This will be the only author's note so please give it a look. This story will consist entirely of letters between the two - at least, that is the plan for now. It may change. Bella is a rape victim. While I will won't describe the actual rape - there will be references to the after-math. Edward is in prison, prison is a tough place. If either of these two concepts are difficult for you, you may want to choose to read a different story. This story will not be beta'd since letters are not beta'd. I'm also not using a pre-reader since I'm going to be writing these when my other stuff is with Kat and Sarita. Chapters will be short, but hopefully frequent. Thanks!

Dear Edward,

I wasn't sure if I would ever write this. Even now, I'm not sure I'll send it. You're not where you are because you did anything for me, at least, not on purpose. I'm not sure why you're there. As far as I'm concerned, you could have gone on doing what you were doing till the cows came home. But then, well, maybe that would mean something about you instead of about the people you killed. I don't know.

I'm going to come right out and say it. I was one of James Hunter's victims. Until you killed him, and then later came forward and confessed, I didn't have a name to put to the face. All I had was a miserable life filled with depression, physical injury and pain. You coming forward and letting the he was dead... I know what all the do-gooders say. We must forgive, revenge is not the answer. Its not our place to judge... Maybe it says something about me then, but it does help that he's dead! I'm glad he's not out there hurting other girls. I'm glad I never have to worry about him finding me again. It's bad enough I haven't yet been able to go out at night since the attack two years ago. My life has ended, so, yeah, I'm glad his did too.

That's why this card says, "Thank you" on the front. Sorry, I couldn't find any cards that didn't have either cartoons or flowers. Neither seemed appropriate, but I figured it didn't really matter anyway. Maybe you like flowers. If you prefer cartoons, I hope you'll tell me.

Yes, I hope you'll write back. I'm not sure why, but I want to know more about you. In all the press coverage you received, you never said a word. You waived your right to a trial so all we saw was your one word answers to the judge when he sentenced you. I recorded it; I watch it over and over. You stood there incredibly still and straight, looking the judge in the eye. He looked like he was pissing himself! His voice shook when he read your sentence. Life in prison, no parol. I cried. I'd known better, but hoped there was a chance you'd get out eventually. I wanted to be able to thank you in person someday. You may have scared every one in that room, but you didn't scare me. How could they not see it? Every person you killed deserved it, you made the world a better place and saved countless numbers of lives. They should have given you a medal, not threw you away for life.

But, is that what you wanted? You turned yourself in, the police said they had nothing. Probably, they would have never caught you. Will you tell me why you surrendered? I know it's none of my business, and I'll still be grateful to you anyway, I hope you'll tell me though.

I'm not sure if this letter came out right. It wasn't easy to write, and I hope it's not difficult to read. If you don't want me to write anymore, you can ignore me. I won't again unless I hear from you saying its okay. Regardless, please know I'll always be thankful for what you did. Always.