Sapphire Eyes

Eyes the colour of sapphire sparkled at her. Damon's usual grin – lips turned up on one side and crinkled slightly at the corners – completed the look. For a moment she didn't breathe. He looked nervous despite the smile.

She had suspected for some time now that he had a thing for her. He spoke and acted differently around her. Softer. It was more intimate than he behaved for anyone else. It worried her.

"I'm in love with Stefan, Damon," she told him. The words felt thick on her tongue. "It's always been Stefan."

His pain was evident immediately; she saw it all before he turned his back to her. She was certain he'd throw her a line and leave but instead he spun back around and stepped closer.

"You have feelings for me too – I know it. And you know it too, even if you won't admit it."

Swallowing, she stared back at him. "I'm sorry Damon. But you and me is never going to happen."

The twang in her chest surprised her but she stood by her words and headed for the door. She simply hated to cause Damon pain. That had to be it. There could hardly be any other reason for her uncomfortableness and adverse reaction to her own admission.

She glanced back at Damon as she passed through the door. He was staring at her, moping, and she felt the twang in her stomach again. Nothing. It had to be nothing. She didn't have feelings for her boyfriend's brother. She couldn't.

Could she?