Just imagine this if you will:

He is nothing but polite and respectful of you. Bringing you a mix of a dozen white and red roses. He wants to make you feel like a princess. When you start questioning why, his only response is, "Because you're worth it, Beautiful." Your heart thuds in your chest and you begin to wonder how you were even lucky enough to snatch this guy up.

He takes you to dinner to start off the evening. Nothing to expensive, after all, quality is better than quantity. You laugh together and talk about all your interests, and he listens with care, absorbing every little detail. Like your words are the most important thing he will ever hear in his entire life.

The dinner was absolutely perfect, but no, the date is far from over. He's just beginning to show you how much a caring guy he can be. The next place he takes you is a simple ice cream shop. But it was more perfect than you could ever imagine. He orders a large sundae for the two of you to split, and you can't help but blush and giggle at the cheesiness and how it's exactly what you had always wanted. You sit down in a booth, directly across from each other, and you watch him a moment as he lifts a spoonful of ice cream to his lips. You just smile and shake your head when he asks what you're looking at, and proceed to eat the ice cream with him.

The last stop of your date doesn't cost a single dime, yet it is the most important part of the night. You walk down the beach, hand-in-hand, fingers laced together and holding on tight because there is no way this is reality. He's too perfect to be real. You gaze over the water, watching as the small waves reflect the full moon overhead. And you swear your breath has been stolen away by the beauty of it all. This night couldn't possibly get more perfect.

But, that, is where you are wrong. For at that moment, he stops walking, effectively stopping you as well, and you glance back at him with a confused expression on your beautiful features. He takes a moment to take in the curve of your cheeks, the sparkle in your eye, the line of your jaw, before stopping on what he wants most.. your lips. Soft and pink. He silently steps closer to you, your breath hitches in your throat, and your heart speeds up at the closeness of your bodies. You gaze up into his gorgeous eyes and give him a soft smile as his hand gently cups your cheek.

And you can't believe this is happening. This perfect guy wants to kiss you. He slowly inches forward, his warm breath ghosting over your lips. A contrast to the chill in the air around you. All you want to do is close the remaining distance, but instead you wait, eyes closed, and lips slightly puckered. What feels like hours later, his lips finally brush yours in the softest of touches. Like he's afraid he'll break you if he's not anything but gentle. Which only makes your heart beat faster. You lean in a little closer, adding the littlest amount of pressure to his lips, and you can't help but smile when you feel him smile. This was truly the best kiss of your life.

The perfect way to end the perfect date.