Hi! In my story, Tokine and Yoshimori is in the same age. Cause I feel its awkward when Tokine is 2 age older than Yoshimori. Before I start my story,I have to apologize because I'm an Asian, my English is not that perfect,Please correct my mistakes, really, please correct my mistakes, I'll appreciate it :D

"Yoshimori! Yoshimori!,like usual,the sleepy head had to be waken by his friend. "WHAT?", said Yoshimori while rubbing his eyes. Another second, he realize everyone in the class is looking at him "W-What?",said the confused Yoshimori. Yoshimori's friend,Kagume(sry,I forget the name) pointing at the class stands the star of the school,long black hair,fair smooth skin,smart,pretty and many more that could describe her, Yukimura Tokine. The girl who caught every girls and boys attention. The girl who make the guys fell deeply towards her,the girl that make girls jealous of her fame, beauty, intelligence and so on. The topic of the day had started,and it's going around the class,and soon will be around school. "OMG,why is Tokine here? Why is she looking for Yoshimori. No way! They both couldn't be dating. " "How on Earth would Tokine-san fell for a lazy guy like him. She should feel for me! I'm far way better than him!" "Tokine is soooooo pretty! Kya~ I envy her a lot. Hope im as pretty as her" "Hahahaha,In your dreams la"

Yoshimori,14,the lazy guy in the school,sleeping in the class is his basic coffee milk a lot. Tokine,14,the famous girl in school. Enjoys studies,gain highest marks without tuitions. They might look normal on the day time. But who knows who are they during the night time. Who would have know they have power. Power used to protect a place.A place full of dangerous creatures called ayakashi that hunt the place and stay there to get powers, Powers that make them big and strong. Strong enough tp destry the city. The city,which is protected by some special people,people that could form kekkai, a box-like that could traps the ayakashis and with a 'metsu' ,it's killed. Killed by the Kekkaishi, Sumimura Yoshimori and Yukimura Tokine.

[Yoshimori's POV](point of view)
"Why is Tokine here! It's rare,it's never come to find me in school,Never! happened. Please not something bad I've done.
[End of POV]

Yoshimori slowly stands up and walk towards Tokine. He could feel that it's a different aura and eyes that normally Tokine have. They both walk out from the class. "Yoshimori. Mistress ask me to pass you a message. A huge ayakashi is here" "WTH! On the day time!" ,think Yoshimori. "Mistress is now fighting with 's needs your had injured herself before go help 's at the Old headmistress room." 'PUFF'. The fake Tokine turns into the shikigami had a stain of wasting another seconds,Yoshimori run as fast as possible towards the old Headmistress room. He stopped by the door,hearing a sharp scream . It's familiar. It's the voice,the voice of a girl,a girl that he promised with his life to protect her. He opens the opens the door. "Let-Her-Go" ,said Yoshimori "Y-Yoshimori" said Tokine. The big , gigantic ayakashi,pointing his sharp nail on Tokine's bleeding neck," I repeat, Let…Her…GOOOOOOOOO!"
"Ketsu,Metsu!" Before the ayakashu had a chance to kill Tokine,Yoshimori had 'Metsu' the ayakashi .
shikigami= a paper used by Kekkaishi to form either object or human as replacement

What will happen next? Please review,give me what you think of the story,sorry for my bad English. Please correct me,I'll appreciate it,Thank you! ^^