessed his feelings for me."

"How come?"

Layla laughed softly, her eyes were twinkling as her mind drifted to a pleasant memory from the past. "I always talked to Metalicana-san how frustrated I am that even though I openly show that I like Jude he only constantly ignored me. That's why Metalicana-san started acting sweet towards me whenever Jude is around." Layla laughed fondly and added, "Metalicana-san liked to tease Jude and that time on our party, Jude was so angry at Metalicana-san because he was being too affectionate towards me. Jude's expression is so priceless!"

"S-so you mean to say..."

Layla smiled and nodded, "Metalicana-san doesn't like me that way. Oh sure maybe he likes me but only as a younger sister." Layla's eyes glimmered teasingly, the blonde vocalist wiggled her eyebrows playfully at me and in return my face turned crimson.

"W-what?" I stammered.

"Metalicana-san likes something else and it certainly not me." she said playfully before Layla's eyes turned serious, I was mildly shock by Layla's seriousness, and I was not accustomed to see a solemn expression on my blonde band mate. Layla is usually seen with soft smile, she always emitted a calm and serene aura.

"You like Metalicana-san right?" she asked with her rare serious emotion.

I chewed my lower lip and pulled my head down on my lap, "I..." I hesitated to follow that word its like if I revealed my true feelings I'll regret it.

I expected Layla to reprimand me but I twitched when I heard her chuckled softly. "You're not honest to your feelings, Alodia-san." she said, amusement staining her angelic voice.

I sighed in defeat before slumping my shoulders forward, "I... Like him..." I mumbled.

Layla beamed at me and nodded, "I already knew that. You were pretty obvious with the way you glared at me that night on the party while Metalicana-san patted me on my head. You're scary when you're jealous." Layla said before laughing.

I on the other hand felt my face burning hundred folds, so she did noticed. How about Metalicana? I groaned mentally. "Metalicana-kun doesn't like me the way I like him."

Layla raised her eyebrows and blinked repeatedly before a gentle smile crossed her lips, "Did you know the reason why Metalicana-san decided to quit our band?"

I looked up at Layla with my brows knitted together, "Yes, it's because of his mother."

Layla gently shook her head making my frown deepen, "Partly yes but the main reason that he quit is because he was afraid to become over-possessive towards you."

I felt my whole world stopped. What?

"The day when you were harassed by our previous Manager, Izumi-san—," I contorted my face in dislike and agitation when an unpleasant memories flitted in the back of my mind. "Metalicana-san was so furious and beat up Izumi-san after and if Jude was not there to stop Metalicana-san had probably beaten Izumi-san to death."

I furrowed my eyebrows even more confusion stirring inside me. What? How come she was not aware of that? Why didn't Metalicana tell her about that? And most importantly why would he do something like that?

"Izumi-san was about to file physical abuse and attempted murder against Metalicana-san but Jude talked to Izumi-san, instead of filling lawsuit against him Jude asked Metalicana-san to quit the band and pay Izumi-san for compensation for the damage and injuries."

"At first I thought Metalicana-san will refuse to quit the band because you know how much he loves Love and Lucky and how much he love singing but I was surprised to hear him agreeing with that."

Layla shifted on her seat as I silently listen to her story, inwardly different emotions slowly consuming my brain.


"He said that he feared that he will be overcome by his over protectiveness and possessive towards you. He knew how much you love singing and if he will snap in ever men who tried to make a move on you sooner or later he will jeopardize not just your career and your dreams as well. So he has to get away from you but still close enough to make sure you're okay."

Layla grinned at me at the end of her story before adding, "That is how much he loves you."

I felt myself blushing with that earning giggles from Layla, to hide my embarrassment I harrumphed and looked away from my blonde band mate.

"My guess is right, ne? Metalicana-san is the father of that unborn child?" Layla giggled when I sunk my head even more, hiding my red face. "But what are you going to do?" Layla asked pulling her head sideward.

I sighed wearily, "I don't—,"

"I will definitely do the exact opposite of what my mother did. I will love my kids, I will never abandon them."

I blinked my eyes at my lap hearing Metalicana's voice from the back of my head. I sighed again— sighing is starting to become my habit— and silently pray that I wasn't making the wrong decision.



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