Sebastian and the Pauper:

Part 2

Summary:- Continuation of 'Sebastian and the Pauper' by queen-of-rainbows. Sixteen-year-old Ciel Phantomhive, from what Sebastian has just learned, isn't he easiest teenage boy to please, and he had to learn that the hard way.

A/N: I just want you guys to know that this fic is a continued version of 'Sebastian and the Pauper' by queen-of-rainbows. I didn't really plan to write anything for it… but when I figured out no one else had written a continuation, my eyes turned into wide saucers~

Anyone able to take a guess what it's about from reading the summary~? Lol~

Note:- This will be in Sebastian's POV, just like how the original was written in, I know it's a continuation, but I have a very strong feeling my writing style is gonna be quite different from the original~

Occasionally, it will switch to Ciel's POV, but it will be kept in Sebastian's most of the time~

P.S Haven't read 'Sebastian and the Pauper'? GO READ IT NOW~!

Warning: None for this Chapter.

Chapter One


I watched as he screwed his one showing eye up, his fingers twitching around his pencil as he stared at the essay he was currently writing. Ciel Phantomhive wasn't stupid, more rather, he was just too smart. The essay he had written was a discursive one, and was meant to bee in-between 800-1200 words… and now he was trying to figure out how to reduce it from the hefty 3000 he had written.

"I didn't know you had so much to debate with about gay relationships," I teased lightly, causing the young teen to snap his head up and scowl. His features had changed a lot from when I first met him, but not for the worst. He still looked adorable, his eyes a deep ocean blue, but his face had lost its childishness and was replaced with smooth, firm skin that was framed nicely with his midnight blue/black hair. He always looked so serious, yet calm and relaxed with a childish expression when asleep. One of these days he would figure out why I stayed awake to look at him in his peaceful slumber.

"Would you rather have me write a discursive about how young children can be affected when older male/females sexually harass them?" he asked sweetly, making my teasing comment sound puny compared to his smart response. I let out a sigh, scratching the back of my raven-hair as I watched him score out some sentences. "Sebastian, go to work before I boot you out the door."

"Booting me out of my own home?" I feigned hurt, but it only made his eyes twinkle mischievously as he put on a considering expression. That's when I knew I had to run out the door.

I locked the door behind me, pulling my jacket tighter around my body. It was still a pity that I was unable to walk to work, but when the weather was bitterly cold, such as now, I knew I didn't mind it too much. I hurried to my car, slipping inside and starting the engine, hoping the car would heat up a little.

I looked up and saw Ciel at the window, waving at me before vanishing from sight. I didn't like leaving him alone, but he said he didn't want to go to college, it would only arise complications, which was true, but I really did only want the best possible life for him.

I reversed, driving the roads slowly since Ciel told me I drove to recklessly, I turned the radio on, listening to the news. The woman's voice was irritating, but as long as I knew the important things of the day, I was happy.

'A young boy at the age of fourteen had been found dead at the side of the road,' that was a really, really pleasant thing for me to hear, but nevertheless, I found it rather interesting. 'Police suspect it to be the work of the Oracles. The group had vanished from sight around two years ago, but it seems they have resurfaced. Some suspect that these people will continue to torture and then murder young teens-'

I turned the radio off, shivering lightly. I hated those people, they hurt my precious Ciel and made him blind in one eye. If anything, I would have hunted them down and murdered them, yet I knew Ciel wouldn't be very happy with me if I did that. I continued driving, focusing on the road to distract myself from the murderous thoughts that popped into my head.

Ciel was safe, these Oracle people wouldn't be able to hurt him at all. I took a sharp right, parking outside the University's front doors and letting out a sigh. At least here I wouldn't have to deal with Grell- now really, that man was just a handful. I didn't even tell him I was moving and I didn't really give a damn about the students I used to teach. They didn't have the motivation to learn at all.

I still hated my job, but it was something I was used to. I stepped out the car, grabbing my black bag and walking through the doors, signing in before bolting up the stairs. There was a teacher here known as Mrs. Midford, and I really couldn't tolerate her at all. She got irritated when I came here from out of no where and she didn't like my polite, down-to-earth personality.

I checked my classroom, but no one was here yet, so I had time to pick up a coffee from the staff room and set up. I walked across the hallways briskly, saying a quick hello to Miss. Blanc before slipping silently into the teachers longue, turning on the tea/coffee machine before I heard a sharp, crisp voice behind me.

"Hello, Mr. Michaelis," great. She had to be here. I turned round to look at her, giving a fake smile as she clicked her tongue, blonde hair tied up in a tight ponytail as she looked round. "You still do not look the part of a proper professor."

"Just because I do not gel my hair back doesn't mean that I can't teach like everyone else," I replied, watching as she shot me a glare and walked across the room, placing her bag down on a table. "If you don't mind me asking, Mrs. Midford, but why do you point-blank hate me?"

"You're just too shady a character for my liking," she snapped. I bit my tongue, resisting the urge to burst out laughing. She thought I was shady? It sounded ridiculous. "You appear out of no where, with this seemingly perfect life, and then you expect me to just accept you? There is no way in hell."

I rolled my eyes, filling up my mug with coffee before departing the room. If I didn't know better, she probably thought I was the bloody devil.

Today was a long day, a class full of idiots, immature delinquents and stalker-ish females wasn't my cup of tea, or in my case coffee, but whatever. I drove home, stopping at a shop to buy some necessities.

Bread, milk, butter and some meat. It was everything I ever needed. As I walked back to my car, I heard a whimper, and my eyebrows furrowed. It could be one of those days where it was a stray animal dying behind a bucket, or it could be a stray cat… but there wasn't much chance of it being yet another boy, right?

I put my stuff in the trunk and walked slowly towards where I heard the sound, my expression dropping when, no, it wasn't an animal, yet yes, since it was a blonde haired boy just lying there, looking at me dumbly.

I really couldn't take going over this scenario again. I needed to get back home to Ciel. Besides, this child didn't even look close to dying like Ciel was. I turned to leave, but like a leech, the child leapt forward and clung to my legs, stilling my movements.

"I don't have room to look after another," I stated, looking as the boy stared at me with bright blue eyes. Nope, there was no curiosity for the boy, just irritation. "If you've ran away from home, the go back, I'm not taking you with me."

The blonde haired boy kept looking at me innocently, but then let go, pouting. To most people, they would find it cute, me, however, couldn't find anything cuter than Ciel, so I walked away. For some strange reason, I had a feeling that this wasn't going to turn out well for me…

"So what you're trying to tell me is that you found a kid in the exact same way as me?" said Ciel, his voice sounding curious as he let out a yawn. I nodded, frying some chicken in a pan for him as I cooked some noodles. All I had to do was add a sauce and there I had it, chicken stir-fry. "Sebastian, how can I see this coming back as a recoil to smack you in the face?"

"…" I said nothing, just continued cooking as I thought about it. There weren't many ways this could come back and hit me, were there? I never really thought about it though, but I doubt some blonde boy, who looked just as small as Ciel, could hurt me.

I poured sauce on the chicken before adding the noodles, thinking deeply. I shrugged my shoulders before reaching for the bowls, filling them both up to the rim before placing it in front of Ciel, who stared at it with ravenous hunger glinting in his eyes.

I sat down opposite him, digging into my meal and saw him eat a forkful of his own before he froze, eyes narrowing as he chewed on his food.

"I was listening to the news earlier," he murmured, causing me to cock my head to the side. "They were talking about the Oracles again."

Ah. Them. It was a pain, but if Ciel felt the need to talk about it, then I would always be here to listen. He went quiet, stabbing his fork into his meal before glancing to the side at his now shortened essay. He had done numerous other things during the day, but clearly he had been bothered by what he saw on the news since he hadn't done as much as he usually did.

"They showed a close up of my mother and fathers tombstones," I softened my look as he eat some more of his meal, his black/blue hair framing his face as he continued. "And then, around an hour ago, I just felt… as if someone was watching the apartment."

"You felt as if someone was watching?" I paused, a forkful of my meal mere centimetres away from my lips as Ciel nodded. "Are you sure it just wasn't someone staring at the flat above or below us?"

"No, I was certain they were looking up here," Ciel said adamantly, his eye narrowing. "All I'm going to ask is, have you got a stalker at work or something? It's creeping me out…"

I burst out laughing, causing him to blink at me with a furrowed expression. They way he was explaining it, I actually thought it really was someone terrible, but I guess not. My mind had come up with the most horrific of things, including murderers, kidnappers, serial-

"It isn't funny!" Ciel puffed out his cheeks as I continued laughing my head off. He stabbed his fork into his meal and folded his arms, totally ignoring me as he got up and left the room. I couldn't help it, but sometimes Ciel just comes up with the most random of things-

The lights suddenly cut out, causing my head to snap up as I heard a thud and a loud hiss. I brought out my cheap mobile phone and used it to make a small light as I rose from my seat. I couldn't hear Ciel, so was there a possibility he'd hit his head off something when the lights went out?


"Damn it, how long does it take you to move from one room to another?" I walked through, my eyes finally locating Ciel sitting on the floor, rubbing at his knee while scowling. I let a smirk crawl across my lips as I kneeled down, brushing his hair away from his face while letting out a childish giggle. He shot me a glare, before turning his head away from me. "I really am starting to think you're going delusional Sebastian, stop laughing like that!"

I zipped my lips before helping him to his feet, noticing he winced slightly when he put weight down on his left leg. The thing I was wondering was… what did he trip over?
"Never, ever leave your briefcase in the hallway again!"

Oops. My bad.

After making sure Ciel was comfortably sitting on the couch, leg propped up on a leg-rest with pillow around it with plenty of work for him to do, I kissed him lightly on the forehead. His expression showed irritation, but he still looked rather cute.

Before I left, he gave me a sickly sweet expression as he showed me the essay he had written yesterday. I looked it over, before I felt my right eyebrow twitch at the title of his essay:-

'Can children form suitable coping mechanisms after being sexually harassed/abused by older males/females?'

The cheeky little bugger.

I sat in my chair, finding myself growing more and more irritated by the students I was meant to be teaching. All we were doing was revising things they should have learned in high school, but they were joking around and throwing paper-planes around. How was I meant to enjoy my job when they continually acted like five-year-olds?

The door slid open, a silver-haired woman who was in her early thirties walked in, causing me to sigh in relief. At least Angela was quite talented in physics despite teaching biology.

"Mr. Michaelis," she said softly, causing me to look at her as she pointed across the classroom. "If that student in the back isn't careful, then they're going to get shocked by a high electrical voltage. Plus, the one next to him is focusing on home economics for Mrs. Midford's class instead of focusing on yours."

I looked over, and sure enough, a boy just got frazzled with electricity while a girl was repeating recipes over and over. I must have been getting too-

"If you do not mind my asking, but can you tell me why you are so distracted?" she asked softly, causing me to sigh. I didn't want to have to make up lies here too, but I didn't really have a choice.

"My nephew hurt his leg while visiting me during a power-outage," I replied, flashing her a smile as she simply nodded her understanding. She then dug out a file before laying it on my desk.

"A file full of complaints that Mrs. Midford has about your class," she said, before turning to leave. I stared at it, my face appearing to grow darker as I stared at the file in slight dismay. Francis wanted to make a comment over every little thing I did? Maybe I should tell her that she teaches so bad that they feel they need to learn her subject in my own class…

I got a fright when I heard my mobile ringing, earning a few stares from some students as they looked at me with amused expressions as I pulled it out, noticing Ciel was calling me from afar.


[Come here. Now.]

"Why? Is something the matter?" I asked, hearing that the boy was beyond annoyed. In fact, it sounded as if he was planning on throttling someone pretty badly. I hoped that it wasn't me.

[Is something the matter? I'm getting terrorized by some blonde brat who has just randomly started stating that you belong to him! Then he looked at me before saying that I was cute! Come back here before I bloody murder something!]

The line disconnected, and I flinched. At that point, I knew that a simple matter of ignoring something just recoiled and hit me back in the face.

That blonde boy had come back to make my life a living hell.

A/N: Chrysoprase is used to speed the healing of any wound. It should not be placed on the body, but held over the affected area.

This is the kind of Gemstone Sebastian would have liked to have, to speed up the healing of Ciel's leg.