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I.S.. Infinite Stratos.. a machine that once was created for space exploration purpose.. But these I.S posses weapon more advance that the world has ever seen… Threatening the balance of the world.. That's why the world created the Alaska Treaty to solve the problem… But for some reason I.S can only be pilot by women.. For this the world govermen-

"Nee chan! Its boring!" A young spiky blond hair boy whined to a older blond that seated beside his bed. "What kind of bed story is that!"

"B-be quite!" The blond female said with red face. "I-I don't know anything else to tell Naruto! You know im bad at telling story!"

The younger blond shook his head. "Neru nee chan is hopeless when it come to telling stories… I mean, what kind of sister that tell they're little brother history as bed time story."

"Grr.. Why you-!" Neru jump at Naruto and squish him underher weight.. she's not fat by the way, but its her little brother so.. "Im going to punish you!"


"Muahahaahaha!" Neru laugh evilly as she tickle her brother.

"N-No.. pfft! Ahaha! S-s-stop it… ahahaha!"

The sibling stop, and Neru began to sit back at her chair beside Naruto bed. Naruto wipe his tear because of the laugh, look at his sister. "Nee chan.. someday im gonna be like you!"

"Huh?" Neru ask as she title her head. "You mean.. I.S pilot?"


"But… you're a boy."


"Sorry little brother, but boys cant ride I.S." Neru said as she ruffle her brother head.

Naruto shook his head. "Im gonna be one! Im sure of it! Even if I am the first and only male riding it!"

"Ahahaha… sure you are." Neru said with a smile as she giggle a little.

They're moment is cut as an explosion is heard, and alarm going on.

"W-what was that!"

" ! it cant be… we're under attack…" Neru thought for a moment. "Naruto! Lets go to the bunker! Lets go!" Neru said as she drag her brother out of the room through a big hall. They see people running around in the courtyard from the window. From guard with guns to employee.

The sibling kept running until they reach a big iron door, lead to the underground bunker. "Naruto, get in there and stay there until someone come and get you." Neru order her brother.

"B-but what about you nee chan!" Naruto ask as tear beginning to build in his eyes.

"I'll be fine! Just go!" Neru input a code at the door, as the door open she throw Naruto inside and begin to close the door.

"Nee chan!" Naruto yell as he try to get back outside, but the door is almost close and its imposible to come out of the narrow opening. "Nee chan!"

Neru smile. "Listen Naruto, I believe in your dream, that someday you shall soar through the sky with I.S.. never gives up, and remember, that people bonds is human mightiest power that not even I.S can beat… I'll see you around… I love ya, my dear little brother." The door now close fully, as Naruto tears cant stop flowing.


"Nee chan!" Naruto eys shot open. "That dream again…" Naruto look around the train he is riding. All of the passenger are female, except for him, "I guess being the only second male that can ride I.S, going to an all girl academy is a little awkward.. I really want to meet that other male pilot.." Naruto thought got cut off as he look outside the window, to see the sight of I.S academy, the academy that was made on an island that teach females to become a great I.S pilot.

Naruto smile and shook his head. "Well, I guess I better pack up."


"My name is Ichika Orimura, nice to meet you!" A black hair person introduce himself, yes, he is the other male Naruto mention in his mind. All the class are looking at him, he look at his left, like asking for help with a desperate look, then knowing he wont get any, he took a deep breath gaining more attention. "That's all!" Every female in the class fell down comical fashion because of the speech.

Naruto try to hold his laugh at the guy in front of him, but the anti climatic speche is too much, as Naruto laugh but not too loud. He stop as Ichika got his head hit by a new teacher that just arrive. Ichika then notice the newly arrival teacher.

"C-chifuyu-nee!" He said surprise, but he get another bonk on his head.

"Its Orimura sensei at school." She said with cold voice.

Naruto was a little surprise at the girls outburst that they're sensei is the 'Chifuyu Orimura sensei'. The girls is silent by Orimura sensei as she talk once more with cold voice.

"Be quiet!" She commanded. "I'll have you memorise the basics of IS within the next six months. After that it's hands-on, you should learn the basic manoeuvres within half a month." She continued. "Okay? If you agree, answer. Even if you don't, still answer me."

"Hai!" The students all answer, even Naruto. Then, its Naruto turn to introuduce himself.

Naruto then start speaking. "Um.. my name is Naruto Namikaze, nice to meet you all. Uhm, I really hope you girls and guy take good care of me." Naruto introduce himself while bowing, but not finish before he add something. " But do remember, that im gonna be the best I.S pilot in history! Believe it!"

When the introducing time finish, the other teacher, a green hair busty women named Maya Yamada took over. She start the introduction, like the origin of I.S, the Alaska treaty that prevent I.S to be use by the military, and the academy being the only one teaching I.S.

After that, the girls are all left to find new friends or gossips or something. And Ichika is uncomfortable in his seat, probably he's not used the attention.

Naruto poke Ichika shoulder from behind, Ichika notice it, he look behind and come face to face with a spiky blond hair person. "Your Ichike eh? The male that also can ride I.S?" Naruto ask with a smile.

"Yeah…" Ichika answer as he get back to sulking, until he notice something. "Wait… you're a male?"

"Huh? Well yeah.."

"Alright! Im saved!" Ichika yell as he pump his hand into the air.

"Wow there buddy, slowdown, it seem like you almost have no hope of seeing a male or something, beside, you didn't listen to my introduction?." Naruto ask as he chuckle a little.

"Yeah well, being in a 99% all girls academy and being hit by your sister in the head do that to ya."

"It did?"

"Ichika." They're conversation was cut off as a black pony tail hair girl call Ichika. "Can I talk to you? Privately."

"Huh? Well.." Ichika scratch the back of his head.

"Well then, you two have a nice talk session eh? Im gonna doodle on paper or something." Naruto said as he pull a paper and pencil out of nowhere and start doodling.

Then Ichika and the black hair girl leave the classroom, "Probably to the roof… or maybe to the bathroom?." Naruto thought as he giggle pervertly and continue his doodling.


"Then, is there anyone with a question at this point?" Yamada sensei ask after she explained something about I.S Core Network. Ichika look desperate as he look at the VERY big study book, the size is almost like two world dictionary book comes joined together!

"That active whatever and that wide area something. What does it mean? Does it mean I have to remember everything?" Ichika ask in his head as he didn't understand a thing that Yamada sensei explained.

"Ugh… My worst subject.. theory… why cant we just practice it live on the I.S core or something? Damn complicated stuff that I don't understand!" Naruto curse in his mind as he too look at the big size book.

"Orimura-kun, is there something?" Yamada sensei ask Ichika with her usual smile.

"Eerm.. well.." Ichika look very desperate.

"If you have any question, please ask me, I am a teacher after all." Yamada sensei said.

Ichika close his eyes and swallow his pride and raise his hand. "Sensei…"

"Yes Orimura-kun?"

"I barely understand any of this." Ichika said as sweats start pouring from his head.

"Eh.. everything?" Yamada sensei ask surprise. "Is there anyone else who doesn't understand something up to this point?"

The class went silent. Ichika already lost hope, and already thought being the only one who doesn't understand anything in the class. That is until Naruto raise his hand.

"Uhm.. I don't understand half of the lesson…" Naruto said.

"Eh! You too Namikaze-kun?" Yamada sensei ask.

"Orimura, Namikaze, did you two read the reference book before entering this school?" Orimura sensei ask as she walk closer to bothe Ichika and Naruto.

"Ahh… is it that massive thick one?" Ichika ask.

"Yes, its written there that its compulsory to read it." Orimura sensei answer.

"Well, I made a mistake and threw it away." Ichika answer simply. Then he got hit by his sister with a book. Earning a winch from Naruto.

"I'll issue you another copy later, memorize it within one week okay?" Orimura sensei said. "What about you Namikaze? Did you threw it away too?"

Naruto came out of his shock state from seeing Ichika got hit by a book in an instant. "W-well, I still have it, I just don't understand the uh… procedure how it work?" Naruto ask as sweat start to build up in his face.

"Alright then, you two must memorize it within one week." Orimura sensei order.

"But, one week with that kinda thickness is.." Ichika complained.

"Im telling you to memorize it." Orimura sensei sadi as here eyes glow dangerously.

Naruto and Ichika look in horror and fear. "Yes I'll do it." Ichika said as he put his head down.

"Me too." Naruto too put his head down in hopelessness.

"Well, lets continue the lesson, please turn to the text on page 12." Yamada sensei continue.

"…" A blond hair girl is watching Ichika and Naruto intently from the back.

"!" Naruto shiver. As he look around the room, but find nothing as he only look at his front and side.


Its recess time, and Ichika is sulking while playing with his pen, while Naruto is doodling… again.

"Erm… can I have a moment?"

Ichika and Naruto look toward the source, and spotted a long hair blond female.

"Huh?" Ichika ask, still feeling daze.

"?" Naruto stay silent but tilt his head.

"What an respond! Just having me talk with you two should make you feel honored. Cant you have better attitude?" The blond girl said in disgust.

"Sorry, but I don't know who you are." Ichika answer simply.

Naruto nod his head agreeing.

The girl look surprise. "You don't know me? Cecilia Alcott?" She ask in surprise. "You never heard of me? The valedictorian of the entrance exam and the representative contender student for England?" She is stop as Ichika raise his hand.

"Can I ask a question?" Ichika ask.

"It is the job of nobles to answer the request made by people of lower classes, please feel free." She answer with a snobbish vigor.

Ichika look at her seriously. "Whats a representative contender student?"

Everyone falldown by the anti climatic or stupid question Ichika ask, excluding Naruto as he stay silent and looks like he is thinking hard.

"Ahh… Ahh.." Cecilia could only said as she is too shock.

"You know… I've been wondering…" Naruto starting to speak, as everyone stand back up." what the hell is a valedictorian?" Naruto ask. Now everyone falldown once more at the more stupider question.

"Huh?" Ichika said still confuse as he look at Cecilia.

"I cant believe this! Is every man in Japan is so lacking knowledge? Its common sense, sommon sense." Cecilia said as she starting to talk snobbish again.

"So whats a representative contender student?" Ichika ask once again.

Cecilia smirk. Then, she start explaining whats a representative contender student is to Ichika, while she self proclaimed herself as elite and Ichika and Naruto should be honored they have the same class as she is, and for some reason she use some strange pose's. Although Naruto is not listening seeing as he already knowing whats a representative contender student mean.

"Hoe… England eh? She seem the type of girl that like to be compliment and easy to anger…"

"Is that so? That's lucky." Ichika said as Cecilia ask something Naruto missed.

Cecilia frown. "Are you making fun of me?" She ask.

"Wasn't it you that told me how lucky I was?" Ichika ask back.

"How can you enter this school in the first place without knowing this? I heard the both of you are the only male that can pilot I.S, I was expecting more from the both of you." Cecilia said as she walk away.

"Expecting anything from me puts me in a bad spot." Ichika said.

"Hmm.. must be expecting us to be like the noblemen from Europe or something." Naruto said.

"Since im awesome, I will even be nice to people like you. If you don't fully understand anything, if you come crying to me, I will not mind teaching the both of you. After all, im an elite among elite who defeated and instructor during the entrance exam." Cecilia said being snobbish again.

"Hoe.. that's.. nice I guess.." Naruto said as he rub the back of his head.

"Eh? I also defeated an instructor." Ichika said.

"Huh?" Cecilia ask as she dash toward Ichika in disbelief.

"Although, it was just that, the instructor suddenly came charging toward me, so I evaded her so she crashe into the wall and was taken out of commission." Ichika said in a bored tone as he pick up his books.

"… I heard it was only me…" Cecilia said silently.

"Didn't that carry the clause, 'among women'?" Ichika ask.

"So you defeated an instructor too!" Cecilia ask again.

"Err, calm down okay?"

"How can I calm down after that! Please continue this conversation later, alright?" She turn around and walk away.

Ichika only watch her as she leave the room. "Hey Ichika." Ichika turn around to see Naruto poking his shoulder. "I still don't get it… whats valedictorian mean?"

Ichika only sweatdrop at his fellow male antic.


Ichika and Naruto walk toward the dorm seeing as school is over. Ichika look behind him. "First day like this, I can see my future under bad star…" Ichika say with a sigh.

"Hmm… I wonder what they had for diner?" Naruto ask no one in particuler.

Ichika only shook his head.


"This must be it." Ichika said as he look at the door with 1025 numbers on it.

"Hope they have computer…" Naruto said with a serious tone.

"Of course they have! I mean, look at the size of this school!"

"True… since it will be a dragged to make the model without one… anyway, lets go in."


The room is have two bed, two computer, one bathroom, a tv, and the room is fancy looking.

"Nice… I kinda like it already." Naruto said as he drop his bag and jump toward the one of the bed.

"Yeah, expected of this school." Ichika said.

"You know, if im not here, you could be paired with a girl in this room." Naruto said as he lie on the bed.

"Your right, it will be a disaster."

"It will? Your not gay are you?" Naruto ask, creeping away from Ichika a little.

"Im not! Im completely straight! Beside, if my roommates a girl, accidently walking while she was changing will be result in death." Ichika answer.

"True.. but im sure there will be many service.. " Naruto said with a smirk. "Like, you're entering the room, while your roommates is finish showering, and still have no chlothes on.. and she start chasing you with a boken… wait, I think im starting to on to something here…"

"Servise? Oh.. You mean THAT kind of servise.. you know what, I think you might be right!" Ichika Said as he nod his head.

Naruto shook his head with a smile. "Anyway, im gonna sleep, hope I have a ramen dream.. believe it…" Naruto said as he sleep instantly.

Ichika shook his head as he too lie down on the other bed.


Breakfast time… or Naruto would called it, energy refill time. We see our two male hero, eating with Houki Shinonono, the black hair girl that ask to talk with Ichika in private.

"What! You dare underestimated the power of Sardine!" Naruto ask Ichika while pointing his finger at him.

"H-hey! Calm down, im just saying that I never had a sardine tasting ramen!" Ichika answer.

As the two continue they're argument about sardine, with Houki trying her best to ignore them, three girls carrying food tray walk closer.

"Uhm.. Orimura-kun, Namikaze-kun, can we sit here?" One of the three girls, a black long hair girl, ask.

"Sure, why not?" Ichika answer.

"Sure, believe it." Naruto too answer.

Then the other two girls, a auburn hair girl that tie into two ponytail, and a pinkish hair girl wearing a cute yellow clothe or costume, with a cat hoody. Look at each other. "Alright!" They said silently in unison.

"… Must… Resist… Kawainess…" Naruto think as he look at the hoody cat girl.

" Aww.. I should have ask them earlier.."

" Its still the second day. Its not time to feel rushed." The other female students in the cafeteria murmured

"Ooohh… Orimura-kun, Namikaze-kun you two sure eat a lot, you really are a boy." The cat hoody girl said.

"Of course!" Naruto said. "Im a hundred percent male!"

Ichika shook his head. "Rather, I wonder if girls are alright with eating so little for breakfast."

" W-well… we.. are fine… I guess…" The black hair girl said as she look at her auburn hair friend, both of them having a sweat drop.

"That's because we had a lots of snack!" The hoody cat one said.

The conversation comng to an halt as Houki stand up from the table. "Im going now." She said as she start to leave.

"Yeah.. see ya later." Ichika said a little surprise.

"Bye bye Shinonono-san!" Naruto said as he wave his hand.

When Houki is out of sight, the auburn hair girl look at Ichika. "Did you two have a special relationship?"

Ichika smile. "Well, we are childhood friend."

"Childhood friend!" The three girls said surprise.

Naruto listen silently as Ichika explain that he and Houki going to the same kendo dojo. "Childhood friend huh? Figure…"

A clap got everyone attention, Orimura-sensei in a white chlothes is standing in the middle. "How long are you going to spend eating? Take in your meal with speed and efficiency. Im the dorm supervisor for 1st years. If you comes late to class, im gonna make you run 10 laps in the track field."

"Oh, I didn't know that, so that's why she rarely comes home." Ichika thought. But then he notice something. "Where is Naruto? He disappear?"


"We will now decide who will be class representative who will be competing in the inter-class tournament. But not only that, the student representative will also attend council meeting as well committee meetings. You can consider something like a class leader." Orimura-sensei explain. "Are there any candidate?" She ask.

"Yes, I recommend Orimura-kin." A brown hair girl said. Ichika look at her in horror.

"I agree on that too!" Another girl said.

"M-me!" Ichika ask.

"Ichika." Naruto pat Ichika shoulder. "You have my sympathy."

Orimura-sensei stay silent for a moment. "Are there any other opinion? If there is none, he shall elected without a vote."

"W-wait a minute here-"

"I cant accept it!" Cecilia rise from her seat. "This type of election is unacceptable! Hving man as out class rep is nothing more than shame! Do you ask Cecilia Alcott to bear that shame for a whole year? Living in a country with an undervelope culture like this,is such an unbearable pain to me."

"Gee, this women got issued." Naruto whisper to himself.

"Britain has so few thing to pride its self with. How many time does your country win the annual worst cuisine award?" Ichika counter, he seem doesn't like it that Japan got mock by her.

"We have delicious dishes. Many of them! Are you insulting my country?" Cecilia ask.

The two of them glare at each other for a few second, while Orimura sensei just smile while looking at them, Naruto… he just stare.

Then Cecilia point at Ichika. "This is a duel!"

"Yeah! Bring it on!" Ichika accepted. "That's the way to do it rather than debating."

"If you lose on purpose, I will make you my servant, no, worse, my slave!" Cecilia said while she walk closer to Ichika.

"How much handicap do you want?" Ichika ask.

"Well, ain't he confident?" Naruto think.

"Oh? Already asking for a favor?" Cecilia ask.

"No, I wasn't sure how much handicap I should be giving." Ichika said bluntly, that's when the class all laugh, except Naruto. "W-whats wrong?"

"Orimura-kun, are you serious?"

"Yes, men used to be stronger than women, but that was before the IS was invented."

"People say if men and women were to have a war, it wouldn't even last 3 days."

Ichika cringed. "Crap, that's right." Ichika mutter silently.

"Perhaps." The class all silent. "I should be the one who gives you a handicap." Cecilia shrug. "I didn't know Japanese men had a sense of humor." Cecilia said cockily.

"Orimura-kun, its not too late to change your mind, why don't you get some handicap?" A green hair girl said.

Ichika look at her. "A man will never go back on his word, there's no need."

"Ehh~ you're underestimating too much." The green hair girl said again.

"hmph! Such braveness.. or should I say idiocy? I could defeat you and your other male friend in a two against one battle!" Cecilia said huffing.

"So that settles it." Orimura-sensei said gaining attention of the class. "The battle will be held next Monday, a battle between Cecilia Alcott against Ichika and Naruto. You don't mind do you Namikaze?"

Naruto look at her for a moment and grin. "Not at all sensei, not at all.."

"Hey! I said I don't need handicap!" Ichika protest.

"Ichika, unlike Cecilia, you and Namikaze only ride IS for a couple of time, while Cecilia have more experience." Orimura-sensei explained.

"B-but.." Ichika look at Cecilia and Naruto. "Fine."

Orimura-sensei nod. "Good. Do you object Alcott?"

Cecilia shook her head. "I will beat them both."

Ichika and Ichika glare at her, and Cecilia glare at the two boys.

While a worried eyes of Houki Shinonono look at the two boys.

To Be Continue.

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