No Going Back

Disclaimer: The clock on the mantelpiece could tick till the end of time, but even then, the world of Shakespeare's Macbeth still wouldn't belong to me.

Summary: Just what was Macbeth thinking after he killed King Duncan in Inverness? A little glimpse into his thoughts through the means of a diary. One-shot.

I committed a horrible deed tonight, and I fear I will never be the same again. Killing King Duncan had taken a lot out of me.

My wife had told me that what's done is done, but I am not so sure. Fear of being exposed is still an issue, and I understand now that I will always have to be cautious and on my guard. If Macduff or the others find the truth... I will have to silence them forever, or be destroyed completely. For who would trust me if the truth was known to all? To them, I would no longer be the honored Thane, but a liar, a heartless murderer. But truly, could the King's death have been avoided? No, there was no escaping Fate's will. Duncan would have died even if I had not done the deed. It is not my fault that he is dead; I am only Fate's servant, forced to carry out her will.

Yet, even with the knowledge that I am not responsible, I still feel a great sense of remorse for my actions. The half-choked screams, the violent twitching, the accusing stare as he took his last breath - all these haunt me like a restless ghost. The ghastly images of the last moments of the King's life still plague me relentlessly, regardless of whether I am awake or asleep. Though I have managed to conceal the fact that I am hallucinating, my wife is becoming suspicious of my sudden inattentiveness at times.

My relationship with my wife is also going downhill. She thinks I have just killed an old man, but it is not so. The King - I had vowed to serve him, and I had kept my promise gladly until this night. Duncan was the person I admired, the hero I worshipped. And now I have killed him! Though it was necessary, the shame still weights heavily on my conscience.

I know that once I set down this road, there will be no return. Now I just want it all to end.

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