"Ka~~kuzu…" *Poke*

"Kakuzu!" *Poke*

Hdian sighed, utterly put out that he couldn't even wake the elder up. He couldn't beat him in battle, he couldn't beat him in an argument, he could NEVER make him hurry up, Hell! He couldn't even make him wake up! Hidan continued to poke him in the chest, over and over and over. Then he opened his eye. He didn't get a reaction from that, so he poked his eye. Hidan nearly died when Kakuzu's hand shot up, only to shove him in the forehead, sending him shooting over the edge of the bed. He sat dazed on the floor, eyes wide, staring at the side of the bed. He looked up slowly, on to be met with another set of vibrant green eyes, sitting in a pool of red. And he, again, had a heart attack.


"How did I scare you? You poked me in the eye."

Hidan smiled, rubbing the back of his head, eyebrows raised. "Yeah, haha! I couldn't wake you up, and I thought you'd like to leave now, huh, asshole?"

Kakuzu turned, and looked at the clock on the wall. 11:00 o'clock? Damn it, bastard was right. Shit. Ohhhhh, he is SUCH an ass. I'm gonna kill him someday. "I hate you."

"Hate me for what? Being right? Ha! Not so high and mighty now, eh, old man?"

Before he could say anything else obnoxious, which he was planning, he was lifted by the neck into the air, the tentacles tightening around his windpipe, stopping all breathing.

"Why don't you just, hang here, until I'm ready? Eh?"


And with that Kakuzu left for the bathroom, leaving Hidan hanging.

That son-of-a-motherfucking-bitch-fucking-asshole-fucking-basta-wait. Ohhhhh, he is soooo gunna get it. With the way he enjoyed what we did last night, he'll probably be expecting the same thing tonight, but he won't get it! Nope! Hahahahahaha! I'm am SO smart!

While Hidan had a little internal conversation with himself, Kakuzu got dressed, and stepped out of the bathroom, and dropped Hidan. The Jashinist lay on the floor, gasping for air, while the miser got packed up and ready to go.

"Let's go Hidan."

"Fine, bitch."

"What was that, Hidan? You wouldn't want me to carry you the whole way like that would you?"


"Then shut up."

Hidan flipped the old man off while walking out the door.

"I'm gunna break that finger."

Hidan's mouth dropped. He did it behind him! How did he-? Oh never mind. And they kept walking.

Reeeeeeeeally Later….At a NEW hotel.

"Ok, just chill out and get some rest. We leave tomorrow. Hidan sighed, and pulled of his cloak, lazily throwing it to the floor. "Ok…Say, Kakuzu, did you like what we uh, did last night?"

Kakuzu's eyes shifted from the book he was reading, to Hidan, who was sitting on the bed in a very provoking manner. He was lying with his legs open, and head and neck propped up on his shoulders. Kakuzu shivered, a hot flush spreading through his body, stopping between his legs. He sighed, before returning to the book. "It was…fine."

Hidan's jaw dropped. "FINE? It was just…fine? That's it?" He was interrupted by a low, guttural growl emitted from Kakuzu. "Fine. It was…amazing. Best thing ever. Happy now?"

Hidan smiled. "Quite Actually. Hey, why you sitting over there by yourself? Why don't you….come on over?" He smiled seductively, and patted the side of the bed next to him. Kakuzu stared for a few more moments, before walking over and sitting next to him. Hidan smiled, looking at Kakuzu, letting his hand wander down to the rim of his pants. Kakuzu watched intently, as the Jashinist's hand slipped under his waistband and began to work himself. Up-down-up-down-up-down-up-down. Over and over and over again. A persistent throbbing in between his thighs. "Hidan, stop it."

"Why?' Hidan breathed in between pants, "Why should I?"

Kakuzu was becoming quite frustrated with the boy. He wanted to be the reason for the boys moans. He wanted to pleasure the boy, damnit. He reached out and grabbed Hidan's hand, pinning it down, pushing his legs down, and straddling him. Hidan only smiled. "What do you want Kakuzu? Can't you see I'm busy here?" He looked down, motioning to Kakuzu's evident hard-on, "Shouldn't you be busy to? It looks like you've, uh, got quite the problem there, haha."

Kakuzu frowned. "Shut UP Hidan. Why would I jack off when I have you?" Hidan smirked. "Who said you had me?"

"What are talking about?"

"Just what I said dipshit. What are you, retarded? I said, who said you had me?"

"So you're telling me, you used me as a one night stand?" Kakuzu's voice was dangerously low, and every word came out as a growl. Hidan had to say something witty, and fast, or he risked sending Kakuzu into a fit of Homicidal Rage and probably Tentacle Rape afterward, considering he did have a hard-on. He flashed an unstable smile, before explaining himself.

"Oh no no no no, Kakuzu. Of course not. Do you even know how much I enjoyed last night? That was the best thing I've ever fucking felt! It was even better than my rituals, and that's saying something. I fucking want you so bad it's now funny. Of course I didn't use you as a one night stand. Last night was something…special. I wouldn't just give that to anyone."

"Give what to anyone?"

"It doesn't matter right now. But you're not getting any of me until you apologize for choking me for 20 minutes!"

Kakuzu sighed, weighing his options. He could tie up the Jashinist and rape him, shutting him up and taking care of his hard on, or he could do what the Jashinist asked, and get his cooperation during sex. He decided. "Fine. I'm sorry."

Hidan sniggered. "Now beg."

'What? You said nothing about that! Oh….FINE! Fuck you."

Hidan frowned. "Nu-uh Kakuzu, that's not the way to get sex from me."

"Fine. Please?"

Hidan squinted, but decided to let it go. He was hard, and horny, and he wanted the bastard badly. "Ah, good enough fucker." And he pounced. Landing on Kakuzu, and straddling him quickly. Kakuzu grabbed him, pressing their lips together, kissing him feverishly, tongues battling for dominance. Hidan frowned, talking between kisses. "C'mon…kuzu…I..I want it…I want it now." Kakuzu got the message quickly unzipping his pants, and helping Hidan rid himself of his. Hidan mounted him quickly.

"A~~ah! Kuzu!"

"Shut up and move." Kakuzu grabbed his hips, moving him up and down on his dick, rubbing against the boys prostate, earning high pitched, loud moans from his counterpart.

"Faster!" Kakuzu flipped him over, putting himself on top, in order to get more movement. "Faster!" Hidan moaned, arching his back, pressing into his partner.

"Ah! Kuzu! Kakuzu!" Kakuzu groaned, as Hidan tightened around his cock.

"Harder, Kuzu, HARDER!" Hidan moaned again, sending hot flashes through the elder.

"Kakuzu, I'm….I'm gunna!"

"I know. Scream it."

"KAKUZU~!" The boy collapsed against the bed, the elder thrusting in a few more times, before climaxing hard into the Jashinist, earning one last exclamation, then collapsing against the bed himself, lying next to his partner in post-climatic ecstacy. "Ku..zu…cold." Hidan panted.. Kakuzu pulled up the covers, wrapping his arms around the silver-haired and pulling him close.



"What was that special thing you gave me last night, ah?"

Hidan smiled. "Do you really want to know? You're not gunna get mad or nothing?"

"Yes I do. And no, I won't. Now tell."

Hidan sighed, "Fine. You know how my religion is all about self-infliction, redemption, destruction, and self-preservation? The self-preservation is important. I…uh….I gave you…"

"You gave me what?"

"My Virginity."

Kakuzu looked utterly stunned. Why would the boy give him, of all people, that? It was special. Did he…love him? No, he couldn't. He was mean, greedy, and ugly. Why would he?


Hidan shrugged, and snuggled close to his partner. "I don't know Kuzu…"

Kuzu eh? Kakuzu kinda liked it. "C'mon, tell me."

"Cause I…I don't know…I guess I…Oh fuck it! I fucking love you, okay?"

Kakuzu sat stunned. How could the boy love him? He did treat him like crap. "I…I love you too, Hidan."



"What does this mean? I mean, shit ain't gunna get weird between us now is it? Like we ain't gunna walk like 5 feet apart, and sleep 10 feet away from each other, are we?"

Kakuzu nudged him. "Of course not, idiot. Get some sleep."

Hidan smiled. "Ya'know, I like this. The fucking and stuff. Mmmmm…..Night Kuzu."

"Good Night…Hidan." Kakuzu watched as the boy closed his eyes, and drifted to sleep. He kissed his forehead, before pulling him closer, and drifting to sleep.