I enjoy writing these little stories where Harry goes on and becomes someone else. This one is my first one where I'm using FemHarry, so I hope you enjoy.

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She couldn't remember ever being so happy before, not when she found out she was a witch, not when she met Sirius, not when she became an animagus, not when she met Mufasa, and not even the day Simba was born.

To see him alive, to know he hadn't died on that fateful day so long ago. Watching him, with his own mate, as her granddaughter was presented to the animals of the Pridelands filled her heart with pride, and immeasurable happiness.

She had never felt as devastated as she did the day Scar told the pride of Simba and Mufasa's death, not when Sirius died, not when she was tried by the wizarding world for casting an unforgivable to defeat Voldemort, not when her friends testified against her at her trial.

After escaping Azkaban, she had traveled to Africa, intending to live out the rest of her life in her animagus form of a lioness. Then she had met Ahadi, Mufasa's father, and he had accepted her into the pride. She'd had to prove her worth to the other lionesses, but she gained there respect, and in time became there unofficial leader, answering only to Ahadi, his mate, and the princes Mufasa and Scar.

Even then, there was an attraction between herself and Mufasa. When he asked her to be his mate, and future queen, she had never been happier.

Those years with Mufasa were easily the best of her life. She was in love, and loved back in return, and for her own merits, not those of her deceased mother. Then becoming a mother, she had thought her life perfect.

Until that tragic day.

She knew that she should have opposed Scar, especially once he let the hyenas, the same ones that had attempted to kill her cub in the elephant graveyard, into the Pridelands. Scar was a tyrant, but she truly had no longer cared. If it hadn't been for her duty to the other lionesses, and young Nala, she would have probably curled up and died.

And then, to see her son again, it had brought her so much joy. He looked so much like his father.

And now, watching him with his own cub, she knew that she could never be prouder of the man, the lion he had become. Mufasa would be proud if he could see their son today.

Sarabi Hazel Potter certainly was.


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I love The Lion King, it is easily my favorite Disney movie. So I hope you all enjoyed this little one-shot.