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Claw watched Keahi as she entertained some of the Labyrinth children while their parents were looking for jobs. It was odd seeing the once murderous female mutate interact with small children. Some of the parents were at first concerned that Keahi would harm their children, but after Claw and Maggie convinced the parents that Keahi wouldn't hurt their children, they were all too happy to allow Keahi to be with them. The children adored Keahi and Keahi enjoyed the interaction.

Keahi was telling a story using hula. Claw watched her hands intently, trying to learn a new sign. Keahi had been teaching him how to sign and he had memorized many gestures. He could form several sentences with his hands now. Not that he needed to with Keahi. They communicated with simple looks and expressions. Neither a word nor sign needed to be passed between them.

Maggie thought it was romantic. She wouldn't pass up a chance to give Claw a look that told him that what he and Keahi had was precious. Talon would grin whenever Claw and Keahi passed each other in the Labyrinth. He would elbow Claw and tell him how lucky he was to have Keahi's interest.

And then there was Fang. He always had something to say about Claw and Keahi. He would torment Claw by saying that he wasn't good enough, that a dumb chicken like him couldn't handle a woman like Keahi, that Fang was a better match. Claw would always come back from bringing Fang food looking depressed. One day, Keahi confronted Claw about it. He told her and she marched into the room where Fang's cell was and gave him such a verbal lashing, it left Fang speechless.

The children left after Keahi's story was finished and went back to their parents. It would soon be suppertime. There was little to be found in the Labyrinth, but they made the best of it. They would pool what money they had and bought cheap food so there was enough for everyone. Some went to the local food banks to see if they could get anything. Still, sometimes, it wasn't enough. That's where Keahi and the clones came in. They were ratters. They caught, killed, and brought back the rats in the living spaces to be skinned and cooked.

Keahi fetched a bag to put the rats in and started patrolling the living spaces for any. Claw watched her leave and went back to keeping an eye on the Labyrinth's inhabitants.

Suppertime came and there was a thick, meaty stew to be served with bread. The clones and Keahi had done well to find enough rats to make the stew thick.

After supper, everyone settled in for the night. Keahi went to her space, a curtained corner out of the way of the main living spaces. Her bed was a concrete ledge with old blankets and pillows and she had a piece of plywood set up for a vanity table.

There was a knock outside of the space.

Keahi pulled back the curtain to see Claw. She smiled and let him in. She took out the ponytail holder at the end of long braid and unwound her hair. Claw picked up the hairbrush from the vanity and began to brush Keahi's long black hair. Keahi purred as he did. After brushing, Claw braided her hair once more.

Claw tapped his right shoulder, asking Keahi if she was going to remove her cybernetic arm. Keahi nodded and turned for Claw to press the release buttons at her shoulder. There was a slight hiss as the seal on the cybernetic was released and Claw removed the arm. Keahi took the cap from her pocket and placed it on her shoulder to cover the sockets in her shoulder that sent the commands from her brain into the faux arm.

They sat there for a long time. Claw let Keahi rest against him and he rubbed her shoulders. Keahi continued to purr. She then turned and snuggled against Claw's chest. Claw nuzzled her brow and hugged her. He lifted her up and placed her on her bed. He brushed her cheek with his hand, his way of telling her good night. Claw left without a sound, closing the curtains behind him to keep out the light.