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Chapter Three: A Quick Soak, An Awakened Predator

As they walked hand-in-hand, Crocodile was looking everywhere but the man he had been leading to his home. Though he hated to admit it to himself, he was genuinely pleased with his current situation. There was only one thing that began to bother him.

Where was this going?

Truthfully, Crocodile had long ago resigned himself to being in a relationship with the idiot, but the question had always plagued him. What did Doflamingo want out of it? If it were just for the sex, which neither would deny was amazing, the older Shichibukai would skewer him.

Being a very serious person, he would not take it lightly if the younger man had just been toying with him.

The taller man scanned the area wondering which building he would be staying in. Still preoccupied with his thoughts, Crocodile bemusedly guided his lover toward a rather swank looking building at the edge of the residential district. Letting his hand fall, he paused momentarily in front of the entrance; half because he needed to wait for the doorman, and half because he was inwardly laughing at the look on Doflamingo's face. The younger man must have been taken aback by the building as he was now openly gawking at it.

Doflamingo had seen his fair share of ritzy locales, but this took the freakin' cake.

It was just so Crocodile.

From what he could see of the lobby through the expansive tinted glass that made up the outside of the building, the lower floor had obviously been decorated by people that knew how lavish the Warlord liked it.

Gold accents adorned all of the plush furniture, surely upholstered with the finest fabrics; lush rugs that you could only find in the desert country lay out over the glistening stone, their deep colors contrasting beautifully with the sandy gold of the floor. In one corner, a magnificent fountain that featured several marble bananawani; in the other, a large elevator with doors made out of what seemed to be the same gold as its owner's hook.

It all seemed to sparkle at the master's homecoming.

A squat man in his sixties almost materialized out of thin air as he rushed out the doors to usher them inside, begging Crocodile for forgiveness.

"I assure you, Sir; I had no intention on being tardy! We were not expecting you to return this evening, with your work…"

He hesitated as he took notice of the taller, outrageously dressed man to his master's side. The poor doorman blanched when he realized the second man's identity, his small eyes bulging as he observed the homicidal smirk that always lingered on the feathered man's face.

Crocodile waved off the apology with his hooked hand, causing the small man to flinch.

"No matter, Bicksley, I've finished for tonight. I merely wish to retire to my suite. Please advise the kitchen that my guest and I would like a light supper to be delivered, but remind them to knock." His expression darkened slightly as he gazed warningly at the now cowering man, "There are many… sensitive subjects my colleague and I wish to discuss."

Eager to leave the presence of the two intimidating men, Bicksley bowed quickly and ran off again before disappearing down a passage next to the entryway that Doflamingo hadn't noticed.

Leading the way, Crocodile opened the elevator and beckoned his guest to follow.

The closed chamber was spacious; something the larger man was not used to as his stature usually caused him discomfort in these situations. With Crocodile being nearly as tall as he was, he supposed that he shouldn't be surprised.

The smaller man did not speak as they ascended, instead choosing to stare a hole into the control panel, his arms crossed under his coat and brow furrowed. The younger man watched him through his peripheral, wondering if his new lover was reconsidering their relationship before it had a chance to really begin.

His gut tightened as his doubts clouded his previous joy.

When the doors parted, Crocodile stepped off into what looked to be a foyer. Following his host closely, Doflamingo momentarily forgot about his concerns to take in the vast residence he had been led into.

Just as ornate as the lobby, the apartments he had entered were everything Doflamingo had been expecting and then some. More of the expensive furniture was scattered throughout the spacious rooms; chic, sophisticated, and surprisingly comfortable looking. Exquisite tapestries hung from the walls, adding rich color to the suite. The only thing that was surprising to the blonde was the warmth that radiated from the man's dwelling, as he had anticipated a cold, functional house that was used only for a place to sleep.

The lived-in feel of the home made him realize again that maybe Crocodile had a side to him that he hadn't seen.

A side that the Warlord was eager to see more of.

Hanging his heavy coat on a rack in the living room, Crocodile offered his guest a seat on a nearby couch. He unbuttoned his sleeves and loosened his scarf as he watched Doflamingo settle himself on the sofa, his strange habit of choosing odd places to perch emerging as the younger Shichibukai settled on the arm rest, letting his long legs cross over the cushions.

A small grin quirked at the sides of the older man's mouth as he watched the curious bird explore the room with his eyes. Leaning against a chest of drawers, he grimaced as he felt the uncomfortable mess in his pants that he had been ignoring. He needed a bath, and he needed a smoke.

The latter thought made him realize that it had been hours since he had last lit up, suddenly igniting a fierce yearning for nicotine. He turned to fish in the coat for his cigar box after retrieving the lighter in his pants pocket. The Warlord withdrew his cutter and a cigar from the box and turned back to his visitor, vaguely aware he was being watched as he prepared to satisfy his craving.

A short laugh made him pause and look up. He locked eyes with Doflamingo through his shades, and raised a questioning eyebrow at the amusement on the younger man's face.

The Shichibukai smirked as he explained, "I see you still have the gift I gave you last time, fufufu~" He indicated the guillotine cutter in Crocodile's hand. "You like it, then?"

The violet-haired man felt his face tinge pink and lowered his eyes as he placed the tobacco in his teeth, carefully cutting the cap off and lighting it, rotating the cigar as he puffed. Placing the cutter back in his coat along with the lighter, he let a long stream of smoke escape his mouth as he sighed with satisfaction.

"It was high quality," he said simply.

Crocodile looked defiantly into the other man's eyes, trying to dispel any hint of the embarrassment he had shown.

Expecting to see a smug grin plastered over the bastard's face, he was floored by the warm smile that he received. Once again, Crocodile felt his face heat up under the younger man's gaze. The loving feeling he sensed in that expression…

Doflamingo couldn't have been more pleased.

It was only a small thing, but seeing that Crocodile had actually kept one of his gifts made him happier than any words of thanks he had gotten previously. Taking into account that he kept it in his cigar box, which he had with him at all times, and had been embarrassed when Doflamingo realized he had kept the present made the blonde think that the older man was quite fond of the gift.

The longer he kept his eyes on his lover, the darker Crocodile's blush seemed to become. He was having a hard time fighting the urge to leap off the couch and ravage him.

Images from the underwater office flooded his mind and made him ruffle his feathered coat and lick his lips hungrily.

He wanted more.

But Doflamingo wanted to carve his new relationship in stone, not just get his rocks off. However, the primal urges he always felt around the sand man tended to cloud his thoughts. He had to, no; he needed to confirm that Crocodile was really interested.

The smaller man shifted uncomfortably as he felt Doflamingo's intense stare glide over his body from behind the colored lenses.

He knew that his colleague would be ready and willing for a repeat of the earlier events, but was waiting on Crocodile's approval. The Shichibukai cringed a bit as he felt the discomfort of his soiled pants again. His thoughts wandered to the tub, and suddenly his previous idea of asking his new lover to join him didn't sound as embarrassing as it had initially.

Trying to play it cool, he moved from his resting place and wandered over to the couch. The blonde watched him with a curious brow raised as Crocodile ran his fingertips down one of the long legs. A coy smile playing on his lips, he paused and stared down tauntingly at Doflamingo who, even seated, met him at almost eye-level.

"I'm going to go clean up," he started, trailing a ringed finger up the younger man's side and across his shoulders as he continued around behind the sofa. "You're welcome to come with…"

Doflamingo felt blood rush to his face and nether regions.

Crocodile had leaned over the back of the couch and whispered such enticing words hotly into his ear. When he was finally able to breathe correctly, he saw that his lover had already started walking away. He thought he saw traces of a smug smile on what little he could see of Crocodile's face.

Chuckling darkly, the feathered man rose from his perch in time to see Crocodile turn down an adjacent hallway. He waddled after him, taking his time as he gave chase.

Crocodile made his way into the master bathroom not bothering to close the door behind himself. Walking straight to the large bathtub, he opened the tap, allowing time for the water to warm before closing the drain.

As he waited to see if Doflamingo would take his bait, he removed his clothing and withdrew a thin white bathrobe from the linen closet, hastily covering himself. He checked the tub and shut off the faucet, satisfied that the water wouldn't overflow if he and his larger colleague were to share it.

He briefly considered removing his hook.

He usually kept it on at all times in case he somehow got wet and would need a weapon other than his Devil Fruit ability. Bathing was especially hazardous, as he would be completely helpless when soaked through.

He did not completely trust Doflamingo, nor his intentions; for who truly knew what that man was actually thinking. He was placing himself in a delicate situation just letting such a powerful person in the same room as him, especially considering the younger man's own ability.

Seeing as how the other Warlord seemed to already have a means to cancel his Logia form, Crocodile didn't see much reason to keep the dangerous instrument on. But it comforted him to know that if the idiot stepped out of line, the ever-ready hook would be available set him straight.

He wondered momentarily if the other Shichibukai was going to follow, hoping that he hadn't just made a fool of himself with his over the top insinuation only to stand alone in the bathroom. But the violet-haired man's pride would not permit him to appear anxious.

Choosing not to wait to enter the bath, Crocodile shed his robe and laid it on a nearby chair with the rest of his clothes. He stepped into the water and was grateful for the warmth that began to relax his tense muscles, taking a long drag from his cigar. He let a stream of smoke fill the air and mix with the steam that had risen from the tub. The length of the Warlord's workday immediately began to weigh down his eyelids as he soaked.

Carefully tracing the route he believed Crocodile had taken, Doflamingo explored more of the penthouse.

The lengthy hallway he had entered seemed to lead to the Master's chambers. Being so close to Crocodile's bedroom, the tall man became exceedingly giddy with thoughts of what he might be doing there in the future.

Doflamingo noticed an open door ahead of him on the left and waltzed right in. The first thing he observed about the new room was that, luckily, he had indeed found the bath. The second being a familiar set of clothes on a chair just inside the entrance. Finally, the blonde saw Crocodile resting in the gigantic tub with his back to the entrance.

The older man did not seem to notice his presence; Doflamingo smirked to himself mischievously and shed his own clothes on the chair.

The Warlord crept up behind his lover and leaned over to surprise him only to find the man dozing, the cigar between his lips still issuing a thin line of smoke. He smiled warmly at Crocodile's relaxed face and cupped a cheek with one of his hands. With the normal stress absent, his attractiveness was multiplied profusely.

The sleeping man sighed contently and his cigar began to slip from his mouth. Doflamingo snatched the falling tobacco and laughed; he leaned in farther to kiss the bathing Croc, who stirred and mumbled against his lips as he woke.

"Doflamingo?" he grumbled sleepily.

Said man walked around the large spa and slipped into the warm water opposite his colleague. He grinned over at his tub mate as he put the cigar in his own mouth, tasting the slight bitterness and a hint of a familiar something sweet.

"You really shouldn't fall asleep with these in, you know," he teased.

Their long legs tangled together under the water and Doflamingo used his toes to rub against Crocodile's thigh, eliciting a tremor from the drowsy man. He raised his heavily lidded eyes to meet the younger man's, the amber flashing dangerously as his pupils became slits.

The blonde swallowed.

He noted the visible difference in the elder man's behavior Doflamingo knew from experience only occurred when in a loose state of mind. Whether on the rare occasion that the Warlord was drunk or when half-awake, the Croco-man became rather predatorial when his inhibitions were lax.

Slightly groggy, Crocodile looked over at his lover hungrily. Having had his cigar taken, he tried directing his voracious appetite elsewhere, instead focusing on his need to get clean. The shampoo and soap seemed to be behind Doflamingo, so he pushed himself across the large tub to retrieve them.

As he moved toward the other Shichibukai, the dark-haired man heard his breath hitch. Quirking an eyebrow at him, he got a pleasant surprise.

The Donquixote Doflamingo was blushing.

The blonde's tanned skin had a distinct pink tinge as he viewed Crocodile coming closer. Feeling suddenly empowered, the older man decided to taunt him a bit. He seated himself practically in Doflamingo's lap, pressing in close as he draped his arms over the larger man's shoulders.

The Warlord took the cigar from his colleague's mouth, placing it in the tray that he kept by the tub, and grabbed a bottle of bath gel; all the while kissing along Doflamingo's jaw line.

Crocodile's sleep deprived mind had concocted another nefarious plot.

He leaned back and pressed the bottle into his lover's hands, who gave him a quizzical stare from behind his lenses. Crocodile frowned slightly and removed the shades, setting them next to the ash tray that held his still-smoking cigar.

"Do me a favor," he couldn't stop himself from kissing the younger man after freeing his startlingly blue eyes. When he finally withdrew his lips from the confused bird, he continued with a suggestive purr, "Help me clean up the mess you made."

A broad smirk began spreading over Doflamingo's face. He couldn't believe his luck today.

After spending so long chasing after the elusive Croc, he now not only had the man willingly sitting naked in his lap, the violet-haired beauty had given orders to touch him. Thoughts of what he could do under said orders made his sadistic mind swirl.

He opened the bath gel Crocodile had handed him and began pouring soap onto his large palm. Setting it aside, he tentatively placed his hands on the smaller man, rubbing over the suds over his muscles slowly.

Crocodile watched him work, his eyes still holding the predatory glow.

"Make sure you get everywhere," he hummed softly as the younger man drew wide circles on his back.

Doflamingo's toes curled as he got the hint. As his hands worked their way down, Crocodile raised up further in his lap, pressing their chests together. He rubbed his soapy body against the blonde; making more suds and causing the puppeteer to lose concentration momentarily.

Seeing his lover's surprise, Crocodile chuckled softly against his neck as he wrapped his arms around it.

"I'll clean you up, too. Now get busy," he commanded, biting lightly on Doflamingo's ear.

The younger Warlord was ecstatic.

Letting his tongue escape his mouth, its edges twisted upward in manic glee, the blonde went straight for his target. He nestled his soapy fingers between his lover's ass cheeks, pressing a digit inside. The sand-man's entrance was still relatively soft from the thorough stretching he'd received earlier, so it didn't take much persuading before the puppeteer's finger could go further. Crocodile grunted faintly as he started to rub their chests together, forcing his hips back against Doflamingo's hand.

The sinful feelings of pride and lust, two of his favorites if he said so himself, mixed together within the former pirate. He could not only feel his own cum within his lover as he "cleaned", he could see the man practically dancing in his lap as he thrusted himself back upon Doflamingo's fingers.

The years of chasing, the long nights wistfully thinking of a willing party, even the thoughts of a dominating Crocodile…

Had he finally gotten what he wanted?

His musings were cut short by a hand on his shaft. Moaning at the sudden feeling, Doflamingo realized that their positions had somehow been reversed. Now on the other side of the tub, it seemed that Crocodile had reared back and pulled the larger man into his own lap, his hook taking its favorite position around the other Shichibukai's neck.

"Oi! What's the deal, Croco-man?" he groaned, taken a bit off guard.

"I suspect that you may have gotten pretty dirty here earlier," the Warlord joked sarcastically.

Once again Doflamingo had to marvel at the skill of Crocodile's remaining hand. It kept just the right amount of pressure to be maddening, but the tortuous technique was mind-blowing.

He let breathy moans fall off his wagging tongue, his eyes glazing over as he bucked into the wondrous grip.

Crocodile cracked a smug smile. His plan was proceeding flawlessly.

The younger man clung to him; though he was slightly larger than the elder, his embrace was light. His needy partner began to pant softly into the crook of his neck as his member was reawakened by the pale fingers. With his mind numbed by exhaustion and his own arousal, Crocodile saw no call for any further dancing around his goal. Letting go mid-stroke, he laughed haughtily as the blonde whined into his shoulder. He felt Doflamingo's need and brought their hips together with a push of his hook to the larger man's back.

Both men moaned as their erections brushed past each other.

His victim bit down on his shoulder as Crocodile began to grind upward; his large golden hook keeping the puppet master prisoner.

Distracted by the sensations, Doflamingo did not notice the older Warlord's hand floating past his hips. He jolted when he felt a firm grasp on his ass, causing him to involuntarily buck harder.

"What're you-?" he wheezed into Crocodile's hair.

His answer came by way of a finger.

Admittedly, it had been some time since someone had dared to penetrate him, so he had been unprepared for the sudden turn of events. Any defiant efforts or protestations were stifled when Crocodile turned his head to lick along the startled bird's heated skin.

It was too hot.

The water felt scorching, the metal at his back seared his flesh, and the look in the older Warlord's eyes as he once again claimed Doflamingo's mouth set something ablaze within the trembling man. The liquid gold within Crocodile's gaze smoldered as it met the deep sapphire of his own eyes, and the blonde gave a small nod to answer the silent question that passed between them.

Doflamingo groaned quietly as the finger that had been teasing his entrance pushed completely past the stubborn ring of muscles; it had definitely been a while. It was an odd feeling, being stretched after so long, but Crocodile's skill with his hand didn't seem to end at frontal stimulation.

"You- hah are a little too good at this, fufu…" he laughed breathlessly.

Crocodile growled as he added another finger, pushing them both in to where his rings teased the edge of Doflamingo's hole.

"You should take notes, you damn bird."

It was then that a crooked finger brushed a place that made the puppeteer cry out, a jolt of pleasure shooting up his spine.

"There! Oh god, Crocodile, there-"

His words morphed into a flurry of curses and ragged breathing as the older man showed him the additional expertise his extra years had afforded him.

Doflamingo rubbed his body closer, their now painfully hard members taunting each other. The blonde had never been shy about letting his opinion be heard, and that extended to his vocal behavior when being taken. Crocodile seemed unperturbed by this; if anything this made him all the more ravenous. His ears devoured the whines and gasps now issuing from his colleague's mouth as the body in his lap demanded more attention.

"Are you ready?" he asked, his voice slightly huskier than normal.

Hazy Cerulean met Fiery Gold and Doflamingo shook his head, surprising them both.

"Not here," he said, confused with his own pickiness. He wanted to continue so badly, but, "On the bed. I want to see your room."

Crocodile was about to protest, his body wanting to rebel against any further stalling, when a loud knocking permeated their passionate scene.

"Sir Crocodile? I've brought the dinner you ordered!"

The Shichibukai cursed his servant's timing, planning on running through whomever it was that dared to disturb him. Doflamingo had already escaped his grasp, extracting himself from the water and grabbing a towel.

The tall blonde dried himself hastily as he tried to hide his face. The strangeness of halting their exchange still fresh on his mind, he decided to use the opportunity to think on his actions. He grabbed the first thing on the chair where they had left their clothes, pulling on something made of a light material that turned out to be a robe.

"I'll bring in the food. You…you finish up."

Offering a small smile, Doflamingo bolted down the hallway leaving behind a very frustrated Croc.

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