"You're gonna make it, Honey. You're gonna be okay."

Blaine just laid there. He felt so tired, but he couldn't fall asleep. No matter how exhausted his body was, his brain was now going into overdrive.

There was so much to think about. Too much.

It would have been so easy to either forgive Kurt on the spot, or to tell him to stay away forever... Neither of those options sounded reasonable though.

Hearing about Kurt's mom had been a lot to take in. A whole lot. And, like it or not, he and Kurt were connected.

Even if he would have said goodbye forever, he never would have been able to forget Kurt. He never would have been able to forget his first crush, first date, first kiss… But, besides that, he couldn't forget the son of person he received his heart from.

No, saying goodbye forever today wouldn't have been a good thing. It would have left too many wounds open for both him and Kurt.

But just forgiving him and moving on… He didn't think that was possible either. Their friendship- heck, it was more than a friendship- was based on a lie. A big lie, with an even bigger secret looming behind it.

No, simply moving on wasn't viable either.

One thing was certain though, he needed sleep. Hours of sleep. He'd make a decision later, but for now, he simply needed to turn off his brain.

Kurt took a deep breath as he walked down the hallway and toward the staircase. Now he needed to talk to Diane, which he was not looking forward to doing.

It had been hard enough to bring up all of those memories with Blaine, but now having to relive even more memories- which were far more painful- and run the risk of being kicked out of the house and their lives forever… No, Kurt was not looking forward to this at all.

"Mrs. Anderson?" Kurt called out as he walked down the last step. She had told him before to call her Diane, but he didn't think it was appropriate for what he was about to tell her.

Kurt, not receiving an answer, walked toward the kitchen.

"Mrs. Anderson?" He called again.

He looked around the kitchen and, after finding it empty, turned to go look elsewhere.

When he turned, however, Nathan was right behind him.

Kurt jumped and gasped.

"I'm sorry, did I scare you?" Nathan asked, moving passed Kurt to get to the fridge.

"Um, just a little. It's fine… Mr. Anderson-"

"Nathan," He corrected.

"N- Nathan, is Mrs. Anderson here?"

"No, she's not. She came into my office a couple of minutes ago saying she needed to go to the store. Apparently she didn't have everything she needed for whatever she's making for dinner tonight."

Nathan closed the refrigerator door back, a bottle of water in one hand and some grapes in the other.

"Did you need her for something?" He asked, his brown eyes staring straight into Kurt's.

"Well, I was just supposed to speak with her after talking to Blaine."

"Did Blaine speak to you?" Nathan asked, his expression changing slightly. It shocked Kurt a little, although he hid it of course. It was the first time the man had seemed human.

"Just a few words. Not much."

Nathan sighed. "Oh… Well, would you like me to take a message for you? I can tell her whenever she gets back." And just like that, he was back to his old self.

"Just tell her I had to go, and that I won't be able to come around for a while, but I will speak with her as soon as I can."

Nathan eyed him for a moment, then nodded. "Alright, I'll let her know."

"Thank you," Kurt replied. He wasn't exactly sure what to do now. Did he simply turn and leave, say goodbye first, or… what?

"I have to get back to work." Nathan said, putting down the water bottle and opening a drawer. "Was there anything else you needed?" He asked as he pulled out a notebook.

"No, thank you, Sir-"


"No, thank you, Nathan. I'll just let myself out."

"Have a good day, Kurt," He said as Kurt turned and headed toward the front door.

"Thank you. You too."

As Kurt exited the house, he took another deep breath- which he seemed to be taking a lot of today. He wasn't quite sure what to make of Nathan. He seemed like a workaholic to Kurt, yet he showed, if only for a brief moment, that he cared about his son.

He acted like a no-nonsense type of guy, yet Kurt couldn't help but feel there were many more layers beneath the dark-haired man.

Kurt figured he would just have to wait for another time to figure him out… Then he hoped there could be another time.

She had heard it. Diane had heard it all. She couldn't help but follow Kurt up the stairs and listen at Blaine's door. She was concerned about her son; Any worried mother would do it.

Her son was hurting, and she'd do anything to fix it. She couldn't wait any longer for answers. She'd waited too long already.

So, she listened. She listened to everything Kurt had to say up until the cold silence once he was finished.

She had left quickly after that; grabbing her keys, sticking her head into Nathan's office to let him know where she was going, then hurrying to her car.

She wasn't even sure she realized what she was doing until she got about a mile down the road.

She pulled over, everything hitting her at once.

Kurt was the son of the woman who was Blaine's donor.

Kurt lied about it.

That's why Blaine came home upset.

He found out the truth on the night of his first date.

That's why he's depressed again.

That's why he's not speaking.

Kurt's asked for forgiveness and seemed genuinely sorry.

But it was such a big lie.

Diane rested her head on the steering wheel, taking long, deep breaths. She couldn't stop the tears that fell down her cheeks as she began to silently cry.

She was always so strong. She had to be. If she wasn't, who would be? Nathan threw himself into his work, and Cooper left at eighteen and had his own life now. She was the one to take care of Blaine. She always had been.

Nathan had work, and had to take care of Cooper, the many times when Blaine was in the hospital.

Cooper had school, and soccer, and weekend drama classes that he couldn't miss. No matter how different their lives were from normal, she and her husband wanted him to be able to be as normal as he could be. They didn't want him to miss out on being a kid.

Nathan juggled all of Cooper's things, along with work. Diane had quit her job when things became too much, so Nathan worked even more.

The whole family worked together, but she was the one with Blaine twenty-four seven. She was the one to spend weeks and months at the hospital, day and night, going without sleep just to watch over her son.

She was the one who had to make the decision to put Blaine on a ventilator for a week when he contracted pneumonia.

She was the one who had to be rushed out of the room three different times when he had to be revived.

She was the one to live with him for ten months in an apartment after his surgery, making sure he took his medication every day and dealing with the side effects of them all.

She was the one to deal with the mood swings and the pain. She was the one who had to hold him while he cried. She was the one who had to cuddle him while he slept. She was the one who woke up every half hour, every night, for three years after the surgery to go into his room and make sure he was breathing.

She had an incredible bond with her son, even if she didn't fully show it anymore. Once he became a teenager, she knew she had to pull back some and let him be himself, but that didn't change the fact that he was her everything.

She loved Cooper. She loved him so, so much. But they didn't have what she and Blaine did. Yes, that was probably her fault, but she couldn't help it. If it had been Cooper with the bad heart, and him that had to go through all Blaine did, things would be the other way around.

When Blaine was happy, she was happy. When he was sad, she was sad. When he was angry, she was angry. On and on…

But, that was the problem right now. She didn't know what Blaine was. She figured he wasn't happy, but she didn't know what was going on inside of his head. It wasn't like she could force him to talk either; She'd never do that.

Diane had always wanted to know the family of the woman who gave her son a chance at life. She wanted to thank them, and hug them, and cry with them. That's what she pictured.

She never pictured this.

She didn't want it at her son's expense.

God, she was just so confused. She needed answers. She needed someone to talk to Blaine and get him out of this constant rut. Kurt worked last time, but she didn't think he would this time.

She'd have to find someone. She'd have to find someone who could talk to him and help him… and hopefully help her as well.

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