Special A

"One More Chance"

(Chapter 1: Kei, he has returned)

Now arriving at Tokyo Airport

Passengers, please fasten your seatbelts and make sure your belongings are with you

We will now be landing

The flight stewardess announced. It has been six years since he last visited this place. After being forced by his grandfather to stay in London, he hasn't seen her since then. Six years in London was like hell without her. Luckily, he was able to survive just by fantasizing about her. But it wasn't enough... no, it can never be enough... he missed her... he missed her so bad...

The plane landed on the platform and Kei took his suitcase and left the airport in his fancy limousine.

Sighing, he took out a small velvet box from his pocket. He opened it revealing a beautiful, and obviously a very expensive ring. The ring is gold with a rare sapphire gem on top, with diamonds surrounding it.

'Finally...' he thought 'I can finally see her again... I can finally see Hikari... my beloved Hikari...'

Instead of going back to his mansion, he ordered his chauffeur to go straight to the Hanazono residence.




Those were the emotions he's feeling right now. He's excited because he can finally see the woman he dreams for so long. The woman whom he gave his heart to... the only girl he will love for all eternity. But he is also nervous at the same time. It's been years and he's nervous about how she'll react when she sees him. Will she be in shock and slap his face for not even saying a word for the past six years? Or will she hug him and kiss him like there's no end. Honestly, he preferred option two.

He heard the car stop.

He's here

Stepping out of the car

His mind went blank

Is this really the place?

The old Hanazono carpentry sign, the wooden house, and the tree where a punching bag used to be... are now gone.

Yes, there's nothing there but an empty lot. The place looks like it hasn't been touched in years.

"If you're looking for the family living here, I'm afraid you're not in luck" a voice was heard. He looked at his left and saw an old woman

"What do you mean? Obaa-chan?" he asked

"The family who lived here moved years ago. I heard it was because something terrible happened to their youngest daughter"

'Something terrible happened? Youngest daughter? Hikari? Has something bad happened to my Hikari?' he panicked but he still maintained his cool facade "Do you know where they are? Ma'am?"

"I'm sorry dearie, but all I know is that they settled in a place in Kyushu. But they were never heard from since"

"Oh, well thank you very much obaa-chan" he bowed his head and opened the car's door

"You made a very bad mistake young lad. Be prepared, for you will suffer great pain" Kei's eyes widened. He was about to ask the old lady about what she meant but only finding nothing. The old lady disappeared in thin air. Sighing he slid back inside the car and went home

~At the Takishima Manor

Everything is the same as before. His home is still sparkling clean like it's always been. The columns were of pure white marble just like before and the walls were the same as always.

"KEEIII!" ah that voice. The same voice that always annoyed him yet it's the same voice he missed. His father ran up to him, arms open wide to give him a big hug but he only dodged it and his baby-faced father tripped on the floor

"You're the same as always, otou-san" he said with a faint smile

"Welcome home Kei," he looked up and saw his mother along with his brother

"Aniki! I missed you!" his younger brother cried and he patted his head

The small reunion with his family is warm. Of course he also missed them, but he never missed anyone more than his precious Hikari. It was dinnertime and Hikari's disappearance crossed his mind.

"Otou-san?" he started

"Yes Kei?" His father replied in excitement

"What happened to Hikari when I was away?" then BAM! It was as if time stopped ticking. Satoru's eyes opened wide, Midori suddenly dropped her spoon and Sui's mouth opened

"W-Why'd you ask, Kei?" Satoru's voice suddenly dropped

"I went to their house... and there was nothing. I met an old lady and said that something bad happened to their youngest daughter. Has something bad happened to Hikari? Is she hurt? Is she okay? Is she-"

"Kei... Hikari... she's..." then his mother suddenly stood from her chair. Tears starting to form from her eyes

"I... I lost my appetite..." and then she left the dining room

"Midori..." his father followed her giving his son a very sad look

"Nii-chan..." Sui began. His bangs covering his eyes, "Let's just say... that things aren't as normal as it used to be..."

Kei's heart ached. What is happening? What happened while he was gone? What happened to his precious Hikari? Will he ever see her again? Will he be able to hold her again?


Kei prepared everything. He's been searching about Hikari's whereabouts and found out that she's living in a small town in Kyushu. Not wasting any more time, he hurriedly went to Kyushu to look for her. However, because of some small matter he has to go to a small school.

It was lunchtime and he saw the children playing on a small playground by the school's backyard. And what took his interest was a small boy eating his rice balls under a tree's shade. Why? It's because the boy looked exactly like him when he was young. Defeated by his curiosity he approached the boy

"Hello there, what's your name?" he crouched down to level his height. The boy noticed him and gave him a small smile

"My name is Kai, sir" he began "Kai Hanazono" he said in a proud tone with a wide smile

Then the world shook. "Did you just say... Hanazono?" Kei's body started to shiver, he felt his mouth dry up and he was trembling. Then the boy nodded. Now gazing into the boy's eyes, they were onyx... like the onyx eyes he once knew. The very eyes that belonged to the girl he loves

"H-How old are you, Kai?" he asked in a shaking matter

"I'm 5 years old, sir" he replied

"W-W-Who is your mother?" his heart ached so bad that he had to clutch his chest because of the pain

"My mom is none other than Hikari Hanazono"




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