Welcome to New Divide: Into the Darkness. If this is your first time reading my stories turn back and read New Divide Year of Shadow first if you have read it welcome back I have a good story for the last installation of the New Divide series. I am very excited about this story being published because I am one step closer to bringing out this series' sequel, No More Sorrow. I hope you enjoy reading as we join the team in their quest to get to the original Hyrule.

I was running with no sword or shield with something following me. I was in a long and dark hallway. There was a light at the end I didn't know where I was or how I can't summon my sword. All I knew was that I had to get to the light so I could tell what was following me. As I came to the light I saw what was emitting the light. It was a sword. The light was so bright I couldn't tell what the hilt looked like all I saw was the blade. I reached for the sword shielding my eyes from it's light as I grabbed it my body froze.

"What the hell I can't move," I said to myself.

"Poor hero, frozen by the sword of his destiny," said a familiar voice. It was my shadow.

I felt his cold black blade at my neck, "this makes me excited." I felt a warm liquid trick down my neck as a sharp pain exploded.

I woke up in a cold sweat. I felt my neck, it still hurt, but a lot less.

"That was different than the others," I said to myself. Lately I've been having dreams like that. This one had a little twist to it. I have always seen the light, but was never able to catch up to it. Now I know it's a sword, I remembered what my shadow said in the dream poor hero, frozen by the sword of his destiny. What did he mean by that? Was that sword the Triforce Sword?

I looked at my clock. It said it was five in the morning (not the earliest I've been up). I went downstairs and turned on the Wii to watch Netflix. Lately I've been getting into this anime called soul eater. I love the series. Link came down at eight thirty.

"So it's finally winter break you think it's time to start the search for the Pendants of Light?" he asked.

"Yeah we do need to start, but where should we start?" I said.

"Maybe we could go to the forest first," Saria suggested as she came down the stairs.

"I hope Saria's there or we might get lost again," I said looking at Link remembering the last time we went to the woods and had to walk through them.

We waited for the others Erin said she didn't want to go because she didn't like the cold like the rest of us. It's winter in New Hyrule also and I hear it gets really cold. I got a couple jackets and some blankets and a tarp in case we had to camp.

"Ready to go?" I said.

"Yes," the other three said.

I played the Minuet of Forest. We disappeared in a blinding green light. We appeared on the snow covered warp stone. It was still snowing here. I was glad I had a really heavy jacket.

I didn't see Kokiri Saria at all.

"Link, I hope you can remember the way to the forest," I said.

"I'll try to," he said.

There was no Forest Moblins or Mad Scrubs in the Sacred Forest Meadow.

We walked Link leading, "I think we go this wa…no that way." I tried to remember the way from the times I came through with (Kokiri) Saria.

"I think it's that way," I said remembering the path. For the rest of the way if I couldn't remember the way Link was able to. We successfully found our way through the maze, and we entered the forest.

"We made it," Saria said.

In the forest there were doors on every house made out of cloth except for Link's. I've wondered what they do for warmth. Link and the others reverted to their other forms. We walked to Saria's house hoping she would be there. She was, but she looked sick.

"Hi Saria I'm guessing you have a cold," Link said.

"Yes," the little girl said.

"Is there anything we could do to help out with your cold?" I asked.

"I'm not sure if there is," she said then coughed.

"I'm sure there is maybe we go talk to the doctor in the Lakeside Observatory?" I asked the others.

"But first before you go may I ask why you're here there's always a reason you come."

"We need to find the Unknown Temple of the forest," Link said.

"Oh okay," she said, "but thanks for offering your help."

"Anything for a good friend of my brother."

"You say like you are his real brother," she said.

"Yeah we found out last summer," Link said.

"That's nice," she said with a smile and coughed again.

"We'll let you rest we'll go get that medicine," I said.

"Thank you," she said.

I played the Serenade of Water to get us to the lake faster. We disappeared in a blue light this time.

The lake was really low and covered in ice. I took a step to get off the warp stone and slipped. I fell on my back.

"Ow that hurt."

"I bet it does," Link said as he got off the warp stone and helped me up.

"It's better than getting a hug from a Goron."

"Yeah it is."

We walked across the icy bridges, which I was nervous about. Those bridges are so high above the ground during the summer there would be water there, but not during the winter. In winter it is solid ground. We finally got off the bridges and got to the Lakeside Observatory. We went inside.

"Hello?" the doctor's voice said.

"Hello we came for a medicine for a cold," I said.

"What race is it for?"

"Kokiri," Link said.

"I'm missing an ingredient for that one."

"What is it we'll get it for you?"

"It's a fish that is really hard to catch I need a Hylian Loach."

"That'll be a challenge," Link said.

"Okay we'll do it," I said.

Thank you," he said. We walked out of the observatory. "So why do you say that'll be a challenge, there's one in the fishing pond," I said.

"No one has been known to catch one, if they did that's would be impressive," Link said.

"Watch me."

I ran to the fishing pond. It wasn't frozen and the room was heated.

"Welcome to the fishing pond young lads," said the guy at the counter.

"Hello," I said.

"Are you here to fish?"

"Yes," Link said.

"Which one of you it's a small pond so I can only let one person fish."

"Ok I'll do it," I said.

"That'll be twenty rupees," he said. I took a red rupee out of my pocket and gave it to him. He then gave me a fishing pole with a lure.

I went over to the pond and looked in.

"So, Link can you see the Hylian Loach?" I asked him.

"Yeah, it's in the center at the bottom," he said. I saw a fish that had a long body and resembled a pike. I cast my line at it. I replaced the lure with a hook with a weight and bait on it. I landed right next to it. So now I had to wait. I waited a long time for it to bite.

"Come on you damn fish!" I said getting impatient. Link and others were sitting down and they looked bored. "Dude I told you it'll be a challenge," Link said.

"I remember tha…" I felt a tug on the line and when I looked at the line a saw that the Hylian Loach was nibbling at it. I tugged the line and the hook went into the side of it's mouth, "I have it!" I said. It was stronger than I thought, it almost pulled me in the water.

Link grabbed me helping me pull it in while I tugged n the line and reeled it in. it took a while to bring it in. when I held it the fish made me look small, and I'm about six foot tall. I had problems holding it. The fish was so heavy.

We left with the fish and Link helped me with it, as we took it to the Lakeside Observatory. We went inside the little building setting the fish on a table in front of the doctor.

"My, this is one big Hylian Loach," said the doctor.

"It put up a big fight too, it took Link and I both to reel it in," I said.

"I'll get that medicine mixed up for you right away," then he got right to work making us wait a few minutes. When he got that medicine made he handed it to us in a big bottle. It was orange.

"Thanks," I said.

"I hope that little one gets better," he said.

We left using the ocarina. We remembered the way back through the woods. When we walked into Saria's house she greeted us with a smile, "welcome back," she said and coughed.

"We got your medicine," I said cheerfully. I gave her the medicine and she drank it. Color returned to her face and she got up. Damn that doctor's medicines work fast.

"I can show you the way to the temple now," she said.

"Thanks?" I said still surprised that the medicine worked that quickly.

We left the house and went into the woods and went in a way different to the one to the Sacred Meadow. After a while we reached a giant metal door with a design that had the Kokiri Emerald entwined with branches engraved in the heavy metal door. Saria raised her hands to the sky producing a green light from her fingertips. The Kokiri Emerald on the door lit up as well. The door faded away while the light still glowed brightly until the door completely disappeared I looked down the torch lit staircase.

We said thanks and we started down the stairs, officially starting our journey into the darkness.

There's the first chapter of Into the Darkness. In the next chapter I will have the biggest reference to The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess in New Divide, even bigger than having Morpheel in chapter 15 of ND Year of the Shadow. I'm saying what they are yet that's for you to guess for now. Please review and don't forget about my face book page for sms texts for when I publish a new chapter or story. See you at the next chapter.