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A couple of days has passed since the battle, Now the student of class 1-1 is in the school training yard, all of them are wearing they're pilot uniform and lining up.

Orimura-sensei look at them all, "With that, lets start practicing some IS basic maneuvers." She look at Naruto, Ichika and Cecilia, "Orimura, Alcott, Namikaze, try flying your IS."

Cecilia nod. "Understood."

Cecilia earring started to glow, then a bright light blind them for a moment, when the light clear Cecilia is already riding her Blue Tear.

Ichika bring his right hand up. "Okay." He close his eyes for a moment then… nothing happen. "Erm… eh?" Ichika said in confusion.

"Hurry up and do it." Orimura sensei ordered. "A properly trained pilot does not take more than a second to deploy their IS."

Ichika panicked for a moment, he then took a seep breath and close his eyes again. "Concentrate." He touch his bracelet. "Come! Byakushiki!" Ichika yell as his bracelet start to glow, Ichika body is cover in light like Cecilia, in a second he too rode Byakushiki. "I did it."

Orimura-sensei look at Naruto. "Now you Namikaze."

Naruto put grin. "Alright! Lets do this!" His orange necklace started to glow, as Naruto covered in light. In a second he too rode Kyuubi in its glory.

Orimura-sensei nod. " Alright, fly!"

Cecilia nod. "Yes!" A she flew right away, leaving the two boys in dust.

Naruto also nod. "Yosh!" He flew right away faster than Cecilia, displaying his assassin type IS speed, and leaving Ichika behind.

Ichika looked daze for a moment. "Okay!" He jump to fly, but he lost control for a moment and almost crash to the ground.

The other student only watch in amazement as the three of them flew high in the sky.

Naruto already flew ahead, with Cecilia in second and Ichika in third.

"Your slow!" Orimura-sensei said to Ichika via communication devise. "When comparing to Kyuubi, you are no match, but Byakushiki has a higher power output than Blue Tear."

"Even when you said that…" Ichika respond. "Was it imagine a pyramid in front of yourself?" Ichika close his eyes in confusion. "I don't really understand."

"Its just using your imagination." Someone said in the in the com.

Ichika blink and look at Cecilia.

Cecilia look back and smile. "Isnt it more effective to find a suitable way for yourself to imagine it?" Cecilia ask as she now flew next to Ichika.

Ichika shook his head. "The feeling of flying through the air is still strange in the first place. How is this even flying?"

Cecilia look away with a little blush. "Umm… if you are okay with it, shall I give you some pointer after class?"


Cecilia look at Ichika again. "During that tiem we'll be alon-"

"What you guys talking about?"

Cecilia glare at Naruto for interrupting her conversation.

"Orimura, Namikaze, Alcott, try performing a sudden dive and coming to a complete halt." Orimura-sensei ordered via intercom.

"R-roger, in that case I'll be going first." Cecilia answer, as she dive to the ground.

"What! Hey no fair! I want to go first!" Naruto said as he dive into the ground following Cecilia.

Cecilia pull herself up as she land perfectly at the ground. Naruto came with full speed, he pull his self up like Cecilia and land perfectly although Cecilia has to cover her eyes because of the dust.

Ichika watch in amazement. "Those two are good… Okay, me too!" Ichika said as he too dash toward the land. But in the middle, Ichika lose control, "What the-whoa!" He then crash into the ground, creating a very big dust wave.

Naruto grimace. "Ouch…"

"Ichika!" Houki screamed lowly as she sprint toward the crash zone.

Yamada-sensei too sprint over there. "Orimura-kun!"

Orimura-sensei only sigh, as she walk over there.

"Are you okay?" Yamada-sensei ask as the three of them arrive.

Byakushiki disappear, leaving Ichika alone with his head in the ground. "Ouch.. I thought I was going to die…"

Yamada-sensei and Houki release a relief breath, Orimura-sensei sigh again, as she put her hand on her hip. "You idiot, what do you think opening a hole in the ground?"


Houki glare at him. "You're pathetic Ichika, cant you remember what I thought yo-" Houki is interrupted as Cecilia push her as she jump into the hole.

"Are you okay Ichika-san!" She ask. "Are you injured anywhere?"

"I-im fine.." Ichika reply, but he notice something. "Ehh? Ichika-san?"

"That's reassuring. However, it would still be better to let them examine you in the infirmary, if its okay I should come alon-"

"Its unnecessary." Houki said as she cut her off. "There's no way if you're wearing an IS."

Cecilia stood up and glare at Houki. As the cat fight continue, and Naruto holding his urge to yell cat fight, stand next to the two teacher as he look at the hole. "Nice hole…"

Orimura-sensei glare at him. "No, its not. Its going to take time fixing this."

"True… " Naruto answer as he watch the cat fight continue.

Its noon, and the school already ended. A figure walk toward the gate of the academy.

"This is the IS academy…" She smirk.

Orimura Ichika and Naruto Namikaze Class representative and vice representative assignation party.

"Orimura-kun and Namikaze-kun, congratulations on becoming the class representative!" A student yell among the girls crowd in the cafeteria.

"Congratulations!" The other yell at the same time.

"Wait a minute! Why am I vice representative?" Naruto ask in surprise.

"Well, you help Ichika-san, and also defeat me in the fight, so its should be natural for you to be vice representative." Cecilia answer. Naruto put his head down in hopelessness.

"Wow, Cecilia, you sure know how to act."

"That's right isn't it? Since there are finally boys here, you need to give him some popularity."

Houki close her eyes as she finish her juice. "You sure are popular, Ichika."

Ichika look at her. "You think so?" Houki throw her face away. "Why are you so ill-tempered?"


All eyes are looking toward the source of the flash.

A girl in glasses holding a camera. "Hi hi~ this is the news paper club! Ah, why don't we have Cecilia-chan and Naruto-san in the picture as well?"

"Eh? You mean the three of us?" Cecilia ask. While Naruto still in his 'Hopelessness mode.'

"Since you're a hot topic of a owner of a personal IS, it might be good to have a handshake or something." She answered. "I think we should start with Cecilia-chan and Ichika-san first, I mean, Naruto-san is.. a bit occupied… I think." She said as she look at Naruto who is surrounded in dark aura.

"Leave it to me." Ichika suddenly said. "Hey look! There's a cute girl giving out free Sardine ramen!" Ichika yelled, gaining everyone attention.

Naruto instantly brought back in the world. "What? Where? Where?" He look around until he noticed he just being fooled by the most old book trick by Ichika. "Ichika you bastard!" Naruto is ready to strangle Ichika but unfortunately Houki stop him.

The camera girl sweatdrop. "Well… that's take care of that.. Are you guys ready?"

Cecilia in thought for a second. "Umm… naturally I'll receive a copy of the picture right?"

"That's for sure! Okay then, stand up, stand up!" She ordered.

Ichika sigh, Naruto shrug his shoulder, Cecilia smile, and Houki frown. "All right, Uhm.. Ichika in the middle, Cecilia in the right, and Naruto in the left please, and strike a pose that symbolize a… friendship or something like that." Cecilia instantly cling into Ichika left hand, Naruto put his left hand around Ichika shoulder as his other hand stroke a peace sign and with a grin. "Ahh.. please smile more brilliantly. Get closer. Yes, don't be anxious."

Houki frown and her mood is getting darker by the second she see Cecilia close to Ichika.

"All right, im going to take it." The camera girl said. "Okay."


In the picture, is the entire class 1-1 member that is at the party, all going in the frame at the last moment, and Houki separating Ichika and Cecilia.

"Why is everyone in it?" Cecilia ask loudly to them.

"Well, well, well…"

"We cant let Cecilia have a head start, can we?"

Cecilia look like she gonna cry, Ichika just laugh awkwardly, Naruto just laugh at the scene.

"Today sure was fun wasn't it?" Naruto ask as he type in the computer.

Ichika is already lie down in the bed. "But I was so worn out, I just want to sleep…"

Naruto laugh. "Hah, right, you just being lazy."

"by the way Naruto, what are you typing?"

"A diary, so that one day, when my children ask for my knowledge or just curious about they're dady school life, I could just tell them this." Naruto stood up and act like an old man." Son/daughter, read my book."

Ichika laugh. "Yeah, I can just picture you like that."

"I'll take that as an compliment." Naruto sigh as he get back to typing. "Hey, Ichika, do you have any idea what do you want to do after we reach our dream to be the best IS pilot?"

Ichika think for a moment. "I dunno, you?"

"Me? Well… I guess… start a family? You never know, I might just marry a blond girl!"

"You mean Cecilia?"

"What? Dear goddess no! she's blond, but not my type."

"Sure Naruto, whatever you say. By the way, how can you be that good at piloting IS Naruto?"

Naruto stop typing and look at Ichika. "Huh? Oh that, well, in my home, there was this simulator of IS that I like to use. When I was a kid, the first time I played it, it was hard as hell, and I get sick of hearing 'Mission Failed' every time I crash the IS, that when I swore, 'im gonna change it into mission success!' ahahahaha, it took me three months too earn my first one of success mission!"

"I see… Well, im going to sleep, see ya Naruto."

"Yeah, sure thing Ichika." Naruto look at the window, looking at the light that covered the school ground. "Neru-neechan…."

"The inter-class tournament is coming up, right?" A girl asked. Right now, class 1-1 is waiting for the teacher to arrive, and what better way to fill up time then to exchange information or gossip…

"By the way, did you hear that the class representative for class two was changed?"

"Ah, it seems she was replace by some transfer student." A brown hair girl answer.

"A transfer student? At this time of year?" Ichika asked the girl that answer.

The girl nod. "Yes, it's a girl from China."

"Hmph! Could it be that she became wary of my existence and decide to transfer in?" Cecilia ask with great pride.

Naruto roll his eyes. "Right… and the sardine's are coming to the academy by themself for me to eat." Naruto said with sarcasm.

"Whats that suppose to mean?" Cecilia ask, ready to pounce at Naruto.

"What kind of person is she? Is she strong?" ignoring the battle between blonds.

"At this point, only people form class one and four have their own IS. So its easy." A blue hair girl answer.

"That information is out-dated." A voice cut them all off.

Everyone look at the source, spotting a short girl, with brown twin ponytail hair. Beside her, I a girl taller than her, with a long dark hair reach her waist. "The representative of class two is also possesses a personal IS." The short one said. "You cant win that easily."

"Rin?" Ichika said in surprise."You're Rin, right?"

"Yes, I am the representative candidate of China, Fan Rinin." She introduce herself. "And beside me-"

"Satsuki Uciha." The class look at Naruto, who cut Rin off. "Why am I not surprise to see you here Uciha?"

Satsuki smirk. "My my, why if it isn't the dobe of Namikaze. Surprise to see you here."

Rin smile. "She is my vice, but today we came to declare war." She said as she point her finger at Ichika.

"Eh? She's the representative of class two? A candidate for China?"

"W-who is that? She seems close to Ichika-san." Cecilia ask.

"Rin." Ichika call. "Why do you try to act cool like that? It doesn't suit you." He said as he laugh.

Rin look surprise for a moment. "Why are you saying something like that!" She is cut off as she got hit in her head by Orimura-sensei from behind. "Ouchies…"

"Its now tome for a brief homeroom period." Orimura-sensei said.


"Call me Orimura-sensei." Orimura sensei said. "Go back to your class, you two are a bother."

"S-sorry…" Rin apologize. "I'll come again, don't run away Ichika!"

"Forgive us Orimura-sensei.." Satsuki apologize. "See you dobe."

Ichika still looking at the class door. "She's a representative candidate?"

"And now, the past come and haunt me… I feel like an old man for some reason.." Naruto thought as he look at the class roof.

"I was really surprise that you were class two transfer student." Ichika said as the group is lining up In the cafeteria. "I wish you contact me before hand."

"If I had, it would ruin our dramatic reunion, wouldn't it?" Rin said.

"Say, are you still afraid of Chifuyu-nee?" Ichika ask.

"T-that's not true…" Rin answer. "Its just I cant handle her well."

"Here's your ramen." The lunch lady said giving Rin her food.

Ichika smile. "You still like ramen, like always, Naruto going to be happy he had a fellow ramen lover now."

"Naruto? You mean that blond other male?"

Ichika nod. "Yeah, by the way, where is he?"

"There." Houki answer as she point to a table with Naruto slurping into his ramen and a few other empty cup.

Ichika and Rin sit in a table, while Houki, Cecilia, and other girls sit in the next table, and Naruto in the next table.

Naruto is slurping his ramen, that is until his phone ring. "Naruto here."

"Hey boy! Its me, the great and almighty Jira-"

"Pervy sage." Naruto cut off with a smile.

"Hey! Why you little brat… anyway, the class inter tournament is coming soon right?"

"Yeah, what about it pervy sage? Im busy eating my sardine ramen here."

"Don't call me that! Anyway, me and Vayne going to go over there and watch the match… it's a official business of course."

"Oh… and here I thought you just want to peek at the many girls that school here."

"Yeah, I wish. Tsunade will have my hide. Anyway, you better find a girlfriend soon, she keep saying about want to having a grandkid!"

"Sure, when I find the right one, I will. Believe it."

"Hm… sure brat. Oh and dr Vayne said hi. Bye brat."

Naruto smile. "Bye, pervy sage." He chuckle when he heard a few curse in the phone. Then a loud bang gain his attention, as Houki and Cecilia bang they're hands on Ichika and Rin table.

"Ichika, its about time you give us an explanation." Houki said with a sharp glare.

"That's right Ichika-san." Cecilia joined. "Are you… g-g-going out with this person?"

Rin look surprise. "N-N-N-N-Not really, we're…"


"Y-Y-Yeah.. enga-wait! What?"

"ENGAGE!" Everyone on the scene scream in surprise. Ichika also look surprise.

"Your engage!" Houki questioned loudly, while Cecilia looks like she's going to have a heart attack.

"No! we're not!" Ichika then glare to his right, where Naruto is laughing. "He said it!"

"Ahahaha- oh man! Ahahahaha!" Naruto laugh while holding his stomach. "You should look your face!"

"Naruto!" Houki then produce a boken out of nowhere.

"Oh oh… this cant be good…" Naruto now walking back slowly. "Uh… Houki-san? Uh… im s-sorry?" Houki hit Naruto head with her boken, making Naruto fall down to the floor.

"Guah!" Naruto, KO.

"Now tell us the truth!" Houki now aiming her boken at Ichika.

"W-well, she's just a childhood friend." Ichika answer slightly fearing for his life. He notice Rin looking at him. "Whats wrong?"

Rin look to the other side. "Nothing."

"C-childhood friend?" Houki ask. "But I thought I was his childhood friend."

Oh that's right, you transferred in at the same time that she transfer out." Ichika said, he then look at Rin. "Shinonono Houki, I told you about her before right?" He then look at Houki. "Houki is the first childhood friend." He look at Rin again. "And you are the second childhood friend."

"Hmm… its like he deciding who is the first mistress or something…" Naruto whisper quietly as he recovered from the hit.

Houki smile, forgetting all his anger before. "First…"

"Oh… I see." Rin said in confirmation. "Nice to meet you, hope we can get along."

"Yeah, me too." Houki answer.

*Cough* Cecilia cough trying to get attention. "Don't forget that im here too!"

"And me!" Naruto said holding a bowl of ramen.

"Im Cecilia Alcott, the representative candidate student from England." Cecilia introduce herself. "The other day we had an intence battle to decide the position of class-"

"I hear you're the class one representative." Rin said ignoring Cecilia.

"Yeah, thanks to Naruto." Ichika answer.

"If you're fine with it, how about I watch over your practice?" Rin ask still ignoring Cecilia who is still speaking. "For IS piloting."

"That would be great!" Ichia answer with a smile.

Cecilia then notice that she has been ignored. "Hey! Are you listening to me?"

"Sorry, im not interest with you." Rin said truthfully without a care.

"Oooh! Deep!" Naruto said as he imitate a person who is stab by a knife.

"You sure have aid it." Cecilia said in anger.

"Teaching Ichika is my job!" Houki yell as she slam her hand into the table.

"You from class aren't you?" Cecilia ask. "We won't receive help from the enemy."

"Im talking with Ichika right now." Rin said. "Would people who aren't involve please leave?"

Cecilia and Houki glare. Naruto just continue eating while watching from the next table. And Ichika is confuse. " Same goes for you. You just pop out of nowhere. How impudent!" Cecilia said.

"I didn't pop out of nowhere, I've been with Ichika longer than you." Rin counter.

Naruto sigh as the argument continue. "It will never end at this rate…"

"In that case, same goes for me. Ichika would often go to my place to eat." Rin said, look like countering Houki argument or something about Ichika eating at they're house.

"Ichika!" Houki slam her hand on the table. "What the hell is this! Ive never heard of it!"

"Neither have i!" Cecilia also said.

"What?" Ichika ask slightly confuse. "I often went to the chinese restaurant Rin's family own."

"Oh.. its just a restaurant." Houki and Cecilia said.

Naruto sigh. "Its just a restaurant… boo.."

"Shinonono-san, what in the world is this?" Cecilia ask.

Ichika, Houki, Naruto, and Cecilia are in the academy training ground. Ichika is on his Byakushiki, while Houki is on a green IS, this IS Has a big armor, Solely made to take a lots if hits, two silver floating shoulder pads with booster on each pads. Also the Konoha corp symbol on the shoulder.

"I got permission to use it." Houki answer.

"Uh.. that is-"

"Benkei." Naruto said cutting Cecilia off. "Kokoha company only IS that specialize to take hits, although its kinda slow moving, its defense make up to it, it's a early third generation IS. You should be careful Ichika, its really good choice when your going to fight a one on one close range battle. But I prefer Anbu than Benkei."

"I never imagine you could get permission to use it so easily." Cecilia said.

Houki then get her sword out. "Well then, Ichika lets begin."

"Y-yeah." Ichika answer.

"Wait a second!" Cecilia cut them off. "The one practicing with Ichika-san would be me!" She said that as she rode on Blue Tear.

"Now, Ichika, lets practice." Houki declare.

"I'll be your opponent, Ichika-san." Cecilia also declared.

"Uh-oh.." Ichika said in a whisper.

"Your whipped! Believe it!" Naruto said as he laugh at Ichika expression. "Well, I guess I'll be going to the dorm."

"Oh? Your back Ichika." Naruto said as he stop typing to look at a dead tired Ichika. "You look like a zombie."

"Well, that what you get from a two on one training." Ichika answer while he change clothe.

Naruto laugh. "told you you got whipped."

Ichika only nod as he slip into bed. The night went on quietly, until a knock got their attention, Naruto stood up and open the door.

"Hello there." Rin greet as she wave her hand.

"Rin-san? Whats up?" Naruto ask, Ichika stood up while rubbing his eyes sleepily.

"Oh, I just want to make sure something." She answered. "Can I come in?"

Naruto rise his eye brow. "Sure I guess, hey Ichika, we have a guess."

Rin smile as she walk inside and look at Ichika. "Ichika, you remember the promise we made when we were pre-school, right?"

"Promised?" Ichika think for a moment. "Oh, you mean that one. When you get better at cooking everyday you would.."

"Yeah that one." Rin said happily.

"treat me to sweet and sour pork right?" Ichika continue.

"What?" Rin ask with a now sour face.

"Like I said, it's a promise to treat me to meals everyday right?" Ichika ask. "I would be so grateful since I live all alone now."


Naruto cringed. "Ouch…"

Ichika just got slap by Rin. "EEHH?" Ichika yell in surprise.

"Your the worst." Rin declare.

"Erm.. you see Rin…" Ichika tried to defuse the situation.

"Guys who forget promises ,ade with girls can be consider men!" Rin declare again.

"Agreed!" Naruto agree.

"Your not helping…" Ichika hissed to Naruto.

"Get bitten by a dog and die!" Rin said.

"What are you so mad about?" Ichika ask. "I remember the promise exactly like you said!"

"You don't get the meaning correctly, The meaning!"Rin said.

"Then explain to me, what meaning was there to it." Ichika ask.

"There's no way I can do that!" Rin then quite for a bit. "Then lets make it like this. For the inter-class tag team tournament next week,the winner gets to have the loser consent to one request."

"Fine." Ichika agreed. "If I win, I'll have you explain."

They both glare for a moment. Until Rin decide ti leave the room. Not until giving a final words. "You better be prepared." Then she leaved the room.

"Man… how many time do I need to say you just get yourself whipped Ichika, believe it." Naruto said.

In the next morning, the students all gathering to see the match schedule, the first round is, Ichika Orimura and Naruto Namikaze VS Fan Rinin and Satsuki Uciha.

In the arena, Rin and Satsuki already standing by.

Rin IS is a purple and has a black pattern IS, it has a two floating ball like thing, and a giant blade on her back.

While Satsuki IS color is dark blue with Uciha symbol in the shoulder.

The both of them are ready for battle.


Ichika and Naruto are in the hangar, with Houki accompanying them.

"Im facing Rin in the very first round?" Ichika ask himself. Then a projection of Rin IS appear.

"Her IS is ShenLong. It's a close quarter, melee type IS, just like your Byakushiki."

Then a projection of Satsuki IS appear.

"Her IS is Ameterasu, assassins type IS, just like Kyuubi."

"Yeah I know that." Naruto said.

"Naruto.. I've been meaning to ask.. the two of you know each other?" Ichika ask.

"Yeah… she and I are childhood friend.. lets just leave it at that."

"Alright then."

"Listen you two, you both going to fight a different kind of battle than the one you had with me." Cecilia said.

"Yeah, and this one is a two on two, not two on one." Naruto said.

"True." Ichika agree.

"Don't get all stiff, if you fight like you practiced, then you can win." Houki advise.

Ichika look at Rin IS and her blade weapon. "If I get hit by that, it'll probably be really painful."

"Ichika." Naruto call. "I trust you, I know you can beat Rin. I'll get Satsuki attention, while you take care of her kay?"

Ichika nod. "Got it."

"Now then four of you, please move to the designated starting position."

Naruto and Ichika look at each other and nod. "Lets go!"

Both of them lunch from the hangar, now the four of them each staring directly at each other.


"If you apologize now, I will lower the degree of your torture Ichika." Rin said to Ichika.

"No need to do that." Ichika answer. "Come at me with full force."

"What about you dobe? If you beg now, I will end it quickly." Sasuki offer to Naruto.

"Nah, I'll beat you to a pulp! Believe it!" Naruto answer.

"Fine, have it your way." Satsuki said.

"Let me tell you both this first, absolute defence is not perfect. If there's enough force to get through the shield, I can torment you just enough so you both don't die." Rin said.

"We know that." Ichika said.

"Now then you four, let the match begin."

Rin took her blade, the one behind her, Ichika activate Yukihira, Naruto got into stance, and Satsuki fold her hands.

"Lets go!" Ichika cry our as he and Naruto lunch forward.


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