E/O Challenge Word:

eighteen /āˈtēn/ number – Equivalent to the product of two and nine; one more than seventeen, or eight more than ten; 18. Related: 1800 hours; military time equaling 6pm.

Spoilers/Warnings: spoilers for season 7

Disclaimer: Not mine

Word Count: 298...an almost triple drabble

I'm scared as hell 'cause I can't get you on the telephone. ~ Nickelback

"Sam..." Dean's voice calls from the phone as Sam checks his messages. "We were supposed to meet at 1800 hours, man. Where are you?"

There's a pause, and Sam knows Dean was looking around the immediate area of the library's parking lot.

Dean sighs from the phone. "Listen, move your ass, huh? I'm hungry."

Sam quirks a smile as the message ends and then waits for the next one to begin.

"Dude..." Dean sounds exasperated this time. "Seriously...where the hell are you? I just went inside the library, and you're obviously not there. And I'm starving. Call me."

Sam shakes his head – Dean and his food – and listens to message #3.

"Sammy..." Dean's voice growls, frustration and a hint of panic and worry. "It's been an hour, and you're kinda freaking me out now. I'm back at our room. Call. Me."

Sam swallows, thinking maybe he should follow that order as his attention flickers to the corner of the abandoned warehouse.

Lucifer arches an eyebrow from where he's leaning against the wall. "I'm waiting," he reminds Sam; his thumb and forefinger positioned like a gun under his chin.

Sam swallows again, looking down at the gun loosely grasped in his right hand as his left still holds the cell phone to his ear.

"Alright. That's it, Sam," Dean declares in his fourth voicemail; equal parts pissed and scared. "I'm coming to find you. And you better be okay, you hear me?"

Sam chokes on a laugh – because he is so far from okay – and feels tears well in his eyes at the hopelessness of his situation.

"Dean..." Sam whispers – drawing strength and comfort from just saying his brother's name – and feels his grip reflexively tightening around the phone as he drops the gun and wills Dean to hurry.