Hey everypony, i just wanted to start another story because i am getting kind of bored with the other one. I will still be adding chapters to the other one, but i think this story will give me more freedom to do what i want and also for you guys to suggest ideas on what you want to happen in the story. I have a general idea of where this story is going to go but if you think i should add something, just leave a comment and if I can make it work, then i will put it into the story. If you haven't read my other story yet, it is called Just My Luck. So I hope you all like this story and look forward to your input.

"Judging by my calculations, he should now have increased muscle mass, intelligence, and the ability to adapt to whatever situation he may find himself in," the scientist said looking over at the subject. "Good. I want to run a little test." The man said as he walked over to the subject and pulled out a knife. The subject was unconscious and the man thrusted the knife into the subjects chest. "Excellent." The man said as the knife could not penetrate the subject's chest. "So what else will this chemical allow him to do?" the man asked as the scientist walked over to him. "Well Mr. Young, with this new chemical inside of him it will allow him to adapt to almost any situation. It will allow him to change his form even into an animal for stealth, his body is as hard as rolled tungsten plates, and his reflexes are more than four times faster and more responsive than any other soldier. We have indeed created the first generation super soldier." The scientist said as the man smiled. "And what about his memory. Will he remember who I am?" the man asked. "Well Mr. Young, we have had a bit of a problem with his memory. You see, when we enhanced all of his abilities, we also enhanced his memory. We have done the best we can to erase his memory but the chemical is too strong, but the only things he will remember will be short memory flashbacks." The man looked at the scientist and frowned. "I don't care if you have to work over time and not even sleep. But I want his memory to be fully erased. He can not know who I am and who did this to him." The man yelled at the scientist. "Yes sir, consider it done." The scientists stuttered. "Good, I will be back here in one hour and you better have made progress." Mr. Young said as he walked out of the room.

The scientist walked over to the subject and began to mumble as he picked up a scalpel. "He never appreciates any of the work we do. He has no idea how hard it was to create this chemical." The scientist said, as he was about to make an incision into the subject's head. Suddenly the subject woke up and started flailing around. His eyes zoomed around the room and finally fixated themselves on the man holding the scalpel. "Sedative, we need a sedative over here now." The scientist yelled as he ran away from the operating table. The subject jumped to his feet and looked around the room. He saw about a dozen guards, armed with standard military M16's close in on his position. "Restrain him now." The commander yelled as four of the soldiers ran up to him and forced him to the ground. The subject easily pushed them off of him and turned to a glass door. He then ran full speed through it and down the hallway.

As he was running he heard the alarm sound and saw that passages of the hallway were beginning to close. He turned to the right and saw a door at the very end of the hallway, which was painted black and yellow and read 'Danger, Dimensional Analysis Experiment'. The subject ran as fast as he could and burst through the door to escape the soldiers following him. As soon as the door opened the subject ran straight into the middle of the middle of the room in which he saw a bright light.

"No." Mr. Young yelled as the white light shot the subject and the subject disappeared. "Where did he go, where the hell did he go?" Mr. Young yelled at one of the scientist who was operating the device. "Sir, we don't know. There is no way to trace him to which dimension he went to." A scientist said. Mr. Young fell to the ground in defeat. He remained silent for a few moments before he silently murmured to himself, "My son, I am so sorry."