Bring…! Bring…! Bring…!

Matthew Williams groaned inwardly, shifting in his bed and succeeded in tangling himself in his sheets. He groped the nightstand blindly for a moment, smacking down all over the place until finally he grabbed something that remotely felt like his spectacles, and put them clumsily on his face. He sat up, and even with them on; he squinted, and read the beeping clock.

6:30 am.

Matthew swore in his French tongue, smacking down the snooze button to turn off the excessive racket, and plopped back down. He lay there for a long moment, before sighing, and sitting back up. He brushed his blond locks out of his face, and pulled back the covers, exposing his pajamas. The boy swung his legs over the edge of the bed, and stood up, before walking towards the bathroom.

The Canadian pulled the sink handle, and splashed the icy water on his face. He shivered a bit, and blinked a few times, letting out another soft sigh. After another few splashes, he grabbed a towel and wiped his face, and set about the rest of his morning activities.

Matthew quickly changed, lazily slinging on his jacket and wrapping his scarf around his neck loosely before grabbing the piece of toast he'd popped moments before. It was a bit cold, but he really didn't have time to care as he sped out of the house, fiddling with his keys and locking the door. He got down to his car, and unlocked the door, sitting down and starting the engine.

He put it in drive, and pulled out, and began to go down the street.

Matthew Williams is a nineteen-year-old Canadian who lives in an apartment complex with his brother. He graduated high school with a near perfect attendance rate, and also made honors. He is the younger brother, with divorced parents who passed away in the recent months, and currently holds a job at a local restaurant to pay the rent.

He's got a few good friends like Antonio, the Spanish boy working at the restaurant with him. There's also his high school friend Victoria, a girl who tended to keep him company on his lunch break. Then there was Alfred, his brother, who naturally he trusted with most things despite how forgetful he could be. He didn't mind, for in the end he had a big heart and, usually, his intentions were good. He considered his cousin a bit of a friend, though he seemed to be a flirt, he had helped Matthew out a lot recently.

Matthew did not trust a lot of people, so the few he did lend his trust out to were very fortunate, as once you earned his trust, it was very, very hard to lose it.

The drive to work wasn't long, but it wasn't as short as he would've liked it to be. It was just long enough to make him think too much, but too short for him to be able to convince himself otherwise. It also just long enough for him to remember that his brother was almost never home anymore, and how he needed to call him, but it was too short because he always arrived before he could.

He pulled into the parking lot and eased into one of the many vacant spaces, putting it into park and opened the door. Matthew locked his car and walked inside, not surprised that the doors were already open.

Matthew brushed another strand or two away from his violet eyes as he smiled upon the sight of the place already ready to open.

"Oh~! Buenos días, Mateo!" a slightly accented voice chirped happily.

The Canadian laughed lightly, turning and meeting the face of one of his co-workers. "Good morning, Antonio. I'm amazed that you came so early and set up. Where do you get all this energy?"

Antonio beamed brightly, fully and wide-awake. "Oh, I don't know! I just feel great today! I just woke up and thought, 'Wow, it's going to be an amazing day!' you know~?"

"I'll take your word for it. I just wish you could share some of that sometimes…" Matthew yawned.

The Spanish man tilted his head. "Does Mateo not feel well~? Oh, I know! I'll give you a cheer up charm!"

"No, no Antonio it's really fin-"

In an instant, Antonio held his hands up in front of the Canadian, and moved them back in forth in front of his face. "Fusosososososo~"

Matthew couldn't help but just crack a grin. He waved his hands away, shaking his head. "Alright, alright, I feel better okay? Thank you, Tonio."

"Sí, sí! Anything for mi amigo!"

Matthew walked into the back room and put his uniform on, and came back out moments later. He sat down next to Antonio in one of the unoccupied seats, and they chatted for a while as other employees showed up. Soon, time passed all too quickly, and work had to begin.

The morning was relatively slow as always, the afternoon was busy as always, and the early night moderate. It was a cycle of sorts, to be completed five and a half days a week, over and over.

Antonio was in charge of locking up that night, but Matthew stayed after to help out. The closed the place up and after a few hugs, the Canadian changed and went back home that evening.

Again with the drive, Matthew convinced himself if Alfred were not home when he returned, he would call him persistently until he answered. This he swore upon over and over as he pulled up and parked, locking his car and walking up to the apartment.

He fumbled with his keys for a moment and stuck it in the lock, and opened the door. It was dark, not a good sign, Matthew noted. A quick flip of a switch illuminated the room, and he called out softly.

"Alfred? Are you here?"

No answer was received. The boy tried again. "Alfred! Hey!"

Still nothing. Matthew scoffed a bit, shaking his head as he pulled out his cell phone. He flipped through his contacts and selected his brother's name from the list, and dialed it, letting it ring.

The first try went to voicemail, Alfred's obnoxious voice blaring, Hey! This is the phone of the awesome Alfred Jones! I totally can't reach you right now but if you leave your name and number I'll definitely get back to you!

The second try rang, but it felt like it was answered and then closed right on spot. It was like Alfred knew it was him but was ignoring him.

The third try he finally got an answer.

"Hey, Mattie!" his voice sang happily. Peppy as always, Matthew remembered.

"Hey Al, listen…do you even plan on coming back to the apartment anytime soon? I mean…you've been gone for a while now…" he began, until a voice interrupted in the background.

"Who are you talking to Alfred?"

The voice sounded distinctly of foreign accent, English presumably. He heard the phone shuffle a bit. "No one babe, just my brother. Anyways Mattie, sorry, I'm real sorry. I've been staying with Arti- my friend Arthur. I probably should've let you know, so again, sorry. I mean I can come home if you-"

"No, it's fine Al. You can stay there. I don't mind at all. Just, call me next time alright? I was getting worried…" Matthew mumbled.

There was a short pause on the other end. "Okay. I'll call you tomorrow bro. Love you…"

"Love you too."

With those parting words, both sides of the line went dead, Matthew hanging up his end, and Alfred his. A long sigh escaped the Canadian's lips, as he kicked off his shoes and leaned against the door.

The boy sat there for a while, the time ticking away from him slowly before he finally rose, and sat on the couch, hugging his knees to his chest. He closed his eyes, and letting the sweet, melancholic images of before swirl in his mind.

Today was just another day in that cycle called life. It was no different than any other day he'd experienced in the recent comings.

But all cycles are meant to be broken eventually.

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