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Chapter 27 – Beyond Happy

Stephanie's POV

"Stupid, stupid, stupid!" I yelled into the foggy evening as I drifted along the walking path of the park. It was just past dusk, not completely dark, but late enough that no children were here, thus leaving me free to rant and rave all I needed to about how foolish I'd been when an old friend from high school had made some comments about my private life.

The air was wet, but it wasn't raining. Not that the forecast mattered to my hair; I looked like a cartoon character that had stuck their finger in an electrical socket. I kept a scrunchie in my purse so that I could pull my hair back on days like this, but when I'd tried to wrap it around my hair, it had broken – a fitting analogy for my day.

I knew better than to wander off near the duck pond. Those birds didn't like me on a good day, and there was no way I'd go there with the park looking like the perfect setting for a slasher movie. Somehow, I made my way to the swings and moved my purse to rest on my back like a hiker's backpack and softly pushed myself back and forth, keeping my toes on the ground to guide my movements.

The day had started off well. It had been sunny in the morning, and I'd had a mid-range skip that I'd been able to take down all on my own and get dropped off at jail, earning myself three grand and ensuring the apartment I now used primarily as a storage unit was covered for another thirty days.

I'd had lunch at my mother's house, and she and I had spent the late afternoon in the kitchen together, with her cooking and allowing me to help a little. I would never be Martha Stewart, but I had learned to follow a few basic directions to make some non-toxic food safely so that I could feed the guys at least one night each week. They each took a couple of nights, we tended to eat out at least once, and there was always the required Plum family circus to round out the week of meals. While I didn't want to go overboard with the domestic thing, I did like the idea that I was able to take care of the guys a little. Plus, it had been great in helping my mom and me build something that resembled a normal mother daughter relationship.

And then my day had taken a turn for the worse.

I was loading my Fiat with some leftovers from our kitchen lessons when Marjorie Helmsley walked by wearing four-inch platform heels that still barely got her over five feet, a tiny dog on a leash at her side. Her hair had enough spray in it to instantly combust if she got too close to an open flame, and her face had the plastered on smile of someone who thought they knew a secret they just couldn't hold inside for a minute longer.

"Stephanie, it's so good to see you," her lying lips said, but her tone was saying, "Now I have the chance to corner you while you're alone."

"Hi, Marjorie. I was just leaving," I tried to politely respond. The 'Burg had certain expectations of civility, and especially right in front of my parents' house, I needed to conduct myself appropriately.

She came to a stop right in front of me, and even though every warning bell in my head was screaming for me to get in the car and drive off, I knew her mother was the head of the neighborhood watch association and if I blew off the little princess in front of me, it would get back to my mother. Quite frankly, I didn't want something this stupid to undo all the bridges Mom and I had mended over the last few months, so I stood still to see what she wanted.

"I heard the most interesting thing," she began, holding out her left hand as though I had not already heard about her engagement to the real estate broker across town.

The diamond did sparkle, but it was big enough that you could see how yellow it was. Even though I knew she thought she was showing off, all I could think was, "The cheap bastard couldn't even get you a high quality diamond."

I managed to pull my eyes away from the urine colored rock and look at the tiny woman in front of me. "What's that?" I knew humoring her would get me the hell out of here.

"I heard that a certain member of our graduating class from school is living in sin," she began, as though living with somebody this day and age was something to bat an eye over.

"Marjorie," I cut in, relieved this was all she was interested in discussing. "A fourth of our class is living with somebody outside of marriage."

"Let me finish," she jumped in, as though I'd interrupted the best part. "They're living in sin with two men, not just one."

I didn't know what it felt like to be on an airplane when an engine died, but I believed the feeling that settled in my stomach when she basically told me she was talking about my private life would be pretty close to that impending doom sensation.

"You mean they're living a double life with two families?" I asked, hoping if I threw her off enough, she'd get confused and let it go.

She looked at me like I was an idiot and shook her head as much as her stiffened hair would allow. "No, silly, she's living with two guys at once."

"Oh, like sharing an apartment and splitting the rent three ways. It's a great way to save money," I offered as an explanation while fishing my keys out once more so she'd remember I was trying to leave.

"Can you image how her family must feel?" Marjorie continued, as though I had answers for these questions. "I mean, to be our age and not have at least gotten a fiancé is bad enough, but to have lowered yourself to just being a woman who services multiple men in order to have a place to live is something else entirely."

That was it. My temper was now officially in the locked and loaded position. "What makes you think she's just servicing them? Maybe they love her," I pointed out, hearing the edge to my voice and trying some of the techniques Bobby had been teaching me for staying calm.

"Oh, Stephanie, that's not how this works," she said before giving me a twittering laugh. "Men don't want women that are that easy forever. They are just toys for the moment, and when the men are ready to settle down, they will dump her to the gutter where she belongs and they'll move on with their life, leaving her ruined to try to live without the support of family or friends."

"Who are we talking about?" I finally asked, realizing that Marjorie had always been known for being ditzy and emotionally flat, but she wasn't really an intentionally cruel person. I had trouble believing she'd basically just told me to my face that in her opinion, I was living on borrowed time and would soon be discarded with yesterday's trash.

"Oh, I don't know. I just heard a rumor, but I didn't hear any names," she said quickly, helping me to rein in my temper a little. "I was hoping you knew who it was, but obviously you don't."

"I'm sorry I can't help you," I replied, not admitting or denying anything. I'd decided a few weeks ago that I wasn't going to go out of my way to tell people about my private life, but I wasn't going to deny it if someone asked me directly. Since Marjorie clearly didn't know I was the person she'd just called a cheap whore, I didn't see the point in telling her she was standing in front of the person she'd just insulted.

"Oh well," she replied, reminding me of the shallow girl I knew in school. "Toodles."

She walked away, and I got in my car quickly before anyone else came by to take cheap shots at my life choices. I got the key in the ignition after the third try, but I didn't start the car right away. Instead, I sat there for a few minutes, replaying what she'd said to me. Would Bobby and Lester get tired of me and move on leaving me ruined?

I was convinced after being with them just these short months that they had definitely spoiled me for all other men. They were so attentive and caring that I didn't think anyone else on the planet could follow in their footsteps. I guessed the bigger question was whether I believed the airhead that had just bumped into me on the sidewalk or the two men I considered to be honorable and trustworthy from years worth of interaction.

I saw the curtain to the right of my parents' front door pull back, so I knew I couldn't keep sitting at the curb or my mother would assume the worst and call the paramedics, assuming I'd had a heart attack. Still, something in the interaction with Marjorie had left a sour taste in my mouth that I didn't want to take back to the apartment at RangeMan.

I lived there, for all practical purposes, but I hadn't been able to refer to it as my apartment yet. The guys didn't seem to mind; they were just thrilled when I boxed up all my lingerie and brought it over. I could swear it was not in the drawer the way I'd left it, either, which made me wonder which one of them had been snooping through my unmentionables. Perhaps it wasn't a coincidence, but rather a hint, that all my thongs were on top and the few pairs of practical cotton briefs were buried at the very bottom.

I drove randomly for an hour and ended up at the park I used to come to when I needed to think. I figured thinking was all I'd been doing this afternoon, so it was the perfect spot. About that time, the fog began to roll in, and the few people who had been enjoying the public spot cleared out, which gave me the courage to get out of my car and walk for a bit.

Once I'd calmed down, I used my time wisely, coming to a few definite conclusions about my life. First, I was completely and irrevocably in love with both Bobby and Lester. I saw them as intertwined, unable to live without the other, so by loving one, I automatically loved the other. I knew to an outsider, it made no sense, but for us, it worked, and I no longer felt the need to question it.

Second, I realized that I still wasn't comfortable advertising to the world that I was sleeping with two men, but I was tired of hiding it, too. I should have set Marjorie straight on the sidewalk today. I should have looked at her and said the woman she'd heard about was me, and I was the luckiest woman in the world to have not one, but two men completely devoted to my happiness, now and forever. I knew better than anyone that people would believe what they wanted. I was feeling so unsettled now because I'd been a coward earlier, and at heart, I wasn't a coward. Strangely, if Marjorie had attacked the guys, I would have stood up for them, but for some reason, I let her walk all over me and that needed to stop.

Which led me to my third realization – I needed to stop living in fear of what other people would think. I did what I wanted in nearly every case, but I hated that feeling that would settle in afterward, where I wondered if the great shadow of the 'Burg's disapproval would settle over me and I'd be branded with a label that would cause me to be an outcast. The truth was, I'd never fit in there, and I needed to stop caring what they thought.

The only opinions that mattered were mine and those of my boys. My family, Lula, most of RangeMan, and even Mary Lou knew about the three of us and now treated it as though it were yesterday's news – although Hector did drop my desk at the office at least once a week to try to get details from me about what Lester was like in bed. He also offered to help me out if I ever got too tired to handle the demands of both of them. I was pretty sure he was joking, but the last time he'd said it, Bobby had come over and puffed up until Hector walked away with his hands up in surrender.

I was lost in that memory when I heard footsteps on the sidewalk. I didn't even have to turn around; I knew exactly who it was,

"Hey, guys."

"Hey, Beautiful," came Lester's familiar voice.

A hand touched my shoulder, and I knew from the feel alone that it was Bobby; I didn't even have to look.

I put my hand on top and squeezed his fingers. "Hey, Bobby."

He placed a kiss on top of my head and then asked, "What's going on?"

"I just needed a little time to think," I replied, still a little lost in my head.

"About what?" Lester asked, coming closer and sounding pretty nervous.

I shrugged and then realized it wasn't fair to them for me to leave it hanging out there. "Me, my backbone, or occasional lack thereof – just stuff," I rambled off a list.

"You want to talk about it?" Bobby asked, not pushing, just reminding me they would listen to anything I wanted to say.

"No," I replied honestly, realizing it wouldn't really help. My realizations weren't news, in the big scheme of things; it was just me settling my own thoughts down into a firm place. "What I want to do is swing."

Bobby stepped away, and I heard him and Lester sit on the empty swings on either side of me. I glanced up at the pole running across the top that the chains were connected to, waiting to see if it could hold all our weight without bending. When I decided it was solid, I pushed off and began to pump to get higher in the air.

We cut through the air in silence for a while, with only the squeak of the chains against the top of the swing set disturbing the night. Finally, it hit me that I wasn't in the easiest, most logical place, and they'd still found me.

"How did you know where I was?" I wondered.

They both chuckled at my question. Bobby offered a little more information. "When we got home and you weren't there, we waited for a bit. But after an hour when you hadn't arrived or called, we started to worry that something was wrong. I called the bonds office, but Lula hadn't heard from you, so I called your mom. She said you had some kind of run in with an acquaintance of yours from high school and then drove off. I asked her for suggestions of where you might be, and she gave me a few possibilities. Since she'd sent you home with food, we didn't think any of the eating places would be likely, so we started here."

When he said that, I couldn't stop the smile from creeping across my face. They hadn't spied on me and pulled up my trackers; they hadn't come in here yelling about how I'd worried them. They'd just calmly called a few people and then came after me to be sure I was all right. Marjorie was an idiot, and I was a fool for letting her get me in a funk that caused me to miss time with my boys.

With that thought, I let go of the chains and dismounted from the swing, flying through the air and landing on both feet. Hmm, too bad my leap from the garage roof hadn't ended that gracefully.

I turned around in time to see both of them copy my move, but I had to admit, they had landed more smoothly than I d, barely making any noise. One day, I'd figure out how they did it. Right now, though, it was low on my priority list.

"You know what I want?" I asked, looking between the two of them.

"No, Beautiful, what do you want?" Les asked, always up for anything.

"I want dinner, at home, with you two," I began.

"Is that all you want?" Bobby asked with a hopeful edge at the end. I had a feeling his mind was already jumping to dessert of the non-sugar variety.

"No, but it's all I'm telling you about in a public park," I replied with a grin.

Bobby swooped me up, holding me across his strong arms so that I could lean against his chest. I loved it when he did that, because it made me feel light and dainty.

"Then let's get you out of the public park, because I'm very interested in everything you want to tell us behind closed doors," he teased, his voice going low enough that his chest rumbled against my side.

Lester put a hand in the nest of tangles surrounding my head and stopped the progress Bobby had been making. "Wait a minute... You said you wanted to go home."

It took me a second to realize what he was asking, and then I got on board. "That's right; I want to go to our home, our apartment, on four."

Les leaned down and kissed me quickly before pulling back and asking, "Is that what you were thinking about? Why you needed to be out here alone?"

"No. Well, sort of." I wasn't making much sense, so I patted Bobby's chest so he would set me on my feet. I always found it harder to talk when I was in his arms because I just wanted to burrow down and lose myself there. Once my feet were on the grass, I told them, "I had a run in with someone, and I didn't handle it well. She hooked my temper, and then I intentionally mislead her about my life just so she'd leave me alone. After I was in my car, I started to feel ashamed of how I'd behaved. I'd never hesitate to defend you guys, but I don't have that same reaction to standing up for myself, and then I realized how lucky I was to have you and how good my life is right now. I'm not willing to hide behind the worries about what people might think like I always have. It's exhausting, and since I usually just do what I want to anyway, it's wasted energy."

"Damn, Baby, that was a lot of thinking," Bobby said, running a finger down the side of my face.

I took his hand in mind and held onto it. "Not really. Once I got out here by myself, it was all crystal clear, and it all kind of sorted itself out. I love you guys, I love our life together, and there's no way I'd give up what we have, so even though I'm not going to drive through town screaming that I get to go to bed with two of the world's sexiest men, I'm no longer going to worry what will happen if the rest of the world gets current and figures out what we are to each other."

Les took my free hand in his and lifted it to his lips. "You are an amazing woman. You know that, right?"

I shrugged, not willing to go that far. "I'm a lucky woman, I know that much."

"Nah, we don't love you for your luck," Bobby jumped in, moving closer so that I was sandwiched between them in my favorite position. "We love you for you."

We were all quiet for a minute while that declaration of love just sat out there, warming me up and settling whatever lingering doubts were still in my mind. I knew they'd never lie to me, but it was hard to replace thirty years of self doubt and bad experiences with four months of heaven.

"Come on, I'll drive you home," Bobby said, tugging me toward the path to the parking lot.

Fifteen minutes later, we were in the den, eating the food my mom had given me and talking about nothing and everything. I was well fed, warm, and completely relaxed when a brand new thought hit me, causing me to sit up straight and alerting the guys that I was about to abruptly change the subject.

"What is it?" Les asked when no words came out of my mouth.

I glanced over at the lamp and wished it wasn't on, lighting up my face perfectly at the moment.

The gesture wasn't lost on Bobby. He reached over and touched my arm to say, "Come on, Steph. You know you can say or do anything around us. We're not going to judge you or laugh at you."

I knew he was right, but I could still feel my face lighting up. "Since we first got together, things in the bedroom have been…wonderful." I needed to ease my way into what I wanted to say, but I totally didn't know how to do it.

Lester was grinning at my first announcement, obviously agreeing with me. "Yes, they have – better than wonderful."

"I know we've begun to do different things," I tried a different tactic, hoping at some point, they'd pick up on what I'd just thought about and finish it out for me. "I mean, at first, it was soft and easy together, and then I had some time with each of you, and you even let me watch you guys have a little time of your own." I had to stop there and take a deep breath. This time, the flush on my face had nothing to do with embarrassment and everything to do with how much I loved that memory.

I'd twisted my ankle a couple of weeks ago and had it propped up on the couch like Bobby had instructed. Then Les and Bobby had come in, both pissed off beyond anything I'd ever seen. I hadn't been able to get up, but it had been obvious they'd had some frustrations to get out that I wasn't going to be able to help with on one leg. When I saw them trying to calm down and failing, I'd sarcastically said, "Don't mind me," intending for them to go in the bedroom, and I'd stay out in the den to give them space.

What I hadn't expected was for Lester to tilt his head like he didn't understand my words and for Bobby to say, "She's got to see it sooner or later."

It wasn't until Lester unbuckled his belt that I'd realized they were going to have sex out in the den where I could watch. I'd seen them make out and touch each other and loved each glimpse into their shared sexuality like that, but what they'd unleashed that day was beyond what my Catholic white girl imagination could ever have conjured.

At first, I'd worried they were going to hurt each other. The force that Bobby had used in slamming Lester against the wall had made me sit up straighter so I could intervene if I had to, but when Lester growled and smirked, I'd realized it was all a part of their foreplay, and I'd reclined again and just taken in the show. By the time they were finished, they'd hit most of the walls, bent each other over the couch where I was lying, and used a bar stool as a balancing mechanism, as well. I'd been in agony and had known I'd go over the edge if either of them had even hinted at touching me. When they'd found the energy to look at me, there'd been definite worry on both their faces. I guessed they'd still wondered if I would see them as my gentle lovers after watching them take each other so animalistically.

The only thing I'd been able to say was, "Damn, when my ankle gets better, you are so taking me like that."

They'd both grinned, and the issue had been settled once and for all over whether their aggressive sides would frighten me. I had clearly proven that not only was I not scared, but I was now horny enough that they had to each take a turn satisfying me just to help get the image of what they'd done out of my head and replace it with that sweet exhaustion of having been loved well.

I shook my head to get that memory out because it wasn't the new thought that had hit me.

Lester's grin had doubled in size, as he obviously knew exactly where my thoughts had drifted.

Bobby brought us both back to the present by asking, "What new thing do you want to try now, Baby?"

He was so close to what I wanted, but he was going to force me to say it. "Why haven't you both taken me at once?" I asked. "I mean, you've shared me, we've been together, but we haven't been together."

Lester chuckled at my clumsy attempt to say what I was thinking without using the direct words. "You want to know why we haven't both been in you at the same time."

I nodded, glad that they were at least up to speed.

Bobby moved closer, which always made it easier for me to talk about personal stuff. Something about being spread across the room made me more self-conscious, but when my boys were close enough to touch, I had more confidence.

With his hand resting on mine, Bobby spoke. "Baby, we're more than happy to do that, but we've been holding back to give you time to get used to having us both in your bed. You hadn't really shown any interest in anal sex, so we didn't want to push you somewhere you weren't comfortable."

"But that's the only way we can all be together at once, so we'll have to try it sooner or later," I pointed out, appreciating their patience with me but realizing to take what we had to the next level, we'd have to try it at some point.

"We're content with what we have, so there is no reason to push you into areas you aren't ready to explore," Bobby rebutted. "But if you're interested in trying it, we are more than willing to show you what it's like."

"I've seen what it's like between you two," I reminded them.

"No, Beautiful," Lester disagreed. "We won't take you like that. Not there. It would be too much, and you wouldn't like it."

"But—" I started to disagree, until Bobby shook his head, cutting me off.

"He's right, Baby. If you want to know what it's like to have us both, we will gladly make your fantasy come true, but you're going to have to let us do it our way, because the thought of tearing or hurting you in any way would keep us from being able to do it."

"Then how?" I wondered what they were willing to do. I was also a little nervous at the whole idea of trying it. There was the taboo thing that I was pretty sure I was over after knowing them, but still, after years of thinking of that part of my body as completely off limits, it did feel strange to be asking them to take me there. And the way they were talking implied it might hurt. I remembered the unpleasant feeling of losing my virginity with Morelli and wondered if this would be worse than that.

Lester stood up and held out a hand in invitation. "Now?" I squeaked out nervously.

He glanced over each of his shoulders like he was searching for something else in the room with us and then looked back to me. "No time like the present, unless you have a more pressing engagement at the moment."

I put my hand in his, agreeing that putting it off after talking about it this much would only make me more nervous until we eventually tried something.

Les helped me to stand up and pulled me into a hug, holding me tightly to his chest and surrounding me with his arms. I loved this spot and was content to stay this way while they had one of their silent conversations. I could feel him move his head but heard nothing, so I figured they were on their ESP level of stealth communication.

When he whispered in my ear, "You know we'll take good care of you, right? And if you want us to stop at any time, all you have to do is tell us."

I nodded that I believed him, and in my heart, I did. They'd never hurt me and had proven themselves to be masters of control when it was called for.

The air around us felt different when we went to the bedroom. We spent so much time there that I couldn't imagine why this seemed special, but it definitely did. I was nervous, but I didn't doubt at all that I wanted to experience this.

"Are you sure you want this?" Bobby asked from behind me, pressing my back to his chest.

I nodded that I was and leaned into him, loving the feel of his broad chest behind me.

"Then just relax and let us take care of everything," he instructed, getting another nod as a response from me.

Honestly, was a side effect of anal sex the inability to talk? Hell, we hadn't done anything yet, and I couldn't make my mouth work. When we were finished, I might never speak again, which could be funny, since it would then be up to Bobby and Lester to explain why I had no voice.

"What are you thinking about?" Les asked, bringing me back to the present and pointing out that I had a smile on my face.

"I'm happy," I told him honestly, not exactly admitting to how far out there my actual thoughts were, but summing up the fact that even though I was about to experience something new and a little unsettling, I was at ease. I trusted these men with my life, my heart, and my body, and having that kind of dependability made me…happy.

Bobby's deep voice sounded right at my ear as he warned me, "Ah, Baby, you ain't seen nothing yet. When we finish with you tonight, you're going to be well past just being happy."

Thank goodness Bobby picked me up again and carried me to the bed, because there was no way I could handle walking over there on my own now. I let him lay me on the bed and then pushed myself up to rest on my elbows and the backs of my lower arms as they moved around, turning off the lights, grabbing something from the medicine cabinet in the bathroom, and taking their clothes off.

I stayed still, knowing that they liked stripping me themselves, so there was no reason for me to rush to join them in their nudity. Besides, I could enjoy the show just fine from where I was, so I wasn't in a hurry to move and risk missing something good.

When they finished all their prep work and turned on me, I knew I'd made the right decision. There was a hunger on both their faces, but it was softened with a tender excitement I hadn't thought could co-exist. They worked seamlessly together to take off my RangeMan uniform, and then they moved into what I mentally referred to as our starting position. Lester supported my back against his chest with me between his knees, and Bobby was in front of me.

The moment Les pushed my hair to the side and began to kiss my neck, I shut my eyes and gave into the experience. I figured the nervousness would return later, but for the moment, I knew how wonderful these two could make me feel, and I wasn't going to fight it because I was worried over what might happen later.

I don't know how long we stayed that way, as time didn't seem to matter much in our bedroom. I do know that when Lester laid back with me still positioned on his chest, that Bobby repositioned me on top so that I was at the perfect height for his magical mouth to tease me even more. Since I knew nights with them were never just a single pop and then done, I didn't fight it as the first wave of please came over me. Bobby continued to lightly suckle and caress until I had ridden the full length of my orgasm before moving up my body slowly, kissing everything he encountered.

He ended up at my lips, and after thoroughly kissing me, he pulled back enough to explain, "Roll over and take Les so that you ride him."

I should have known better than to tease him, but sometimes, my mouth worked before my brain, and when we were in bed together, it was almost guaranteed to happen in that order. "Are you going to watch again?"

He gave me a bit of a dry chuckle before saying, "No, Baby, I'm going to do all kinds of things, but passively watching ain't on that list tonight."

And didn't that just make a girl gush anew. I used that as motivation to follow Bobby's directions and straddled Les before sliding slowly around him, watching his eyes shut and his lower lip go between his teeth. Honestly, there were nights I was sure he drew blood from using that technique to hold himself back. The fact that he was already trying to distract himself gave me one more piece of evidence about how much they'd wanted us to come together this way.

Bobby's hands were on my hips, and he guided me as I moved above Les, setting a rhythm that was slow and sensual. When I felt his hands shift, I realized he was repositioning me so that instead of sitting up over Les, he was encouraging me to lie down with my chest over his. That was when I realized what he was positioning me for. I felt exposed and stopped moving for a moment.

He must have known what had happened, because his hands began moving up and down my back before his chest covered me so he could get closer to my ear to whisper, "We can stop, Baby. We don't have to do anything you don't want to."

There was no way I was going to back out now, so I shook my head and said, "No, I want to." Then for good measure, I added, "Please."

A moaning sound filled my ears before the warm weight behind me disappeared and Bobby's hands settled on my hips, encouraging me to begin moving on Lester once more. Once I began to thrust, his hands began to massage around my hips to my lower back and then down to my ass. I'd never given much though to my rear end. I knew it had a muscle called a gluteus maximus, and I assumed that was what he was digging into with his thumbs. I'd never thought of getting a massage while having sex, but it was definitely working for me, as this felt heavenly. He patiently rubbed and moved, waiting for me to relax and enjoy what he was doing before sliding one hand in the cleft between. I tightened up reflexively, but he just softly ran his fingers from the bottom of my back down to where Les and I were connected and then back up until I let go of the reactionary tension.

Then Les surprised me by speaking. "Bobby is going to have to get you ready, Beautiful. He can't just push his way in, or it will hurt, but if you can relax a little and just focus on me then it will make it much easier."

I nodded that I'd heard him and knew that when Lester focused his attention on distracting me, I wouldn't be able to hold a straight thought in my head, so I let them care for me and gave myself over to the experience. Lester was teasing my right nipple when I felt a cool finger at the entrance to that tight hole that had never been touched. He pinched down at the exact moment Bobby began to work his way in so that my mind went to the line of pain and pleasure being caused by Lester, leaving me very little room for concern about what to expect behind me.

There was a strange sensation of something being in me that wasn't normal, but I wouldn't call it painful, just different. Bobby allowed me to feel that for a moment before he began to move against my thrusts on Lester. When Lester moved his other hand up to began lavishing attention on my left nipple, too, Bobby inserted a second finger, drawing my attention to him once more but never doing anything I wasn't comfortable with.

When I felt Bobby's fingers opening up, stretching me slightly, Lester began to twist my nipples and then softly talk to me about how much he loved my body and how perfectly it responded to everything they did to me. Les had a way of talking in sex that never made me feel dirty but added an erotic edge to what was happening. I was so focused on him that I relaxed again, making it much easier for Bobby to do what he needed to.

When Les stopped talking, Bobby pulled his fingers out, and I found that while I hadn't really thought that what he'd been doing was adding to my pleasure, when it was gone, I missed it. There was an emptiness I wasn't sure I understood.

"Look at me, Beautiful," Les pleaded, capturing my attention back on his handsome face and stilling my hips against his. "You are an incredible gift to us. You know that, don't you?"

"I know I feel that way about you two," I replied just before I felt Bobby's erection press into where his fingers had just been. His warm chest touched my back, and one of his hands held my hip.

"This may feel a little tight at first, almost like it's too much, but I promise it won't stay like that," Bobby said as he pushed through where I wanted to tighten around him. "Relax, Baby," he encouraged, before suggesting, "Look at Lester's face."

I glanced at the man underneath me, feeling the gratitude sweep over me as it always did when I realized one of these men belonged to me.

"Do you see how he's biting his lip?"

I nodded that I could see it and then moved my hand so that my thumb rubbed across Lester's mouth.

"He does that when he's holding back." Bobby kept talking, all the while making slow, controlled strokes, working his way gently inside of me. "He bites down so that he can keep himself in check and not rush the moment he's in. Do you know why he doesn't want to rush this?"

I shook my head no, not wanting to speak in case my voice betrayed me and told them that I could feel a little burning where Bobby was stretching past anything I'd ever felt before.

"He doesn't want to rush it because in a minute, I'm going to be completely inside you, and when you are ready for it, we're going to move together. Lester will be able to feel me inside you, brushing against his dick with mine with only a thin membrane between us. I'll be surrounded by your heat just like he is, and I'll be able to feel him pleasure you at the same time I am." When he said this last part, it struck me that I'd never heard Bobby's voice this low. Either he was turning into a late blooming bass singer or he'd not been this turned on around me before.

Something in that thought pushed my mind away from overanalyzing every move he made with the anticipation that it would be uncomfortable, and instead, I began to grow excited to feel what he was describing. When Bobby stopped moving, I waited to see if something was wrong. I turned my head to see if Bobby's face would let me know why he'd stilled, but his hand tightened on my hip to keep me from moving.

"Don't move, Baby…please don't…move."

I froze, worried that I was hurting him until I felt a long breath being released over my back and Bobby said, "It's so good – damn, you feel so…good."

It wasn't that he hurt; it was that he was struggling to handle how overwhelming it felt. That piece of knowledge was all it took to make me want to move, so I tried the little trick I'd learned they both liked and concentrated on clamping my muscles down around Lester, which had the lovely side effect of constricting around Bobby at the same time. I was rewarded with both of them swearing, which I assumed was a compliment that I'd made it even better for them.

"Slowly," Bobby reminded me, using his hands as a guide to get me moving on Lester once more.

He set the pace, and I just shut my brain off for once, not needing words to figure out what was happening. The feelings just washed over me.

The tenderness was gone. I felt full, which made sense, because neither of these guys was even average by any stretch. When they moved in tandem, I felt consumed, surrounded to the point of nearly being overwhelmed. Their hands moved over me, and I could feel each of them moving inside me, alternating their thrusts so that they not only had the friction of moving in and out of me, but they had the added stimulation of passing each other with every push and pull. Once I locked onto this, I started to feel the usual warmth spreading in my lower stomach, but it was a lot hotter than usual.

I held my breath, unsure if I should fight against it and wondering why it was so much harder to control than it had ever been. Just as the fear of what was happening in my body began to take root, Lester called out to me again and forced me to open my eyes.

"Look at me," he urged me. "We've got you, and it's all right. You can let it go and not fight it. We promise we've got you."

He knew exactly what I was experiencing, and his words gave me the courage to draw in a fresh breath and stop working against the pleasure, allowing it to flow through me and continue building instead. Up to this point, I'd thought that nothing could top what we had experienced while making love, but clearly I'd been clueless in that assumption. This was like nothing I'd ever thought possible. We were one – truly one – with no space between us, and my body was the union between theirs.

That thought triggered a scream in me that I didn't think was possible. It just became too much to hold back, and when the sound broke out of my mouth, the dams that I'd used to hold back those small pieces of my heart so that I'd still have something to live with if they decided they didn't want me anymore also broke, and I knew this would be it forever. They had all of me, and if something happened to us, I'd never be the same. I needed this: the communion between all three of us; the role of being cared for and being needed to provide care, too; and the way they used their bodies to both calm and please me while drawing us even closer together than we had ever been.

I was vaguely aware of the warmth in me when both of them called out their own releases. Bobby seemed to collapse on top of me, sandwiching me between their hot bodies. I loved the sensation and briefly wondered if Les was being injured underneath all this weight, but when he rubbed his hands on my side so that he was touching Bobby at the same time, I figured he was at least alive down there, so I didn't worry any further.

Much sooner than I wanted, Bobby pulled back and slowly slipped from me before rolling off to the side and tugging me off of Lester to spoon up to him, like we often did in our sleep. "Are you okay?" he asked hesitantly.

"Better than that," I replied, hoping he understood what I was trying to say. "How about you?"

Lester and Bobby both laughed at my question, and Les spoke first. "I'm surprised I'm still conscious. Shit, man, that was…oh hell…wow." At least I wasn't the only one too overwhelmed by what had just happened to talk in complete sentences.

Bobby laughed until Lester reached over me and smacked his shoulder. "All right, no reason to start throwing punches. I was just going to agree with you," Bobby explained his laughter.

I felt their hands on me and closed my eyes, accepting their comfort and adoration. They wanted me – needed me, even. I knew this because they said so and they were trustworthy men, but I could feel it in the way they touched me, and now, too, in the way we connected when we made love to each other together.

I couldn't believe I'd let the foolish words of a narrow-minded woman from the 'Burg make me second guess myself today. I'd wasted time in self-imposed exile that I could have spent between these two gorgeous men. Hopefully, this would be a lesson well learned so I didn't have to go through it again.

Six months ago, I'd thought that loving someone meant having to sacrifice and give up parts of yourself in order to be loved in return. It took the persistence of these two men to show me that I couldn't have been more wrong. Love was not a demanding thing that forced you to change; it was a natural connection that grew when you found someone who didn't accept you in spite of your faults, but who wanted you because of them.

My life had changed as a result of this relationship, but they were all changes for the better. Bobby was right; they hadn't even begun to love on me tonight, and happy was already an understatement about how I felt. I was growing, maturing, and had finally found a place where I could be me and soar.

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