A/N – A little heads up, I haven't forgotten about my other fics. I'm struggling to get the latest update just right for terrified and I needed something else to babble about to clear my head and have a break before I continue trying to solve the struggle. I hope you like this. I was thinking, every so often I'll add another one of Aaron's birthday's through the years to this fic – little one shots- whilst I struggle with writers block on a particular update. I'll focus on how they change through the years and how they reflect on his life at the time.

"Gordon can you get that please?" Chas calls through from the kitchen as she places a few more crisps into a bowl and places them on the table next to the sandwiches and salad.

"It's your brother." Gordon tells her from inside the lounge. He was sitting on the rug playing with their little son as he spied out the window who had just knocked on their front door. He can see the dark hair and leather jacket of Chas' older brother, Cain Dingle, as well as a few other family members that he wouldn't have minded if they'd been a no show.

"Well answer it then! And Play nicely!" Chas ordered, still finishing up in the kitchen with the party food. She wanted everything to be perfect for her son's first birthday.

Gordon left Aaron playing with his toy car on the carpet as he stood to answer the door to Chas' family.

"Where is he? Where's the birthday boy?" Lisa exclaimed as she stepped round Gordon to find the little boy.

"Do come in." Gordon said as he stepped aside to allow them through.

"Where should we leave the little man's presents?" Zak asked Gordon as he carried a few large gifts into the lounge.

"With the others if you like." Gordon answered as Cain and Marlon followed the older man into the lounge where Lisa was cooing over the little boy.

"Hasn't he grown!" Lisa commented as Aaron grabbed hold of the edge of the sofa to pull himself up on to his feet.

It was a struggle at first but Aaron soon had himself standing as he clutched to the edge of the seat, looking round the room as he searched one person in particular. Chas had made sure her son was dressed in his best clothes for his first birthday. He was wearing his newest baby jeans, white and blue striped cotton button-up shirt and white trainers. They'd brought the trainers not so long ago. They were his first ever pair of proper shoes and she wanted him to be wearing them for his birthday to show them off to everybody.

"M-m!" Aaron tried to say, looking towards the kitchen when he couldn't find his mum. "M-m . . . M-M!" He began to cry, screwing his face up as he reached out an arm towards the kitchen, clenching and un clenching his little first.

In a matter of seconds, Chas was out of the kitchen and scooping Aaron up into her arms before any tears had a chance to fall down the little boys face. Nothing was going to upset her baby on his big day.

"Shh, sweetie." Chas soothed as she cradled Aaron to her and rocked him back and forth in her arms.

"He'll be able to say words soon." Marlon commented from his seat beside Zack and Lisa on the sofa.

"Won't be able to shut him up after that." Zak joked with a little chuckle.

"I don't know about that." Gordon sighed. His sister's daughters and son had begun talking much earlier than Aaron had and were already able to say a few words before they were a year old.

"He will, don't fret." Chas assured Gordon, as she shuffled Aaron to her hip. "Won't you love, you'll be talking soon."

"Don't push him. They all start at different ages." Lisa said. "It's hard to tell when any baby will walk or talk. You just have to be patient."

"That's what I keep trying to tell him." Chas told Lisa before there was another knock on the door. "I'll get it. Marlon, you couldn't sort the sausage rolls out in the oven could you? You're a star!"

Marlon did as he was told and vanished into the kitchen as Chas answered the door to the other guests who they had invited. Gordon's mother and sister and her children were the ones to arrive last, an hour after the party had began and nearly everybody had arrived. Even Shadrach had appeared half an hour after the rest of the Dingle Clan had arrived.

"Where's Aaron?" Chas asked as she appeared from the kitchen again, a few drinks in her hands. She'd been dashing around for the past forty minutes trying to make everyone welcome and comfortable.

"He's with his Nan." Gordon told her as he gestured towards the older woman sitting by the window with Aaron on her lap.

"He's been with her all afternoon." Chas commented. She wanted Aaron to be with his other family members as well. So far the older woman had kept Aaron with her all afternoon, hadn't even let him play with any of his toys or cousins.

"She's old, she enjoys having the little man around." Gordon tried to justify.

"Yeah well, he needs to see his uncle and play with his cousin's doesn't he." Chas smiled at him before going off to give the drinks to whoever had asked for them.

"Presents!" Chas announced to the party guests as she clapped her hands together, standing in the middle of the lounge. "Come on Aaron." She said holding out her arms towards the little boy sitting on his Nan's lap.

She picked the little boy up and sat him down in the middle of the lounge. Chas took the first present on the pile and placed it in front of her son. "Go on, open it then." Chas grinned as everybody watched on. She helped Aaron out to begin with, making a tear to begin with. He soon caught on, latching a tight fist onto the colourful wrapping paper as he pulled at it. His little face lit up into a huge grin at the noise of tearing gift paper.

Half an hour later, party food eaten and presents unwrapped it was time for the birthday cake. Aaron was playing on the floor in front of Chas and Charity with his cousin Yasmin when Gordon walked out of the kitchen carefully carrying a lit up birthday cake in his arms. It was shaped as a blue teddy bear with a huge number one shaped candle standing in the middle.

"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Aaron, happy birthday to you!" Everyone sang as Gordon made his way towards the little boy and crouched down in front of him.

When Aaron took an interest towards the bright burning candle, Chas linked her arms around his waist as he stared in awe at the big cake.

"Aaron are you gonna blow out your candle?" Chas encouraged.

"Go on son." Gordon chipped in with a huge smile.

He was beaten to the post by Yasmin who took it upon herself to help her younger cousin out. One huge blow had the candle out first time. Looking proud and a little confused as everybody around her laughed.

"Never mind, there's always next year." Gordon smirked as he stood up and headed back towards the kitchen. "Who's for cake?" He called over his shoulder.

"Look at him." Charity moaned as he she looked over at Chas's older brother. "He looks so miserable!"

Chas shrugged. She didn't expect her brother to be into the whole kiddie's birthday spectacle. She was surprised he'd even showed up.

"I mean it's your son's birthday, his only nephew's FIRST birthday and he's not making any effort what so ever!" Charity continued. The start of many, many years where she'd be complaining and pining over the dark haired man.

"He's enjoying it really." Chas smirked, knowing her brother more than anybody.

"You know what we should do." Charity grinned, a plan forming in her head. She took Aaron from Chas's arms and marched over to Cain before Chas had a chance to protest.

She placed Aaron onto a surprised Cain's lap and took a piece of cake off of a passing tray. "Your Uncle Cain can help you eat your birthday cake." Charity said sweetly to the little boy as she placed the cake onto Cain's other knee.

"No he won't!" Cain protested as Charity marched back over to Chas and sat down next to her, where they continued to giggle at Cain who tried to pull a disgusted face as Aaron tried to reach out for the cake sitting on his Uncle's knee.

"He's going to kill you for this." Chas promised her cousin.

"No he won't." Charity said smugly. "He loves it, just you watch."

The two young woman sat watching Cain as he carefully held out pieces of cake for little Aaron as he munched away, jam and Victoria sponge crumbs smeared all over his face and hands. The younger man tried to wipe away the mess from the toddlers mouth in between bites, but it was a losing battle. He was a messy eater, even managing to get jam and cream all over Cain's shirt as he gripped hold of the material to pull himself to his feet again.

"We're gonna have our hands full." Gordon whispered into Chas' ear as he crept up behind her and snaked his arms round her.

"You think?" Chas sighed as she sat content in watching their little son.

"You bet. It's gonna get a little more interesting now he's getting older." Gordon said walking round the sofa, to sit next to her and pull her onto his lap.

"I can't believe he's a year old already!" Chas exclaimed watching as Aaron tried to grab hold of a picture frame behind Cain's head. Luckily the younger man saved the picture frame and placed more cake into the little man's hands. "Don't be feeding him too much of that cake!" She heard Gordon's mother call over to Cain who sent a glare her way. "He'll be a tubby baby if you're not cafefull!"

"She won't need to worry about that." Chas snorted. "I think he's got my genes when it comes to food."

"You think?" Gordon laughed.

"You bet." Chas grinned. "He's gonna be a right stud when he's older, just like his dad though."

"That's if he doesn't follow in your brother's foot steps and ends up with a criminal record before he's five!" Gordon tried to tease but earned himself a smack from his partner.

"Shut it you!" Chas scolded. "He's good with kids, just you look."

Right then, with all the cake eaten, Cain was trying to wipe Aaron's little hands and mouth clean as he squirmed in his arms. "No. . . come on Aaron!" They could hear him encourage the one year old. "Aaron. . . you don't want to me messy. . . your dad will kill me if you get jam smeared all over his leather sofa!"

By the time six a clock rolled by, the house had been cleared of party guests and Gordon and Chas were clearing up the left over food and used drinking glasses. The day had gone exactly to plan. It was perfect. They couldn't have wished for a better birthday party then what had gone on. Chas had been pleased to hear that Marlon and Gordon's sister, Melinda, had been snapping away throughout the afternoon, capturing moments throughout. She'd been even more pleased when she found out that Marlon had snapped quite a few of Aaron with Cain. She'd use them when she needed to bribe her brother, she knew he had a softer side to him after all.

"Chas! . . . Come look at this." Gordon called softly for her as he stood in the living room.

"What? . . . What is it?-." Chas began to say before she caught sight of her little boy crashed out on the sofa. One of his shoes laying on the floor by where it had been kicked off in his sleep. "Aw."

"I think today warned him out." Gordon commented, fetching a throw off the back of the arm chair.

"All the fun has made him sleepy." Chas agreed. "Take him upstairs to bed, so we don't wake up while we're tidying."

Gordon wrapped the throw carefully round the little boy before he tried to gently lift him into his arms without waking him up. Unfortunately it was wasn't that easy.

"Shhh." Gordon tried to comfort as Aaron began to stir, tell tale signs of him crying beginning to occur.

"M-m! M-M!" Aaron began to whimper.

"I'll take him." Chas smiled as her son trying to call out for her.

"You sure?" Gordon asked handing him over anyway.

"It will only take a sec. He's too worn out bless him." Charity assured him before she headed for the stairs, Aaron cradled in her arms as he began to twist and curl his fists in her hair.