Really, really, REALLY sorry the wait. I got a pretty legit reason though.


"Okay, here you guys go. Don't get too much sex on them." I tossed each couple their own bundle of pillows, blanket and sheets for their uncovered bed. My hands twitch with nervous energy in anticipation of the night ahead. I was making everyone get the stuff they'd need for the night before we all got tired but that wasn't what I was nervous about.

I shouldn't be worrying though should I? I'd slept in the same bed as Bella many times before but for some reason tonight felt like it would be different. Like my subconscious was telling be something was going to change tonight, I just hoped it was a change for the better.

"So what are the plans for the night Ed?" Bella asked, standing directly to my right. She was so close I could practically feel the heat radiating off of her and taste her amazing strawberry smell.

And oh God was it tempting.


I'd decided. Tonight was the night, far away from any distractions or prying eyes, Alice and I were by ourselves, for the most part. I knew we wouldn't have much interruptions, save for the sounds of sex we were sure to hear.

"Oh! First, we're going to have a bonfire on the beach, a swim if you want. Then we're going to eat some then retreat to the bedrooms, if you know what I mean." He waggled his odd colored eyebrows at me. Oh, fuck you, I though. Just cause you can have wild sex with the man of your dreams... I scoff.

"There's a fire pit on the east side of the island. Anyone up for marshmallows?" Alice grinned as Emmett whopped.



Plan Seduction wasn't going so well. I'd been subtle all night, but subtle wasn't working. But then again I was never that good at being sexy, and I was really out of practice. I guess standing/sitting all extra close doesn't really tell someone you like them...

Anyway, time to start Plan B: Temptation. Hopefully I wouldn't fail as epically.

Step 1: Get her alone.

Not hard considering the two couples were now in their respective rooms, making at it like bunnys.

Step 2: Show a little skin.

I had to change right? Who says I have to leave the room to do so?

Step 3: Wear one of the sexy nighties Alice made me buy.

I'm glad I thought far enough ahead to bring one. It also helped that Alice packed pretty much everything for me..

Step 4: Kiss her if the opportunity showed itself.

Easy. Who wouldn't kiss her if they had the chance?

Step 5: Confess your undying love to her.

Okay maybe that's taking it a bit too far. I'll just tell her I like her.. a lot.

"Come on Bells. Time for bed." Emmett grabbed me by the shoulders with one meaty hand and practically threw me against Alice. Wasn't part of the plan, but it worked!

I had to grab Alice's shoulders to steady myself, not that I minded, her scantily covered shoulders did wonders to my heartbeat. I felt Alice shiver and couldn't resist leaning to whisper in her ear and pressing myself into her in the process.

Oh shit. I bit my lip hard to keep myself from moaning in response, because I swear I heard her groan softly.


I couldn't take being this close to her and not being able to touch her. And if I wasn't sure that she didn't like me then I would be all over her, literally. Pinning her down, shoving her against doors and walls, holding her hands above her head and... I shook my head quickly, trying to rid myself of the thoughts before they could take over my mind.

It was killing me, this constant wet spot in my underwear that was caused by just her scent. Her fucking scent! I couldn't image what would happen if I ever got her naked. I swear I just drooled. Emmett throwing her at me so that she stumbled wasn't helping either. Especially when she pressed her chest against my back.

"Are you cold?" She whispers – in my mind seductively. I shiver and my underwear get just a little wetter.

I decided to take a shower, a cold shower, to release some of the tension I'd built up but also to try and get her out of my head. Needless to say it didn't work. It only proved worse, seeing as all I could think about was water running over her perfect body, starting at her beautiful chestnut hair, down her forehead to her nose and then across her plump, rosy lips, down her chin and finally skimming her neck and then her chest...

I close my eyes and bang my head against the wall of tile to my left. I barely heard Bella's soft voice over the running water and the sound of my head against a wall.

"You okay?" I sigh. With you right out side the door while I'm in the shower?

"Y-Yeah, I'm good... I just fell." She laughed softly.

"You know that's my deal Alice!" I smile slightly. True, she fell every chance she got. Which was a lot. I got out five minutes later, all but shoving Bella into the bathroom so I could change. It's not that I didn't want her to look, I wanted her to, so badly it hurt. But I'd rather keep myself dry for the rest of the night, if you know what I mean.

Not likely but I could hope right?

I sat on my bed dressed in a pair of boy shorts and a tank – the most revealing clothes I dare wear spending the night with Bella. She would care though, I just hope she doesn't wear any of that lingerie bed wear I made her buy, telling her it was nightwear. Oh fuck my sideways, I'm pretty sure I packed a shit load of lingerie for her. Oh God, please be merciful.

That wasn't the case, seeing as she walked out wrapped in just a fluffily white towel. Is that even a word? I mentally shook my head. I hated how she did stuff to me without even trying, I wanted her to try. I wished that she would try to seduce me. I entertained myself with those happy thoughts as she walked over to her bag. It would have been fine, hell it should have been fine..

But no.

She has to go and kneel down one the floor to get her clothes, which caused the towel to rise a few inches on her thighs, revealing her legs almost up to her ass. I bit my lip and tried to avert my eyes but no matter how hard I tried my gaze stayed locked to the creamy skin before me. Finally she stood up I sighed in relief, thinking she was going to head back to the bathroom to do her stuff.

I've been wrong before.

I trembled, my breath becoming shaky at best, as I watched her form bend slightly to bring a pair of underwear to slip her feel through. And not just any pair of underwear! My mind screamed. No, it was one of the lacy ones I'd made her buy when I dragged her to Victoria's Secret. I shifted slightly as I watched those same pair of lacy red panties ascend slowly up her creamy thighs.

I also watched the towel drop to the floor. My sight stayed strained on it around her ankles for a moment before trailing slowly up her body. I gasped when I saw just the smallest amount of the sides of her breasts when she raised her arms to pull on a baggy shirt. It was better than the other option but still..

She wasn't wearing a bra! My mind screamed at me. I, at least, was wearing a sports bra for her sake, so why did she have to temp me so? My last thought on the subject was:

Daaaaaamn... This is gonna be a long night..

Well there it is. Hope you liked it and that the teasing made up for the wait. Part Two of the first night of the beach will be the next update..