I started watching Once Upon a Time last month and fell in love with the show. At first I didn't really like Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold but after the episode that showed how he became the Dark One I started to like him. I'm not sure if he is good or bad. I'm guessing he is in between :D

Anyway for some reason Rumpel is my favorite OUAT character. After reading a few Rumpelstiltskin fanfictions I decided I wanted to try my hand at one of my own. Something fresh and new. I'm sure most of you know me from my story The Slaves of Zachavi. If you haven't you can find it in my stories.

I hope everyone likes this story. This story may not always be cannon to the events that happened in the shows so just a warning.

Another thing. This story will never go over rating T. I know a lot of the Rumpelstiltskin fanfictions have deals that involve sex. There will be none like that in this story.

Something about the version of Rapunzel I used for this: she is mostly the Disney based version with the magic hair. She isn't a stolen princess but she was stolen as a baby. Mother Gothel isn't hundreds of years old. Only ugly resulting from a deal. Everything will explain itself in this story. Well on with the story.


(A Rumpelstiltskin/Rapunzel story)

Chapter 1:

Rapunzel never felt she belonged. She even had this odd sense or feeling that her mother wasn't really her mother.

She knew that her mother, Gothel had to love her but she had very strange ways of showing it.

For starters, Gothel refused to let her leave their home, which was a very high tower. Rapunzel didn't even know where the door was for Gothel always used her long hair to go down the tower.

Mother Gothel claimed that Rapunzel's hair could never be cut for it held magical qualities and if it were cut it would lose its magic. It could heal wounds and change the most haggard appearances back to the way they once were. This resulted from a rare magical golden flower her mother had to intake when Rapunzel was still in her womb. It didn't make much sense to the young woman but she knew not to ask too many questions. It greatly annoyed Mother Gothel when Rapunzel asked too many questions or talked too much.

Rapunzel had never set foot outside in all her 20 years. She longed to feel the grass between her toes. To have that feeling of freedom and run around in the Enchanted Forest. Gothel forbid her to go out because there were 'people who would want her for her hair.' Robbers and murderers.

"Please Rapunzel, come away from that window and help me prepare for my journey to the Queen's Court.

Rapunzel knew what she meant by 'prepare'. Her mother needed her to rejuvenate her. Without Rapunzel's hair Gothel was a very unattractive woman. She had heard her mother had been a very beautiful woman at one time but over time her lovely features turned ghoulish. She only knew this because the tutor Gothel hired to educate her used to tell her stories and rumors about her mother. The tutor told her it was because of all her horrible deeds. She had even made a deal with Rumpelstiltskin. He was a mighty man of power. He was able to grant any wish but for a price. The price was always high but not everyone knew how high the price was.

Gothel was one of the most beautiful women in the kingdom but she longed for more. She longed for a place in the Royal Court and wealth.

On a walk Gothel had ran into the trickster. She knew immediately who he was from his haggard appearance and gold tinted skin.

She begged him to grant her wish not caring what she had to give in return. She was greedy and only cared about being famous and wealthy.

Rumpelstiltskin gave her wishes and in return took her beauty from her. He then told her to go to the Court and she would be granted her wish.

Gothel didn't realize what had happened to her because she immediately ran away after without as much as a thank you. She didn't notice her face until she stopped at a small brook to take a drink and saw her reflection. By the time she had Rumpelstiltskin was nowhere to be found.

"Rapunzel! Are you even listening to me?" Gothel raised her voice. Rapunzel quickly snapped back into focus.

"I'm coming, mother."

"Really, sometimes that girl has no more of a brain than a duck," Gothel grumbled as if Rapunzel wasn't present.

Rapunzel chose not to answer. She was used to being talked down upon. Either about her figure or the way she acted. Even her hobbies and interests were talked down about by her mother. It seemed no matter what she did she could never please her mother except by using her hair to make her mother beautiful again for a short span of time.

Rapunzel sat down at her mother's feet feeling tears while Gothel gathered a handful of the golden hair.

"I am ready, my precious daughter," Gothel said. To most people 'precious daughter' was an affectionate title. Only when Gothel said it it made Rapunzel feel like she was just an owned and prized possession to the woman and not a daughter.

Rapunzel felt a tear fall from her eye and she began the words that enacted the magic in her hair.

"Flower, gleam and glow

Let your power shine

Make the clock reverse

Bring back what once was mine

Heal what has been hurt

Change the fates' design

Save what has been lost

Bring back what once was mine

What once was mine."

Rapunzel got up as soon as it was over and slowly walked back to her window to sit. At least if she couldn't go out and walk through the forest she could look at it.

Gothel got up from her seat and went to the mirror to admire her new face and laughed. She didn't thank Rapunzel not that the girl cared. Her mother never did.

Rapunzel didn't look at her as she threw her hair out the window so Gothel could go down.

"Rumpelstiltskin, I have outsmarted you," Gothel half whispered and half laughed. It wasn't meant for Rapunzel to hear but she heard it anyway.

Gothel pulled on her cloak still laughing to herself and went to where Rapunzel sat.

"Now dear, don't look so down. I know you wish you are as beautiful as I. Maybe someday." Gothel laughed again as she took a hold of Rapunzel's hair and slide down it to the green grass below. "Take care my dear and try not to get in too much trouble."

"What trouble could I possibly get into when I cannot leave this dreadful tower?" Rapunzel said to herself staring at her mother's figure until it was out of view.

She sighed and pulled away from the window. It would be a long day.

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