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"This is the end for you." Hidan smirked, watching the other ninjas feeble attempts to block and escape his partner Kakuzu's attacks. Like they could actually block his attacks. Every time they blocked they where thrown backwards. Not even he could block one of Kakuzu's whole-hearted attacks. Hidan smiled and watched him finish them off, one by one. His movements had a sort of fluency to them, almost a type of grace. He always knew which attacks to use, which blocks to apply. He was fluent and graceful in almost everything he did. He was always careful, analyzing a situation before running into it head first. He never got overconfident, and was never defeated. Hidan had been defeated more than once, only to have Kakuzu finish them off and then come over and scold him for being careless. Kakuzu cared, even though he said he didn't. Hidan knew he did. Before every battle, be careful Hidan, or you'll die. Ha, like hell.

"They're done. Was that the last of them?"

Hidan nodded. "I finished the others awhile ago, dumbass." He smiled, confident of himself.

"Somehow, I don't believe you…"

"WHAT?" Hidan face lit up a bright red, and his face twisted into an angry expression. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN, I DON'T BELIEVE YOU! I HAVE BLOOD ALL OVER ME ASSHOLE! THE BODIES ARE RIGHT HERE! WHAT THE HELL!"

Kakuzu continued to stare at some unknown force behind Hidan, before lowering his eyebrows. "Don't yell at me. I guess they're reinforcements."

"Reinforcements? I just killed the reinforcements!" Hidan glared back at Kakuzu, oblivious to the band of ninjas approaching them.

"No, you obviously didn't. Look." Kakuzu pointed a finger to somewhere behind Hidan. Hidan glared, but turned around slowly, before opening his eyes wide, then slouching. "Oh man! KAKUZU! I just used up all my chakra in the LAST battle! I can't fight these jerks!" Hidan continued to whine, as the band of ninja continued to get closer. Kakuzu, sighed. "Just shut up and fight. You don't need chakra to use Taijutsu, do you? Start using your brain! Let's go!" Kakuzu darted off in the direction of the approaching ninja, as Hidan stood there, stunned.

He expects me to use Taijutsu? But I'm fucking tired! That bastard doesn't even care. I guess I have to now since mister I-Don't-Sleep-or-Eat-But-Have-Boundless-Pools-of-Energy-and-Chakra-All-the-Time-From-Some-Unkown-Force, already started to battle! Jashin-damnit!

He sighed, before glaring at Kakuzu one last time, and rushing forward. He was met with a hard hit, a burning sensation, and then blackness.







"AAAAHHH! What? Owwwww."

"Wake up. Are you alright?"

Hidan opened his eyes, and looked around. He was in a hotel, (OMJ a nice one), and was lying in a bed. Kakuzu was sitting next to him, looking inquisitively down on his injured partner, with an almost concerned look on his face. Then Hidan remembered what happened.

"YOU BASTARD! You hit me with the trinity attack, you son-of-a-bitch! Jashin-damn you, do you know how much that hurt? Do you! It really, really, hurt! OWWWWW!"


"Don't Hidan, me you bastard! You should watch where the fuck you're aiming!"


"No wonder all your fucking partners are dead!"

"I'm sorry."


"I'm sorry."

'Oh my Jashin. You just said sorry! Oh My Jashin it's the apocalypse!" Hidan looked at his partner, a half smile, half stunned look on his face. "Are you really sorry?"

"Yes. Again, are you alright?"

Hidan, smiled in return. "Yeah…I'll be fine. Thanks, buddy."

Kakuzu continued to stare at his partner, who was lying half naked in the middle of a large bed. It put dirty thoughts into his mind. He twitched.

"Kakuzu, you okay?"

Hidan's voice broke through Kakuzu's (nasty) thoughts. "What? Yeah…"

Hidan flushed suddenly, realizing what Kakuzu had been staring at. It was him. Kakuzu had been staring at him. Not just him, him, like his face, but Kakuzu had been looking over everything. Was he checking him out? That bastard! Thinking he could check him out without even liking him!

Hidan's eyes widened, as something suddenly dawned on him. This wasn't the first time he'd caught the old man staring at him. Kakuzu'd been staring at him all the time! He'd watch him during battles, which at first Hidan would look back and smile, but now he'd realized he had been doing the same thing he'd been doing just now.

Looking him over.

Kakuzu would watch him after battles, when he'd find the nearest body of water and wash off. Kakuzu would sit on the shore, and watch Hidan rinse off the dried blood.

He was looking him over.

OMJ! He HAS been looking me over!

And when he did his rituals….Kakuzu would stand and stare.

Looking him over…or maybe more…

He new Kakuzu was a sadist, and that blood and torture did kinda turn him on, he hadn't known that Hidan's blood and self-inflicted torture turned him on. No wonder he would always disappear for about an hour after almost every ritual Hidan did.

It did turn him on.

Hidan turned him on.

Hidan smirked. He'd now gotten something better than eternity with Jashin.

He'd gotten the old man in the palm of his hands.