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5 years later:

Remus looked around the room making sure everything was ready for Rigel's sixth birthday. Remus still found it hard to believe that his little boy was turning six. If he hadn't had gray hairs before he certainly had them now and he loved it. The balloons, the cake and the presents were all ready, now it was only the guests who were missing.

Sirius poked his head around the corner, grinning at his mate. "Looks great Moony. Harry and Reg said they'd be here in a bit and the Weasleys and those who married Weasleys are all in the yard. They all flooed but Reg's gone paranoid so he and Harry are coming via car." He walked around the corner, revealing the slight mound of his stomach. In a few months he'd be giving Rigel a sister.

Remus laughed and walked over to his mate, placing his arms around Sirius and caressing the baby belly. "Looks like paranoia runs in the family then." He nuzzled Sirius' neck. "We should let the guests in and get the party started, I know Rigel is bouncing for it to get started." He placed a kiss behind Sirius' ear. "Thank you love, for the life we have together. I love you more each and every day."

Sirius laid his hands over Remus'. "Thank you Moony, for being so patient with me. Je t'aime, my sweet wolf." He looked up as little feet clattered in and Rigel, amber eyes glowing with happiness, ran up to him.

"Mama, Papa, come see! Uncle Fred's belly is showing!" Rigel tugged his parents outside where Fred Malfoy nee Weasley was indeed beginning to show, much to everyone's amusement, especially Draco's. "Mama is he gonna get as big as uncle Harry? I didn't think anyone could get as big as Uncle Harry but you said Uncle Harry is the same size you were before you had me and that Uncle Draco was even bigger!"

Pansy turned her head, chuckling against her husband's arm. She herself was a little thicker in the waist but it didn't show when clothed just yet, she would soon though.

Charlie held Pansy close, kissing her temple. He was glad it wasn't his wife's belly up for discussion. He was absolutely amazed that he was going to be a daddy.

Both George and Draco were smiling at Fred though Draco's smile was a teeny bit more wicked. Felix and Gaius were running around on the grass like two blond angels but their minds were filled with plans of what mischief they could achieve next.

There was a rumbling sound and a car pulled into the parking lot. Harry doing his very best to hoist himself out of the seat of the car, his hand on his very swollen stomach.

Regulus moved around to help his husband out of the car, "Still want to hit me amour?"

"A little bit yes." Harry stretched and placed his hands on the small of his back. "You're lucky I love you."

"Very lucky." Regulus kissed his beloved's cheek. "I-"

"Whoa! Uncle Harry you're huge!" Rigel's eyes peered at them over the fence and laughter came from everyone in the yard. "Mama are you sure he's no bigger than you were?"

Sirius couldn't answer, he was bent a bit and leaning against Remus laughing too hard.

Harry looked down at his swollen stomach before looking up at Regulus with wide green eyes. "I'm not that big am I?" He placed his hands protectively on his belly.

Remus grinned too and looked downright wolfish. "Your mama was that big Rigel as hard as it is to believe. We'll have to wait to see if he gets that big with your sister too."

Regulus sent a glare towards the werewolf before kissing Harry again. "No amour you're not all that big."

Rigel scampered out to greet them and wrapped his arms around Harry's leg. "Mama says that Uncle Draco was way huger." He pat Harry's prodigious belly with a small gentle hand. "Sides Uncle Fred says that once the baby's out you'll deflate like a balloon." He grabbed Harry's hand to tug him towards the party, still chattering a mile a minute. "Uncle Fred's belly is out there too now. He keeps trying to get Uncle Ron to compare even though Uncle Ron's telling him to sod off."

Harry ruffled Rigel's hair and he would have leaned down to give him a hug if he was able to bend. "Ron tells everyone to sod off Ri, and I can't wait for Fred to 'deflate like a balloon'." Harry sent the pregnant twin a glare. "Happy birthday though, have you had a good day so far?"

Ron was inching away from Fred and his hounding to compare bellies. He was not ashamed of his baby bump but he didn't want to make it into a competition either.

Ginny and Hermione snagged his arms and pulled him over to the table. Hermione ruffled his hair. "Don't mind Fred, he's just excited and well..."

Ginny grinned, "Fred. He knows better than to hound me, or Mione, or Pansy, or Fleur about it though." Ron's sister pat her own belly, just a hardly noticeable swell at this point but big enough to be seen through clothes. "Plus Mione's still flat as a board so nothing to compare yet."

Hermione chuckled and snagged a pig in a blanket, "I won't be much longer though but it's more fun to compare our spouses' reactions when they got the good news. I still can't believe Severus passed out." That had become legendary among their little circle. She'd told him while down in the lab for the evening, just telling casually him why she'd been woozy lately without even looking up from her book. At least until she'd heard the clunk.

Ron chuckled and chose a finger sandwich to munch on. "Blaise hollared and danced around the room like some sort of monkey but he didn't faint." Ron had pestered Hermione for a pensive memory of the event but so far she didn't want to share.

"Blaise did that? Cool, calm, always composed Blaise?" Ginny blinked in the direction of the Italian as if trying to see him doing that. "Lissy found out by default. I had an argument with our team Captain about why I had to take 'medical leave' for so long and I shouted that I was pregnant. Poor Lissy dropped the Quaffle and almost fell of her broom. Of course when she got the nod from me she did a barrel roll too." She pat her little bump with a grin. "Oh but she nearly whacked our captain with the broom. He actually suggested I keep flying until I started to show, can you believe that?"

"Idiot!" Ron growled and hugged his sister close. "Tell me if I should bring him in for questioning, I'd do it too. He doesn't need to know I'm on desk duty until after the baby is born."

Draco was walking over to run his hand up and down Fred's back. "Poor baby, no one wants to compare with you? You really are way too excited about your bump, you know that don't you?" The blond watched his other husband run after their sons, making monster noises.

Fred leaned his head on Draco's shoulder. "I know but I can't help it. I don't get why Harry's so...crabby about his baby belly. It's not like he's big enough elsewhere that you could confuse it as anything but baby." He smiled as George scooped Felix and Gaius up in a double hug. "Luna compared with me though, she's almost as big as Harry. She also told me to stock up on pink unicorn stuffies." He saluted the girl. "I know we're finding out tomorrow what we're having but I'm thinking that if Luna's talking pink unicorns we'll have ourselves a little Malfoy princess." He pursed his lips for a minute. "I'm thinking ear plugs next Malfoy dinner, cause your Mum'll hit the roof with a squeal."

"Oh mother will break the sound barrier and father will rush out to buy everything pink and glittery he can find." Draco cringed at the thought but he would love to have a little girl to spoil. "Pink unicorn stuffies huh? Do you know what the saddest thing is? Don't bet on a girl because I think I had some stuffies like that growing up...Merlin I hope they were lost in the renovations."

Fred laughed happily and gave his spouse a smacking kiss. "I hope not! I love passing things like that down." He looked up at a loud bark and saw Nads preceding Percy and Viktor into the yard. "Oiya Perce!"

"Hi Fred." Percy walked into the yard holding Viktor's hand tightly. "Sorry we're late, the port key keeper didn't want to let us bring Nads." He looked at the bouncing dog and the little children who had immediately gravitated to the dog. Nads loved children and he loved anyone who wanted to play with him.

Rigel, spotting Percy, broke from where he was talking at Harry and charged at the redhead. "Uncle Percy you're here!"

Viktor moved to just behind his husband, catching him and keeping him from falling when Rigel barreled into his legs and began talking a mile a minute telling Percy how much he'd missed him and everything that had happened since the last time he'd seen his favorite uncle.

Regulus chuckled and wrapped his arms around Harry, kissing his spouse's temple. "We've been tossed over amour."

"Mmm, we've never been able to compare to Percy. It was love at first sight for both of them." Harry leaned against his husband and rubbed his belly, he felt tense and achy but he loved the baby he was carrying, he couldn't wait for the three of them to be a family. He looked at all his pregnant friends, finding it funny that they were all expecting at the same time. "Well at least our babe won't be alone when it starts Hogwarts, it will have cousins and friends all around."

"True. Though he wouldn't be alone in any case since I teach there but it's better to have friends that he can complain about the professors and his parents to." He watched as Percy crouched to listen to Rigel. "Everything's just about perfect isn't it amour?"

"It is, it's better than I ever dreamt it could be." Harry turned his head to kiss his husband. "I wake up every day thankful that it wasn't a dream, that this really is my life." He watched as Percy whispered something in Rigel's ear and placed the six year old's hand on his stomach. "From the look of that our babe will have yet another cousin to play with."

Regulus' brows lifted and he smiled softly. "I wonder if he's told Molly and Arthur yet."

"If who's told us what?" Arthur came up with Molly, his arm around his wife's waist.

"That you're about to become Grandparents again." Harry nodded towards Percy and Rigel who was now petting Percy's belly gently as he talked the redhead's ear off. "I hope I didn't give away a secret just now."

Molly shook her head with a broad smile. "No, Percy and Viktor flooed us when they found out. Isn't it wonderful? All my babies will have babies of their own."

Regulus chuckled, "You must be losing your mind with all the knitting you've been doing."

Arthur laughed and kissed his wife's cheek. "She's roped me into assisting, which I don't mind at all."

"I need all the extra hands I can get and Arthur here's not half bad." Molly nuzzled close to her man and watched all her children and close friends in the yard. They had all found someone who made their lives complete and she couldn't be happier or more proud of all of them.

Sirius made his way over to Percy and Viktor, his son looking up at him.

"Mama Uncle Percy's gonna have a baby too!"

Sirius' eyes widened and he grinned at Percy's happy smile and confirming nod and at Viktor's proud expression. "Well looks like congratulations are in order. Merlin with all the babies this family's having you'd think someone slipped us all a fertility potion." He ruffled Rigel's hair. "So, what was your husband's reaction? So far Snape is winning in best reaction for future stories."

"I think Snape will stay in the lead...I heard about the fainting." Percy smiled and got off his knees. "Viktor here was quite calm though I don't know who howled louder, him or Nads."

Viktor didn't look the slightest bit abashed as he looped his arm around Percy's shoulders. He'd been thrilled and had given voice to it with pride.

Sirius grinned, happy to see that life for everyone but especially for Percy had worked out. "Well it was happy news, loud, joyful reactions are expected. Of course with this little one," he pat his own belly, "I didn't have the chance to tell Remus. I'd just figured it out myself when a full moon came round and Moony sniffed it out. A full grown werewolf acting like a puppy is a pretty amusing sight. I still want to get Hermione to pensieve the memory of Snape fainting though. It'd be priceless."

Percy only smiled, he could understand Snape's reaction. He had almost fainted himself when he realized that he was pregnant, it hadn't been planned but it was such a blessing. Getting to tell Viktor that he was going to be a father had been wonderful, Percy knew that Viktor had always wanted a family and now they would be one.

Rigel looked up at the redhead and nibbled his lip. He was just as smart as his Papa and understood that babies took a lot of time, care, and attention so he was a little worried that with all the new babies that would be coming he'd fall by the wayside. "You'll still come visit and stuff once the baby comes right Uncle Percy?"

Percy kneeled again and wrapped Rigel in a warm hug. "You think I'd stop coming to visit my favorite guy? We'll be here so often that you'll get sick of us, I promise." He pulled back to look at the child. "And you can come visit us too, you'll have experience with being a big brother and I'm sure I could use all the help I can get when my baby comes."

Rigel hugged his favorite redhead tight and kissed his cheek. "No way I'll ever get sick of you Uncle Percy and you know I love coming to Bulgaria." He looked up at the Malfoy twins calling him over and gave Percy another quick squeeze. "I gotta go before Lix and Gai get into something they shouldn't."

Sirius watched his son scamper off with a fond smile. "He's excited about all the new cousins and whatnot but he's worried he'll be forgotten too. Plus everyone's always talking about, and I quote, 'silly baby stuff' that he doesn't see the point of." He looked over at Percy, "He's like Moony that way and the only thing that'll make him relax is when he sees we don't forget him after the babies come."

"We'll just have to show him that he won't be forgotten then, who could forget Rigel? He's the sunshine in all ours lives, no matter how many babies that are born that will never change." Percy looked at Rigel as he stopped the twins from booby trapping the birthday cake. His nephews had definitely inherited their daddies flair for trouble. "There's enough love for everyone."

Viktor wrapped his arms around his spouse's waist. "He vill learn that. Right now there are many changes happening and that can make a child nervous. Once he adjusts he vill be fine."

Sirius grinned and nodded. "That's what Moony said too." He looked over at his mate, who was getting a fork waved in his face by an irritable Harry. "Speaking of my mate, I think I'd better go see what he did to set Harry off. Yeesh my godson's worse than his mum was." He moved over to where Regulus was watching his husband scold Remus. "Why is my godson shaking a fork at my mate?"

Regulus smirked and took a sip of punch. "Remus said the F word."

"I was only joking, I meant it the best possible way." Remus eyed the fork nervously and thanked the fates that the cutlery wasn't silver. "You are beautiful Harry, we know that it's all baby in there." Remus couldn't believe he'd stuffed his foot so far in his mouth, he knew the temper Harry had.

"Bah, you weren't joking and if you were you need a new sense of humor. I would like to see you laughing when you're the size of a blimp, everything is aching and you have to pee every three minutes." Harry grumbled but put the fork back on his plate. He knew he was testy and irritable but he couldn't help himself, it felt as if he was going to blow any second and the little one inside him seemed to have a boxing match going with his kidneys.

Sirius shook his head at his mate. "Bad slip there Moony," he moved up to kiss Remus' cheek. "Harry's way too close to popping to even joke about the F word." He looked at Harry and recognized the 'my internal organs are being assaulted' look. "Bladder, spleen, kidneys, or liver?"

"Right now kidneys." Harry answered with a pained sigh, "It's been going on for forever or at least it feels like it. At the moment I wish he would just plop out." He turned to Remus. "I'm sorry for snapping, I have zero control over my mood now."

"Don't apologize Harry, it was a bad joke and I deserved to have my head bitten off." Remus wrapped his arm around Sirius, feeling the usual warmth and comfort that came with having his mate, his soulmate close.

Regulus moved up behind his husband and began rubbing Harry's hard belly gently, brushing a kiss against his temple. "What was it Molly said? 'Half the reason they're in so long is so you're so happy they're out that you have to love them.'?"

Sirius barked out a laugh as he leaned his head on Remus' shoulder. "I'll buy that."

"Oh I can definitely see the wisdom of that statement." Harry smiled and gave soft sigh of happiness as their son seemed to recognize his father's touch and calmed down some. He was not even born yet but he already loved daddy, when Regulus read to him aloud at night the baby always seemed to be listening too, just moving around lazily at the sound of Regulus' voice.

Sirius smiled at his brother and Regulus and the picture they made and pulled out a camera swiftly, snapping pictures of them. "If you need it we've got comfy seating set up over there," he waved at an area a little bit aways from the center of activity where Luna was sitting and speaking dreamily to Neville, Hermione, Ginny, and Ron, "prudence dictated good seating since there's so many about who're knocked up."

Harry smiled and leaned back against Regulus. "That's good to know, for now this is fine but I predict that my feet will start to protest soon enough." He looked over towards his friends and his smile widened, it was amazing that they were still so close and that they were pregnant at the same time. His friends and his family was a treasure, and Harry was thankful for them every day.

Hermione looked up and caught his gaze, grinning at him and waving happily before eyeing his stomach then looking at her own still flat one ruefully. She grabbed Ron's arm and proceeded to drag him over to their third member of the Golden Trio. "Harry! How are you feeling?"

"I'm okay." Harry answered, there was no reason to bring up all his aches and pains here. His friends were pregnant too and would discover the joys of them soon enough. "Ready to welcome this little out though, must admit that. How are you two?" He looked at both Ron and Hermione.

"Brilliant!" Ron replied. "The morning sickness has finally stopped and Blaise is spoiling me rotten."

Hermione's lips twitched. Ron had been so irritated because she'd not had morning sickness. "I'm doing good. Severus still just stops and stares at my stomach every once in a while. I don't think it'll really sink in for him until I start showing. I still get a little woozy from time to time but other than that," she shrugged, "It's weird. I was actually looking forward to pregnancy pains and all."

"You may get them yet." Harry eyed Hermione's flat stomach with both wonder and a tiny bit of jealousy. "Just be glad that you can still tie your own shoes."

"Snape will understand when the babe starts moving." Ron nodded. "Blaise spent an entire afternoon with his ear on my stomach the first time this little sea monkey had the hiccups." He patted his belly.

She chuckled and moved to hug Harry, dropping something in his pocket as she did so and whispered in his ear, "Don't tell Severus I let you see that memory. He's still denying that he fainted."

Harry wrapped his own arms around Hermione and hugged her tight. "Thank you Mione, you just made my whole week." He grinned wolfishly and couldn't wait to get to see the memory of a fainting Snape. "I swear I won't tell." Harry released her and kissed her on the cheek.

She ruffled his hair, "I know." She angled her head over where Luna and Ginny were talking and Neville was fetching drinks and what not for his wife. "She's almost disgustingly even-tempered, even Sirius wasn't as calm that far along, but then again it is Luna."

"She just faces everything with that dreamy, serene smile of hers." Ron nodded. "I haven't made up my mind if I find it admirable or infuriating." He tilted his head and watched the pale blonde. "I think I'll go with admirable, I know I couldn't handle everything as calmly as she does."

"Luna is truly one of a kind." Harry agreed with a smile.

Regulus smiled and pressed another kiss to Harry's temple as the three friends continued talking and Sirius and Remus went to help Rigel stop the terrible terrors from blowing up the cake. He caught sight of Severus watching Hermione, his gaze, as she'd said, focused on her midsection with disbelief. He caught the potion master's eye and just smirked in an understanding way, chuckling when Severus lifted his punch glass to him. He looked over at Hermione when it registered that she'd asked him a question, "Hm?"

"I said, what are you going to name him," she gestured at Harry's belly.

"Ah, well it was a battle of wills and tempers," his eyes were laughing when Harry reached back and pinched his thigh, "but we finally reached a ceasefire. Alexi Orion."

"Alexi Orion Black," she nodded, "it's a good name. More Greek than Roman though."

"Well I'm not Lord Black."

"It's a really good name, I think it will fit our boy perfectly." Harry said with a smug smile. "This one," He pinched Regulus again. "wanted to name him Tiberius." Harry laughed though to show that he was joking. Their baby promptly delivered a kick to Harry's bladder and his laughter turned into a grunt, oh yes, he was more than ready to welcome Alexi to the world. "I know it's earlier days for you but have you thought anything about names?"

Hermione ran a hand over her flat stomach, "If it's a girl I want to name her Eileen, after Severus' mother. We've both agreed that we'll name a boy Brian. What about you Ron? Have you and Blaise been picking out names?"

Ron nodded and rubbed his stomach. "Blaise and I decided early on that we don't want to know the gender until the baby is born, we want the surprise. If it's a girl we're thinking Melinda after Mum and for a boy Benjamin after Blaise."

She smiled, "I'll bet your Mum went all flustered didn't she?"

"You know Mum, she went all red then there was the usual flailing, bouncing, hugging and search for a handkerchief." Ron laughed and watched his mother fondly as she sat hand in hand with his dad on a padded bench.

Hermione turned and smiled, "She's been knitting non-stop ever since Harry announced he was pregnant and I rather think she's in her element among all the yarn." She eeped as she was embraced from behind.

Severus lifted a brow, "Talking about Molly?"

"We are yes, my Mum, the knitting machine." Ron replied with a smile. It was still amusing to see the way Snape lit up whenever he was close to Hermione, around her the dungeon bat became a whole other person and Ron found it adorable.

Snape eyed Ron in mild curiosity before letting the look on the redhead's face pass without comment. "Regulus, you're well? And you P...Harry." He still found it odd to call Harry by his first name.

Harry grinned, making Snape slightly uncomfortable would never lose its charm. "We're well Severus, would be even better if the little one would stop using me as a reversed pinata but you can't have everything." Harry nuzzled back in Regulus's embrace. "I hope you're well Severus."

"I have the most incredible woman in existence as my wife, freedom, a job I can finally enjoy as I wish to, and a child on the way," his hand rested lightly on Hermione's stomach, "I can honestly say I have never been more well."

Harry's eyes crinkled at the corners as he smiled, truly smiled at Snape. The blush on Hermione's cheeks were adorable and Harry could see why she loved the other man, they were really perfect for each other. "I'm very happy for the both of you. We've all been very lucky to find our precious ones."

Severus nodded, "We have." His gaze took in the party and noticed Remus and Sirius dancing with their son and the Malfoy twins were dancing with their parents. He looked down at his wife. "Dance with me?"

Hermione nodded with a smile and twisted in her husband's embrace so that she could wrap her arms around him and move to the music.

Regulus smiled as one by one the couples all began to dance and sway. He rocked himself and Harry gently to the tune playing, knowing that his husband wasn't up to full out dancing today. "I'm glad."

Harry turned and peered at his husband curiously. "You're glad?" He moved with the gentle swaying, finding it incredible that he was still falling more and more in love with Regulus with each passing day. He knew without a doubt that he would never stop loving and wanting the other man, Regulus truly was his other half.

"Mmhm, for everything that I've lived through, even the Inferi. It all brought me here, to you, to us," his hand smoothed over Harry's belly. "I'd not change a moment because if I did, I might not have you and our little one. I love you mon amour."

"I'm glad too, I wouldn't want any other life then the one I have here with you." Harry shifted so that he could press his lips against his husband's tenderly. "I love you too and I'll love our family when this one comes. Raising him together will be our next big adventure, the greatest adventure we could ever have."

Regulus smiled against Harry's lips and made a hum of agreement. Privately he hoped their son would have a less adventurous life than either of theirs but somehow he doubted it. How could the grandson of a Marauder and the son of the Wizarding world's savior do anything but have the most insane adventures after all? Gray hair was in his future but he'd welcome each one because it would mark the best era of his life.

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