E/O Challenge: Eighteen – my take on why Sam hates clowns. Sorry this is late, couldn't get onto my fanfic page last night for some reason.

Not Everybody Loves A Clown

Every five year old loved Plucky Pennywhistle's and Sammy was no exception. For just a few hours each week he got to have fun with Dean and laugh at the funny clowns.

Yes, Plucky's was magical...until.

They'd been playing a game, had won eighteen tickets, then suddenly Dean was gone and Sammy was alone. Tears streaming down his face he searched for his brother.

Giant, gloved-hands picked him up.

"What's wrong little boy?" The clown was ugly, his voice menacing; his breath fetid.

Sam struggled; broke free; ran.

From that moment Plucky's wasn't magical and clowns were no longer funny.