A/N I love badboy!blaine so i had to write one! Not sure if i'm going to continue or not but we'll see :)

Kurt Hummel did not go for bad boys. Oh no. He went for cute guys who played sports and wore their letterman jackets everywhere. He certainly didn't find leather appealing and he MOST certainly did not like tongue piercings, definitely not. They were unhygienic and disgusting and really, who would want to kiss someone who had one? Not Kurt Hummel that for sure. So when Blaine Anderson came to McKinley High Kurt had rolled his eyes, made a sarcastic comment about how all the girls were going to fawn over him and that was that. Yes, Anderson was attractive. Very much so in fact, but Kurt didn't even want to go there. He had decided that he wasn't going to have more stupid crushes over straight guys no matter how nice or handsome they were. He and Finn were finally completely comfortable around each other and he wasn't going to have a repeat of last year. No, Kurt was waiting for college. Waiting till he found another gay guy who was interested in him and had the same interests in him and had the same views. Yep that was the kind of guy Kurt was waiting for. But Kurt was beginning to find out how hard waiting was. While he was by himself, all the other kids in glee were swapping partners every other week like it meant nothing. But it meant something to Kurt and besides he knew that although he was fabulous, Lima just simply wasn't the place to be appreciated, no one was going to want Kurt, at least not yet. This was the mindset Kurt had been carrying with him the last few months but lately he had been wondering whether he would be alone forever and that perhaps no one would ever want him because he just simply wasn't attractive enough? He had tried to squash these thoughts down by listening to Gaga but it wasn't something you could forget.

The first time Kurt had actually interacted with Blaine Anderson was when he was walking down the corridor to maths. He was walking alone and feeling pretty shitty so when he had walked past Anderson he hadn't even bothered looking up. So he was surprised when he felt an arm wrap around his waist.

"Hey beautiful," Blaine Anderson murmured into Kurt's ear, his breath hot on Kurt's neck.

After the initial shock of hearing those words come out of the new kids mouth, Kurt turned to face him, his bitch glare in place.

"Excuse me?" Kurt spat, his head a jumble of anger and hurt. Was this how he was going to be bullied now? Being made a mockery of by a complete stranger?

"Oh, I wasn't talking to you," Anderson said, pulling his head back to smirk at Kurt. "I was talking to your gorgeous arse,"

Kurt froze. Was this guy serious?
Anderson noticing his expression, raised his eyebrows. "Problem, pretty boy?"

Kurt came back to his senses. "I am not an object!" He hissed, his eyes narrowed into tiny slits.

And then Anderson (Kurt thought of him as Anderson in his head, Blaine sounded too nice) did something strange. His face softened an almost unnoticeable amount and he said, in a completely normal tone of voice:
"Never said you were babe,"

Kurt tilted his head in confusion.

"See you around gorgeous," Andersons face turned roguish as he winked and gave Kurt's waist a final squeeze before sauntering off down the corridor.
Kurt watched him go feeling completely confused and as much as he hated to admit it... really really turned on.