A Silas and Kate little fluff one-shot. There are no pairings and the Wintercraft series belong to Jenna Burtenshaw.


He sat there, on the hard floor of the cave, his body shaking with the sobs that racked through him.

She'd hurt him more than they could ever imagine.

The rain outside obscured his vision and worsened his hearing.

Seeing his family like that, and not being able to help them had broken his non-beating heart.

He thought he was alone.

He hadn't showed it at the time, knowing Da'ru would use it against him.

Salty tears streaked down his face and fell on the stone floor.

He thanked the gods when Kate wasn't able to see that particular memory when she probed his mind.

He missed the sounds of steps right beside him, and the rustling of clothes against the wall.

His father lay in his grave and his mother in illness.

Kate moved slowly behind Silas, trying to avoid detection, getting closer and closer.

And his sister, poor Sophie, was taken forcefully by the wardens, which he commanded, to serve as a slave on the military camps, in Albion's shores.

Kate wrapped both her arms around him, not letting go when he jumped slightly. She held him in her embrace, letting him cry on her shoulder after the initial shock. She stroked his black hair and whispered words of comfort, like a mother to her child. She had no intention of knowing why he was in this state; he would tell her when he was ready.

They stayed like that for an eternity. When he calmed down, Kate held Silas' face in between both her hands, lovingly. Looking into his grey eyes that held an unusual turmoil of emotions in them, she whispered softly:

"You're not alone anymore."

Sincerely hoped you liked it!

"Safety and Peace"