The first meeting:

1799 - Jasper is thirteen, Edward eleven


Eton - Jasper's Eton Admission – Summer Half, 1799

Edward's Eton Admission – Michaelmas Half, 1801 (So the end of his first year would be Michaelmas, 1802)

Eton's long leave in Chapter 37 – Summer, 1802

Chapter 51 reaches the end of Edward's first year at Eton, also in 1802.

Note: Normally, admission day is the first Wednesday of the Michaelmas Half, remembering that with enought patronage any exception is possible, therefore Jasper's untimely admition.

The separation:

January 1803

The Opera meeting:

July 1804

The war:

Jasper's departure: 1804

Jasper's return: 1810

Edward's parent's death:


Emmett's death:

7 March 1811 (when the real convicteds of White Swan raid where executed)

Edward's arrest:


Bella's birth:

May 1800

Jacob's birth:

April 1805

Lord Cullen takes Jacob away from Tanya:

1807, Jacob is almost two

Lord Cullen's death:


Jasper's 30th birthday:

April 1816

Bella and Edward's first meeting:

May 1819

Edward's departure:

September 1819

Edward's return:

June 1829