"Hey,Sam you in?" I yelled as I walked though the living room. Him,my friend Emily and I live together. I'm 21, I have midnight black hair, and brown eyes and tan skin.

Emily is also 21,she has dark brown hair cropped short where as mine comes down to my breasts, she has green eyes and even tanner skin.

Sam is buff(I like him) he has brown hair and brown eyes.

"yo,Nina I'm up here" his masculine voice was ruff like he'd only just woken up.

"well,get ya ass down here and help us with the shopping" I yelled back "its all in the car."

I herd the floorboards creak as he came down the stairs.

"whoa, are ya tired?" he asks. He know what was happening. The noises, the bumping in the night,the voices, everything well because he sleeps in my room sometimes when my dreams get bad.

"I'm fine" I gave him look that said 'tell you later'.just as Emily walked in. she was carrying half her weight in bags of food

"the rest is in the car" She told him.

Sorry its a short one but I'm kinda busy because my nan is very ill and I'm helping my granddad and dad help her so it will be slow for the mean time but I will try to update. :)